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The broker states their main goal is to bridge the gap between retail and institutional traders. To achieve this, the company makes currency pairs and CFD trading accessible to everyone. The information regarding the establishment date of Modus UK Limited is contradictory. In several places, a work period of over 15 years is mentioned, while on the homepage it is stated that the company has been in existence for over 5 years. However, the website was registered in 2023. Additionally, the broker does not have any licenses. We have doubts that such a company deserves trust.

Trading Conditions

A proprietary platform is used for trading, available in web and mobile versions. Users can trade currency pairs and CFDs on commodities and indices. Customers can get a 25% bonus on their first investment upon registration. Modus UK Limited offers three types of accounts:

  • ECN
  • Elite
  • Pro.

A partnership program is available for additional earnings, where users can enter the referral code upon registration. The minimum deposit is 100 pounds, with leverage up to 1:100 and spreads starting from 0 pips. For more convenient trading, market reviews and an economic calendar are provided. Financial news can also be read on the website. The website of Modus UK Limited is translated into English, Russian, and Polish. Technical support can be contacted via phone, email, or through a feedback form.


Would investing in Modus UK Limited offer the best returns?

The broker offers trading in CFDs on a proprietary platform. These trading conditions can hardly be called good.

Does Modus UK Limited carry out withdrawals?

There are not many positive comments. Please share your experience in the reviews.

May I be scammed on

Modus UK Limited likely stole someone else's legal data. Such companies often deceive.

What's the best way to share my experience with Modus UK Limited?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Modus UK Limited is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:100
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Referral
Minimum deposit: 128$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

17 reviews about Modus UK Limited

  1. Janusz Wójcik
    July 8
    Oto moja szczera recenzja Modus UK!
    Modus UK Limited to oszustwo! Nie miej z nimi żadnych kontaktów! To oni sami zadzwonili i zaproponowali mi inwestowanie. Jako zupełny nowicjusz nie znałem się w ogóle na handlu. Ale mój menedżer obiecał, że nauczy mnie wszystkiego. Przypisano mi innego pracownika, który przez pewien czas pomagał mi w handlu. Mówił mi, jakie transakcje otwierać i jak duże. Zarabiałem zysk, a saldo na moim koncie rosło. Pewnego razu jego prognoza się nie sprawdziła. Transakcja mocno poszła na minus. Upierałem się, żeby ją zamknąć, ale on zapewniał mnie, że to tylko tymczasowe i cena się odwróci. Kiedy całkowicie straciłem depozyt, ta osoba po prostu zaproponowała, żebym doładował konto jeszcze większą sumą.
  2. Ernest
    July 1
    They really helped me get rich.
    If you're looking for a reliable broker with great trading conditions, Modus UK limited is the way to go. You can start with a small amount, but the more you invest, the higher the chances of earning, of course. There are a variety of instruments available and the spreads are low, so overall it's a good place.
  3. paramerion
    June 23
    Tell me about their platform.
    What can you say about the Modus UK Limited terminal? Are transactions executed quickly? Is it easy to contact customer service? Is it convenient to trade from a phone? I want to know if it's worth registering here or if I should choose a broker with a proven trading platform like MetaTrader.
  4. Nikola S.
    June 19
    I withdrew the money, and everything is fine.
    I only withdrew the money once, but it was a small amount, only $250... I will have to withdraw more and then decide whether it is worth recommending the company. But I think it's unlikely that this reputable broker will have any issues in this regard. I came here based on the recommendation of one person, and he has already withdrawn a larger amount from here.
  5. Case-Host
    June 19
    The broker is a bit weak, can't deny that
    I know that Modus UK Limited mostly caters to beginners. But where is education? It's non-existent. They only provide analysis, which may or may not align with reality. There are very few assets to trade, nothing to earn from. Well, they do have an affiliate program, but no one falls for that.
  6. DeviceR
    June 17
    They trade CFDs on their proprietary platform again
    Companies with such conditions like MODUS UK Limited do not execute trades on the external market...They have developed their own platform, and you are trading not the actual assets, but rather contracts for the difference in prices… these very prices are set by none other than the platform developer. Remember this once and for all and do not trade here!!!
  7. Elliott
    June 5
    Looks like a financial pyramid
    I came here through a referral link from a website dedicated to brokers like Modus UK limited. And I realized, it seems, why everyone is inviting users here through an affiliate program. No, not because the company is great :) But because there are simply no other ways to make money here! Seriously, with such slip-ups and commissions in trading, you will most likely end up in the negative.
  8. safoni
    May 28
    the trading platform is horrendous
    i had no knowledge of modus uk's reputation before partnering with them, and i deeply regret it. the trading platform is incredibly slow. it's impossible to make any profit due to the huge slippage. even if, by some miracle, i manage to make a profit, i won't be able to withdraw anything. they charge exorbitant fees. i see no point in wasting my time and energy trading here when there are plenty of other companies that inspire much more confidence.
  9. David Byrd
    May 27
    I quickly realized that something was wrong with the company.
    On the homepage, it says that Modus UK Limited has over 5 years of experience. In the "About Us" section, the numbers are different — over 15 years. But the website of this seemingly experienced broker does not provide any information about the founders, trading statistics, or other evidence that the company is legitimate. Although the company's details are provided. I decided to check the age of the domain and found out that the firm did not exist before 2023.

