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Nour Trade promises to help its users achieve a high level of financial experience and make deals with confidence. It is claimed that the broker has been operating since 1996, however, the project’s website was founded only in May 2023. It is reported that the company was registered in Kuwait and is regulated in this state. How do you think, if it is a good idea to trade here or would it be better to choose another broker?

Trading Conditions

Nour Trade offers two types of accounts: real and demo. To work with real money, you need to deposit at least $500. There are three account types: Basic, Standard, and Premium. Users can work on a proprietary platform with over 200 CFDs on the following instruments:

  • Forex.
  • Indices.
  • Cryptocurrencies.
  • Stocks.
  • Equities.
  • Commodities.

Leverage can reach up to 1:900, there is negative balance protection, education, and daily analytics. Customer support is available 24/5. Premium users have access to weekend support and account manager services. Deposits can be made via bank account, credit card, and Skrill. Trading is available from a computer or mobile phone.


Would investing in Nour Trade offer the best returns?

Working here is difficult to call profitable, because it is CFD trading with unfavorable conditions.

Does Nour Trade carry out withdrawals?

We don't have enough reviews of the company to make a judgment. If you have any experience with this broker, please let us know.

May I be scammed on

The risk of being scammed is high, as this is a new project that could collapse at any time.

What's the best way to share my experience with Nour Trade?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: other
Leverage: 1:900
Broker type: DD
Demo account: Yes
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 500$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

17 reviews about Nour Trade

  1. mmm2211
    November 5
    They are shady
    I didn't like how the conditions on the demo account and the real account in nour trade are completely different. I decided to work with them because I liked everything on the demo account… However, when I invested real money, slippage and slow platform performance started. As a result, I only lost money. So they are definitely not trustworthy…
  2. Danny Woo
    October 9
    I got scammed
    They called me and promised me that trading with them would be profitable. However, I can't withdraw my money and I've been waiting for almost a month. I doubt I'll ever see it again. My requests to customer support have gone unanswered.
  3. Alexteoko
    October 8
    Nour Trade are sketchy. They're lying about their history. On one page, they say they were founded in 1996 and were already publicly traded by 2006. On another page, they say they've been around since 2009, but their website only launched in 2023.
    I don't believe they're registered or licensed. They could be lying about that too. Also, the names of the trading accounts are different on the homepage and in the FAQ section. Maybe they just copied the info from another broker and didn't notice. Either way, it's not a good look…
  4. OVHserver
    October 7
    Not bad, but not great either
    The minimum deposit on Nour Trade is low, which is good for beginners. I know some brokers want more money for a start. However, customer support is slow, so I can't give them a perfect score.
  5. RedHorse
    September 28
    This is a fraud!!!
    Nour is a bunch of scam artists, and I hope they get shut down soon. They were able to convince my grandmother to invest, even though she's not usually a trusting person. And of course, she's not able to trade or withdraw her money back.
  6. tyas
    September 18
    Not a good experience
    It is not comfortable with Nour Trade, as it is very difficult to get a timely response from customer support. Their claimed 24/7 support turned out to be a scam, as they did not answer my question even when I contacted them in the evening. I was also told that it is convenient for beginners here, as there is good training. But in fact, the training is confusing, and it is difficult to ask questions, as I have already mentioned. So no, they are not interested in you, but only in your money. That's all I can say about them.
  7. Suborneur
    September 9
    Just another rip-off
    I have a very negative opinion of companies like nour trade. There are many projects out there that claim to be reliable brokers with a long history, but upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that they have only been around for a year. Their main feature is that they never reveal the names of their executives. It is clear that they are trying to remain anonymous in order to continue to deceive people. Another characteristic feature of such companies is that they present their own platforms as innovative, although in fact they develop these terminals in order to manipulate the values of assets and deceive people.

    Therefore, I strongly recommend working only with companies that have a good reputation, are licensed by a reliable regulator, and are known among traders. It will help you to save your funds.
  8. traid
    September 1
    Obvious fraud
    My friend got scammed by Nour Trade. He says that he can't withdraw his money. Instead, they keep asking him to deposit more money to make a profitable deal.
    When I looked at their website, I immediately told him to stay away from these scammers. They claim to be registered in Kuwait, but they don't provide any proof. They say they've been around for a while, but their domain was only registered this year. It's no surprise that they scammed him.
  9. tony
    August 27
    It is a scam…
    Seriously? 1:900 leverage? Nour Trade must think their customers are idiots. That's a huge risk, you could lose a fortune. And of course, they don't have a real license if they're offering those terms, because no one would regulate a scam like that.
  10. lego
    August 23
    It’s a great company with a high-quality platform
    I really like to trade with Nour. They have a high-quality trading platform with a wide range of instruments. The customer support is very responsive and always willing to help. In addition, they offer very convenient trading conditions with low spreads. I would recommend this broker to anyone.
  11. ecot
    August 17
    They’re just being nice to you until you give them your money
    Nour Trade and other companies like them are only polite until you wire them money and provide them with verification documents. Once they have all of your information, they immediately stop being nice and start treating you like crap because they only care about your money. I'm sorry that these companies still exist because I thought everyone knew about their scam by now, but judging by the fact that people still fall for it, it's still working :(
  12. Cats
    August 12
    Telephone fraudsters
    I knew I was being scammed as soon as I picked up the phone and heard nour trade's offer of a great deal. Their conversation was far from the manner of professional traders. They sounded more like the owners of a Ponzi scheme. It's clear that nothing good can come from them. They're clearly scammers, it is obvious to me.
  13. 3D
    July 30
    A great place
    I enjoy trading with nour, especially the fact that I was able to open an Islamic account. I spoke with the management and they allowed me to work without swaps. Overall, I'm happy with everything, and I'm making good profits. It’s a good company.
  14. Master Dollar
    July 21
    Typical scam… nothing new
    Nour Trade are trying to get away with stealing people's money by claiming that there is a high risk of financial loss. They're just trying to cover their tracks by saying that they warned you. Their trading rules are just a way for them to justify stealing your money.
  15. avsumy
    July 21
    It is a good place to start
    I don't have any major complaints about Nour trade. I like that I can start with a demo account before risking real money. Plus, they offer negative balance protection, which means I won't lose money even if I have trading problems. I think that's pretty reliable.
  16. weasel
    June 14
    I was stupid enough to fall for a scam
    I naively believed Nour trade without reading any reviews. I thought they were a reputable company, so I invested all my savings. They promised me that I could double my money very quickly. But all my deals were losing at first, and then I realized that I didn't like this kind of trading and decided to withdraw my money. But they blocked me, and I just gave my money away to scammers. Please don't make the same stupid mistake. Be more responsible with your money.
  17. Sary
    June 9
    They're just trying to look legit
    Nour trade call themselves a well-known company… but I've never heard of them, and neither have any of the traders I know. I only heard about them because someone told me they scammed someone. They're lying about their reputation…

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