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The site is owned and operated by OneFxGroup, allegedly registered in Ireland and headquartered in Dublin, but this has not been confirmed. According to the provided information, the broker positions itself as a large project with a team of over 100 employees with more than 370 thousand clients. Besides, the firm discloses the launch date of the project as 2020. As for the domain, it was registered only in September 2023. It’s worth noting that the site owners do not provide data about the license for financial activity. In addition, the interface supports English (by default), French, and Spanish.

Can this company be trusted? How safe is it to trade here? We decided to analyze the activity of the forex broker and the functionality of this platform to check the information provided on the website.

Trading Conditions

OneFxGroup provides users with an advanced MetaTrader 5 platform.

Traders can use 3 and 12-month subscriptions for CFD trading, which must be prepaid and cannot be terminated early. Clients can deposit and withdraw funds via e-wallets, bank transfers, and credit/debit cards. There are no commissions for any transactions.

The broker offers 5 tariff plans, which differ in the set of options, the amounts of minimum deposit are hidden from unregistered clients. You can choose a suitable tariff from the following options:

  1. Explorer – leverage 1:100, welcome bonus 30% of the deposit amount.
  2. Basic – leverage 1:100, welcome bonus 50% of the deposit amount.
  3. Silver – leverage 1:200, welcome bonus 75% of the deposit amount, spreads 20%, swap 10%, monthly meetings with an analyst.
  4. Gold – leverage 1:300, welcome bonus 100% of the deposit amount, spreads 20%, swap 10%, weekly meetings with an analyst
  5. Platinum – leverage 1:400, spreads 50%, swap 40%, weekly meetings with an analyst, professional chat.

OneFxGroup offers additional services of a personal manager, signals, and weekly market reviews. The remaining bonuses are deposit ones, which are ranked by the amount on the account. You will not be able to withdraw the bonus without fulfilling the condition on the “required volume” of trading, which is equal to 1/4 of the amount of the bonus received.

OneFxGroup does not provide any compensation to clients in case they cannot use their account to trade on the terminal. The broker can change trading conditions at any time without warning users. 

A client’s withdrawal request is fulfilled within 6 business days. Onefxgroup may require additional documents from you to process your withdrawal request. You will find news, financial research, and training materials on this company’s website.

Would investing in OneFxGroup offer the best returns?

Your cooperation with this project is more likely to end in losing your capital rather than earning profits. The huge leverage of 1:400 is many times higher than the risks of losing money in CFD trading. European regulators limit ‌maximum leverage to 1:30.

Does OneFxGroup carry out withdrawals?

Our analysis of the site showed that if you deposit money into the account of this company, you will hardly be able to withdraw it back. Many clients note in their reviews that the broker does not withdraw their funds. Write a comment about your experience with this platform, if you have one.

May I be scammed on

Yes, there is a high risk of scamming on this site. The brokerage company operates on the financial market without a license, the fresh domain contradicts its data about 370 thousand users, and the platform partially hides trading conditions. Finally, a very bad website with a cheap design cannot be used by a reliable forex service.

What's the best way to share my experience with OneFxGroup?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:400
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 1000$
Trading platform: MetaTrader 5
Assets: Forex, CFD

