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OneTouchInvest claims to be managed by One Touch Invest Management Ltd ®, which is registered in the UK. Besides, the website indicates the address of its office in Switzerland, but there is no confirmation of the European jurisdiction of the firm’s registration. According to the information provided, the site has more than 50 thousand users, although the broker started in 2023. In addition, its domain was registered only in October 2023. Finally, the company does not demonstrate the presence of a license for financial activity, but points out to clients that the arbitration of their complaints will be conducted in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, as it is written in the “Complaints and Disputes Policy”.

Is this platform safe for your trading? Can you trust this broker? We will answer these questions after analyzing the legal aspects and technical capabilities of this company.

Trading Conditions

OneTouchInvest positions itself as a leading digital platform that provides more than 2 thousand products and innovative tools. The broker offers to create one account and work on it with several different classes of financial assets, such as currency pairs, stocks, and gold. You can trade on 557 global markets, the number of which is about to grow by another 100 units. Thus, the brokerage firm allows its clients to diversify their starting capital, reducing potential risks. You can activate your trading account on several terminals, in the mobile application and in the web version.

OneTouchInvest offers 5 tariffs, which are sorted by the minimum deposit amount. The set of services does not differ at different levels of trading accounts. You can choose from the following options:

  • Bronze – deposit from $10,000.
  • Silver – deposit from $25,000.
  • Gold – deposit from $50,000.
  • Diamond – deposit 100,000.
  • Platinum – deposit from $250,000

You can invest your funds in this company for a passive income with 18% annual income. OneTouchInvest promises to provide all clients with the services of a personal manager, risk-free trades, and higher leverage. However, the broker does not disclose specific figures for spreads, commissions, and other parameters

OneTouchInvest does not provide trading services to residents of countries where CFD trading is prohibited, such as Israel and the USA. Also, the service does not work in those jurisdictions that are subject to global sanctions, such as Cuba, Iran, and others.

The company conducts market education sessions for clients. OneTouchInvest provides a Risk Management Guide, guided trading sessions, and personalized signals. The TradingView platform ticker shows analytics on the website, that is, the values of major currency and cryptocurrency pairs online. Tech support works with users via email and phone, there is no live chat on the site.


Would investing in OneTouchInvest offer the best returns?

The broker is unlikely to allow you to earn money, as it is a very dubious project with unclear trading conditions. It is a risky CFD trading, where traders are more likely to lose their capital.

Does OneTouchInvest carry out withdrawals?

Judging by the information on the website and customer reviews, this broker can easily refuse your withdrawal without any risk for this company, which is not regulated by anyone. If you have any experience trading on this platform, please share your experience with us in the comments.

May I be scammed on

Many signs indicate that the broker is probably a scam. The company operates without a license, it does not have a certificate confirming its registration at the specified legal address, and its fresh domain does not match the information about more than 45 thousand registered clients.

What's the best way to share my experience with OneTouchInvest?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 10000$
Trading platform: MetaTrader 5, WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

