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National Trade Center is owned and operated by WTC Group Limited, which has offices in Nicosia, Cyprus, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. However, the broker does not disclose the launch date or history of the company. As for the domain, it was registered in January 2022. In addition, the project does not have a license and the relationship with the client is regulated under the laws of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Finally, users from the US, Cuba, Syria, and some other countries cannot trade on the platform, at the discretion of its owners.

Can you trust your funds to this company? How safe is it to trade here? We will examine the terminal functions in detail to understand how reliable the broker is and whether its offers are favorable for users.

Trading Conditions

National Trade Center provides clients with an MT5 platform on which you can trade in desktop and mobile versions. The broker gives you the opportunity to earn on trading hundreds of commodities, popular stocks, indices, and traditional and virtual digital currencies. You can make a deposit using a bank card or cryptocurrency wallet. Withdrawal of BTC is done through a partner exchange service, from which your funds are withdrawn to your bank account.

The tariff plans are presented in 5 versions, structured by the amount of the minimum deposit. Each account has a specific set of services:

  • MICRO from £250 – leverage 1:50.
  • BASIC from £5,000 – leverage 1:100.
  • GOLD from £10,000 – leverage 1:200, Bonus, dedicated senior manager, gold spreads, financial planning, priority Level 3 withdrawal process, special venture capital promotions.
  • PLATINUM from £50,000 – leverage 1:300, Bonus, dedicated senior manager, platinum spreads, level 2 financial planning and priority withdrawal process, special venture promotions.
  • VIP, by invitation only – leverage 1:400, Bonus, dedicated senior manager, VIP spreads, financial planning with full access, Level 1 priority withdrawal process, special venture capital promotions, private analyst sessions, access to VIP events.

Clients with any account type have access to over 200 tradable assets and the ability to utilize the Market Review service. All bonuses will be available for withdrawal once the trading volume requirement of 50,000 times its value has been met. Bonus funds will be canceled if you do not meet these conditions within 90 days.

There is a $99 fee for an inactive account. The broker will deduct the fee from your account if you have not made any payment transactions for 30 consecutive days.

You will find Forex CFD trading tips, a Glossary, and an Economic Calendar in the Education section. Analytics is represented by the TradingView platform ticker at the top of the interface.


Would investing in the National Trade Center offer the best returns?

It will be difficult for you to earn income in risky CFD trading, most likely cooperation with this broker will turn out to be a loss of money for you. This is indicated by unfavorable trading conditions characterized by high commissions.

Does the National Trade Center carry out withdrawals?

Withdrawing money from this site will be an impossible task for you, as the broker may require any notarized documents from you for this purpose. There are a lot of negative reviews about the project, in which users talk about unreasonable refusals to withdraw funds from the account.

May I be scammed on

The site looks quite shabby and cheap. Besides, the risk of fraud is very high in a company that operates without a brokerage license.

What's the best way to share my experience with National Trade Center?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:400
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Referral
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: MetaTrader 5
Assets: Forex, CFD

