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The company indicates that it is registered in the UK. However, there is no confirmation that such a company started working with investors in 2020, as stated on the website. In addition, it is not registered with the FCA register. No official documents, or licenses, Monix Limited provides.

Investment Conditions

The client portal is very minimalistic. There are only three sections in the menu: investments, payouts, and affiliate system.

There are only two investment plans in the personal cabinet of Monix Limited, despite the long list of financial services in the promotional block of the website.

The company offers passive income in cryptocurrency. You can:

  • Choose one of the investment plans and earn from 7% per month.
  • Quickly deposit your account on the main page of the site.
  • View your account’s earning history.
  • Contact support.

The employees are very eager to communicate with potential clients in chats and social networks. The client profile requires you to upload your identification document and confirm your residential address.


Would investing in Monix Limited offer the best returns?

This is a regular HYIP, so it is more likely that you will lose your entire investment. The company has no documents, including a license to raise funds.

Does Monix Limited carry out withdrawals?

An analysis of the website and company reviews leads us to believe that you will not be able to withdraw your money. Share your experiences in the comments.

May I be scammed on

We do not know who the broker is regulated by. This is a risk to the client in the event that they are blocked from the site.

What's the best way to share my experience with Monix Limited?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Monix Limited is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Date of foundation: 2020
Minimum deposit: 125$
Affiliate program: Referral
Deposit method: Cryptocurrencies
Legend: cryptocurrency, commodity trading
Investment term: long
Payment period: daily
Automatic reinvestment: No

17 reviews about Monix Limited

  1. Benjamin Varnakeshi
    November 9
    Fake and deceiving.
    They are scammers that try anything to scam you out of your hard earned money, Their new scam is asking you to get a wallet at Coinbase and add a custom network to it. They send you crypto that is just a fake balance and they want you to pay more fees (on top of everything you have paid before) to release your crypto but your wallet is empty there is no crypto. BE VERY CAREFUL AND CHECK YOUR WALLET WITH COINBASE LIVE SUPPORT.
  2. Benjamin Varnakeshi
    November 9
    They stopped paying my withdrawals few months age after I paid all the fees and taxes they requested, And now they ask you to open Coinbase wallet but add a private network to it. As soon as you do that they transfer a fake crypto and want me to pay more fees to get my funds. It is all fake as there is no crypto in the wallet. BE VERY CAREFUL DO NOT GET FOOLD.
  3. Serg
    June 8
    Great platform for making money from cryptocurrency trading!
    I've been using this platform for a long time and I've made a lot of money with Monix Limited on cryptocurrency. The company offered fast deposits and easy withdrawals and they also showed me lots of security features. Great customer service, they were on call 24 hours a day. My enquiry was answered quickly and in a friendly manner by the manager. I still make money here and I am very happy with the result!
    1. Benjamin Varnakeshi
      November 9
      Why are you trying to deceive people? I guess for the few dollars that they pay you it’s well worth the time you waste.
  4. mmaker14
    May 28
    The company looks suspicious
    I haven't invested yet, but I can tell you that it is a very persistent company. They have called me five times in the last three days. They are trying to find out how much money I am willing to invest. And they insist that I invest as soon as possible.

