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Onboard Capital does not disclose data about its location or website owners. However, the company declares its experience of more than 19 years, processing 18 thousand orders per day and more than 1 million clients worldwide. As for the date of the project’s foundation, the broker reports a start in 2005. Meanwhile, the domain was registered in 2017 and updated in December 2023. It is worth noting that the project has neither a legal address nor a license.

Does it make sense for you to invest money in trading on this site and can you trust this company? We decided to independently study the documents and work of the broker to make an objective opinion and share the results of our research with you.

Trading Conditions

Onboard Capital offers a template website with minimally informative pages. Traders can use the terminal in both mobile and desktop versions. The company provides an opportunity to use stocks, cryptocurrency, and other instruments for trading.

A client needs to provide an email address and phone number to register an account. However, the company does not provide any information about itself or does not offer to read the platform’s Terms of Use.

Onboard Capital has developed 7 trading plans, differing in the set of services and the minimum deposit amount. You can choose for yourself one of the following options:

  • BRONZE from $5,000 – Leverage 1:100, 5% discount on existing fees (Spread/SWAP).
  • SILVER from $15,000 – VOD Advanced, Leverage 1:100, 10% discount on existing fees (Spread/SWAP).
  • GOLD from $50,000 – Personal Assistant, 1 Risk-Free Trade, Leverage 1:200, 20% discount on existing fees.
  • PLATINUM from $100,000 – VOD Advanced, 3 Risk-Free Trade, Leverage 1:300, 30% discount on existing fees, Access to the trading room.
  • DIAMOND from $250,000 – 3 Risk-Free Trade, Leverage 1:300, 40% discount on existing fees.
  • PREMIUM from $500,000 – 3 Risk-Free Trade, Leverage 1:300, 60% discount on existing fees.
  • VIP from $1,000,000 – 3 Risk-Free Trade, Leverage individual, 90% discount on existing fees.

At Onboard Capital, all registered clients can use: Market Reviews, Webinar Access, Trading eBook, and Social Trading. The site has analytics in the form of online quotes of major assets from TradingView. There are 4 articles in the “Blog” section, and there is an online form for 24/7 communication between traders and tech support.


Would investing in Onboard Capital offer the best returns?

You may fall victim to risky CFD trading and lose all your funds due to unknown trading conditions and unstable platform. There is a very high probability that cooperation with this anonymous company will result in a loss of funds for you.

Does Onboard Capital carry out withdrawals?

We analyzed the broker's documents and did not find any deadlines and security guarantees for the withdrawal procedure. If you look at ‌reviews, you will find many negative comments from disappointed traders who complain about losing their funds and withdrawal problems.

May I be scammed on onboardcapital.com?

The absence of a legal address, company registration certificates, and brokerage licenses are alarming signals. The anonymous owner of the site most likely acts illegally, which raises doubts about the security of their financial operations and reliable protection of clients' interests.

What's the best way to share my experience with onboardcapital.com?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: 1:300
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 5000$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

