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Moon Star does not specify the office address and place of registration of the company. Besides, there is no information on the history of the brand and the date of its launch. As for the domain, it was registered in May 2023. According to the legal documents, the broker does not have any regulators and the project does not have a license. It’s worth noting that in the account registration form on the website, there are dozens of countries in which the application from clients is considered, for example, Syria, the USA, Afghanistan. Finally, there are no communication channels other than e-mail to contact technical support.

How safe is it to trade on this platform? Can you make a profit here? We will study the functions of the terminal, and the user’s capabilities in the process of margin trading in various assets and make a conclusion about the reliability of the broker.

Trading Conditions

Moon Star connects its platform to the world’s major CFD and Forex markets. The terminal works on Windows computers, it is also available in apps for smartphones and tablets. You can trade currency pairs, indices, cryptocurrencies, energy, metals, futures, and stocks. The broker promises to keep client funds separate from operational accounts, meaning that the company cannot manage them. For security purposes, personal data is protected by the “Steel Cage” system.

The service gives you a choice of 5 tariff plans. You can choose an account with different minimum deposit amounts and other parameters from the following options:

  • Beginner from $5,000 – leverage 1:10, limited open position amounts
  • Trader from $10,000 – leverage 1:20, limited open position amounts.
  • Expert from $25,000 – leverage 1:30, unlimited open position amounts, trading signals
  • VIP from $50,000 – leverage 1:40, unlimited open position amounts, trading signals
  • Exclusive from $100,000 – leverage 1:50, unlimited open position amounts, trading signals.

All account types have a minimum trade size of 0.01 lot, Free VPS, and full 24/5 support. Moon Star provides all clients with a personal account manager.

Deposits and withdrawals are possible via credit/debit card or bank account. A withdrawal request is processed within 3 days, then the transaction is processed for another 5-7 days. The minimum withdrawal amount is $50. The broker does not charge any withdrawal fees.

If you ‌use credit card transactions, keep in mind that they have limitations. For example, no more than 10 transactions when withdrawing $10,000 to the card. 

Your income can be increased by bonuses and rewards for participation in the affiliate program. You must trade a minimum volume before you can withdraw bonus funds. It is ¼ of the bonus amount. Otherwise, the bonus amount will be withdrawn by the broker from your account after 60 days from the deposit date.

The site has a stock ticker from TradingView (platform and social network) All users on Moon Star have access to sections of the site with technical analysis, market quotes, economic calendar, crypto market, and trading hours.


Would investing in Moon Star offer the best returns?

Your cooperation with an anonymous broker is doomed to failure in advance. You will not be able to make money on an unstable platform in CFD trading, which is banned in the U.S. as high risk.

Does Moon Star carry out withdrawals?

Withdrawals are unlikely to be possible for you, judging by traders' reviews. Many clients complain about delays in processing applications or refusal to withdraw money without explanation. You can share your experiences in the comments too if you have any.

May I be scammed on

The risk of fraud is high on the website of this broker, which does not provide information about its legal and actual address. This company does not have a license, and without the support of supervisory authorities, you will not be able to rely on the integrity of the broker and the judicial protection of your rights.

What's the best way to share my experience with Moon Star?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: 1:400
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Referral
Minimum deposit: 5000$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

