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Nicholson Financial Service discloses on its website the location of the office in London and the date of establishment of the company in 2003. As for the domain, it was only registered in July 2023 in the UK with the Singapore registrar. However, the company does not have a brokerage license. According to international bans, citizens from 8 countries in Asia and Africa, e.g. Nigeria, and Pakistan, cannot register an account.

Is it safe to trade here? Is the service not fraudulent? We will investigate the company documents, trading product features and share our opinion with you.

Trading Conditions

When registering you can choose one of 4 accounts: Mini, Standard, Gold, and VIP. These types are specified in the client registration form. Meanwhile, on the main page of the site, there are 5 types of trading accounts. They offer the following minimum deposit amounts and features:

  1. Forex from £100 – daily news and training with a financial expert for 5 working days
  2. Commodities from £5,000 – contract trading, access to webinars, reduced commissions, and access to weekly CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) reports.
  3. Stock-Market from £25,000 – optional PAMM account, IPO participation, Kopi Trading, customized trading plan.
  4. Cryptocurrency from £75,000 – plus arbitration, account insurance, accreditation of a professional investor, introduction of the over-the-counter investment environment
  5. Savings Account with 21-37% – fixed income with monthly interest payments, insurance of the entire deposit amount.

In trading, the client’s attention can be turned to major and minor currency pairs. This is any of the 8 major currencies paired with another currency not very common in the market. Lesser known cryptocurrencies are promoted on the platform.

The personal details of the sender of the funds must match the name of the account holder at Nicholson Financial Service. The broker will not accept or refund payments through third parties.

Trading on the website is possible in 5 asset classes including commodities and indices. In the Trading Conditions and Resources sections of the website, you will find training programs, step-by-step instructions to get started.


Would investing in Nicholson Financial Service offer the best returns?

You will have a high risk of losing money when cooperating with a broker. There is an unknown platform and it is not clear how the investor's funds are insured, or how the company earns such high profits.

Does Nicholson Financial Service carry out withdrawals?

The service provides too little information about itself to be able to judge its reliability. Reviews about the broker are more negative than positive. You can also share your experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on

The company does not have a license to conduct brokerage activities. This means that you will have no legal protection in case of problems. Plus, the bad website, fresh domain, and promises of returns are very much like fake ones.

What's the best way to share my experience with Nicholson Financial Service?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Nicholson Financial Service is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 129$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

