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Odyssey Investment Group, a brokerage firm, provides the opportunity to trade currency pairs and CFDs on a wide range of assets. It is reported that more than 1000 people currently use the broker’s services. The company, as per its founders, has been established in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and has representations in different countries. The project lacks a license to provide brokerage services.

Trading Conditions

Clients can trade CFDs on various assets:

  • Indices
  • Commodities
  • ETFs
  • Equities
  • Cryptocurrencies

Odyssey Investment Group provides Mini, Green, and Premium account types. They require a minimum deposit of $2,500 and have leverage potential up to 1:500. Spreads are variable.

Accounts can be funded using a credit card or cryptocurrency wallet. Users have access to free daily analytics. Tech service can be contacted 24/5 via WhatsApp. Trading can be done on the broker’s own platform, available as a web version and a mobile app.


Would investing in Odyssey Investment Group offer the best returns?

No. The broker warns users that due to high-risk assets, the chance of losing money is 78%.

Does Odyssey Investment Group carry out withdrawals?

There are more negative reviews than positive ones. Please share what your experience was like.

May I be scammed on odysseyig.com?

The project recently appeared, registered in offshore zones, and operates without a license. The risk of fraud is high.

What's the best way to share my experience with Odyssey Investment Group?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Odyssey Investment Group is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:500
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 2500$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

39 reviews about Odyssey Investment Group

  1. Michael Bird
    December 15
    We have also been scammed by Erik Haag for USD38000. My partner tried to commit suicide. We are in the process of getting international fraud lawyers/ investigators for a class action. If anyone is interested please contact us in South Africa
  2. Louisa skinner
    September 21
    Scammed after taking my money they disappeared like thin air. The agents were Ben Friedman Erik Haag Bruce Banes and the lady who answered the phone when I was under the impression it's a elon musk ad was kate Nortje....please let's stand together in this
    1. Mike Bird
      December 15
      Hi Louisa. You are quite right. Something needs to be done. My partner tried to commit suicide because of these people. We are looking at employing an international fraud tracking company to assist with this matter. Please contact me if you wish
      1. Hello Mike
        January 6
        Odyssey scam
        I was also scammed through my own stupidity. These people should be stopped.
  3. Stephanus petrus Joubert
    September 9
    Odyssey is a scam. We need to stand together and take them on. Their site must be blocked. They are not traders. everything about them is false
  4. Carley
    September 9
    Unable to Withdraw
    They will take everything away
  5. Fanie joubert
    September 2
    I am reporting Odyssey Investment Group to the FBI and to the regulator in every country they pretend to have offices. The South Africa offices don't exist and the numbers are false. They refuse to pay any withdrawal and want a 25% tax on my 18000$ equity. It was originally 8000 but they bumped it up to 18000
    1. Claire Moore
      September 9
      stay away
      i was also a victim of this
    2. Claire Moore
      September 9
      stay away
      i was also a victim of this and i lost so much
  6. Fanie joubert
    September 2
    I was scammed and lost my money. My equity is 8000$ and when I want to withdraw even half I need to pay tax of 25% which is illegal. Once i tried to withdraw i was blocked on the Odyssey app and cant even get to Webtrader. It is all a scam and they don't really trade. Sean Sampson was my trader
  7. Fanie Joubert
    September 2
    Odyssey investment group had scammed me out of 5000$ and blocked me once I wanted to make a withdrawal. They wanted 25% tax from me
    1. Winnefred
      September 5
      Odyssey investments has took my savings..my account manager was Zoltan ..i cant get hold of him at all my emails are not delivered the number i havr is on voicemail
  8. johannes greyling
    August 21
    goodday i think this is a big scam i never was told to pay 25% of my value of account before withdraw anything my money is in a atomic wallet i cant get it out now i have to get an account with same amount then they can pay it
    secondly my deposit the 25% is in my account but i am blocked cant speak to someone
    the agent on whatshapp not very helpfull
  9. Arleg
    June 30
    For now, I like everything
    I recently created an account and I like everything. Odyssey Investment Group managers are very responsive and explain everything, even a beginner can trade. The profit is not bad yet, and I hope there will be no problems with withdrawal.
    1. Hope so as well try to do a with draw, then you will find out for sure.
      October 6
      The broker is Sean Sampson, or he goes under the name Peter van Dyk as well. Gerhard William Liebenberg took the deposit. They scammed me out of $2533.63. They first wanted me to invest $ 500,000.00 more, I then tried to do a withdrawal, then "poef" they were gone and I could not get back into my account.
    2. Mr Stephanus P Joubert
      January 25
      watch out you will lose everything. They are the biggest scammers on the internet
  10. kronk
    June 20
    I'm shocked by the trading terminal
    The terminal offered by Odyssey Investment is just terrible. I have to wait for a long time for trades to be executed, and in the end, I always end up in a loss. Recently, a friend explained to me that I shouldn't expect anything good from this platform because trades aren't executed on external markets. That is, these scammers manipulate the quotes as they please. I was advised to trade only on proven platforms like MetaTrader to avoid such situations.

