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NFG Finance lists its registered office in London. The contact section even has an interactive map and a video showing the location of the office. As for the domain, it is registered in the UK. Please note that the client agreement states that clients from 9 banned states cannot work on the platform — the list includes Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, and other African and Asian countries with unstable political situations.

Can this broker be trusted? After all, the online space breeds not only innovative platforms but also an equally large number of fraudsters. We will check whether the information on corresponds to reality.

Trading Conditions

This forex company will open an account for a trader as soon as they fill in the registration form and confirm the specified data with their ID card. The website offers a wide range of trading products for earning money – forex, stocks, cryptocurrency, contracts for difference (CFDs), and others.

A client can open an account from 5 offered options at NFG Finance. Accounts are ranked by deposit amount. There are the following entry thresholds by personal account type:

  • Beginner – £5,000
  • Silver – £25,000
  • Gold – £75,000
  • Premium – £150,000
  • VIP – £250,000.

The broker claims that its proprietary WebTrader platform combines the latest advances in trading technology. In addition to convenient trading options, users can keep up to date with analytical commentary, the latest news, and real-time quote changes.

The client does not need to install any special software. You can log in to the platform via a web browser. ‌Start trading with the ability to place Stop Loss and Take Profit orders, monitor Bid-Ask spreads, and track your executed positions, both current and past.

Customers can use bank and cryptocurrency cards for deposits and withdrawals. At the three highest account levels, bonuses from 50% to 100% are awarded. When registering, you can enter a promo code, which you will receive on promotional resources.


Would investing in NFG Finance offer the best returns?

The platform offers a variety of currency pairs and other trading assets. In addition, the forex broker provides educational assistance to beginners and gives them the opportunity to choose the tools for successful trading. You should keep in mind the risks in CFDs and use the most favorable trading account option to make profits.

Does NFG Finance carry out withdrawals?

Reviews help us ‌objectively assess the offers. Meanwhile, clients most often speak positively about this brokerage organization. Traders say that the platform works stably. If you have already registered on the platform and formed your own opinion about it, share it in the comments.

May I be scammed on

The UK-based company provides financial services in almost all countries, including jurisdictions such as the US and the EU, where there are very strict controls on brokers. It is unlikely that the owners of this platform can engage in customer fraud.

What's the best way to share my experience with NFG Finance?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if NFG Finance is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:100
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 6450$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

