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Nublu Investments Limited claims to be registered in the UK with an office in London, but legal documents do not support this. As for the company’s history, the administration does not disclose any information about its owners, the date of its creation, or its employees. Moreover, the site has been operating only since May 2023 – when the domain name of the resource in the UK was registered with a Singaporean registrar. It is worth noting that the broker does not have a license and permission to conduct financial activities.

Is it safe to cooperate with this firm? Are its very tempting conditions really profitable? We will deal further with the offers for traders, opportunities to earn money on the site and find out how good and reliable this service is.

Trading Conditions

Nublu Investments Limited positions itself as one of the largest brokers in the UK, which provides services in the sphere of trading operations on the world’s Forex platforms. Four terminals are available to registered clients – Native Mobile App, MT4, MT5, and Webtrader. They do not need to be downloaded and installed on a computer or mobile device. Traders can deposit and withdraw their earnings using bank cards, bank transfers, cryptocurrency, and online payment services.

The broker provides its clients with a choice of 5 tariff plans, sorted by the amount of the minimum deposit:

  1. Forex/Crypto £100 – minimum package, focused on beginners
  2. Commodities £5,711 – lower commissions, and reporting from ECB
  3. Stock £16,594 – copy-trading, IPOs, help with creating a trading plan
  4. Indicies £121,144 – in addition to the above features, account insurance, arbitrage, and accreditation to become a professional investor.
  5. Savings account – you can put your capital under management where you are guaranteed a monthly return of 21-37% and monthly interest payments.

Such tools as test mode with an expert, autotrading, technical analysis, and indicators are available to all users. The scope of additional services Nublu Investments Limited provides depends on the tariff plan.

The site supports two languages – English and Russian. However, you can read the client agreement only in English. It states that citizens of 8 countries in Asia and Africa, such as Afghanistan, Nigeria, Syria, cannot open an account with Nublu Investments Limited due to international restrictions. 

Managers speak to clients in over 20 different languages. You will find an affiliate program for traders and a program for introducing brokers on the platform. In addition, there is a daily updated news feed and a calendar of events. Traders have access to individual training, consultations, and participation in webinars.


Would investing in Nublu Investments Limited offer the best returns?

Cooperation will turn out to be a loss of funds rather than a gain. This is risky CFD trading and the broker offers both illegal and unrealistic guarantees of monthly payments of 37% of your investment.

Does Nublu Investments Limited carry out withdrawals?

It is unlikely that you will be able to get your money. Many users write about withdrawal problems in their reviews. Please share your experience of working with this broker.

May I be scammed on

The official site is not original, it looks very cheap and it has a fresh domain. There is a high risk of fraud here, as there is no license, no information about the owners, but only a lot of advertising texts.

What's the best way to share my experience with Nublu Investments Limited?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Nublu Investments Limited is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: NDD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Introducing Broker
Minimum deposit: 126$
Trading platform: MetaTrader 5, MetaTrader 4, WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

