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MTSG-sb offers trading CFDs. This broker appeared in the autumn of 2023, and nothing is known about its founders. The user agreement states that the company is registered in Belize, and the company also claims to have an office in the capital of Liechtenstein. The firm states that its activities are regulated by well-known regulators, but we do not know the names of any of these firms. Do you think this company is worth your attention?

Trading Conditions

MTSG-sb offers three accounts: Starter, Standard, and Professional. The minimum deposit is $500, and the leverage is 1:50. Each client is offered a customized financial plan, with some also having access to insurance and deposit protection. Trading can be done on their own platform, with CFDs for those assets:

  • Currencies.
  • Cryptocurrencies.
  • Metals.
  • Stocks.
  • Indices.

In addition to trading, clients of MTSG-sb can also engage in investing. The company offers the option to create an investment deposit for a period of 1 to 90 days, with a promised daily yield of 1%. Additionally, they may receive a bonus ranging from 1.5% to 5% at the end of the period. The minimum deposit is $25. Technical support is available 24/7.


Would investing in MTSG-sb offer the best returns?

No, the conditions can hardly be called good, as trading contracts for difference is always highly risky.

Does MTSG-sb carry out withdrawals?

At the moment, we don't have enough information to answer this question. Please share your experience in the reviews if you have dealt with this company.

May I be scammed on

Yes, the risk of deception is high, as the broker’s website was established very recently.

What's the best way to share my experience with MTSG-sb?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: other
Leverage: 1:50
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Referral
Minimum deposit: 500$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

10 reviews about MTSG-sb

  1. colleen
    October 13
    They won't give you any money
    I'm not receiving the money I earned from investing in mtsg-sb... I knew something was off right away because there can't be such a huge profit. I don't even know where my money is being invested, and how they have the ability to pay such large amounts. I'm not receiving anything, and on top of that, they persistently ask me to refer friends through a referral link... what's the point if they're scammers…
  2. ВРА
    October 13
    Constant problems with the platform
    I cannot trade properly on MTSG-sb. Everything works very slowly, and as a result, I lose money even when I intend to earn it. I am considering stopping this and either investing my money or withdrawing it altogether. I now have an aversion to trading, although I suspect the problem may lie with the proprietary platform.
  3. alisa
    October 6
    This is a scam
    They called my mom and tricked her into depositing $1000! Mtsc sb are scammers, not traders! I hope they disappear as suddenly as they appeared!
  4. Rustig
    October 6
    I visited the website, had a laugh, and closed it
    MTSG-sb looks quite funny to those who have actual knowledge of trading. They claim to have a bunch of awards and positive feedback from traders. But where did they come from if they have only been around for a month, and this is very easy to verify? The website itself also shows that the company is very young. It's just a basic one-page site.
    And who manages this company? We don't know that either. All we know is that they supposedly have an office in Liechtenstein, but there is no evidence of this. They are registered in the typical offshore location of Belize... They also claim to have obtained licenses, but they didn't even mention which regulatory body granted them. So what? Are we supposed to just take their word for it? No thanks, I prefer established organizations.
  5. Artemishe
    October 5
    It really works
    At first, I didn't believe MTSG-sb because the profit on the investment account seemed unrealistically large to me. However, I invested money and see that the interest is being accrued to me every day. It works, I'm waiting for the end of the investment period when I will be able to withdraw my passive income.
  6. natalex
    September 30
    So awful conditions here
    Do you think it's normal to offer to create an investment account and guarantee a 1% daily return as MTSG-sb does? I don't think so. And the legislation of most countries would agree with me. Guaranteeing a specific percentage of profitability in investments is illegal almost everywhere. Where will the company get the ability to pay you such amounts if it has only been operating for about a month?

    As for trading, I won't even comment. Usually, scammers create multiple types of accounts with different conditions. A deposit of 500 dollars seems too high to me. There is no training or personal manager support here. And you still think it's safe to trade here? I do not recommend it.
  7. bigb
    September 27
    Tech support is not responding
    I have a lot of questions for mtsg-sb and I'm trying to ask them. For example, I'm interested in the wide spreads and constant platform interruptions. I'm trying to ask about the issue via email and phone, but there is no response, even though they promised 24/7 support. I'm worried that they might have provided false information on their website. And even if I go to their office, it might turn out that there is no broker there at all.
  8. Coin Mar
    September 27
    The lack of education really bothers me.
    I was invited to trade on mtsg-sb, and they told me it's a reliable broker that's suitable for beginners. But in reality, they don't explain anything to newcomers. There are no educational articles or webinars. They don't even provide a demo account for clients to test the platform. You have to start trading with real money right away. Why recommend their services if they don't take care of the people who will be using them? I have no idea…
  9. galinat
    September 22
    I have no complaints about them
    Good people, favorable conditions, friendly employees - it all exists in MTSG-sb. I'm glad that I traded here specifically. The company offers several ways to earn money, some of which are even passive income. Everything is great here.
  10. Reweste
    September 21
    They have no guarantees at all
    These MTSG SB directly tell you that you have every chance of losing money. And this can happen not only because the broker has problems with the platform, but also because they simply want to cheat you. They write that you can contact the regulator, but they did not mention its name. And how should I behave if they leave me without money? I'm afraid it's better not to invest here. Don't take risks.

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