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Nicholson Financial Service discloses on its website the location of its office in London and the date of the company’s foundation in 2003. By the way, in the Contacts section, there is a convenient interactive map showing the location of the company in the very center of the UK capital. On the same page, there is a contact form where you can request a phone call back from a consultant or send your message instantly. You can also contact the tech support team at the phone number provided. However, you will not be able to trade on the platform in 8 countries in Asia and Africa. According to international bans, citizens from, for example, Nigeria and Pakistan, cannot register an account.

How profitable is it to use the broker’s service? Is it safe to trade here? We will study the company documents, and features of trading products and share our opinion with you.

Trading Conditions

When registering you can choose one of 4 accounts: Mini, Standard, Gold, and VIP. These types are specified in the client registration form. Meanwhile, on the main page of the site, there are 5 types of trading accounts. They offer the following minimum deposit amounts and features:

  1. Forex from £100 – daily news and training with a financial expert for 5 working days
  2. Commodities from £5,000 – contract trading, access to webinars, reduced commissions, and access to weekly CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) reports.
  3. Stock-Market from £25,000 – optional PAMM account, IPO participation, Kopi Trading, customized trading plan.
  4. Cryptocurrency from £75,000 – plus arbitration, account insurance, accreditation of a professional investor, introduction of the over-the-counter investment environment
  5. Savings Account with 21-37% – fixed income with monthly interest payments, insurance of the entire deposit amount.

In trading, the client’s attention can be turned to major and minor currency pairs. This is any of the 8 major currencies paired with another currency not very common in the market. Lesser known cryptocurrencies are promoted on the platform.

The personal details of the sender of the funds must match the name of the account holder at Nicholson Financial Service. The broker will not accept or refund payments through third parties.

Trading on the website is possible in 5 asset classes including commodities and indices. In the Trading Conditions and Resources sections of the website, you will find training programs and step-by-step instructions to get started.


Would investing in Nicholson Financial Service offer the best returns?

When cooperating with a broker, you will have the opportunity to earn money in two ways. While there are risks involved in Forex/CFD trading, savings account investments increase monthly and the entire deposit amount is insured here. We recommend you to choose the way of earning profit according to your experience.

Does Nicholson Financial Service carry out withdrawals?

The service provides comprehensive information about itself so that you can judge its reliability. Customer reviews about the broker are mostly positive. You can also share your experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on

The company has extensive brokerage experience of about 20 years. This indicates that the platform has already been verified by clients, UK government agencies, and other jurisdictions. Therefore, you are unlikely to have any problems with your account.

What's the best way to share my experience with Nicholson Financial Service?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Nicholson Financial Service is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 129$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