19 reviews about Nublu Investments Limited

  1. Aivaras
    September 29
    Nublu investments limited are real scammers. I lost 12000eu here
  2. lama
    August 22
    Manipulators and thieves
    Only deceivers work in this company. They literally persuaded me into investing £3100 - a large sum for me, I was promised good profits...I was hoping for quick and big profits. I ended up losing it all....
  3. titbit
    August 11
    What you should pay attention to
    The broker is officially registered, the conditions on the site are adequate, commissions are not higher than average, money is withdrawn here quickly, although with verification. Execution of orders in Nublu Investments Limited is really almost instantaneous, quotes are market, all charts are available. The terminal is understandable even to a beginner, you will trade here with great comfort:) I give a huge plus to the service!
  4. Zack R.
    August 4
    I don't recommend trading here
    I first started trading on Nublu Investments Limited. I liked the agent right away. I was especially interested in the absence of hidden charges. However, on the net, many clients complained about the instability of the terminal. So I decided to check everything myself first. I invested 170 dollars and tried to work. I was "lucky" to encounter such problems right away. And the whole platform does not please me, because the choice of assets here is very limited, to expand the package you need to invest much more...I am not ready to risk and want to take the deposit. But so far I have problems with verification and the application is not completed.
  5. Mariarty
    July 30
    Tech support will not help you
    I haven't seen such stupid support consultants anywhere, who don't understand why they are here :(
  6. Dino
    July 25
    All the benefits here are debatable
    I got acquainted with the broker about a couple of months ago. The website of Nublu Investments Limited looked quite promising, I had no reason to fear for the safety of my capital, so I decided to register. The manager recommended that I start with a minimum of £3,000 to make it easier for me to trade. He did not calculate the one-time payment of insurance, which cost almost 300 pounds, and the commissions here were higher than average. And I did not find any other advantages of cooperation. Another annoying unpleasantness was the delay in profit withdrawal. Probably, I should not have trusted my intuition and the staff of the company.
  7. fedu
    July 19
    You will not make money here, it's a scam
    Illegal company in the forex market. Negative reactions of traders are justified and true!!! You will not earn money here, especially a lot. It is easy to lose money here, you don't even need to think about it. Incorrect contact information is provided here, the site does not spell out normal trading conditions. There are no advantages. We should not even try.
  8. Awesome
    July 16
    Newbies in this company have no chance to make a profit
    There is individual training here. Here the positive qualities of the company “Nublu Investments Limited” end. I had only losses of 8 thousand euros, and my actions were guided by the manager!
  9. Knyz
    July 14
    Fraud and simple extortion of money
    Here are some of the lowest commissions and spreads, but I am an inexperienced trader and did not realize that this should only alert, not attract. I did not get any profit, all my invested 320 dollars went into minus in 2 weeks, and only one trade was positive 6$. I also doubt the reliability of withdrawals, although I did not use such an opportunity.
  10. Hot
    July 14
    Lack of expertise in brokerage services
    The software is not adapted to the users' needs and their level of experience. I don't see an opportunity to develop my trading skills here. The experts' assessment of your trades is irrelevant and does not correlate with reality. All they will help you with is to make a bunch of mistakes and lose all your funds, and then you will leave without money and normal experience. Even having the option of a personal expert is not a plus here. All managers here are the same chumps as everywhere else.
  11. Vitality
    July 14
    False company, do not get in touch with it
    I recommend that you always check those brokers who have just started their activities, and then already read the reviews on their website or on social networks, and you will immediately realize how many of their paid reviews and advertising from referrals of the company are posted on the Internet. This platform started in May!!! 2023. And on many sites in the sections with reviews clients write that they have been trading here for more than a year. Here is the whole truth about these scammers:) I did not start trading on this platform, but immediately, as always, I checked all kinds of information, so as not to lose my funds. British registration is also a fake, compare the data and everything will become clear to you because there is a completely different company registered under this number.
  12. biggirl
    July 10
    A lot of questionable nuances
    What made me suspicious about this service is the lack of a license, the illegality of working on the territory of the UK. But I started working here anyway, I deposited £100 and made a profit of £22 for a week. My first withdrawal of earned money went well. But I decided to look for more information about the broker. I checked the office of Nublu Investments Limited in London and it turned out that there is actually no office there. I finished working on this platform after withdrawing all my funds. Still, it is too risky to trade here with a larger amount.
  13. Mark
    June 28
    The savings account is a scam
    I deposited $12000 at 37% per month... I received no guaranteed payouts, no refunds, no support, and I have no way to get my money back....
  14. Robot
    June 27
    I invested unsuccessfully in crypto and stocks
    My EA literally forced me to trade in the market that seems to be controlled by the company itself. As soon as I started losing money and started to actively clarify this problem with the administration - the broker decided to simply block me.
  15. afp1960
    June 24
    Worst conditions and service
    I can't argue with the fact that some of the worst incomprehensible terms and conditions are offered here. To my requests for documents about the regulator, the consultants say something unintelligible. Based on my experience of trading on similar platforms, I can say that all the unreliability of the company immediately catches my eye. That is why I did not open an account here and I do not advise you to do so.
  16. Bob
    June 20
    Unlicensed broker
    I do not recommend this broker to you. On the website it is impossible to find information about the legality of the activity, there are no official documents, licenses, proof of regulator, especially in Europe. The old, ever-working scheme for simpletons, when scammers pretend to be a real company and pull out money. Do not make reckless investments of funds!!!
  17. Urzago
    June 18
    I have recommended this broker to all my friends already
    I think that this broker really gives an opportunity to earn money! I can't say anything about Nublu Investments Limited's training base, as I haven't tried it and my friends have been trained by me, but otherwise, the platform is great! There are a lot of assets to choose from.
  18. franky
    June 18
    I have profit every day
    Good broker, I express my gratitude for quality service!
  19. Ivory Sparrow
    June 16
    I do not understand my risks
    I see that there are enough positive reviews on the network, but the broker has no license. Or did I misunderstand something? On what grounds does the company provide services? I am still looking at Nublu Investments Limited. Who has heard anything about its owner?

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