19 reviews about Moon Star

  1. Charles Ijfs
    January 7
    Waarom wordt het een makelaar genoemd, welke naam gebruikt hij en zet dat op de site,de makelaar van mij noemde zich: Michael Heffener
    Zal beslist niet zijn echte naam zijn???
  2. Aria Raziei
    December 31
    Real Scammers
    On 9 November I came into contact with in the context of a fake post about Quantom AI.
    They called me for several days for transfer my wallet to their platform for more profits.
    An arbitrage analyst from took over my screen with Quick support and transferred my wallet from Bitvavo to my Trust Wallet and then he sent it from my Trust wallet to their platform.
    I think I made a very wrong move in giving this permission to him.
    After two days I asked him to withdraw my wallet and send it to my Trust Wallet. He said I can do it but I can not send it to Trust Wallet. I can send it only to your Exodus. I said OK. He did it and send my balance 2960 euro to my Exodus.
    After that he said you should not see the amount on your Exodus. He said you at leest have to 10 percent of BTC on your Exodus.
    Then I understood that he is a real scammer. Since then, I have sent two emails to them, but have had no response while they have called me dozens of times so far. On advice, I didn't answer their phone. Please don't trade with them. is dangerous.
    1. Olof Bekedam
      January 24
      My experience with Moon Star till now
      Likewise Aria Raziei, my Moon Star broker, Anna D'Amico, called me various times; on her advice I invested, after an initial amount of € 300, € 2000 on a savings- (or trading-?) account, with the bank Wise Europe (with a BE-account number - a Belgian bank?). Later on Anna opened, with my assistance, a second account with the Dutch bunq-bank (a bank which only operates on the internet), on which she (alas with my own assistance) transferred (three times) considerable amounts from my ING account - money that I now whish to get back; for unlike which is the case with my ING-account, I have totally no control about this bunq-account, nor over my initial account - if still existing - with Wise Europe. (The Wise- and bunq-accounts are on my name, but that is not helpful for me...)

      I plan further (own, and if necessary, legal) action in this case, and I will inform the visitors of this platform about it.