    Well, scammers, did you think we wouldn't figure you out? Do you think you can take data from a real organization and pretend to be experienced? Don't worry, there are many smart people today who are ready to tell the whole world that you are fraudsters.
  10. acu
    May 23
    They are asking me to fulfill some bonus requirements!
    Guys, they are not letting me withdraw my money! They say that I have to fulfill some bonus requirements first by making several more deposits! I DID NOT AGREE TO ANY BONUSES!
  11. Alfred
    May 17
    They blocked my access to the account after verification! I didn't do ANYTHING wrong!!! Now these scammers modus limited have my documents, who knows what they will do with them!
  12. Fossterss
    May 7
    Your money is not safe here.
    Many brokers like MODUS LIMITED have appeared recently, either this year or the previous one. Yes, this company doesn't have 15 years of experience and UK registration... The thing is, firms like this cannot be unequivocally called young and promising. Most of them will close within 2-3 months, and no one will return the traders' money. So think twice before entrusting your money to these scammers... It won't end well.
  13. 22222
    May 1
    That's audacity!
    I deposited funds, started trading, and then they call me at NIGHT and say I have to deposit more money, or else I'll miss out on some profitable deal. I told them I won't deposit anything right now because I'm sleeping. Modus limited started threatening me, saying that if I don't transfer the money immediately, I'll lose everything I've invested so far. They were hoping I would transfer the money half-asleep, but they won't get their way.
  14. Ricky H
    May 1
    So far, no issues
    So far, it seems to me that Modus Limited is the best broker in the UK. The staff here are very responsive, the platform is really convenient, and there's nothing extra. Plus, you can earn quite well thanks to such low spreads.
  15. oliver
    April 27
    I fell for another scam
    I actually believed that Modus UK limited was a legitimate and licensed company, and I ended up paying $1500 for my gullibility. Don't be like me.
  16. Jenna
    April 20
    I've been getting constant calls.
    In the past 4 days, I've saved over 10 numbers from which I received calls from MODUS UK Limited. I registered, but I thought I would start trading later. And they keep calling, asking when I will start doing something. You know, after such persistence, I don't want to work with them at all. I read that companies like this can also deceive.
  17. Sea
    April 11
    I went to the police and they laughed at me.
    I'm not going to forgive those bastards from Modus Limited for deceiving my grandfather. He trusted them and invested $5,000. He thought they were a licensed broker, and they showed him registration documents from the UK. When I went to the police, they told me that the company had actually stolen someone else's data and there was no actual registration anywhere. And they don't even have a license from the FCA. So they told me they couldn't help me with anything.

    All I can do now is try to get the website blocked and warn everyone that it's a scam!..

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