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Parenta Financial Services Limited is a Forex and CFD broker that offers services to traders from over 100 countries. The company is registered in the UK as a legal entity. It is worth noting that the headquarters is located in London, you can easily find it using the interactive map provided on the website. In addition, the platform is loaded in English and Polish, and the support team speaks to customers in many other languages.

Can we trust this broker? How reliable is its terminal? We will understand the functionality, and find out whether it is possible to cooperate with this company and earn on the platform by trading assets.

Trading Conditions

The platform offers various financial assets: forex, commodities, equities, CFDs, together with investing. Parenta Financial Services Limited provides traders with 400+ trading instruments and real-time access to asset prices. You can fund your deposit by transfer from another firm’s bank account, card, brokerage, or investment account, as well as via Sepa and cryptocurrency wallets.

A customer registered on the site can use 5 types of accounts:

  1. Forex/Crypto £100 – includes a test period with an expert for 5 days
  2. Commodities £5,711 – contracts can be traded
  3. Stock £16,594 – plus PAMM account, copy trading, IPO placement
  4. Indicies £121,144 – plus trade insurance, arbitrage, off-market investments
  5. Savings Account 21-37% – Online money management with monthly fixed percentage profit payments, lump sum insurance available

The broker claims that it currently serves more than 40 thousand clients. The service offers 4 order execution modes: request, instant, market, and exchange. The terminal can be opened via a web trader or a mobile application can be installed on a smartphone.

Parenta Financial Services Limited provides only the most demanded services available in the market, customer-oriented. Users of the platform have access to ready-made trading signals on asset charts that ensure successful trades.

The company’s services include analytics, training, customized trading plans, and investor accreditation. The site publishes the latest news from the world of finance on a daily basis.


Would investing in Parenta Financial Services Limited offer the best returns?

Although the broker claims that over 1000 contracts on the platform are realized with a profit of 50% or more, you should keep in mind that all investments are subject to risk. You should be mindful of unforeseen losses and make informed trading decisions.

Does Parenta Financial Services Limited carry out withdrawals?

Based on website analysis and customer reviews, we concluded that you will have no trouble withdrawing money from your account. Please share your experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on

The company is registered in London as a legal entity where financial services are strictly controlled by the government. In addition, we can see that a lot of money has been invested in the website interface and platform. Usually, scammers behave differently, so the risk here is minimal.

What's the best way to share my experience with Parenta Financial Services Limited?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Parenta Financial Services Limited is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

8 reviews about Parenta Financial Services Limited

  1. Farid116
    August 26
    Perfect platform for beginners
    I was trained elsewhere and came here already a bit experienced, but I feel much more confident in Parenta Financial Services Limited. Everything works perfectly here, no scam from assistants, if you want to, invest, if you want to earn by Forex or Crypto trading, you can do it easily. I started doing both, investing £150 each in two accounts. The signals are clear, spreads are adequate, and withdrawals are fast. In the future I would like to take another training course, as here I think it is more clear, informative and detailed than the one I took before.
  2. Sergio19
    August 22
    I have had success
    The only downside that I didn't like at first was that they have a website in English and Polish, and no Spanish. But when I registered an account, I saw that the platform has Spanish language support, so it didn't turn out to be a problem at all 😃 The information is easy to understand and available to me. I studied the terms and conditions, took a consultation, I liked everything, and then it was just a matter of depositing. But I started with a minimum account, so I trade with profit in the main, for a week little by little I get - up to 30£, everything is fine, withdrew without problems once 100£. Deposit is gradually increasing, but I'm still a beginner, also huge earnings are not, everything is ahead. The main thing is that I am already making progress and there is at least a small, but still a profit.
  3. masterkac
    August 18
    Legitimate company
    I checked the registers of Companies House, as such organizations are usually registered in the jurisdiction of the UK and then go to other countries, and yes, there is Parenta Financial Services Limited, so you can safely consider this broker real and verified. So I opened a £6,000 brokerage account here to seriously trade and in the long run build a serious trading relationship with this broker. I will say right away that trading is risky and you can lose your money due to leverage, and not only that. The price of the asset you buy can drop by 99% and in fact, you will also lose all your money. So you have to be aware of all the risks you are taking. Well, the broker is great and legit.
  4. moonshine15
    August 13
    Competent and polite support
    I really liked the attitude towards the client here. You can immediately feel the care about you, understanding, and desire to help the trader to get on the path of earning, not losing. So I would even recommend this company to those who need both a functional platform and support.
  5. Zago
    August 10
    I am trading on a minimum account for now
    I don't know how things will change in the future, but in these conditions orders are executed quickly, the term is less than a second, and the spread does not jump much, if only on the news, but this is normal for everyone. The margin is 20%, and the stop-out is 5%. Quotes do not jump, coincide with those on the charts. The work is on a standard WebTrader, it is better to deposit funds through Sepa, where the commission is equally low in both directions.
  6. LuckyTrader
    August 7
    You can make good money on the news
    Here you can freely trade on the news, the broker does not prohibit it. I just like to experiment on the various CPI, NFP, on the decisions of the Fed. It should be noted that the trading terminal at Parenta Financial Services Limited does not fall and does not break down at the moment of increased volatility, it is important for me, and the speed of entering a deal at such times plays a big role. I made +50% to deposit within 20 minutes on the recent CPI announcement, and I also made +20% to deposit on NFP. Any other broker would have banned news trading because of the heavy load on the servers, but here there is also something like scalping. In short, the company allows trading with any style and method. And yes, since I trade this way, it means fast, instant execution, no delays, and normal spreads, so it makes sense to trade here with profit. If it was problematic, I would look elsewhere for such strategies:)
  7. Sarxos rafo
    August 3
    I am very satisfied with cryptocurrency trading
    It's very difficult for me to be objective about the broker I first started trading crypto with. But Parenta Financial Services Limited became a clue for me. Everything turned out to be simple, I understood everything about these assets. And the managers have a good approach to clients, and of course, I can't help but note the wide range of trading services. On Bitcoins, I earned almost $300 in a week and easily withdrew the profit to my card:) Yes, many forex brokers offer other options for earning money, but it is very easy for me to trade with this broker.
  8. sharpns
    July 29
    I'm experimenting with the new options here
    Last week managed to earn 350 pounds, and also managed to withdraw this money. The company quietly gives withdrawals, even the profit I made from trading on signals.

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