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The site is owned by Neotrades Capital Ltd, which is registered in Mauritius. The broker is regulated in the same jurisdiction in accordance with the license issued to it. However, the website content is provided and the business is managed by the affiliate company NTrade Services Ltd, which is based in Cyprus. In addition, phone numbers in 9 countries are listed for contacting. As for the work experience, the date of the project start is not specified by the broker. However, the domain was registered in 2010 by the representative of Neotrades Capital LTD from MU.

Is it worth trusting money to this project or are there actually fraudsters operating under the guise of a brokerage company?

Trading Conditions

Client registration on Neotrades is typical for a brokerage website. You will need to enter your email address and phone number. After that, you will be able to use the brokerage service, which offers clients three types of accounts. You can use bank cards, e-wallets to deposit and withdraw funds.

Personal accounts are sorted by increasing minimum deposit and differ from each other by the number of guaranteed consultations:

  1. Standard – $1,000. A dedicated customer service representative is ready to communicate with you 2 days a week
  2. Advanced – $5,000. You have access to a dedicated account representative for 3 days and 1 individual meeting with an analyst per week
  3. Expert – $25,000. You can speak with a dedicated representative for 4 days and meet with an analyst 1 time per week

Each account type gives you the opportunity to use the demo mode to test trading conditions. The broker offers clients an advanced MetaTrader 5 platform. The equally advanced Copy Trading technology allows you to synchronize trades with experienced investors. And there is also a PAMM account tool, which unites traders and investors, helping them to earn by trading under one account.

The broker warns that in addition to the stated commissions, other fees may be charged at its discretion. This is stated in the user agreement, which is written on 54 pages in rather small font. You should study all the rules before registering an account.

Trading on the site is possible on 6 markets, including commodities, stocks, and indices. Traders can follow real-time prices, view charts, and place orders on the versatile MT5 platform. The site’s functionality includes technical and fundamental analysis tools. Neotrades offers a bonus programme to all users. Additionally, clients can earn up to $1,500 per conversion or up to $30 per lot in the introducing broker’s programme from affiliate links.


Would investing in Neotrades offer the best returns?

We advise you to think carefully about cooperating with a forex broker. It is very risky trading, more likely that investing will result in you losing money on the platform rather than gaining it.

Does Neotrades carry out withdrawals?

Withdrawal is not guaranteed on the exchange. The administration can arbitrarily increase the commission or block your account. This is evidenced by many reviews from clients who have had a negative experience here.

May I be scammed on

The risk of fraud is quite high, as the owner of the site has registered his company in an offshore zone. Despite having a license, it is usually very difficult for a client to get help from the regulator in such a jurisdiction.

What's the best way to share my experience with Neotrades?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Neotrades is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: FSC Mauritius
Leverage: 1:500
Broker type: NDD
Demo account: Yes
Affiliate program: Introducing Broker
Minimum deposit: 1000$
Trading platform: MetaTrader 5
Assets: Forex, CFD

14 reviews (+1 fake) about Neotrades

  1. Mateo Rivera
    June 24
    Reason for choosing
    I discovered neotrades broker due to review and gotta say that it was a treasure trove for me.

    First and foremost, they offers metatrader 5 with all its amenities such as possibility to algo trading, hedge positions, relish fast order execution without slippages (but props to broker's liqudiity providers for this) and so on. I just adores this engine and its mobile app which as intuitive and convenient as desktop version.

    Secondly, it's awesome that there are no troubles during depositing and withdrawing processes. I means they are super fast, without any delays regardless of the preferred payment method. Some of them are slower than others, but it's ok.