13 reviews about OneTouchInvest

  1. Conrad Boucher
    June 7
    I invested over 20.000 and never got nothing back from one touch investment always have some fee to pay all of time
  2. Maria
    March 6
    Scammer broker!!
    I invested and my money growth after I want to widthraw and said I have to pay the broker fee first before I will get my money, piece of crap... his name is Jean ayala. Manipulating and good the trick people. He is scamming his own same people. I been scammed so many time. I trusted him and did not tell you in the beginning before you deposit your money. They will months traiding for you and to take yoir money , they tell you to upload your document and that way they can steal your profit... do not believe in this nonsense. No one you can trust.
  3. Steve
    February 29
    In 6 weeks from when i opened up an account with onetouchinvest my 2200.00 dollars grew to 52000.00 and now they won't release my funds unless i give them 4900.00 they say they are unable to get payment through my account I need to send them a transfer from my bank account
  4. Jane Ronald
    January 27
    Incredible service, I have started recently with them, and within 3 months I have paid all my debts including my mortgage. Of course, it was not easy, I have achieved this all thanks to my manager Mr. Christopher.
  5. GeniusMe
    December 1
    Unstable site
    Managers claimed that has excellent conditions for trading and that everything works like clockwork! In fact, the connection with the site is broken very often! It is impossible to work here!
  6. Tata
    November 27
    Weak service
    The broker works a bit primitive in terms of all possible technologies used. I believed in the promise of a large selection of functionality on the site, due to my inexperience. The tempting conditions of the company, risk-free trades, and eloquent managers pushed me to open an account. After I drained my £10k deposit, the experts at onetouchinvest recommended I replenish it, but why would I do that?! Requotes and hidden commissions are the broker's priorities. During periods of abnormal volatility spreads widen a bit, but I was ready to put up with it. The support works abysmally, you can wait for weeks for answers. Managers will ignore you when your deposit goes to zero. I checked the company for honesty and fulfillment of all obligations, I do not advise you to do the same. It is a scam 100%. My impressions are all negative.
  7. LuckyLoveMe
    November 26
    A regular mid-level company
    I started trading here a month ago, during this time I already managed to lose 3 thousand dollars once :( I continued trading and at the moment my deposit is again close to draining another 2 thousand. Maybe I am just not the best trader :( Not everything is as easy in CFD trading as it may seem at first glance... Although the company claims that they have a high speed of processing orders for open trades, I periodically have cases when the time of opening a trade increases. And the spread widening can be quite strong. But in general, Onetouchinvest is an ordinary company. I believe that this broker can be given an average rating.
  8. sandre
    November 21
    A lot of good features
    The fact that the broker gives equal conditions for all traders, regardless of deposit size, is really great! I've come across many times that brokers provide the most minimal services to beginners. Onetouchinvest has been operating for a short time, but it is clearly aimed at a long-term game, so it tries to serve its clients well :) There are no restrictions on algorithmic trading, hedging, and scalping. I did not notice any obvious disadvantages in cooperation with this company. I would like the broker to add more guarantees for faster withdrawal of funds, because I sometimes wait for several days. I am also a bit scared by the fact that there is not much information about the company in the network, and the place of registration in the UK and arbitration in the offshore zone somehow do not inspire confidence in me. I am afraid to be wrong in my positive predictions... But in general, I am satisfied with the service.
  9. Mr Grey
    November 20
    Here is just another scam!
    A solid company should not hide trading conditions from its clients! I will not even try the dubious site, given such a huge initial deposit, which is required here. The lack of a demo version says that this broker is a scam, personally, I have made my conclusions about its work.
  10. Peter
    November 9
    Great forex broker
    I like the verification on the site, fast profit withdrawal, promotions with welcome and other bonuses. I had no problems with my first withdrawal on Onetouchinvestt, I completed it in 15 minutes. If a trader is competent and smart, he realizes that it is necessary to verify everyone's identity, so the verification procedure should be completed as soon as possible. The verification process is also beneficial to the trader. It is a mandatory requirement for normal trading and access to all features with all verified companies. I completed the verification within a few hours. I am happy with the provided analytics and many other aspects. So it is only natural that many other professionals register and trade here, they are interested in reliable trading terminals with a simple and user-friendly interface. Onetouchinvest offers one such option - MT5, which is reliable and popular among traders. Everything I need for successful trading in the financial markets is present here. There are tools for detailed analysis, flexible trade order execution, the ability to use trading robots, and the ability to view and analyze trading history. I highly recommend this wonderful broker. Overall I am very satisfied with this service, but not 100%. Recently I had slippages and delays in execution. Technical support apologized to me for the discomfort, I hope that everything will be fine in the future.
  11. Leviathan
    October 25
    They are fraudsters!
    The employees of the broker are sneakily deceiving clients, and so convincingly too! They guaranteed me that they would teach me how to trade and help me make money, but in reality, I deposited 13,000 dollars and then I quickly said goodbye to them. You will not be able to work with onetouchinvest, you will be scammed!!!
  12. Johnyyy
    October 17
    The worst brokerage company I have ever worked with
    I transferred 25,000 euros to the onetouchinvest account and my trading was very bad. The company cheats customers by setting extremely high commissions, without warning about trading conditions changing for the worse. Also now I can't withdraw my remaining money. My deposit will become the property of swindlers. I realized that they would definitely find 100 more reasons not to give me my money.
  13. Yuaya
    September 30
    If you contact this scam, you will never see your money again!
    I have a very negative impression of trading on this site Stop Loss is always closed several points lower than the stated one, and sometimes there is a significant difference! This indicates that the broker does not play fair. I personally do not need to take part in this scam anymore, I closed my account.

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