19 reviews about Nicholson Financial Service

  1. adrian
    January 4
    Should you trust the company?
    the company is fraudulent. the phone number is not working, the email is also not working. these are scammers. I gave one star because it doesn’t work any other way.
  2. Ιωαννα
    December 17
    Εγώ προσωπικά χρειάστηκα υποστήριξη,και ρωσσοφωνο τμήματα,με τρειδερ, οικονομική υποστήριξη, έβαλα μεγάλο ποσών με αποτέλεσμα να παγώσουν my account ,και δεν μπορώ να βγάλω ΤΗΠΟΤΑ, δημιουργίσαν ένα παραμύθι με μεταφορά χρημάτων μέσω USB bank transfer, ζητούσανε συνέχεια και άλλα χρήματα (για ασφάλεια και τ.λ.π) Απάτη, προσέξτε!!!
  3. Ivan
    December 12
    absolutely scammers and rubbish
    They are full scammers and useless idiots!
  4. Aleksejs Peseckis
    October 28
    Nicholson financial services are scammers, still got an account with them, I’ve started 2 months ago and invested £63k in total, it was going great until withdrawal been requested, had £138k on my account and been pushed to withdraw everything and the problems started, bank fees to pay, payed no funds, they come up with income tax fees and it’s got to payed upfront and in 24 hours, 100% scam, avoid at all times, they are not registered with FCA, the email on the website ain’t working, the phone number not working, it’s very well set up scam!!!
  5. matter
    September 14
    Scum and thieves
    As soon as I transferred money to deposit, they blocked my account at once, leaving me with nothing :(
  6. china panda
    September 4
    There is definitely a danger in cooperation with this forex-broker, and still very high! A scam that cheats people out of a lot of money! At Nicholson Financial Service they promise successful deals, fast withdrawal of money..... and block you! It becomes impossible to withdraw money, and they offer to pay huge commissions in addition!
  7. bert111
    September 1
    I only wasted my deposit
    I opened a minimum account of $130 here, I wanted to try myself as a trader. The platform promised me a test period with a financial expert during the first 5 days. I passed the test, then decided to start trading on my own. It turned out that everything was not quite as the analyst explained to me. Deals were not opened in the way I needed. It seemed strange to me. But the situation seemed to be corrected by switching from the mobile version of Nicholson Financial Service to PC, which I did. But, once again, things went badly wrong. I decided to start actively using analytics, forecasts, and signals, but on the broker's website, there is nothing like that at my deposit size. For more, you need a minimum of $5000, and even better from $25000. But I can't risk such an amount. Therefore, I do not recommend beginners to start here.
  8. Elvis991
    August 30
    Standard client deception
    I trusted this broker and opened a Savings account here and invested $20000. I was attracted by the manager's promises during the conversation before verification. I was promised up to 37%, but they paid out 2%. It's just terrible. I would quit everything, but my contribution is huge. I will try to influence Nicholson Financial Service with the help of a lawyer. Do not even dare to communicate with managers, they will tell you very convincingly about huge profits and you will believe them. And when you start having problems, you will be sorry, because they have no shame.
  9. dr.Vadz
    August 8
    Don't believe the generous promises of scammers
    All my colleague's savings disappeared without a trace from this broker. He told me that the money was simply debited from his account one evening, and then the scammers stopped contacting him. And how many of these Nicholson Financial Service scams are being perpetrated every day? It's scary to imagine how investing with could end up for you
  10. Nibor
    July 30
    I am comfortable trading from my phone
    The platform works from both my phone and computer... but I was happy that I can trade from my phone, this option is perfect for me....
  11. andrew
    July 25
    This way of earning money is risky
    At forex, you do not win on long-term investments, here the principle is: earned - withdrawn :). Strategies are all invented for idiots, as well as "hard mental labour". Forex is chaos, and the main thing is not to stay here for a long time. That's why I am surprised at the suggestion to open a savings account. It's unbelievable in forex!!!
  12. Mery
    June 26
    Excellent trading conditions
    I earn here not only on online trading of currency pairs but also investing, profitability of 21% per month, which suits me. In general, there is a lot of useful stuff here. In addition to trading and investing, there is the IPO market, there is copy-trading, and reports from CME.
  13. wealth2011
    June 7
    I am very uncomfortable working on the platform
    Errors, site disconnections, and slippages do not allow me to trade normally. And I'm paying my money for this! The cretins at Nicholson Financial Service can't even work on their software. Some traders say that the broker may be a scammer. It will be great if that is actually the case :(
  14. best22
    May 26
    I don't recommend it!
    They blocked my account without warning and did not give a reason. I had to wait a week for answers to my questions. The commissions are huge, and the attitude of technical support to customers is terrible!
  15. belchange
    May 25
    There were bad signals from the beginning
    I should have been wary at the registration and verification stage. The administrators did not accept scans of my documents from the first time, many times there were some errors. I could immediately realise that something was obviously not normal with Nicholson Financial Service. But I decided to take a risk, and transferred $500 to the account, I thought that I could withdraw my deposit if something goes wrong. But it was my stupidity. Damn scammers, they just lured me into their trap from the very beginning!!! Nobody was going to pay me money from the very beginning! When I let my guard down, the scammers embezzled all my money!!!!
  16. eshley
    May 21
    Scammers work according to a primitive scheme
    These thieves take the name of some little-known or even unknown company, most often from England, copy their own old website, and start cheating traders. This is how Nicholson Financial Service appeared. At swindlers everything is put on the conveyor belt, that is why the sites are of the same type. If the scam platform does not attract money, pseudo-brokers are not sorry - they will move to another resource.
  17. VoinVoli
    April 18
    The broker is average!
    Forex trading is my main source of income, so I consider the broker as my partner. I have accounts in other companies, but I trade a little bit here too. For comparison I will say that both here and other brokers have their shortcomings, account blocking not through my fault, but these are rather exceptions to the rules. So with a small deposit, you can earn here, but with a large amount of money - I do not advise you to risk it!!!!
  18. Valli5
    April 3
    I was convinced of the reliability of the broker
    My first profit withdrawal was very fast, I withdrew money through Bitcoin, and I had to study a little bit, about how to use bitcoin, and how to convert it to fiat, it turned out that in fact nothing complicated, and from the side of Nicholson Financial Service company there is support and help in this regard, that will prompt, help, advise how to exchange crypto favorably and withdraw to a bank card. And they advise not only on these matters but also actively help with trading. I would like to point out that Nicholson Financial Service has very experienced, friendly and competent employees who seem to know everything. Whatever you ask them, they can give you answers without hesitation. In general, some really top broker, now I can definitely believe that the firm is 20 years old, well, and trust him with money, of course, too.
  19. hopay
    March 1
    Modern trading platform
    One of the reasons why I chose this firm is its long and solid track record. Not many brokerage companies can boast that they have been on the market for two decades, but Nicholson Financial Service has managed to do it. Besides, their office is not located in an offshore state, as 95% of web brokers have, but in a regular jurisdiction. In terms of security, this is a guarantee of reliability. Besides, the service offers very favorable trading features to its clients. For example, low spreads, adequate commissions, and flexible and advanced terminal supporting several hundred assets of different markets. I am absolutely satisfied with everything in Nicholson Financial Service. And my trust in the resources is high, which is very important because I invest a lot of money here.

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