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Parenta Financial Services Limited does not disclose details about its history, including the date of its creation. As for the domain, it was registered only in July 2023 in the UK. In addition, the project does not have a license from any regulator. Finally, the London office address listed on the website tells us nothing about the actual place of incorporation of the company.

Can we trust this broker? How reliable is its terminal? We will understand the functionality, and find out whether it is possible to cooperate with this company and earn on the platform by trading assets.

Trading Conditions

The platform offers various financial services: forex, commodities, equities, CFDs, and investing. Parenta Financial Services Limited provides traders with 400+ trading instruments and real-time access to asset prices. You can fund your deposit by transfer from another firm’s bank account, card, brokerage, or investment account, as well as via Sepa and cryptocurrency wallets.

A customer registered on the site can use 5 types of accounts:

  • Forex/Crypto £100 – includes a test period with an expert for 5 days.
  • Commodities £5,711 – contracts can be traded.
  • Stock £16,594 – plus PAMM account, copy trading, IPO placement.
  • Indicies £121,144 – plus trade insurance, arbitrage, off-market investments.
  • Savings Account 21-37% – Online money management with monthly fixed percentage profit payments, lump sum insurance available.

The broker claims that it currently serves more than 40 thousand clients. The service offers 4 order execution modes: request, instant, market, and exchange. The terminal can be opened via a web trader or a mobile application can be installed on a smartphone.

Quotes may differ from market quotes due to intermediation between the market and the liquidity provider. However, any accumulated profits may be considered the broker’s property until orders are closed. Any losses incurred by the client in connection with this will not impose any financial obligation on Parenta Financial Services Limited.

The company’s services include analytics, training, customized trading plans, and investor accreditation. However, all these features are only available for accounts with higher deposits.


Would investing in Parenta Financial Services Limited offer the best returns?

When you invest in an unknown platform, in risky CFD trading or other financial products with the expectation of profit, there is always a high probability of losing money. The company promises to consistently pay out up to 37% on your deposit, this is an unrealistic return, so cooperation will turn out to be a loss of funds for you, not their acquisition.

Does Parenta Financial Services Limited carry out withdrawals?

We can see that the broker has been on the market for a very short time. We have concluded, based on the analysis of the website and customer reviews, that you are unlikely to be able to withdraw money from your account. Please share your experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on

The company claims to be registered in London as a legal entity but has no license for its services, nor official documents confirming the location of the headquarters. In addition, it has a very poor website and new domain, which is why the risk of fraud is high.

What's the best way to share my experience with Parenta Financial Services Limited?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Parenta Financial Services Limited is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

