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NLM 86 Limited claims to be based in London, UK. However, the website lists a phone number only with a US code, through which the broker can be contacted. In addition, the company does not disclose any information about the date of its establishment. As for the domain, it was registered only in July 2023 in the UK with a Singaporean registrar. In addition, the project does not have a license.

Is this platform reliable? Is it profitable to trade here? We will analyze the available information and find out how safe it is for clients to cooperate with the company.

Trading Conditions

Registration with NLM 86 Limited requires personal details and a confirmation code for a phone number or email. The account cannot be registered by citizens of 8 countries, for example, Syria, in accordance with international bans in some territories of Asia and Africa.

Traders at NLM 86 Limited are provided with access to 190+ currency pairs, cryptocurrencies and spot metals. Also, the broker offers investors a fixed-income savings account. You can choose 4 types of trading accounts, differing from each other by the amount of minimum deposit and set of services:

  1. Forex £100 – terminal testing within 5 working days together with a financial expert
  2. Commodities £5,000 – contract trading, reduced fees, access to webinars, and weekly reports from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.
  3. Stock Market £25,000 – optional PAMM account, CopyTrading, IPO participation, reduced fees, personalized trading plan.
  4. Cryptocurrency £75,000 – plus professional investor accreditation, arbitrage, introduction of OTC investment environment, account insurance.
  5. Savings account with 21-37% interest – monthly income payment, insurance for the full amount invested.

The exact leverage for each account is not specified, but it is possible that it can be adjusted in the trading terminal. Newbies will receive in NLM 86 Limited a bonus of 50% of the deposit.

A savings account with huge annual returns is not backed up by past performance. Also, specific details such as minimum deposit and assets used are not mentioned; other important features of this investment account are not disclosed by the broker.

On the website, the promotional content mentions the company’s comprehensive training center and access to analytical data for the trader to make informed decisions. The platform supports English, Russian, and Polish, the consultants also speak which. Technical support specialists will answer you by phone and email and in other languages, including Arabic.


Would investing in NLM 86 Limited offer the best returns?

You should not believe in the generous promises of the broker with an unknown platform. Most likely, the cooperation will result in you losing money on risky CFD trading.

Does NLM 86 Limited carry out withdrawals?

It is unlikely that you will be able to withdraw your funds. There are a few reviews about the terminal, but they are mostly negative. You can leave your comment about your experience of cooperation with this service.

May I be scammed on

The firm does not have a license for financial activity from the UK regulator. The forex broker is not ready to tell traders either about its origin, or about the services provided. In addition, the site has a fresh domain, so the risk of fraud here is quite high.

What's the best way to share my experience with NLM 86 Limited?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if NLM 86 Limited is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 129$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