19 reviews about NFG Finance

  1. inbungto
    July 31
    I positively assess the work of this broker
    I had no negative moments in the process of cooperation. I have been trading with him for several months, and my income is good, and the withdrawal of money is fast. I like the possibility to choose a convenient time for making transactions, as well as the attentive attitude of NFG Finance managers towards me. Basically, I am satisfied with everything.
  2. Rapyncel
    July 27
    I am grateful for the new knowledge
    The manager taught me a lot of useful lessons, and the skills I have learnt are helping me well to earn consistently. For example, now I use smart leverage options! It is always very convenient to use new tools on the terminal in NFG Finance. I now know how I can earn from cryptocurrency, and which coins and tokens are better suited for this. I know that no matter where I am in the world, I only need to have my phone handy and I can earn money for all my high needs. Don't be afraid to learn new things at NFG Finance either, it helps you live!
  3. Ирина Райс
    July 27
    An excellent platform for any level of trader
    User-friendly interface, high speed of order execution, a wide choice of assets:)
  4. Svetlanko
    July 26
    This site deserves a mention
    At least the fact that the company has real-time support in multiple languages is a huge advantage. Trading with this UK broker is definitely a win-win situation. I earned more in a month than I did with a famous Asian forex broker (I won't mention its name). Forex trading can bring good income with the right interaction with a reliable company.
  5. Lygov
    July 23
    I'm talking about the pros
    Earned funds are withdrawn without problems, there are many currency pairs for trading and responsive technical support. And this forex broker has almost no delays in orders, of course, there are certain disadvantages, but I will not focus on them, they are too small compared to the pluses.
  6. Volotova
    July 22
    Safe and secure
    The broker provides all the assets I need, and trading accounts and working conditions are adequate here. 100% there is no doubt about the responsibility to customers, a broker of this level cares about reputation. The brand from the UK stands out for its excellent base of trading instruments on the financial market. Of course, this is a standard practice for companies of this level. NFG Finance has the best customer service, it is the best analytics provider. I can't pick on the platform from any aspect ...
  7. warrior1
    July 22
    I am still a beginner here
    I started trading on nfg finance not so long ago, but I want to thank the broker for a lot of services and excellent work of technical support
  8. KorMarina83
    July 21
    I am very satisfied with the quality of the service
    My deposit here is not the smallest, in the Gold account, but I feel at ease with NFG Finance. After all, it is one of the most reputable companies on the forex market, plus the software is normal. There are no failures here, for all time only once I had a delay with payment. As it turned out, the problem was in the bank. The operator of technical support promptly contacted me and simply offered to use another way of withdrawal.
  9. LuckyGerl
    July 21
    The platform is quite suitable for trading
    Order execution is very high quality + low spreads and swap. I trade on a Premium account, spread on euro/dollar during the day 0.7-0.8 points, which is quite convenient for making quick trades. There is also cryptocurrency trading, but I haven't mastered it yet.
  10. Gredan
    July 20
    The best broker!
    I make money at any free minute, even in the car when I am standing in traffic! Before, I could only dream of such profits! For activity in NFG Finance I even get commission reductions and bonuses, free signals and much more! I recommend this platform to everyone!
  11. val
    June 30
    Broker's services are always at the highest level
    The technical support team is always on call and ready to help with any questions. I also like that NFG Finance has medium to low spreads and fast order executions. However, I would like to see offers with a lower deposit threshold amount.
  12. slavarus
    June 29
    They really offer excellent trading conditions here
    They are always ready to help me, my manager and I analyze‌ all transactions thoroughly. I have no claims to NFG finance, the guys work in good faith.
  13. sdmaster
    June 20
    Reliable company, with professional services
    The intuitive and functional trading platform provides convenience and efficiency when conducting operations on the Forex market.
  14. arseniii
    June 16
    Reasons for my participation
    In my opinion, this is one of the best brokers I have come across. Firstly, NFG Finance has employees with quite a lot of experience in the forex market and has an excellent technical base. Secondly, its constant updates and top-notch support team make it an attractive option for traders. In addition, I have never had any problems with the disbursement of funds. Overall, I am very satisfied with my cooperation with NFG Finance.
  15. polik
    June 15
    Modern terminal convenient for trading
    I tried to trade on many platforms and stopped on this one. The broker cares about the client, there is a choice of indicators, charts, and timeframe time also can be chosen, the minimum deposit for forex is optimal, and the amount of the transaction I set at my discretion. Minus - the broker can sometimes change the profitability of transactions, but this applies only to cases when the deal is not concluded, but I find it difficult to apply such a strategy. In general, NFG Finance is a very convenient and understandable platform.
  16. goatm
    June 12
    I made a good choice
    I was looking for a reliable forex company for a long time and decided to choose NFG Finance, I do not regret my choice. The broker fulfills all my tasks perfectly (analytics, technical support, the news is always fresh, etc.). In a word, I recommend it to everyone:)
  17. se_domainer
    June 11
    I appreciate the technical capabilities
    I can easily track my trades and perform successful operations on the forex market. Also, NFG Finance's order execution is very fast and accurate. I appreciate that I have access to various tools and markets for trading. But I would like to have more information about different trading strategies and crypto market analyses so that I can make more informed decisions.
  18. Lenora
    June 9
    There is a real opportunity to earn money here
    I used part of my free money on the forex market. I trade on NFG Finance and I like the fact that I get profit every day, I can withdraw my deposit daily. Yes, the profit is always different, but if you compare it with the game on the stock exchange, there you can expect the growth of the asset for several months.
  19. pos
    June 8
    I am satisfied with the functionality
    The platform provides a wide range of financial instruments for trading, including currency pairs, indices, and commodities :) This allows me to diversify my portfolio and make successful investments in different markets.

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