10 reviews about Parenta Financial Services Limited

  1. Olivia
    February 1
    Oszuści, Oszuści
    Witam .Ta firma to oszuści, wyłudzają pieniądze(namawiają wiecznie żeby wpłacać pieniądze, a za to dają bonus).Kiedy poprosisz o wypłatę,to przerabiają Twoje zlecenia i wychodzi duży minus i wszystko tracisz)To są ludzie że wschodniej granicy,Ludzie nie dajcie się nabrać na oszustwa,nie wpłacaj pieniędzy żadnych bo ich nigdy nie zobaczysz.
  2. why
    January 22
    Do you want to get rid of your money!!!!!
    Anyway, if your dream is to become homeless and spend romantic nights outside under the stars, Parenta Financial Services Limited is your perfect choice!
  3. DONNA P
    January 10
    TRUE TESTIMONY FROM REAL VICTIM OF THIS SCAM. THIS IS NOT A COMPETING COMPANY AS THEY WILL TRY TO CONVINCE YOU. THIS IS NOT A MISTAKE. THIS IS WHAT I WENT THROUGH WITH THESE SCAMMERS. PARENTA FINANCIAL LIMITED IS A COMPLETE AND TOTAL FRAUD. I fell into this through an ad, which I realized could be misleading, however when I got in contact with them at first they made me believe that every bad piece of negative research I had on them was fake, or from a competing company and pretty much convinced me to do business with them. I did not think much of it as there are so many people trading these days, and there are so many exchange platforms. They make it all look so legit, they have people for “accounting”, “admin”, “finance”, “trades”, they even claim to work with HSBC bank who is “responsible for sending you the money”. Another thing to note, when i first started, the initial wire to them was taking a bit longer than expected so they offered me a large amount in ‘credit’ that i could start the trading with and they told me it was ok because they believed me and they knew the money was coming, that was red flag #1 but at that point I had already sent the wire so there was no going back. The first man I encountered went by Adam Goldberg, but I doubt any of these pathetic frauds are using their real names. Adam would work with me on a daily basis telling me which stocks i need to trade with and when to stop as well as have me watch videos on the stocks as a tool, he was so convincing but little did i know the ENTIRE PLATFORM IS FAKE. There are no trades happening, there is no money being made or even lost, they are simply pocketing your money and having you play pretend. After I invested a large initial amount and started ‘trading’, that is when Adam told me that even though i had already invested such a big amount, there was a huge fluctuation in stocks happening right now due to the war and pressured me into investing even more as he would connect me to his ‘manager’ Dominic would scream at me that i was being cowardice and that i was not gonna make enough money with just the initial investment. After I put more money in, they kept on talking to me on a daily basis telling me everything was going great and making big promises. The balance of my profits was going up everyday in my account and with the assurance I was getting from both Bogdan and Adam I was beginning to think everything would be okay. As soon as I wanted to withdraw my profits is when the problems took over completely. They told me I could of course take out my profits, but I just needed to fill out this report with the correct numbers so they could submit it to the ‘accounting department’ which is when Bogdan came into the picture. I filled out the report, very detailed and carefully checked each number but he let me know that I had made a mistake on the report which was gonna cost me $20,000. They screamed at me telling me it was my fault and that I had added in an extra decimal somewhere which completely messed up my report and that I had to be the one to fix it or there was no way I could get any of my profits let alone my initial investment back. That is when I was introduced to the ‘banking guy’, Thomas Boone. He was the biggest scumbag scammer of them all. He would call me in the middle of the night to scream at me. He would talk to me and my family member who was in this with me, and tell us everything is going to be okay and we just need to do this one last thing and we would have our money, and every time he was lying through his teeth. He even sent me a fake letter from HSBC that was signed off by him that i still have a copy of. So I put in the money I had ‘mistakenly misreported’ and thought okay this is the last of it and I can just get my profits atleast or just break even. After that, I got a call from Thomas claiming that ‘HSBC bank’ although a legit bank, it was not real had said that in order to transfer my money from the PARENTA platform to my bank they needed to put it in a security deposit box with HSBC and that was going to be another $12,000 but assured me this money was going to be refunded to me and it was only to reserve the lock box. Every single time I would tell them I don't know where to get this money from because I was not prepared nor informed about all this extra stuff on top they told me I had to or I couldn't get my money and would give me different options like taking a line of credit or other extremes. After this they would tell me all kinds of stuff like “The lock box expired, you have to reserve it again” or “it's your fault to begin with, you messed up the report” or “this is for taxes”. They had me going with fake promises for 3 MONTHS. Assuring me every time that I would be getting my money tomorrow, and talking to my family members and assuring them that we would all be rich but THERE WAS ALWAYS MORE. ALWAYS MORE MONEY THAT THEY NEEDED FOR SOMETHING. ALWAYS MORE LIES. Finally when they asked me for $100,000 more to match the ‘taxes’ on my profits i told them i did not have any more money, they had drained