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The website is operated by Nixse Ltd., which claims that its headquarters are located in Taiwan, but there is no confirmation of this. It is worth noting that the company provides brokerage services without a license. In addition, there is no information on the website about the owners of the brand, the history of the project, and its launch date. As for the domain, it was registered in 2020 and updated in February 2023.

Should you open an account on this platform? We will conduct a comprehensive check of the broker’s legal documents and terminal functionality, after which we will answer this question.

Trading Conditions

The brokerage company offers clients trading in stocks, cryptocurrency, and other assets. Nixse assures users that it has access to all financial exchanges in the world. In addition, the broker promises to provide quality service, instant execution of trades, and more than 1,500 liquid trading instruments.

The lowest deposit/withdrawal amount is $250. However, you will need at least $10,000 to open a functional account with Nixse. The types of accounts on the site are:

  • Silver – $10,000, Technical Signals once a day.
  • Gold – $25,000, Technical Signals 2 times a day.
  • Platinum – $100,000, 1 month of trading without swaps.
  • VIP – $250,000, 2 months of trading without swaps.
  • Black – $1,000,000, 3 months of trading without swaps.

Every Nixse client can use the services of a personal manager and credit from 15%. There are several cryptocurrencies available to top up your balance, including Bitcoin, Ethereum (ERC 20), BNB, USDT (TRC20), and TRX. An unpleasant surprise may be the size of the commission, which the company keeps silent about.

Nixse may require customers to provide sensitive banking information. Complaints are handled exclusively by the company’s employees and traders have no judicial protection in any jurisdiction.

The analytical section of the official Nixse website includes Market Calendar, Fibonacci Calculation, and Pivot Calculation. The interface and online chat support several languages other than English – Azerbaijani, Arabic, Thai, German, and Portuguese.


Would investing in Nixse offer the best returns?

It is unlikely that you will make a profit when cooperating with this company, as the website lacks detailed trading conditions. Besides, this is risky CFD trading, and the administration of the project refuses to be responsible for clients' losses.

Does Nixse carry out withdrawals?

Our review revealed a lot of negative reviews about the company, which accuse it of refusing to withdraw profits and deposits. You can write a comment about cooperation with this broker or your opinion about the services offered based on personal experience.

May I be scammed on

The website looks too cheap for a solid international broker. Although the company has no brokerage authorization, it requires clients to provide excessively confidential information. Consequently, the risk of fraud is high on this site.

What's the best way to share my experience with

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:400
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 10000$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

13 reviews about Nixse

  1. Vladimir
    February 23
    I lost my deposit in 1 month
    This company is not a real broker, financial organisation etc. It is a gang of phone scammers who, under the pretext of investing, swindle money and misappropriate it for themselves. They persuaded me for a long time to open an account and my deposit was drained in small instalments within a month.
  2. Terry Clark
    February 20
    I don't advise you to get involved with this one
    I give this broker only 1 star, and this resource does not even deserve it! There are no pluses of cooperation with it, but there are a lot of minuses. The broker has no license, it does not accept clients in its office, although, as the employee says on the phone nixse is located in Taipei City, like me. Managers only use phone numbers from PI telephony and you cannot call the office, the communication is one-way. Employees do not provide company details, and there is no such company in our country. There is no sample contract for brokerage services, they do not send it to clients for familiarization, and managers do not say where they open a client's brokerage account. There are only secrets here and no analyst of this company knows, for example, what the trading term "Backwardation" means! It means a very low level of the trading floor.
  3. Rino
    February 19
    The broker does not cause dissatisfaction
    I have the least claims to the Nixse terminal among all forex projects. The broker provides the opportunity to trade with high leverage, the site has an extensive selection of trading assets not only for forex, but also for crypto, index funds. You can make good profits here if you are not a beginner. However the staff can intimidate you, I would fire some of the managers immediately otherwise they torture customers with their importunity. I recommend that you leave a backup phone number that you can disconnect for a long time. Otherwise, representatives of the company will bother you day and night with different offers and persuasions. I have been working here for a relatively long time, in general, everything suits me.
  4. adoro
    February 18
    Promises are not to be trusted
    I just started my journey into the crypto world and chose the terminal of this broker, attracted by the convincing marketing tricks on the official website of this company. I lost my first deposit of 12,000 USDT with no chance for a refund. Nixse promised the availability of trading and easy profit withdrawal, but in the end, this platform turned out to be just a SCAM.
  5. Garry Grant
    February 18
    THIS is a real Scam!
    I was canceled all profits on transactions, especially since at the last moment ‌ changed the exchange rate for cryptocurrency, and all operators refer to the trading regulations, I lost €3,452 in one second, is it fair?
  6. Dum0H
    February 15
    Deposit and withdrawal conditions are not the most favorable
    The company charges bank transfer fees, even when you make a deposit. I tried using a cryptocurrency wallet, but even then Nixse deducted 0.5% of the transfer amount. You need to deposit large amounts to avoid paying the fee, but I don't always have that option, so I have to put up with the extra cost.
  7. Peter Growler
    January 28
    There's no guarantee in the form of regulation
    The license from the regulator helps to ensure that the trader's funds are safe. I see that this company has the same brand and domain name - and Nixse Ltd. I searched for it in the listings of legal entities in Taiwan and did not find it. Then I looked at the archives and saw that before the domain update in 2023, it was like a completely different brokerage that positioned itself as Nissei Ltd. registered in St Vincent and the Grenadines. I'm not claiming it's a scam, but I won't be trading here - it's very risky.
  8. anolisterrum
    January 26
    The broker does not withdraw money, even the money that the trader deposited into the account, not to mention the money you earned. The manager explains the situation by the imperfection of cryptocurrency payment systems, which nixse themselves impose during registration. I lost 2.3 bitcoins here! I have a lot of evidence, I can provide you with a lot of scans, and you will see so correctly the company agreed with the client, where the owners of the site have unprecedented rights, they can block your account with impunity, in addition, they work without a license and they have no company in Taiwan!
  9. yu
    January 18
    High risk
    I don't have confidence in this service :( All conditions here are not transparent. I would not risk opening an account here.
  10. SLOT85
    January 13
    This is the worst I have seen in the industry!
    Trading sessions after the weekend open with delays of 5 to 15 seconds on average. I don't understand why this happens specifically after the weekend, even though I don't trade during that time, waiting out the market. Nixse works with some unknown quote provider, obviously not the best, so liquidity is low. I made large bets on this platform, trading on margin. The broker promised low commissions and fast order execution, but this was not the case! My $25,000 deposit quickly disappeared due to incorrect quotes and frequent system crashes.
  11. 631
    January 11
    I advise you to trade here
    The platform gives its users good conditions for trading but asks for a seven percent commission, which in my opinion is still a lot. The main advantage of is its stability in the field of payments to its users. The requests that I left were fulfilled within a day, which proves the integrity of this project 👍.
  12. spony
    January 10
    Good technical support
    I trade currency pairs and CFDs on shares. The latter are particularly plentiful - I counted more than 700 of them. However, I work exclusively with US stocks, and I'm not interested in EU and Asian markets. The commission on shares is only 0.02 USDT. On currency spread I lose no more than 10 USDT per transaction. Withdrawal commissions also take away some part of the profit, but they are small amounts. I try not to withdraw less than 1,0000 USDT to save on fees. The support service is quite qualified and responds to questions promptly, but if I need to get in touch very quickly, I call the manager.
  13. absinthe
    December 29
    Terrible order execution
    I deposited 10K euros on for nothing! The company does not provide quality trading. Execution is unstable here and I have not earned anything for a month, but only lost almost a third of my deposit. I do not advise you to trade here.

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