13 reviews about Onboard Capital

  1. Raff
    January 22
    There's unscrupulous trading here, as the administrators create a lot of problems for the client when withdrawing earnings. I wasn't able to get my money for €8,540. When I call technical support, the representatives of the company can't even answer a simple question - when will I get my funds? I’ll probably never see them.....
  2. Alex QWERT
    January 20
    You need to be ready for a lot of disadvantages
    On onboardcapital.com you can earn, but you need to prepare for the negative features of the trading site... There are frequent deposit drains here, but withdrawal works without problems.
  3. Invest
    January 19
    I liked the site right away
    The terminal is simple, faq is not very useful, but the registration of a personal account is very simple - email, password phone - and everything is ready in a couple of minutes. You can withdraw funds to a bank card, and replenish the deposit also from it. At first, I decided to use leverage 1:100, the execution of orders happens without delays. I traded the euro/dollar pair, the spread was 0.6 points. The bad thing is technical support responds very slowly, you will not be able to solve the problem quickly.
  4. malcev
    January 18
    I faced a despicable theft on the part of the broker
    I had over 14,000 dollars on my balance yesterday, but today it's gone! I have never made a withdrawal from this broker. I am hurt and offended, as I spent a lot of time to make money here :( Managers promised me the best conditions for trading. So it was: my earnings grew every day, but up to a certain time. I don't see the point of going to court, because the website doesn't even show the address of onboard capital's office and doesn't have the name of the regulator.
  5. PCr
    January 16
    The functionality is disgusting, a lot of errors
    The only plus of this company is that customers are allowed to withdraw money, for which I give 1 star. In everything else - I give the terminal a big minus. The site is made by a schoolboy for 10 dollars, it’s unclear who answers in support - either a robot, or an incompetent person who does not know what they want from him, and I have to explain everything very long to understand me and correct the error in the program...
  6. Kellly
    January 12
    There are many pluses and few minuses
    Traders who have been trading Forex for more than five years have definitely heard about this broker. This firm has been in business for almost twenty years and has gained a large client base during this time. This broker gets a lot of attention from newcomers in the world of trading due to its convenient terminal and the help of analysts. I use this project exclusively for trading commodities through futures contracts. There are good analytics here and my personal manager helps me to build my own profitable strategy. But not everything is great at Onboard Capital, so for me, a serious disadvantage is a very high stop-out. In addition, the broker does not have many popular cryptocurrency pairs and CFDs for some contracts in its catalog.
  7. kaverin
    January 10
    I worked a little bit, but I will still share my experience
    First, the representatives of the company will start telling you that the minimum deposit you can easily double in a month, and then begin to impose on you the decision to deposit an even larger amount. There are endless problems with order execution, don't believe managers when they loudly declare a low spread, in fact, it can sometimes reach 2.5 - 3 points. On top of that, programmers are constantly making changes and updates to the terminal program, and then, because of this, you start having problems entering your personal cabinet. Several times it even happened that not all my money was transferred to my account after the program changed. It took me about two weeks to deal with these withdrawal problems. Cosmic size of commissions for withdrawal of money, and there are also fees for replenishment of the account :( which is rare in forex, well done guys, never miss the opportunity to take an extra cent from the client and put it in their pockets. If I do not use harsh words, I will say that onboard capital is owned by dangerous guys.
  8. WMailik
    January 5
    You can make money and withdraw money
    For me, I prioritize the nuance that the broker always pays my earnings honestly, although sometimes there are delays. I make a lot of trades, so the overpriced spreads are compensated by the company at the expense of profit 👍 I'm quite comfortable here!
  9. Ur
    January 1
    Fraudulent organization
    Horrible interface, as disgusting as the technical support, which is an incompetent, unorganized group of people, and this team can not solve even the minimum requests of traders :( The Withdrawal of money on onboard capital is very long, and you will be happy if you can withdraw money from these scammers. In my opinion, they only want one thing - to steal your deposit, and I was very lucky to get some of my money back. The fake broker helped me to say goodbye to my $5,400 by returning only a part of it, less than half. The deception took place as always according to the traditional fraudulent scheme: I started having incomprehensible problems when withdrawing money in the form of errors, and then my account was simply blocked. I, like other clients, was pleased with the significant increase in earnings only at the beginning of cooperation, and I did not think that it was done for future deception. I DO NOT recommend you to trade here in any case - it's a fraudulent firm.
  10. Serg Leus
    December 29
    This is a typical scammer who doesn't care about clients
    The terminal froze due to the fault of onboard capital, as I had everything in working condition at that moment: both internet and PC, but the technical support claims otherwise. Should I now accept such a conclusion of the esteemed support?!! This problem with the terminal cost me 1,360 dollars, and the support did not help me in any way! Other brokers always go towards traders, and try to help, so that all incomprehensible problems are resolved in favor of the client, especially I was fine, but this company does not care about users, which it has more than a million! These swindlers do not value their reputation. Managers will talk to you nicely and kindly only until you are actively trading and earning. If you leave a withdrawal request and if you do not give in to entreaties to increase the amount of capital many times and only then take your money, the managers immediately start draining your deposit. You will not be able to sue them and demand payments, it's useless, and scammers work illegally without registration. I left and I'm happy with this decision, I can not recommend this false broker.
  11. Nataly
    December 15
    Bad service
    The terminal loses connection with the broker every 10 minutes. The support service does not work, and if it does, the operator is not competent. As I understand it, onboard capital outsource operators from a cheap call center. The story with the $15,000 I invested ended quickly and I was left with a loss. So unless you want to throw your money away, stay away from this forex dump.
  12. vals
    December 15
    This is a mid-tier platform
    I recently parted ways with this broker, as there are quite a lot of platforms with better conditions. I will list the disadvantages: absolutely uninformative website, uncomfortable terminal, which is used to trade not only on Forex, but on all instruments that onboardcapital.com offers. There are no competent consultants, so effective interaction with tech support did not work out for me. Non-trading commissions for account maintenance, currency conversion and other fees are present in the tariffs. On the plus side, low swaps and brokerage commissions, but this advantage is present in most decent companies. I have not cooperated with this broker for a long time, so I may not have noticed other advantages.
  13. Ender Genom
    December 8
    I'm disappointed with the work on this platform
    Let me start with the fact that the personal analyst will be absolutely useless to you: he doesn't answer questions in detail but rather tries to persuade you to make a deposit. Our communication with him was superficial. As for trading tools, everything is good here, because onboard capital has a wide range of assets and a good terminal. But the most unpleasant thing starts during the withdrawal of money: during the application process, the resource starts to freeze and display errors. I managed to get my earnings after long clarifications and discussions with technical support, which didn't want to solve my problem.

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