my savings, made me max my credit cards, take loans, borrow money and finally i was left with nothing so i could not give them any more, they told me the biggest slap in the face of all. They said so easily, “Oh do you have a house? Just sell it, or refinance it” that's when i knew i had been being dragged along with lies this whole time. When I told them I couldn't sell my house, that I had worked so hard for, they told me then there was no way I was getting my money. I let them know that I had nothing left and I needed that money and all they would say is just put the rest of the money in and it's all yours but I HAD NOTHING LEFT. In the end, I let them know that I was gonna take some kind of action and let everybody know what they had done and they ended it with a threat about me never seeing my money and blocking me. This experience has completely shaken my faith in humanity, and left me with nothing. These men are leeches, frauds, and the biggest disgrace to humanity. They will get their karma, their kids will get their karma, every single dollar they spend will see karma. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT FALL INTO THEIR LIES THEY WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE.
  4. GREY
    December 12
    I am trading on a minimum account for now
    I don't know how things will change in the future, but in these conditions orders are executed quickly, the term is less than a second, and the spread does not jump much, if only on the news, but this is normal for everyone. The margin is 20%, and the stop-out is 5%. Quotes do not jump, coincide with those on the charts. The work is on a standard WebTrader, it is better to deposit funds through Sepa, where the commission is equally low in both directions.
  5. vinyl1905
    November 25
    I registered for the sake of interest
    This broker doesn't have a demo version, so you need to deposit immediately. But I am not a fool to deposit real money immediately with some absolutely unknown broker, about which even on the Internet almost nothing is written. I have not found any reviews about Parenta Financial Services Limited on social networks and forums. I registered to check what is there in the terminal and maybe there is a demo version to try. But I didn't find it, there is no switch or possibility to open a demo specifically, maybe it is necessary to solve this issue through the manager. Either way, it's not at all what it should be. Also, it is strange why the official website is only in English and Polish, while the platform itself already supports many different languages. They took the platform, so they could have tweaked their website to the languages supported on the terminal. The platform itself is shabby. If you compare it with MetaTrader, it is just heaven and earth. There is no auto-trading, there is no automatic testing of strategies on historical data, and you cannot connect any of your own Expert Advisors. In general, you cannot do a lot of things. Of course, the platform does not support the market depth, order feed, and other necessary things. But it should not have these functions, it is CFD-trading, what real liquidity and price feed can be here?! In general, normal traders have nothing to do here. I do not advise you to even try to register an account. By the way, I did it on false contact details, because I did not want to reveal my real personal data in front of unknown people. Here even an SMS for confirmation is not sent.
  6. brayan1987
    October 22
    The support service is disgusting
    I have the feeling that tech support on this site exists only to make customers nervous :(
  7. Michael Mac
    September 26
    I am very satisfied with cryptocurrency trading
    It's very difficult for me to be objective about the broker I first started trading crypto with. But Parenta Financial Services Limited is a really great company. Everything turned out to be simple, I immediately understood everything about these assets. And the managers have a good approach to clients, and of course, I can't help but note the wide range of trading services. On Bitcoins, I earned almost $300 in a week and easily withdrew the profit to my card :) Yes, many forex brokers offer other options for earning money, but it is very easy for me to trade with this broker.
  8. KFill
    September 14
    I can write a long list of minuses of this fake broker
    I have been trading on Forex for several years. Therefore, I understand perfectly well that Parenta Financial Services Limited is not a real brokerage company. The interface supports only two languages, Polish and English. The scammers assure that they have an address in London, but they do not even remember about the mandatory FCA license for British brokers. My advice to everyone, especially beginners, start trading with a broker with a license, then you will never fall for a fraudulent company. Take my word for it, I have lost money so many times on CFD scams that I have already developed immunity against cheaters and I can immediately see a fake service.
  9. Mark
    September 7
    And please bring this information to as many traders as possible. Parenta Financial Services Limited are scammers! They worked a month ago with the same phone number and before that, their exact same site was called Nicol Financial Solutions!!!. I lost over $7000 because of them!
  10. George Jr
    August 2
    You should not blindly trust every broker
    As you know, there are always losses and risks in the forex market, so only scammers can give guarantees on profitability. If it were not for people who put their money into such scams, pseudo-web brokers would definitely not create their one-size-fits-all fraudulent schemes.

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