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PandaLife130 Ltd claims to be registered in Ireland and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, but this is not documented. In addition, the company positions itself as a leading global resource for online brokerage services with its head office located in Geneva, Switzerland. However, there are no facts about the company’s life on the website’s “Our History” page, including no date of its founding. As for the domain, it was only registered in December 2023.

Should you entrust your funds to this company? We will take a look at the main characteristics of this platform and assess its reliability.

Trading Conditions

PandaLife130 offers its clients a MT4 Margin WebTrader terminal. The trading platform can be accessed from any desktop browser or mobile device, regardless of the type of operating system. Users can trade Forex currencies, CFDs on precious metals, stocks, energy, cryptocurrencies.

PandaLife130 has included packages in trade offers, where one trade is represented by different asset classes. However, the broker does not disclose the details of this program. 

PandaLife130 has developed 2 groups of accounts – 5 tariffs for beginners and 2 for advanced traders. All trading plans are structured by minimum deposit amount. You can choose the functionality from the following options:

  1. BASIC from $5,000 – Leverage 0, Access to 300 assets, Contract size 1 lot = 10.
  2. BRONZE from $25,000 – Leverage 1:10, Access to 800 assets, Contract size 1 lot = 100.
  3. SILVER from $50,000 – Leverage 1:50, Access to 1000 assets, Contract size 1 lot = 100.
  4. GOLD from $75,000 – Leverage 1:100, Access to 1,300 assets, Contract size 1 lot = 100.
  5. PLATINUM from $100,000 – Leverage 1:200, Access to 1,500 assets, Contract size 1 lot = 100.
  6. VIP from $125,000 – Leverage 1:200, Access to 1,500 assets, Contract size 1 lot = 100.
  7. Savings Account from $150,000 – Leverage 1:200, Access to 1,500 assets, Contract size 1 lot = 100.

Narrow spreads are available to all clients, and the minimum order size is 0.01 lots. PandaLife130 currently offers 35 cryptocurrencies, for some reason assuring clients of the benefits of Swiss security. The site’s interface supports English and French. You can use the contact form ‌to quickly connect with the support operators.


Would investing in PandaLife130 offer the best returns?

You risk losing funds if you start cooperating with this company. This is dangerous CFD trading with a leverage 1:200, although its maximum allowed size is 1:30 in Europe, since with its increase the risk of losing funds increases many times.

Does PandaLife130 carry out withdrawals?

It is unlikely that you will be able to withdraw funds from this platform. The broker does not disclose the conditions of withdrawal of money by clients, does not indicate the size of commissions and fees, and does not even publish the text of the Terms and Conditions on the site. Users complain in reviews about the impossibility of withdrawing deposits, you can also share your experience.

May I be scammed on

Yes, there are many signs of fraud, in particular, the broker has no license, very bad website design, and a fresh domain. The information about the company's registration in Ireland and regulation in Switzerland is not confirmed by certificates and other legal documents.

What's the best way to share my experience with

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:200
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 5000$
Trading platform: MetaTrader 4
Assets: Forex, CFD

7 reviews about PandaLife130

  1. Derry Ro
    January 24
    Platform is unstable
    Pandalife130 has frequent crashes during important market events. I lost more than 22,000 euros because of this! How can a broker stay on the market with this kind of service?!!
  2. Sadrask
    January 22
    You will lose all your money, this is a scam!
    The best option to save your money is not to trade with this broker. Pandalife130 doesn't pay out what you earn and drains your deposits. My friend invested $8,000 in crypto trading and lost his money in two weeks. Be careful and do not trust your funds to unreliable companies. Pandalife130 is an unscrupulous market participant, you should avoid this platform. The company uses illegal practices including falsifying information, avoiding payments to traders, and charging hidden commissions. The license that is listed on the website of this scam is an invented one by the organizers of the fake company, which has no offices in Geneva and no regulation. The person who invented it has criminal intentions. You will not find any real trading here, forget about your money if you have already deposited it in this scam. Be careful and beware of such brokers!
  3. Damon
    January 10
    Your money will be stolen
    I don't know if scammers own the site, but their specialists are definitely scammers. And if a company hires such employees, it's close to a scam. I opened a minimum deposit of 5,000$. The financial expert assigned to me by the broker immediately began to persuade me to increase it by 7,000$ instead of discussing deals, as if I would have more favorable conditions and get more profit. He lost interest in working with me after I refused to replenish my deposit. However, he added insurance to my account without notifying me and without my consent, and now my withdrawal is blocked! Meaning, I can't withdraw my money until I make millions of dollars!!! Now the broker switches all my e-mails and calls to this expert, and he is laughing at me in response! This is my experience with pandalife130 😡 My resume: if you have extra money and you want to part with it 100%, then contact pandalife130, this broker will help you to lose capital!!!
  4. Green Doubler
    January 10
    The company works dishonestly
    In fact, pandalife130 is nothing but a B-book scheme, although it positions itself as an honest broker, but no one warns you about the amount of commissions, and when you deposit money, the administrators of the platform take away large amounts. Another broker doesn't bring liquidity to the market, the platform freezes all the time, there are huge slippages. You can lose money on this platform very easily, the broker will take away commissions for everything for which only it considers necessary, I didn't even think that I would have so much money for fees when I opened an account here. I'm not profitable to work here, my money losses are too large, up to 30% of the deposit and I'm tired of such attitude of the company to clients, you agree with their conditions without even reading the documents, and then it turns out that it is impossible to work here without losses.
  5. Vladimir
    January 8
    I don't withdraw my deposit
    The broker required me to verify again after I applied to withdraw $1,500 from my account. Even though I had already provided all the required documents, the administrators refused to verify them, and my account was partially blocked, demanding more and more documents from me. I feel that are looking for an excuse not to withdraw my money...
  6. nicklot
    December 30
    High commissions, it is more profitable to trade with other brokers
    Commissions are obviously overrated on this platform, compared to similar companies on the forex market. I do not see the point of considering the regular, spot market, because commissions usually do not play a role there, and transactions are not frequent, so there is not much difference - you paid 0.1% or 0.05%. It is a different matter when you trade futures with leverage, as well as intraday, or scalping in general. Then several trades are made per day, or even several dozens or hundreds. So, pandalife130 has a high commission on futures relative to the rates of other companies, the prices are higher about 1.5-2 times. This may not seem like a significant point to you, but it is also a saving when you trade with a broker where commissions are low as opposed to one where they are high. Keep this in mind if you suddenly want to trade here.
  7. Jol
    December 23
    Cryptocurrency means a lot to me
    Cryptocurrency is a great asset, a lot depends on it, at least for me. Pandalife130 helped me a lot, it gave me not just a platform, but more than that - it opened in front of me a unique opportunity and incredible earnings. I used to earn about $1,300 a month, but I was not enough for this amount, and I realized that it is possible to earn big money on crypto. I found this best platform on the internet where managers don't cheat people :) I got serious about learning and for more than 3 months I dedicated all my free time to trading digital assets. When I felt that I knew quite a lot in theory, I started to act in practice. In total, I've made about $5,500$ on cryptocurrency in the last month. That's much better than $1,300 a month, and I’m still just starting to grow :)

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