15 reviews about OneFxGroup

    February 19
    Scam Artists and welfare bums.
    ONEFXGROUP is full of scam artists such as Marcel Esteban. They are always begging you to put in more money and you can never withdraw it. I cursed them to hell!
  2. Subir Shrestha
    January 6
    Careful all! Stay away from ONEFXGROUP investment. It's not safe. It's clear a SCAM. Kareem Salih ([email protected]) was my Financial Advisor since October 19, 2023, and David Becker ([email protected]) was Finance Security Officer. Both belongs to ONEFXGROUP office in Zurich (Switzerland) as they informed me. I was in the process of withdrawal of a small amount of my own investment to pay my loans. After taking tax on Trading Capital Gains and required GAS fees from me, above scammers just vanished from January 3, 2024 and I lost all my investments. My account is still active in the system, and withdrawal shows pending. I don't know what to do, I'm helpless now. I've reported the matter to the Police.
  3. Petra Oudshoorn
    December 11
    Very sketchy
    They start by getting you to invest $250. You will immediately start earning money on that, and they'll gain your trust by helping you withdraw a small bit of that profit within the first week. It gets you very excited. Then they give you what seems to be a great offer: they'll invest $10,000 plus a bonus of $5000 while they wait for your $10,000 funds to arrive, since most banks only allow a fraction of that to be etransfered at a time. This $10,000 can not be paid back using profit, only your money. Your account is locked down essentially while they wait for your money. You can not withdraw. This is sketchy- why would they give you $15,000 of their own money? Why can't you use profits to pay it off? Doesn't make sense, don't fall for it. When you don't transfer your $10k over, they get very angry. Constant calls. They want your money, and as soon as they get it, you're out of luck and you'll never see it again. Moreover, they hold the authenticator app for your ewallet, so you don't even have access to that.
  4. kapu
    November 22
    The platform is unstable
    I failed to earn because of constant problems with the terminal of this forex broker. I only feel sorry for the money spent, the broker just grabbed my 2320 dollars!
  5. Autory
    October 26
    False broker first delayed my payment, then stopped answering calls, then I was blocked access to the account at and thus I gave these scammers almost 6,000 dollars!
  6. bagira
    October 20
    My experience is positive
    I am testing this company, which was recommended to me by my acquaintance. So far my period of testing the terminal is not long, only 3 weeks, but the results are already there, albeit small👍 I earned a little less than 200 dollars from the initial 1000$. I would like to note that the platform works without fluctuations, the signal on the server is good, orders are closed clearly and there are no deviations from the price. My first impression of the company is positive. But I haven't tried to withdraw profit on Onefxgroup yet.
  7. Fedu
    October 18
    My review is neutral
    You can't trade on Onefxgroup with small amounts of money, and there is no demo version here, and this personally scared me off. Also, the fact that the support is somehow strange, slow, and unenthusiastic (I do not mean excessive attention from the employees, but I am talking about the fact that there is no usual help for the client, and I was not able to verify my account). Whether you decide to work with them or not is only your choice, I just left my own opinion. There is no negativity, I failed to register and I am not upset about it, especially since immediately after this failed attempt to open an account, I found another firm and it suits me 100%.
  8. Wmec
    October 4
    There are no prospects for the future
    Beginners should not start trading on this platform - scammers will immediately clean their wallets! Managers of the company know how to do it! They will teach you, and persuade you for a decent start, and will burn your funds! I lost almost $3 thousand in onefxgroup in 2 weeks!!!
  9. Allo
    October 2
    Deception with bonuses
    The forex company is good at making money by giving out bonuses. I think that the broker's team of 100 people, which it tells us about on its website, was trained before to cheat people in casinos, because in a solid trading firm, managers do not use this method of attracting clients. The thing is that working off bonuses for me was something unrealistic, the conditions were far-fetched and difficult to fulfill, and therefore it was almost impossible to get real money from their bonuses. However, the bonus was given for deposits and replenishments, because in fact, the client had to deposit money to get a candy wrapper, and then try to work off this "gift". Lies and reliance on gullible beginners!!! I understand that many young companies sin in this way, but in Onefxgroup, the conditions are absolutely fabulous in terms of working out. Personally, I lost 3.5 thousand euros on this illusion!!!
  10. Antony Paw
    October 1
    My account was blocked
    I was unable to withdraw my funds. I tried to contact the support team but they didn't answer or offer any help. I have lost all my money, over 18,000£ and I don't know what to do next!!! I would advise anyone considering working with onefxgroup to stay away and find a more reliable and trustworthy broker...
  11. damir
    September 25
    Very bad terminal
    This Forex broker was my first experience. I came to onefxgroup on the recommendation of a friend from a social network. According to his assurances, €1,000 should have been enough for me to earn up to €300 in a month, but in fact, €1,000 was enough for me only for a week of trading. I was left with zero on my balance, with the help of the broker itself, of course, because with such delays on the platform even with €100,000 you will never become a millionaire...
  12. viktory
    September 25
    Perfect choice for beginners
    I started working with OneFxGroup over two months ago and like it. It provides excellent conditions for beginners. I am especially pleased with the opportunity to start controlling passive income on deposit and trading with small volumes. This allows you to learn by practice without risking a large capital.
  13. Wizard
    September 22
    I didn't give in to persuasion
    The manager tried to entice me to open an account when I called onefxgroup on the phone. He immediately told me that it was possible to start trading without experience, as he would train me personally, and when I agreed to open an account, the consultant gave me new information that those traders who have no experience should invest a good amount of money to start. He gave me the details and told me to transfer 5,000$ and promised that after that we will start working. I read more carefully reviews about this company on Forex forums and realized that it is a scam and fraudsters have deceived many people!
  14. Okun
    September 18
    Do not believe the promises of profit
    I signed an online contract with this company to invest in the forex market and expected to make some profit. However, my experience was nothing short of a nightmare. I deposited money in my account with, but when I tried to withdraw it, the account was blocked. The customer service did not help me and the only answer I got was that I need to deposit more money to unlock the account!!!
  15. art
    September 14
    This is a reliable company
    The broker provides an excellent trading environment. I can briefly share the highlights without going into details. Registration on was quick and I started trading after verification. I was pleasantly surprised by the user-friendly interface, especially in the personal cabinet. The broker also has a good reputation and offers pretty low spreads. One of the outstanding aspects at OneFxGroup is the caring customer support. The support staff here not only solves issues that arise, but they are also proactive in alerting clients about possible withdrawal problems and providing them with attention and care. I can't find any particular negative aspects about the site, although sometimes there are minor difficulties, but who doesn't have them?! I want to express my praise to all the staff.

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