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The site belongs to Omega Financial LTD, which is based in London, UK. Meanwhile, the broker does not disclose any information about the date of its creation, or about the history of the project. However, the owner of the business claims that this service has been chosen by more than 100,000 clients. As for the domain, it was registered only on August 7, 2023, in the UK with a Singaporean registrar. Also, the project does not have a license. Finally, the website interface is bilingual, there is a switch to Russian in addition to English, and customer support is available in 24 languages.

Can we trust our money to this broker? How honestly does it conduct its business? We will find out how the company really works, and whether it has a reputation as a reliable partner, for this purpose we will study the site information and reviews written by clients on independent resources.

Trading Conditions

Omega Financial LTD clients get access to more than 17,000 global markets. The terminal integrates with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera browsers. After registering an account, you will be able to trade stocks, futures, commodities, and bonds on the platform and will make money from mutual funds, Forex, CFDs, trading strategies, ETFs, and managed portfolios. The entire range of this brokerage service includes more than 5300 instruments.

The website offers 5 tariff plans, which are sorted by the amount of minimum deposit. You can take advantage of the following sets of services:

  • Beginner, from £100 – 9 major currencies, more than 25 instruments, 3 insured trades.
  • Silver, from £2,500 – over 50 instruments, 2 asset types, company lending, 4 insured trades, micro-lot trading.
  • Investor, from £20,000 – over 200 instruments, 3 asset types, 5 insured trades, company credit, account insurance, micro-lot trading.
  • Premium, from £100,000 – over 250 instruments, 4 asset types, company credit, 10 insured trades, mentor training program, group of signals for contracts, 50% bonus, account insurance.
  • Gold, from £200,000 – over 300 instruments, 3 asset types, company credit, 15 insured trades, access to company reserve fund, 70% bonus, personal analyst, signal group for insured contracts, account insurance.

All Omega Financial LTD account types have personal manager service, and fixed/floating spreads. To withdraw funds you need to pass a document verification, which includes a scan of a bank card with your signature on its back side.

You can deposit funds from 1 dollar using the SEPA system. The minimum deposit amount is 250 USD in case of using cryptocurrency payment services and bank cards.

In the “Products” section of the site, you can familiarize yourself with the description of the underlying assets presented by the broker. Here you can also find analytics of popular currency pairs, which are broadcast in real-time on the Forex market from the cloud platform TradingView.


Would investing in Omega Financial LTD offer the best returns?

It is unlikely that you will be able to make a profit on an unknown and unstable platform. Most likely, cooperation with this broker will result in a loss of funds when trading risky CFDs. Therefore, you need to be experienced, informed, and cautious.

Does Omega Financial LTD carry out withdrawals?

You can get a withdrawal refusal here. In their comments, traders report that the broker often refuses to withdraw clients' money. If you have had an experience with this company - leave a review.

May I be scammed on

Most likely, these are fraudsters. The site has a fresh domain, and the broker claims to have a lot of experience. Besides, if it removes most of the content from the pages of the site, it will not affect the informativeness of the resource. This is usually one of the main signs of fraud.

What's the best way to share my experience with Omega Financial LTD?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Omega Financial LTD is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Referral
Minimum deposit: 128$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