    A real scam!
    Monix Limited is a scam company. There is no way to withdraw profits here!
  5. DTM-Monitor
    May 14
    How can I earn?
    Listen, friend, can you give me some advice? How do you make money there? I'm trading around, I can't figure out how to start investing.
    I watched a lot of different videos on youtube, on how to work with crypto, but it did not help me, but on the contrary, it caused even more questions... My head is so messed up that it's horrible. I want, that someone just said to them: here is a clear instruction for you, we make a huge profit in the following way... Do as we do, and you will be happy... So I doubt, how to invest money if your profit will come out of the air.
  6. Kbas
    May 10
    One of the scammers
    This is a whole line of scam projects. You can recognise them from the chat room. They all position themselves as investment firms. However, Monix Limited operates as a Ponzi scheme with a referral program. Of course, no money is returned to clients.
  7. invest321
    April 30
    Stole my last savings
    My parents contacted these scammers because of a difficult financial situation. There was no way they expected things to only get worse. They were lured with promises of profits, but from the beginning, they wanted to swindle more and lock them out. That's what happened and what to do next we don't know.
  8. fang37
    April 12
    I'm laughing at this project. ‌How do these guys invest in an IPO? Two investment plans and payouts in cryptocurrency only. Geez. I see their domain lease expires very quickly. I wonder if they will work after that? I bet you a hundred dollars that MONIX will scam you.
  9. Castonline
    March 27
    It's a scam
    There is hardly any information on the internet about this investment company. The first thing that caught my eye were the dates given. Something struck me that there is no way that the platform was launched in 2020 and no one knows anything about it. Yes, the domain was created in 2023, though that's no indication that that's when the launch took place. I find it funny to look at the fact that Monix Limited supposedly took off in 2020, and yet they haven't attached a single piece of evidence to it. There is no license or regulator. So now, in more detail. Where are the indicators of their trading? Financial statements, results, and other information that proves what they write about themselves on their websites? OK. They trade oil, forex, and crypto - show the charts, show the personal accounts (customer identities can easily be hidden). If you try to request all this - you will fail, no one will give you anything, because there is nothing. There is no real activity. Not even contact details for protection - and there is nothing of that. All their actions are purely concluded with a person registering on their site or writing to the company's representatives and making a deposit. So they have a small working age and fake activities. And many, many other negative factors. I don't think you can earn anything here. More likely, it's just another scam on the Internet created by scammers, a la Finiko, Antares, and other scam schemes.
  10. guide2000
    March 24
    Best trading site
    These days there are many sites on the internet that offer you to make money from cryptocurrency. Some of them are fake and some are legitimate. But this is a trading company that is a very reliable trading intermediary. I started trading with this site on 20.12.2022 and I made lots of money here. The customer service of company is better than other sites. You can deposit your digital money fast in your account and withdraw your interest every week. Also, this company is very safe. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a legitimate trading platform to invest with.
  11. ArtA
    March 23
    Scamming the poor
    These are the scammers at monixlimited biz who take the entire deposit from different clients. They are constantly trying to take money from investors and looking for new victims. Poor people who do not have a steady income are cheated here. People just want to make some extra money, they don't have huge capital. So they don't invest money in staking exchanges with 7% p.a. or any cloud mining. Friends, run away from this site or you will lose everything!
  12. Alex S.
    March 17
    One of the worst cryptocurrency trading sites
    Such cryptocurrency trading sites and such brazen promises of easy earnings I haven't met yet. All I read from them is that the output is too good, the profit is huge and the deposit is fast. And that's all! And they also have 24/7 customer service. Hello, what do you trade on? I trade crypto myself on exchanges, such profits are unreal! I strongly do not recommend Monix Limited for new users.
  13. zeltyr
    March 10
    They are stealing money
    I got caught in the trap of these scammers. Really wanted a passive income, but I don't know much about investments. At first, I only deposited $125. After 30 days I took my profit. Then I got a call offering to increase my deposit. I transferred two thousand. I was even promised a higher percentage. After I transferred the money, they did not answer me again.
  14. hamster
    March 4
    I have opened an account and I am afraid of losing everything...
    I opened an account to get a lot of information quickly. It was a while ago, back on the 22nd of May. But no one from the administration has answered me anything intelligible since then about I don't understand this trading. Where do they have a regulator? Where do I go if their site goes offline? I think I will regret my decision if I make a deposit on unclear earning terms. I am amazed at the promised profits from the broker. It can't even be earned from drug trading, I think. And from trading cryptocurrencies even more so.
  15. Maximum
    February 26
    Scammers and thieves
    I too believed in it, I thought: why not? I understand that there is no easy money, but what if I am lucky? I transferred them $130... And they start lying to me: we will cooperate, negotiate, buy stocks, bonds, and other securities, assets, etc. Finally, I contacted so-called Monix Limited Investment, which is a scam. And I had a negative experience. I lost my money.
  16. Aid
    February 21
    You are respected at first
    When I opened an account here, I was very satisfied with the quality of service for the first month. I would point out the quick payment of interest and the very good customer attitude. I had a good time dealing with Monix Limited. But when I decided to withdraw all my money, there was no trace of the serious company. Now they just don't respond to my requests...

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