      * Olof Bekedam, Amsterdam NL
  3. Gordan
    October 30
    I receive around 5 calls per day from this company saying that I created an account and I have $350 in it. They want me to activate that account. I told them I never created the account and that they could donate it to someone else. They continue to call aggressively. Beware, any reputable company would not call and badger you 5 times a day. Total Scam & Please do not allow them to take your money.
  4. aadusya
    October 8
    I do not advise you to get in touch with these soulless scammers!
    I was invited by a new acquaintance from social networks, he persuaded me to participate in the project and invest $10,000, he promised me a good profit in the first month of work, but in fact, the scammers needed only my capital, and when I tried to withdraw the rest of the deposit, I was not approved any application!
  5. yur
    October 5
    Huge fees
    This broker was recommended to me by an acquaintance, he said that the company is reliable and honest, and payments come in a timely manner and without delays. But when I registered on Moon Star, I was very upset by the fact that the first deposit was withdrawn 200 dollars allegedly for some insurance. I was indignant and wrote an e-mail to the support, but no one answered. Later it turned out that they also withhold a large amount from each order, as if only the broker should earn, and the client should work on incomprehensible conditions. I do not recommend it.
  6. Risc
    September 28
    I don't even know what to say about this broker...
    There is nothing special on the site! It is not a B-book and not a 100% scam, but the broker skillfully profits on some settings of the program. I have to set Stop Loss it 2-3 times. It suddenly moves out slowly... without my intervention. Spreads grow monthly! It makes sense to work with such conditions only if you sit in front of the monitor all the trading time and constantly control the situation. If you do not do that, this terminal is not suitable for you. Ok, I have to admit that moon-star withdraws money! But, again, they have hidden commissions in the form of paying all sorts of taxes and they will seriously lighten the weight of your wallet. I worked with them for 3-4 months, then left. I concluded that this is not the best broker I have dealt with. Lots of flaws with the platform. Lots of potential problems with trades. And yes, there were fake orders a few times. I can't say that this company is very dangerous to work with, but you don't feel 100% safe either.
    1. Birol
      November 14
      10 calls
      I recieved a 10 calls in 1 hour,is rhat normal?
  7. jcash
    September 20
    Say goodbye to the money you have deposited
    At first moon star seemed reliable to me, but when the truth about these scammers came out, my money was already irretrievably lost. I was persuaded to invest 5,000 dollars, I agreed not immediately, but then I believed the persuasion of my friend from social networks and transferred the capital. I was given a solid bonus, but there was no use for it. As soon as my money arrived in the account of this broker, I never saw it again, because it was already in the pockets of these swindlers.
  8. ArchiMR
    August 17
    Broker does not even exist, there is no legal entity
    The company actually does not even exist. In reality, Moon Star hardly even has a legal entity registered!!! Did you even find any real legal documents on the site?!! I couldn't even find an address or a phone number!!! Well, trading with a non-existent broker is very stupid, don't you agree?
  9. afrek
    August 14
    Do not believe the promises of this false broker, you will definitely be cheated! I was persuaded by a representative of this company, promising good bonuses. I invested $8,000 in moon star and earned $1600 under the guidance of an analyst, but when I applied for a withdrawal of $3200, I was first discouraged from withdrawing the money by my analyst and then agreed that he would confirm the withdrawal request (I do not understand why he should do this?!!). It's already been 3 weeks, but I have not received the money, I try to contact them, but it's useless, tech support also does not respond to letters.
  10. good84
    August 14
    A scam project for simpletons
    They won't let me withdraw my money, 6,500 euros. The broker finds a thousand excuses. The support service has already stopped replying to my e-mails.....
  11. Victornovoch
    August 5
    I had an experience trading with this broker 6 months ago. Worked with them for a few months, and withdrew money, even with a profit of about 3 thousand euros. But, I did not like the service in general. I am used to contacting support often for advice. In moon star consultants all efforts to wave away from the client. It seems that support staff are not paid for their work, but on the contrary, a penalty is deducted from their salary for each response to a customer's request:( If you are not confident or want to be able to get an answer to a question, you will definitely not like it here. If you work confidently on your own, trade like a professional and you do not need support - then you can trade here comfortably. In general, there is nothing wrong with the terminal. You just want to have good support for your money (at least 5 thousand euros!) and not such an indifferent attitude. You will be waiting for an answer to a question here for ages:( For you this attitude may not matter, but for me it is important.
  12. littlehorse
    July 21
    I am very satisfied with forex trading
    I did not even know that you could make such good money on trading! At first, I cooperated just as an affiliate, inviting traders to by referral program from my blog on Twitter. And then I decided to try trading here, and I made almost a thousand dollars in just a week under the guidance of my manager! I don't know, maybe I was lucky as a beginner, or it's the broker really provided such favorable conditions, but I am completely satisfied with the profit :) Join, try it too!
    1. A. Raziei
      December 31
      please try one time withdrawing
      Try withdrawing of your wallet, then you can see if they are real scammers. I don't think you get a wallet at all.
  13. fruzy
    July 21
    Do not believe the promises, in reality, everything is different
    I was initially confused by the fact that there is no promised 24/7 support on moon star. A couple of times I was answered quickly the first time, and then it started... I don't get an answer even during the day on weekdays :( Then my settings started to go down - clearly, I was losing money. The overnight transfer ended up losing almost 600 dollars overnight. I wrote to the support team, but the administrators did not listen to my requests and the broker did not reimburse me for my lost money, which I lost due to the instability of its terminal. Just periodically the settings come off. I check it every day already, I have to fix it all the time. I wrote about it too - no reaction! Withdrawal of money is delayed indefinitely. The last withdrawal was 10 days, and even before the process took 6-7 days. I am already annoyed by this constant uncertainty about the transfer of money to the card! I never know when the money will arrive on the card, and I never know whether I will get it this time or not.
    1. waarom wordt het een makelaar genoemd, welke naam gebruikt hij en zet dat op de site,de makelaar van mij noemde zich: Michael Heffener
      January 7
      waarom wordt het een makelaar genoemd, welke naam gebruikt hij en zet dat op de site,de makelaar van mij noemde zich: Michael Heffener
  14. Julia Kim
    July 12
    There are positive features
    Overall not a bad platform, there are interesting offers here. Lots of different assets, and you can choose from them what you want. The support seems to be adequate but does not always answer, and even more often does not respond to your questions. The terminal works stably, but they charge you a large commission, although it all depends on the tariff and the size of the deposit. With Moon Star, you can work, and there are advantages and disadvantages, more suitable for professionals because of the large size of the minimum deposit, but until I have not found a more reliable broker, I will trade here, and you decide for yourself whether it is worth your attention.
  15. cherep
    June 24
    Frankly bad!
    I am disappointed with this cooperation! On the one hand, nothing so bad happened, I invested a good amount of money, more than $60,000 and I would like to have a respectful attitude from the staff, but I am unpleasant that the support managers do not want to work. Sometimes they leave me without help when I can't figure something out on my own. The way the broker treats the client is unacceptable! I don't have much experience, but I don't pay money for the service to be uncomfortable and to be treated so indifferently!!!

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