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NFG Finance lists its registered office in London. The contact section even has an interactive map and a video showing the location of the office. However, no information about the company’s date of incorporation has been disclosed. As for the domain, it was only registered in July 2023 in the UK with Singapore registrar. In addition, the client agreement states that clients from 9 banned states cannot work on the platform – the list includes Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, and other African and Asian countries with unstable political situations.

Can this broker be trusted? After all, the online space breeds not only innovative platforms but also an equally large number of fraudsters. We will check whether the information on corresponds to reality.

Trading Conditions

A forex company will open an account for a trader as soon as they fill in the registration form and confirm the specified data with their ID card. The website offers a wide range of trading products for earning money – forex, stocks, cryptocurrency, contracts for difference (CFDs), and others.

A client can open an account from 5 offered options at NFG Finance. Accounts are ranked by deposit amount. There are the following entry thresholds by personal account type:

  • Beginner – £5,000.
  • Silver – £25,000.
  • Gold – £75,000.
  • Premium – £150,000.
  • VIP – £250,000.

The broker claims that its proprietary WebTrader platform combines the latest advances in trading technology. In addition to convenient trading options, users can keep up to date with analytical commentary, the latest news, and real-time quote changes.

If you read all the clauses of the User Agreement, you will find out that not all terms and conditions are acceptable to the client. For example, in NFG Finance, any trades that were done incorrectly may or may not be paid by the forex broker. This is entirely up to its judgment and cannot be appealed anywhere. However, the concept of a wrong transaction is not disclosed and can be interpreted by the company as it is favorable to it. 

Customers can use bank and cryptocurrency cards for deposits and withdrawals. At the three highest account levels, bonuses from 50% to 100% are awarded. When registering, you can enter a promo code, which you will receive on promotional resources.


Would investing in NFG Finance offer the best returns?

This is risky CFD trading on an unknown platform. Besides, the broker can block the trader's account without warning and change its service rules at any moment. Therefore, it is more likely that your cooperation will result in losing money rather than gaining it.

Does NFG Finance carry out withdrawals?

It is unlikely that everything here will work stably. Reviews help us to objectively evaluate the offers, and they are more often negative about the brokerage organization. If you have already registered on the platform and formed your own opinion about it, share it in the comments.

May I be scammed on

The company provides brokerage services without a license, and no authorized regulatory body can guarantee its reliability and fulfillment of its obligations. The risk of fraud is increased by the fact that the site has a fresh domain‌ name.

What's the best way to share my experience with NFG Finance?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if NFG Finance is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:100
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 6450$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