    I decided to research the company and realized that these guys had other signs of fraud. Just one offshore registration is worth it. I didn't even pay attention to the fact that a broker was registered in Grenadines, and this is almost a hundred percent sign of deception.
  11. sillk
    June 19
    What can I do?! I can't withdraw my money! I gave them 5,000 dollars... don't register on odysseyig.com and don't make the same mistake as me!
    1. Fanie joubert
      September 20
      I was scammed and now I cannot contact them r log into their webpage
  12. Vyac
    June 17
    Fake contact numbers
    I'm having trouble logging into my account and I tried calling them but couldn't get through. Then I tried searching for Odyssey Investment Group's contact numbers on Google and it didn't show any results. It turns out they gave fake numbers just to deceive people and not get caught. I'm disappointed.
  13. Smith
    June 14
    I've never seen such good trading conditions anywhere else
    I've only been with this broker for a few months, but I've already managed to double my deposit. I'm grateful to the creators and managers of Odyssey Investment Group for providing such a great earning opportunity. I absolutely don't understand those who write negative reviews, and I even doubt if those comments are real.
    1. They are going to steal all your money and block you from contacting them
      September 9
      They are going to steal all your money and block you from contacting them
    2. Fanie joubert
      January 25
      You are part of them. They are a bunch of thieves and will go straight to hell one day
  14. Maiami
    June 11
    I'm one of those who got scammed and left with no money...
    I went through the verification process and entered my card details correctly, but still no money comes in... the customer support replied only once and said it's just temporary difficulties, but these "difficulties" have been going on for almost a week. How can we trust Odyssey Investment? It's unclear. And I don't know if I can get my money back through the court. I trusted a company that works without a license, which was a mistake. I won't do it again and won't advise you to do it either.
    1. Stephanus petrus Joubert
      October 18
      They are a bung of scammers and stole my 5000$
  15. def.08
    May 31
    How long does verification usually take?
    I uploaded my documents and have been waiting for confirmation for four days now. I deposited a fairly large amount, about $4,000. I'm worried that Odyssey Investment Group LTD will ignore me. Is this just a long verification process or did they forget about me? Can you tell me how long they’ve verified your documents?
  16. packo
    May 29
    They didn't withdraw the money!!
    I've been waiting for them to withdraw for three weeks already and I can't wait anymore!!! It seems like I won't be able to sue Odyssey Investment because I transferred the money through cryptocurrency. And no one can hold an offshore organization accountable.
  17. Shku
    May 18
    Many flaws on the website
    I couldn't figure out the investment conditions of odyssey group from their website. The FAQ section says that it's enough to invest $240, but the homepage states a minimum deposit of $2500. In one place, it says that the leverage is up to 1:400, while another says the maximum is 1:500. The pages load very slowly. I can't say that I trust this company at all.
  18. Shatz
    May 15
    The website is working very poorly
    I read about this broker recently and their website turned me off. The pages load very slowly. I'm afraid to create an account here because I'm afraid I'll lose all my funds.
  19. Alien666
    May 15
    Well, it's classic fraud. There's ‌nothing to say here.
    Take a look for yourself. The site odysseyig.com was created a couple of months ago, you can check the domain age. The firm is registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. This registration has no weight, as it is an offshore zone. Moreover, this country does not issue licenses for broker activities, which means that the company is operating illegally.

    There is no information about the founders of the company, and it is unclear who created this project. It is stated that Odyssey Investment Group has offices in several countries, but this information is not confirmed. You cannot reach them on any of the listed phone numbers. In general, my conclusion is that this is a fly-by-night company that you should not invest in under any circumstances.
  20. Esquirehtc
    May 7
    Here professionals work
    It is the place where real professionals work. Odyssey investment will explain everything and show you everything if you're a beginner, and no question will be considered silly. You'll quickly understand trading and be able to make good money. I'm very satisfied with my results, even though I've only been here for a month.
    1. Stephanus petrus Joubert
      October 18
      I don't believe you. They took my money and when I wanted to do a withdrawal they blocked me and my emails are retuned. They have no office and everything about them is fraudulent
    2. Fanie joubert
      January 25
      You are lying and you are one of them. They steal and deceive and are a bunch of scammers
  21. krek37
    April 26
    the functionality is pretty weak
    it is unclear how the broker intends to attract new subscribers because odyssey investment has a pretty weak functionality. there is no demo account, no islamic account without swaps, and no even insured deals. at the same time, the minimum deposit is $2500, which means that customers are encouraged to risk a large sum right away. there is almost no training available here. the only option is to contact customer support or a personal manager, but they do not respond immediately.
    1. Stephanus petrus Joubert
      October 18
      They take your money keep on asking for mor and then disappear.
  22. Milano
    April 24
    I deposited the money, but ended up losing everything anyway.
    I registered on Odyssey Investment Group and made a deposit. I was assigned a personal manager whom I could ask any trading related questions. I took advantage of this and asked for advice on trading. He told me which trades to make, but his advice didn't work out. The manager blamed it on the platform, saying that I lost money because the trade didn't happen immediately, but after a few seconds. I thought it was just a one-time thing, but it happened multiple times. Because of this, I lost my $3000 very quickly. And then I noticed that trading with their offered instruments carries high risks.
  23. Trader
    April 8
    They are getting annoying
    I don't understand how they got my contact information, but Odyssey Investment Group has been calling me at any hour for the past two weeks, even at night... and all my emails go to their spam folder... I think they wouldn't behave like this if they were an honest company... if they're spamming, it means they can't find customers in a different way…
    1. Stephanus petrus Joubert
      October 18
      They take your money and then disappear.
    2. Fanie joubert
      January 25
      They are a bunch of scammers. They stole 5000$ from me. Its ok because they will go straight to hell one day

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