15 reviews about Nicholson Financial Service

  1. 0664801438
    August 9
    So far the project has pleased me with good support
    Hi. I found the terms and conditions very complicated at first. I couldn't decide which tariff to sign up for. I decided to contact the project consultant and I got through to Nicholson Financial Service representative on the first attempt. He explained everything in detail and helped me to make a choice. I am very grateful to him for his detailed advice. I don't know yet how the terminal will perform in action, but I am already satisfied with the broker's attitude to clients. If such polite and competent operators work with it, the managers probably know a lot about trading. I will tell you about my further results of cooperation with the broker later, friends, as soon as I have a final opinion about trading :)
  2. Tyler
    August 7
    I was taught how to trade crypto
    There are a lot of training programs and webinars here. In short, a full range of services to not only trade in the plus side, but also to learn how to do it. I love learning how to trade crypto at Nicholson Financial Service. It was lucky that after a long search I found this particular broker, as I don't think there are similar companies with such great trading conditions anywhere else on the Internet. For example, I managed to earn £867 in one week trading BTC / EUR pairs! And even a month ago I had no idea about bitcoins and other digital money. And if I'd gone on some paid courses, it's unlikely that I would have learnt so many practical skills in such a short time.
  3. Nibor
    July 30
    I am comfortable trading from my phone
    The platform works from both my phone and computer... but I was happy that I can trade from my phone, this option is perfect for me....
  4. drsu38
    July 14
    I trust the company 100%
    Of course, I advise you to open a third type of account right away if the minimum bar of £25000 suits you, because not every trader can afford such a start. Since Nicholson Financial Service is a proven company that has been operating for a long time, in a reliable jurisdiction, I realised that I could trust it. I personally trust it completely, I have invested 30k each in the Savings Account and in the "Stock Market" and I sleep well, because withdrawals are made in a quick and stable mode.
  5. Mery
    June 26
    Excellent trading conditions
    I earn here not only on online trading of currency pairs but also investing, profitability of 21% per month, which suits me. In general, there is a lot of useful stuff here. In addition to trading and investing, there is the IPO market, there is copy-trading, and reports from CME.
  6. fadhome
    June 8
    Positive trader's opinion
    According to the given statistics on the site, where it is stated about 3 thousand transactions per minute, I can conclude about the popularity of the platform. It is clear to all traders that Nicholson Financial Service is a well-known and reputable broker that values its reputation in the world of finance. The statistics figures on the website are actually very impressive! I would also like to mention the impressive operating period and the UK jurisdiction of the broker. All these are weighty advantages that give only a positive assessment of the terminal. In terms of working conditions, everything is also fine here, as well as with the advantages I mentioned above. You can trade even during the day, or for a long term - your costs will always be low. I believe that the commissions here are even lower than the market average, if we consider similar forex companies aimed at retail CFD services. And I should also mention the investments, webinars and other events and services provided by the company. This all together you can consider as a unique trading advantage from the firm. I did, now I am making profits of over £100 in three days and withdrawing it regularly. Now I want to make a larger deposit to trade with even more favourable conditions.
  7. olklm23
    May 30
    Cooperating with great pleasure
    I started cooperating with this brokerage company relatively recently. Now I am ready to leave my review about, when I became convinced of the reliability and safety of the project. Only after I made the first withdrawal of funds from the terminal, my opinion about the broker was strengthened. I am also satisfied with the newsletter, which I receive regularly. I no longer need to monitor other news sites, which is a significant time saver. Plus, my deposit was insured. I now have a lot more peace of mind.
  8. lucky26
    May 17
    Prompt service
    Everything on the site works fast, no slowdowns, no delays. The trading process is perfect, it is a sample of how all brokers need to set up the terminal.
  9. JusticeFatal
    May 9
    Managers are adequate
    Broker staff does not bore you with unnecessary advice - to top up your account, etc. The broker has a good additional service for a variety of purposes and tasks.
  10. Leon-I
    April 21
    The company keeps its promises
    I could not pass by the commercial offer from "nicholson financial service". I have always wanted to have a personal manager at my disposal, but often this service is either paid or provided to clients who have chosen a tariff with a high limit. Here there are no such strict restrictions. This broker promises a lot of options, including expert support for all participants. And I was convinced that the company fulfilled all its promises perfectly. I recommend everyone to try it, especially those who are afraid to dive into cryptocurrency. You will understand these assets in 3 days, even if you have never traded crypto at all. Most importantly, there is no need to set up a wallet, which is very difficult to start trading on your own....
  11. George Hassle
    April 11
    The broker has both minuses and pluses
    There are more advantages on the site than disadvantages. For example, a modern trading platform, low commissions, a wide range of instruments, professional analytics. Of course, beginners lack a demo account at Nicholson Financial Service to learn how to open orders :(
  12. euggen
    April 9
    I have not found any serious problems here
    The terminal responds to my commands lightning fast, and the interface of the site is clear and simple, any inexperienced person can understand it. Even the one who has never traded and does not know how the trading platform works.
  13. Valli5
    April 3
    I was convinced of the reliability of the broker
    My first profit withdrawal was very fast, I withdrew money through Bitcoin, and I had to study a little bit, about how to use bitcoin, and how to convert it to fiat, it turned out that in fact nothing complicated, and from the side of Nicholson Financial Service company there is support and help in this regard, that will prompt, help, advise how to exchange crypto favorably and withdraw to a bank card. And they advise not only on these matters but also actively help with trading. I would like to point out that Nicholson Financial Service has very experienced, friendly and competent employees who seem to know everything. Whatever you ask them, they can give you answers without hesitation. In general, some really top broker, now I can definitely believe that the firm is 20 years old, well, and trust him with money, of course, too.
  14. Send
    March 18
    I got off to a very good start
    I am annoyed by long checks of documents at brokers. But here everything is done in a quick mode. Registration, verification and the first deposit took me no more than 20 minutes. And I earned my first profit with the help of a consultant. I quickly understood the functionality and earned a little more than 200 pounds for the first three days of trading. I made my first withdrawal in one day. Usually in a week from a deposit of 3000 pounds I earn a net profit of about 500 pounds. I immediately withdraw it to my bank card. After the first month of trading, I decided for myself that I would stay with Nicholson Financial Service, I didn't need another broker at all. I have been actively trading for more than half a year now, my profit is only slightly increasing every week, and the broker never lets me down. I recommend it to everyone, especially beginners.
  15. hopay
    March 1
    Modern trading platform
    One of the reasons why I chose this firm is its long and solid track record. Not many brokerage companies can boast that they have been on the market for two decades, but Nicholson Financial Service has managed to do it. Besides, their office is not located in an offshore state, as 95% of web brokers have, but in a regular jurisdiction. In terms of security, this is a guarantee of reliability. Besides, the service offers very favorable trading features to its clients. For example, low spreads, adequate commissions, and flexible and advanced terminal supporting several hundred assets of different markets. I am absolutely satisfied with everything in Nicholson Financial Service. And my trust in the resources is high, which is very important because I invest a lot of money here.

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