22 reviews about NFG Finance

  1. trxthebest
    January 10
    Horrible service
    NFG Finance's performance leaves much to be desired as it does not provide proper care for its clients. I have encountered a terrible support service that does not respond to questions or help resolve issues. On an uncomfortable trading platform, my trading becomes an agonizing process. Limited access to assets high swaps and spreads make trading with NFG Finance unprofitable. In addition, I have read on the net about unfair withholding of clients' funds, as well as cases of freezing accounts without explanation.
  2. Grot
    December 24
    I have no experience in forex trading yet. But my manager called me and told me that the office is in London, there is a license, and sent me a copy of it to my mail. I was offered to trade, account replenishment is possible through any bank. Everything looks reliable. But I read somewhere that I need a US license if I am here. And now I have a question, is this situation correct? If NFG Finance conducts all its activities through London and is located there itself, and has all the documents, why do they need a US license? They are not physically located here, but they can attract people from all over the world... I am just a beginner and I want to understand how reliable it is to trade here. Please, independent experts, explain to me - is NFG Finance ok or is it a scam?
  3. Declan Mullins
    December 7
    Nfg finance are a bunch of scammers,keep well away from them…..
  4. jhon
    November 29
    i have a bad experience with this broker, the expert are good convincing the client to invest, but the my main problem is i cannot withraw my fund or money, hope there someone can help me
  5. Bahrnesh
    November 27
    NFG Finance is a scam
    NFGFanane have scammed me; I fell into their deception, because they showed me in their platform that they were making me profit everyday and asking me to invest more so that I would have more compounded profit and I kept on sending money for more profit, however, when I asked them to send me some of the profit they claimed they made they ignored me, even when I asked them to send they money I sent them again they ignored me and refused to send me and I lost thousands of British pounds.I am writing this so that nor more people will be a victim of these crooks
  6. rachel2177
    November 21
    I don't see the point of trading without the assurance of a reliable platform
    If you have 6+ thousand dollars in your wallet for an initial deposit, then definitely opt for another broker. Here your money is unlikely to be saved and it is impossible to earn profit. The mass of assets is not available, there are no options for investing. All functions offered by NFG Finance can be used only in a VIP account. If you don't have the required amount of $250,000, then yes, you need to look for another broker. Besides, here you will have to take all the risks, both trading and finances. This is no longer a reliable service that declares in advance that it refuses to pay for trades at its discretion :(
  7. Fire
    November 18
    An acquaintance of mine registered on this site and now he is left without means of livelihood. Of course, I comfort him as much as I can, but how can I get back the money stolen by scammers? Do not trust your capital to NFG Finance...
  8. Nathan104
    November 4
    I do not recommend it!
    They blocked my account without warning, the reason was not indicated. I had to wait weeks for answers to my questions. The commission is huge, and the attitude of managers to clients is terrible!
  9. tikkurila
    October 31
    Do not believe scammers when they say that you will earn good money on cryptocurrency. In front of us is another empty shell masquerading as a legitimate broker. Only their creators can make money on such platforms. This is another scam promising depositors golden accounts with super profits. Usually, such crooks themselves draw profitable deals while the client listens to them and finds more and more new portions of money for them. The scammers persuade customers to invest more and more money until they rob them completely.
  10. lully
    October 4
    Scam! Twice scam!!!
    You will be deceived twice - when scammers steal money and when you will be offered help by "Independent" lawyers from the same gang. These scammers collect user data, pass it to other similar scammers, who already know that people lost money on the broker site offer help to get their money back, but in the process demand money under various pretexts, and you will be scammed again. This is a very dangerous site with fake good reviews on the homepage, just don't contact NFG Finance
  11. crypto trader
    September 14
    Poor communication with support
    It is very difficult to contact the administration, constantly tech support does not answer me for a long time. The answer to the mail comes once a day or less. Eventually, NFG Finance say they are redirecting my enquiry to another more competent department. I can expect to wait a week for them to give me a clear answer.
  12. mmaker
    August 31
    This terminal is not suitable for beginners
    If you are a beginner and have no trading experience, then you should not create an account, high entry deposit from £5,000, lack of experience, and poor technical support will help you to spend your deposit quickly, and the broker will squeeze you for another deposit, promising good signals and low spot to fix the situation.
  13. kate1981
    August 29
    Deception of naive beginners
    Another fraudulent project. The site cannot be trusted. Scammers will not let you withdraw money from this platform.
  14. Wolf-777
    August 19
    I wanted to make money from trading but ended up on a financial scam site. It would be better if I didn't go to forex at all but invested in a bank account.
  15. Eagles
    August 2
    Don't believe it, it's a scam
    They apply in "nfg finance" a banal scheme of fraud with the work only to deposit accounts in the system, but without the possibility of withdrawal of money by users. I was convinced on my own experience.
  16. Gredan
    July 20
    The best broker!
    I make money at any free minute, even in the car when I am standing in traffic! Before, I could only dream of such profits! For activity in NFG Finance I even get commission reductions and bonuses, free signals and much more! I recommend this platform to everyone!
  17. Zero_tolerance
    July 10
    They are scammers who work without a license!!!
    They should be closed for this, but the company is anonymous and based most likely not even in England, so no one knows how to find the owner of the resource. But you do not need to trade here, this is 100% true! Reliable companies do not lie about registration and show official documents, they also have licenses to regulate disputes with clients!!!!
  18. Jay
    July 10
    You have to constantly refresh the page. All of this negatively affects trading. Orders are often not closed automatically, and manually close - you have to do it for a whole day, which is simply unrealistic. You can lose your deposit on such trades in NFG Finance very easily.
  19. val
    June 30
    Broker's services are always at the highest level
    The technical support team is always on call and ready to help with any questions. I also like that NFG Finance has medium to low spreads and fast order executions. However, I would like to see offers with a lower deposit threshold amount.
  20. Lenora
    June 9
    There is a real opportunity to earn money here
    I used part of my free money on the forex market. I trade on NFG Finance and I like the fact that I get profit every day, I can withdraw my deposit daily. Yes, the profit is always different, but if you compare it with the game on the stock exchange, there you can expect the growth of the asset for several months.
  21. pos
    June 8
    I am satisfied with the functionality
    The platform provides a wide range of financial instruments for trading, including currency pairs, indices, and commodities :) This allows me to diversify my portfolio and make successful investments in different markets.

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