15 reviews about Omega Financial LTD

    January 23
    They took from me 700 euro and closed my account
  2. trouty
    December 10
    Clients are cheated very cleverly, beware of these scammers
    I was registered and verified in Omega Financial LTD 10 days ago, and deposited 500 euros, as I usually do in the beginning, I started to trade a little and study the platform, I liked everything, everything suited me as a trader, I applied for withdrawal of the first profit, and then suddenly the broker blocks my account and I can not go to my office :( What happened? What is the problem? I contacted support and it turns out: my account was closed because I did not fill out some form and did not provide them with some certificate, of course, if I was wrong, I would have understood everything, but how was I supposed to know about it??? there was no message from the broker that I could not trade and I did not receive an offer to close the account. The consultants answered me that they wrote and warned me. All in all, this is pure deception.....
  3. necro
    December 4
    I am testing the service for now
    My task is to test the platform performance and check the quality of the broker's service. I have deposited £100 into an account at and my experience so far has been neutral. Their trading conditions and commissions are quite competitive in the market. However, I have noticed that sometimes the processing of withdrawal requests does not match the promises. I was told that funds would arrive the same day, but several times the process was delayed by three days. This was not critical for me, but I understand that there are users for whom this aspect is very important.
  4. Andrew
    November 23
    How brazenly this broker lies!
    The company lies about the term of work and about favorable trading conditions. Omega Financial LTD does not display trades on the interbank and liquidity providers, the broker can not provide the names of liquidity providers and does not even indicate the abbreviation of the technology that is used to process traders' trades, because of which there is no conflict of interest. So the model of work is the most common fraud to drain the client's money, scientifically it is called B-Book. Here it is 100%, no doubt, not even a hybrid. I have a good knowledge of forex trading information and I do not advise you to deal with this broker.
  5. Den26
    November 15
    My negative experiment
    I decided to make money here on floating spreads, I funded my account with 300 dollars, at first I earned well for the first week more than 120 dollars, and then the deposit was drained. And now for the last three days I have 18 dollars left on my account, but I can not even withdraw that, because scam artists work here.
  6. carpenter59
    November 10
    Unpromising platform
    A virtually non-existent organization. Literally. No physical office, and no way to write to support. A check of the address in London revealed that no such brokerage office exists at all.
  7. shiny04
    November 4
    Can't withdraw profits
    For the third time I am asked to update my application and all to no avail. It looks like a scam
  8. lochness
    October 29
    I do not regret that I chose this firm
    Here not only safe trading, but also very favorable trading conditions, thanks to which you can earn money with a higher probability than with another broker. I liked the very low spreads combined with low commissions. It is good that I ended up choosing Omega Financial LTD as my broker.
  9. aqua56
    October 27
    I didn't notice a license here
    Perhaps, the broker is either at the stage of obtaining permission from the regulator, or the license is not needed at all according to the rules, I am not an expert in legal matters. I don't know how reliable the terminal is, but everything seems to be stable here.
  10. Saint-Michel
    October 24
    I am not sure how to proceed
    I deposited over £3,500 into my account three weeks ago. Trading was going well at first and then some solid trades went into negative territory. I don't want to withdraw at the moment as I've just started to make good money, but if I continue to have problems making profits it could make me more unhappy.
  11. pitt
    October 13
    I am annoyed by the slow support service
    Sometimes I have to contact tech support at several times to get a response. The consultants later apologize for the delay, but I wish they would respond more quickly. After all, sometimes there are situations that require urgent help, and at such times every minute is critical.
  12. driver777
    October 11
    They are scammers with someone else's brand
    I will tell you right away that Omega Financial LTD is indeed registered in the UK. The real campaign under which these scammers masquerade does exist, you can find this data in public sources. And the real firm is now in a state of liquidation! Do you still want to cooperate with such a broker!!!!?
  13. beech
    September 26
    This company has only been around for a week
    If it were true that the firm has been on the market for many years, has the experience, and over 100,000 clients, then we would see an internet search engine filled with this Omega Financial LTD. In fact, there are no such queries, nothing on Google indicates the popularity of the broker. At least this is the case in the UK segment of the internet.
    September 19
    I do not see any reason to trade here
    The biggest intrigue for me was the news about this broker, so please tell me, dear traders, how can a supposedly British financial institution ‌work with clients and not have a license from the FCA? That is, why does the broker Omega Financial LTD have an office in London and at the same time does not it have a license from the FCA? All the company's offers and information about it raise more questions than it answers. The reputation of the broker is unclear, I can see that it simply does not exist. I even decided not to register a brokerage account on this dubious site as I don't see the point.
  15. paul
    September 9
    Real top brokers operate in many countries
    The fake nature of Omega Financial LTD is confirmed by the lack of branches in different countries, not just one office in London.

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