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NLM 86 Limited is based in the United Kingdom. The website has an interactive geographical map showing the broker’s office in the central district of London. The broker also indicates its legal address and tells about its more than 5 years of experience in the financial sphere. Finally, in the “Contacts” section there is a phone number where the client can get in touch with the broker as well as a form for quick contact with the technical support via a callback.

Is this platform reliable? Is it profitable to trade here? We will analyze the available information and find out how safe it is for clients to cooperate with the company.

Trading Conditions

Registration with NLM 86 Limited requires personal details and a confirmation code for a phone number or email. The account cannot be registered by citizens of 8 countries, for example, Syria, in accordance with international bans in some territories of Asia and Africa.

Traders at NLM 86 Limited are provided with access to 190+ currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, and spot metals. Also, the broker offers investors a fixed-income savings account. You can choose 4 types of trading accounts, differing from each other by the amount of minimum deposit and set of services:

  1. Forex £100 – terminal testing within 5 working days together with a financial expert
  2. Commodities £5,000 – contract trading, reduced fees, access to webinars, and weekly reports from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.
  3. Stock Market £25,000 – optional PAMM account, Copy Trading, IPO participation, reduced fees, personalized trading plan.
  4. Cryptocurrency £75,000 – plus professional investor accreditation, arbitrage, introduction of OTC investment environment, account insurance.
  5. Savings account with 21-37% interest – monthly income payment, insurance for the full amount invested.

The exact leverage for each account is not specified, but it is possible that it can be adjusted in the trading terminal. Newbies will receive in NLM 86 Limited a bonus of 50% of the deposit.

A savings account with huge annual returns can be risky for some categories of clients. Also, important details such as minimum deposit and assets used are not mentioned without the registration.

On the website, the promotional content mentions the company’s comprehensive training center and access to analytical data for the trader to make informed decisions. The platform supports English, Russian, and Polish, the consultants also speak which. Technical support specialists will answer you by phone and email and in other languages, including Arabic.


Would investing in NLM 86 Limited offer the best returns?

You should be aware of the risks in CFD trading. If you are not sure about your experience, it is better to open a Savings Account with a fixed interest rate, monthly income payment, and insurance of the invested funds.

Does NLM 86 Limited carry out withdrawals?

Judging by customer reviews, you can easily withdraw your funds. If you already have cooperation experience with this service, you can also leave a comment about working on the platform.

May I be scammed on

The firm with a UK address does not cause us any doubts about its reliability. Please contact the site support with your questions. Forex broker is ready to tell traders about its history, services, and guarantees.

What's the best way to share my experience with NLM 86 Limited?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if NLM 86 Limited is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 129$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