    Finally, I likes that there is a possibility to track upcoming IPO and analyze the companies.
    Fake comment
  2. Luis
    June 12
    Portfolio investing
    as a fundamental analysis trader i was kinda shooketh to have this many asset classes that are good for me specifically.
    It’s not everyday i can trade a bunch of stocks, then diversify them with bonds and get access to IPO shares too!
    So now I have a thought through portfolio of nivida, tesla and alibaba stocks which so far gives a good yield.
    I think I will add some spot index and some spot commodities to that due to the geopolitical situation it makes a lot of sense rn.
    to be frank some of the ideas for my portfolio i took from the neotrades market analysis=) this is also a great tool to assemble assets in your portfolios.
  3. Gilberto Bernardez
    March 17
    Thank you
    Rebates on spreads during Ramadan is such a user-friendly move from Neotrades. Thanks!
  4. OKPAY
    July 21
    The crooks are lying to you about their successes and awards!
    The Exchange did not receive absolutely NO LICENSE! Because what is the point for a one-day firm like Neotrades to get a license, as they will run away in 2-3 months anyway?! Why should thieves waste their precious time getting a license document?!?!?, it's easier for them to change their name and continue to cheat us!!!!
  5. geners
    July 16
    Great opportunities for traders
    Why do all people like to write negative reviews? Many of them leave reviews against NeoTraders, even though they have not even registered on the site!? I look at all these negative reviews left by "analysts and experts of the Internet" and people make some guesses about the reliability and honesty of this firm. Only pseudoclients do not invent, they make false conclusions and inferences. When in fact, in fact, everything is absolutely wrong. I urge you not to listen to the detractors of this company. This is a great organisation that offers traders great opportunities.
  6. khl
    July 9
    As an investor here, I do not feel any problems
    I am a client of this company, but I cooperate as an investor. I invested with one manager, he trades with moderate risks, the return is about 10-20% per month, and part of it goes to me.
  7. CAA
    July 8
    The withdrawal function does not work
    You will be politely communicated with, as long as you can top up your account....
  8. Villi
    July 1
    I did not find any signs of fraud, nor did I find any signs of common sense
    I didn't find any problems with this project, or rather I didn't find any signs of scam. I'll be honest, - it's not an investment company, it doesn't offer crazy profits for a short period of time, it doesn't give any tariff plans and other nonsense that Ponzi schemes so actively offer. Further, it is a brokerage company, which provides brokerage services and they have a license. But on the other hand, I did not find any signs of any reliable and cool project. I don't even understand the point - why does it exist? Why are these huge sums on the accounts? If traders can risk so much and easily give $25000 to an offshore organization, why don't they just invest their money themselves in blue chip stocks and live on dividends?
  9. Tarn
    June 29
    I am new to trading
    I'm still training on a demo account for now. Among the positive aspects of NeoTraders, I would like to mention the very friendly, approachable advisors. They make it easy for me to learn how to trade
  10. Kiper
    June 28
    You risk becoming a victim of scammers
    They work according to this strategy: after creating a personal account and depositing the first money, consultants lie to the victim about real trading. In fact, their broker has no access to the interbank market, and the funds go to the accounts of swindlers(((( Managers regulate the figures themselves, and the terminal all the time shows a succession of successful transactions. I personally received "Zero" income, and "zero" withdrawal of funds. My result is 1:0 in favor of fraudsters. You cannot trust this organization, Neotrades will lead you to empty pockets.
  11. Hammer
    June 25
    My deposit was stolen
    For some reason, the broker wrote off the money in my account to zero. And when I finally got through to the support team, they told me that there was suspicious activity in my account! So NeoTrade had to freeze my funds until the end of the investigation :(( Nonsense....
  12. Zexon
    June 6
    Why should you not trust‌ them?
    Firstly, the broker lies to its subscribers on pages in social networks. On the FB account Neotrades was created a couple of months ago, there are 12 thousand subscribers and only one review in Arabic. On Instagram they were even too lazy to gain subscribers, there are only 40 people there. This does not fit with the information they give about themselves on the official website. Secondly, since we are talking about the official site of NeoTraders, they have it in the form of the simplest cheap version, which does not inspire confidence. Thirdly, the detailed terms of earning are not disclosed. And why do swindlers need to do this? They need the potential victim to leave their contacts and other data before the client learns all the details about the scammers. Fourthly, about the license, proof that their activity is real - I didn't see it at all. At least show your offshore license if it really exists.
  13. serdjo
    June 5
    You will not earn anything here, only lose money
    If you think that you will be able to trade here, having received money for management, you are seriously mistaken. After registering with Neotrades brokerage company, which is registered offshore, your personal data will get into the database of scammers. Except that the trick is that you leave absolutely all the contact and personal data you enter, for example, from your bank card or access from your e-wallet. Then your money is stolen, and that's not counting the fact that you still deposit the money yourself.
  14. room208
    May 9
    I am satisfied with almost everything
    I make my profits and am happy with the tools of the platform. But I keep waiting to trade cryptocurrency here!!!!
  15. Pixius
    April 1
    There is instability in the work
    I made the simplest deposit, and then it turned out that for this money I can make no more than 10 operations per week! This made me think about it because many brokers have unlimited deposits, but not Neotrades. To trade more often I have to top up my account up to $5000. Then I also had problems with logging into my account - I was blocked very often, but now it has passed...My advice - do not trade in the web version, it is always unstable, and for trading, it is better to download the application, it is more or less a normal platform.

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