15 reviews about NLM 86 Limited

  1. Anna
    December 26
    Diese Firma sind Betrüger, Finger weg, sie klauen Geld.
    Ich werde mich bei Bundes und Landes Polizei melden auch Interpol damit diese Leute in die Knast gehen, 100 Tsd. Euro nicht ausgezahlt und Plattform für Traiding gesperrt.
    Ich werde diese Betrüger mit alle Anwälte und Polizei finden.
  2. Tifrac Nicolae Sasa
    December 19
    It's fraud. I invested and experts created my own wallet with my money and I went into debt over 36,000 euros. I hope the police do their duty.
  3. Natalie Morris
    November 7
    I am the Director of NLM 66 Limited and these reviews are not connected to my company
  4. sakir0021
    October 19
    This broker does not look like a real forex company
    I think that at you should not risk your money, I do not understand - for what?!
  5. NIK3615
    October 16
    The signs of a scam are in front of your eyes
    The different types of accounts that the broker shows - differ first of all in the minimum bar for deposit, and this is a great sign of a scam company. I didn't see here such options as a demo account and swap-free. Also, NLM 86 Limited has high minimum deposits. Well, the first tariff of 100 pounds I can hardly understand, although there are no popular brokers now with such minimum amounts, they run usually from 1-10$, but the second tariff already starts from 5,000 pounds! Too much difference between 100 and 5,000. I won't say anything about the tariffs, where a trader can choose between the spread types, because they simply don't exist. As well as there is no explanation, what are the spreads here at all, how much commission do you have to pay? I will definitely not open an account here.
  6. Den P
    October 11
    The terms and conditions are not very clear
    My intuition tells me that it is not safe to cooperate with this forex broker. I don't have much experience in CFD trading on the market, but I immediately realize that such conditions offered by NLM 86 Limited should not even be taken seriously. The fact that most of the conditions are not disclosed to clients at all looks very suspicious.
  7. chin
    October 8
    It's not a broker, it's drivel
    What kind of platform is this? What NLM 86 Limited offers to work with the market is not a trading terminal, it is some incomprehensible mechanism, which is absolutely impossible to work, it has no normal and necessary functionality.
  8. wow15
    September 25
    The most standard scam
    Such a scamcan lure money from only beginner traders. Actually, this fake team of analysts is aimed at them. Adequate and experienced traders cannot be deceived by such an obvious fraudulent site. And the thieves do not try, they are clearly oriented to new and inexperienced traders, who can be told tales about the great experience of work, about the absence of conflict of interest and they will believe in all this nonsense and give their money. Moreover, this scam is designed for traders from Asia. I will never believe that a British broker so actively offers traders from ordinary European countries to trade so brazenly on such cheap software. That is why the site was translated only into Polish and Russian. All the more it is clear to everyone in the current geopolitical conditions. That's why NLM 86 Limited accepts cryptocurrency deposits. Here, if there is anything from the British, it is only a fake address, well, and translation into English. That's it)
  9. stan
    September 12
    The terminal of this scam broker is definitely not suitable for advanced traders
    I registered to see how everything is organised inside, as there is no information on the official website I think that it is impossible to trade here... Security on the site is not provided at all, not only money but also the personal data of clients.
  10. inBloGing
    September 7
    A small disclosure of this pseudo-broker
    I was not impressed by the interactive maps on the site, the headquarters in London. Yes, the address is British, but this organisation is not located at this address. In addition, in England, I found a completely different company with this name, which has been operating since 2017, and this broker, apparently, took its name and now takes people's money under a false name. Obviously, it is impossible to cooperate with a fake company, it will lead to only one outcome - the loss of money that will be invested in a deposit. There is no confirmation that this particular “nlm 86 limited” is real. Rather, even on the contrary, there are refutations, for example, the lack of reviews about the long activity, which certainly can not be, as well as a freshly created domain. So there is a company in England with that name, and it is the one in London that has a long track record. And this fake broker is its clone, these are scammers who do similar things to deceive people and steal their money. You get the point. Even the investor who is a very slow thinker already realises that this is a scam.
  11. grif
    September 6
    Withdrawals are disabled here
    I made a small deposit of $150, then made a request for a profit withdrawal, and this function does not work! Know that these scammers will never and never give you your money back. I paid for this experiment, and I do not advise you to repeat it:(
  12. wake up!
    September 4
    The site will be blocked soon
    It's strange that such a site is still functioning. Although, it is too fresh for regulators to detect and liquidate it with such speed. I will help inexperienced traders to save money with my review. I write everywhere that nlm86 limited is a fraudulent and illegal broker, nobody should trade with it.
  13. Lee Knife
    August 21
    The investment plan is profitable
    Instead of a trading account, I opened a savings account, it is more correct, I believe, to call it an investment one. The company offers interesting conditions: the rate from 21% to up to 37% per month, monthly interest payments, there is insurance of all invested capital, security. Now I receive monthly from 500 pounds and more, which through tokens I immediately withdraw to my crypto wallet. The company has never upset me by not paying interest or not processing a withdrawal request quickly. Dividends always come promptly, and withdrawal works clearly and reliably. The whole process can be observed in the account, everything is informative and clear. I think that not in vain decided to invest here:)) where else would I have found such an offer!!!
  14. dental76
    August 14
    Quality, high level of service, top broker!
    Great website! And the broker withdraws money quickly, does not ask unnecessary questions, does not interfere with work, and support instantly answers questions! Everything is on a qualitative level.
  15. jackfruit
    August 5
    This company has no regulation
    The broker has no license at all. From the point of view of the law, the activity of this firm is illegal.

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