14 reviews about National Trade Center

  1. Slaventij
    September 7
    I was invited to the project, by my new acquaintance from social networks. She said she had been earning in the project for a long time and I decided to try it too. At first, I deposited 650 dollars, I wanted to see how things would go. I earned a little in 2 weeks, less than 30 dollars. My manager started to persuade me to increase my deposit, but I refused. Then he started to tell me that I would never become a trader and would not be able to withdraw even this money. And indeed, soon the broker blocked my account and now this unique manager demands 200 dollars in order to unblock my account. I thought that such methods of scamming people were long past! No, they still exist on the Internet, where you should not always trust the advertising of your dubious acquaintances. I do NOT recommend this broker, they are scammers! Be very careful. These brazen scammers use various psychological tactics to influence their victims!
  2. nikov
    September 5
    There are problems in practice
    I believed the information on the site, but after using the terminal, I realized that the broker practically does not indicate any of its disadvantages: failures in the trading platform, a small number of valid assets and instruments for successful work, large spreads, commissions, and incomprehensible write-offs, which reduce the chances of stable earnings.
  3. andrew slado
    August 23
    I registered with National Trade Center without problems, deposited 820 euros, but then I had difficulties because of the poor work of the terminal. And when I made a request to withdraw money, I was blocked, allegedly for violation of some rules, but what they do not explain.
  4. Misza Hombre
    July 27
    The customer service is terrible
    These consultants are a real laughing stock, they are unable to help even with the most trivial questions. You need help right now, and they answer for 30-40 minutes, although it seems that after they have entered into a dialog with the client, they should help. Why does the broker hire such dumbasses!!!?
  5. ReaGeNT
    July 7
    Trading here is not profitable
    The platform constantly hangs, transactions can not be closed, and constantly money goes into the minus. The manager offered to use leverage. But no thanks, I do not need risks. Then I will not get out of debt at all. I will not recommend the site thenationaltradecenter.
  6. Yugin
    July 2
    This company does not exist!!!
    I was attracted to the project by its promises of fast income, and I decided to take a risk. But before that, I decided to check the National Trade Center for the legality of the work and requested documents from the broker. But the technical support staff refused me. I started to analyze the company's documents and quickly realized that it doesn't exist at all from a legal point of view! It is just a cheap fraudulent site on the Internet.
  7. Oxy Dru
    June 20
    Do not repeat my mistakes, I warn you!
    I am not a wealthy person so, I started looking for additional ways to earn money. On the Internet, I found the firm National Trade Center and got to the scammers! They swindled 300 dollars from me very quickly. It's good that I did not believe them and did not deposit more.
  8. upitas
    June 4
    Guys scammed me
    I deposited 4500$. After a week the terminal began to hang all the time. Then I decided to withdraw money from the National Trade Center, and the administrator began to tell me about the secondary verification. I fulfilled all the requirements and sent all the documents. It's been 10 days, I called constantly and the tech support operators stopped picking up the phone. Under no circumstances do not contact these scammers!!!
  9. Zour
    May 12
    There are more cons than pros
    I liked the analytics, and all the educational material, which can be considered useful, in my opinion. Now I will list the cons: disgusting registration and verification, very long and incomprehensible. National Trade Center has problems with the withdrawal of money from the account. The terminal is unstable, and at one point the broker just zeroed my account, where I had about 400 euros. And then, after my appeal to the support, my profile was simply deleted, allegedly for fraudulent operations :( I was left with an extremely unpleasant impression.
  10. freddiiiii
    April 22
    Complicated verification
    The trading program is not the worst, but the MT5 terminal and this broker have not become my favorite. The owners of the service need to work on improving the tech support and the withdrawal procedure. The broker makes withdrawals for a very long time, there are no clearly defined terms and the procedure itself is overly complicated, requiring a lot of documents from the trader. I think that first of all this company is designed for long-term investors and it makes sense to hold assets here. For me personally, the main disadvantage is the check of documents, which must be passed at every profit withdrawal and it is tough to do it! I would also like to see a greater variety of trading instruments, as, in my opinion, they are not enough for profitable trading.
  11. Merchant
    April 13
    I did not like the terminal!
    At first glance, the site is interesting, but with time you discover a lot of shortcomings. Registration seems to be clear, and the interface is also convenient, but the withdrawal of money disappointed me!!!
  12. Strike
    March 26
    Insufficient number of payment systems
    I don't know how to use a cryptocurrency wallet, and only a bank card will work for me... the commission rate at the National Trade Center is unfavorable for large trading volumes, and I don't trade small amounts of assets... many other reputable brokers have more favorable conditions and opportunities.
  13. User
    March 14
    I am satisfied with the work of the broker
    I made a deposit of £6,000, but trading on thenationaltradecenter brings good profits, up to £500 per week 😄 The only downside is an annoying manager who constantly suggests to deposit even more money into my account. I advise you not to listen to his advice, but to trade according to your strategy!
  14. igorlu
    February 10
    I am new to trading
    I decided to try my hand at the National Trade Center project. I deposited 300 dollars into my account. The first day trades were successful. But literally, after 3 days the deposit began to decrease sharply. I quickly noticed it and decided to withdraw at least the money that was left, but I could not do it :(

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