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The website is owned by Northglen Investments Limited, which is supposedly an official broker in the UK and has its registered office in London. However, this company is not licensed by the UK regulator FCA. In addition, we do not understand why the site shows the license number of another financial firm, North Glen Investments, which is not a broker. It is worth noting that the site shows numerous awards and indicates the start date of the project in 2001, although its domain was created only in January 2024. Is it safe for you to trade here? We will do a review of the broker and answer this question.

Trading Conditions

Northglen Investments Limited offers a brokerage model to its clients. The company acts as an intermediary between traders and liquidity providers in the interbank foreign exchange market. The broker provides access to more than 1000 instruments. You will find quotes for currency pairs (Forex), CFD products, cryptocurrencies, and other asset classes on the WebTrader platform. You should have a balance of at least €250 to start trading on the basic account.

The company has developed 4 trading accounts that are structured by minimum deposit size. You can choose a tariff from the following offers:

  • SILVER up to €5,000 – 20 currency pairs.
  • GOLD from €5,000 – 30 currency pairs, Exotic currency pairs.
  • PLATINUM from €10,000 – over 50 currency pairs, Exotic currency pairs, Over 20 stocks.
  • DIAMOND from €30,000 – Over 20 stocks, 100 currency pairs, Commodities, 100 types of Cryptocurrency.

Spread sizes start from 2 pips. You can fund your account via bank transfer, bank card, and cryptocurrency. The company emphasizes that it handles transactions without any fees.

Northglen Investments Limited promises to insure investors’ funds, but does not provide details of the insurance company. Besides, there is no information on the website about the banks the broker cooperates with. 

Northglen Investments Limited provides traders with weekly market forecasts, market analytics, and fresh news. Clients have the opportunity for individual training and live communication with personal managers and consultants.


Would investing in Northglen Investments Limited offer the best returns?

Working with a broker that lacks transparency can be dangerous for your investment. You risk losing your funds in CFD trading on a terminal with unknown parameters.

Does Northglen Investments Limited carry out withdrawals?

We have not found any guarantees of the company in returning funds to clients. The intermediary has negative reviews, and the main complaint from clients is that they cannot withdraw their money. If you have any experience with this platform, please share it with us in the comments.

May I be scammed on

This is an extremely questionable broker. The site owners work without a license and they don't have scanned copies of Northglen Investments brand registration documents. They indicate the data of another company, North Glen Investments, about the license, address, and term of work to mislead traders. However, all these tricks are refuted when comparing different company names and also because of the fresh domain of the cheap site.

What's the best way to share my experience with

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:10
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 270$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

6 reviews about Northglen Investments Limited

  1. scheme
    February 20
    The manager of this company found my number somewhere and called to offer cooperation. I am suspicious of such calls, but here for some reason, I listened to the representative of :( He spoke very convincingly, promised me training and support, and guaranteed the opportunity to work with a small deposit, which other users do not have. I believed these promises... and then instantly lost 3,000 euros :( The broker restricted me to log in to my account right after I funded my account. I can't start trading (although the desire has already completely disappeared), and I can't take my money back. According to the company's employees, I am a violator of the terms of the client agreement. How is this even possible, if I have not even had time to start trading?!!! I see only one explanation for this situation: thieves simply decided to embezzle my deposit. They invented the most stupid excuse for their justification that you can imagine. I'm so disgusted now, like I'm covered in dirt. I've been negotiating with these crooks for two weeks now. I won't stand for this insolence. I will look for competent lawyers who will help to solve the issue in my favor.
  2. ghfh123
    February 13
    Fake project
    Fake license, fake registration, fake history... There is not a single argument in favor of Northglen investments limited! This is a typical scam and only very naive people will believe that there is a prospect of making money here. I will not trust these crooks even 250 euros, which they ask for as a minimum deposit. I am not going to feed the crooks and I do not advise others to do so. The scammers did not even bother to write clear conditions for trading. Their offer looks literally like this: customers give us money, and then forget about us forever.
  3. imysteriousi
    February 5
    I opened an account without thinking
    Hello, cooperating with a broker is my fatal mistake or my misstep. I don't even know where to start my story and how to explain to you what pushed me to work with this particular brokerage company. The thing is that I am the kind of person who believes that the longer a company exists, the more profitable and strong it is in all its aspects. I want you to realize that this is not always the case, so don't consider the longevity factor to be fundamental when choosing a platform. I will tell you a little about this company, which has been providing services on the market since 2001. The account currency here is in euros, your minimum deposit is more than 270 USDT, digital dollars. What got me was that it seemed to me at that moment that they have the lowest spreads on gold that I have ever come across, but it only "seemed" to me. When you start trading, you realize that gold analytics and commodity trading are not available to you on the basic account, you can't count on consultants and manager's help, it's good when they show up on the third day. And yes, as for the manager, he will help you only with currency pairs, but even there it is a "horror": the spread from 2.7 points rises to 5.4 points. My story ended with the fact that I successfully said goodbye to northglen investments limited and I am glad that I withdrew my modest deposit of less than a thousand euros.
  4. onecrime
    February 3
    It's a fraudulent platform
    I immediately deposited 2,500 dollars to trade under serious conditions. But for some reason all my trades were unprofitable and I quickly left in the red.
  5. phorest
    January 25
    I'm satisfied with the broker
    I'm not an experienced trader, I have little experience in Forex. I consider my acquaintance with this broker as luck - I see only pluses in our cooperation. I earn 20-30 euros a day thanks to the help of my personal manager. In addition, I've insured my trading account (protected from losses). I want to emphasize the work of technical support, which step by step helped me to create a personal account on this trading platform. Technical support always responds quickly, and consultants have already helped me out of a difficult situation many times (experience is not enough). I’ve been making money on this platform not so long ago, about a month, but I have already managed to identify a lot of other advantages. Northglen investments limited are regulated by the British financial commissions, and in this country, the regulators won't allow fraud. The site is characterized by a large selection of assets: previously I traded only gold, but now I use cryptocurrencies as well. Withdrawal of money was carried out twice and I want to say that the resource is not fraudulent. The operation is carried out without deduction of additional commission :) All the functionality of the terminal is well debugged and works as a complete mechanism, I'm pleased to work with professionals and people who are fully committed to their work 100%. I can only recommend this team to all traders who are looking for a reliable platform.
  6. Evge
    January 19
    Crooks assure you of their honesty!
    The company posted a bunch of fake awards and fake reviews and crazy statistics figures, other people's licenses as if it is a reputable world leader in forex, but in fact - it's a banal scam. Swindlers slip their clients some incomprehensible terminal of their own design, which is programmed exclusively against you. I didn't have a single profitable transaction for the entire period of trading on the site. The deposit of 300 dollars was drained in three days ☹️ Crooks don't see their fault and claim that the platform works perfectly and quote providers are the most reliable. In short, don't get in touch with these scammers in any case!

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