12 reviews about NLM 86 Limited

  1. Harold
    August 20
    Withdrawal of funds works perfectly
    The company is well known in the financial markets for more than 5 years. The broker withdraws money quickly, that is the main thing. I trade here myself, and I have several traders I know, who also have brokerage accounts with NLM 86 Limited. No one complains about the broker, at least for the withdrawal of funds. There are some minor flaws, but this is absolutely universal, you probably have never seen a flawless broker either. As you know, there is no ideal, but this company strives for it. Here is this service as it strives for the most customer-friendly brokerage experience possible.
  2. Str0gg
    August 8
    The investment plan is profitable
    Instead of a trading account, I opened a savings account, it is more correct, I believe, to call it an investment one. The company offers interesting conditions: the rate from 21% to up to 37% per month, monthly interest payments, there is insurance of all invested capital, security. Now I receive monthly from 500 pounds and more, which through tokens I immediately withdraw to my crypto wallet. The company has never upset me by not paying interest or not processing a withdrawal request quickly. Dividends always come promptly, and withdrawal works clearly and reliably. The whole process can be observed in the account, everything is informative and clear. I think that not in vain decided to invest here:)) where else would I have found such an offer!!!
  3. iam1man
    August 8
    My list of advantages of trading on this platform
    Firstly, this is an experienced broker, over 5 years of active brokerage is commendable. Secondly, the company is based in a UK jurisdiction. It is reliable, and not offshore. Yes, and the regulators in London are strict in making sure that brokers do not engage in fraud. Thirdly, the platform has a lot of interesting extra services, which can be both the main and additional source of income. Apart from trading, I invest more than 40,000£, and I also plan to move to a cryptocurrency account, which is presented on the platform, but I do not fit the minimum tariff yet. Fourthly, this company has loyal terms and conditions. These are low and adequate spreads. Well, and commissions are lower than average. Certainly, it is a quality platform where there are hundreds of assets and instruments to set up your stable financial flow.
  4. lockost
    August 2
    Top service in forex!
    Top company! The money was withdrawn to me within a few hours. You can immediately see that nlm 86 limited is a professional broker that helps you make profits, withdraw them quickly, without any unnecessary demands on the client. Also, by the way, I did not notice any problem. The terminal is just as fast, and I have no complaints about the functionality.
  5. Susan11111
    August 1
    The terminal is suitable for beginners
    I had no idea of what trading is, and I didn't have extra money😀 But I found the sum of 100£ and started to learn forex here little by little. I think that it is not so much, but it turned out that even with such a contribution I was able to earn good money😀 I'm talking about my personal experience 🔥 Managers explained everything very well to me and it turned out that trading is not so difficult. Believe me, earning as a taxi driver is much more difficult 😂 In two months I have already started trading almost constantly in the plus, sometimes more than 300£ a week. So I advise you to start trading on “nlm 86 limited”, for extra income!!!!
  6. tori2804
    July 30
    Why I like trading here
    The minimum deposit here is quite small... now every trader has 100 pounds... this amount of money is insignificant.... the broker's platform is excellent, it does not lag behind many popular terminals, maybe only in some minor functions, but everything necessary is in place... and also, their platform never lags... I have never noticed that the terminal freezes and this is about the web version, which in theory should often hang, but it does not happen.... other options are also excellent - fast and prompt withdrawal of funds... I withdraw profits every three days a little bit at a time... residents of any country can trade here, except for the USA, Japan and similar countries, where regulators prohibit their citizens from working with CFD products... also here you can earn guaranteed interest on your deposit....
  7. Ikssax
    July 23
    In general, I characterize this firm positively
    I have been cooperating with this broker for quite a long time, but I have never seen any suspicious actions. If you start trading through NLM 86 Limited, you can forget about problems with the withdrawal of money, about the fact that you can drain your deposit just like that or are blocked the possibility of withdrawing funds without a reason. No one ever draws charts. Quotes are the same as those broadcast by other liquidity providers. Order execution is qualitative and without serious delays. Spreads are also in good order. I do not roll positions overnight, so I do not encounter spreads jumps, and at other times I have not observed such a thing. I also try not to miss news, i.e. at the moment of the news release I sit without a position. At any other time there are no spreads widening. In general, I am satisfied with everything, I have no problems with trading.
  8. armagedon_kr
    July 22
    I can't say anything bad about the company
    The deposit is replenished quickly, order execution is instant, and there are no delays. These and many other positive qualities I would single out at NLM 86 Limited. In practice, everything is super, although at first glance the design of the site is not very attractive. This broker only looks so primitive, but in fact, everything is done decently. I have withdrawn profit more than 5 times, the most different amounts, from 140 to 3500 pounds. Regardless of the amount of the request, the money is withdrawn equally quickly. Also, NLM 86 Limited does not ask unnecessary questions, for example, where I got the funds from, prove the source of origin, and so on. Also, you don't have to pay for anything here, only for transactions and spreads. I mean that the platform is free of charge, as well as online quotes and news. Account maintenance and account opening are also all free.
  9. kuk
    July 18
    Quality, high level of service, top broker!
    Great website! And the broker withdraws money quickly, does not ask unnecessary questions, does not interfere with work, and support instantly answers questions! Everything is on a qualitative level.
    July 18
    This is the best broker I have ever worked with
    I was surprised at the trader service and the way this broker treats new clients. You will be provided with a personal manager who will help you with any tasks and provide you with all the necessary programs to learn, to move forward. I have not come across anything like this anywhere but NLM 86 Limited. Although I have tried more than 10 brokerage companies in the last year. It's a pity that I learnt about this broker not so long ago, so I wouldn't have spent so much time searching for my ideal terminal. Everything is top here: order processing, attitude to clients, managers, speed of the terminal, technical support, prompt withdrawal of funds without violation of regulations, a huge and diverse number of assets, and so on.
  11. Sat_Serj
    July 10
    What I would like to improve
    The demo version of the broker lacks on the site, but in all other respects - the trading platform is almost perfect. But this drawback does not play a special role, for me it is more important that NLM86Limited withdraws money promptly. They do it successfully. And I can't say any other criticism of the company yet.
  12. Siameses
    July 9
    I am both learning and trading successfully
    I have just started to study this topic, forex trading, and I have already successfully chosen this broker as my partner, I will now trade and learn. The manager has already conducted training courses with me, I watch videos and immediately practice the strategies in practice. This is a good broker, I liked it. To be honest, I have nothing to compare it with, because I started working with this company only, and I can't say anything about other brokers. So I don't know if there are better, maybe trading platforms, or maybe not.

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