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Park Financial Consulting LTD claims to be registered at the address listed on the website, which does not include the name of the city and country. Judging by the information of the owners, the brand was founded in 2018, and the launch of the platform occurred in 2020. Currently, as the broker claims, more than thirty-five thousand traders have become clients of the company, and the daily turnover exceeds 150 million dollars. As for the domain, it was registered only in October 2023. Despite this, the company informs users that it has licenses and permits for financial activities from regulators in Cyprus, South Africa, Dubai, Australia, the USA, and the UK. Can you trust this company? We will analyze the work of the platform and make our own conclusions about its reliability.

Trading Conditions

Park Financial Consulting LTD provides clients with access to financial markets. As for legality, only the logos of all regulators are presented on the website, not scans of the license documents themselves. In addition, in the preamble of the Terms of Use, the broker informs that it provides services to clients on the website (, which belongs to Promarketing LTD and is registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica. At the same time, users cannot check the data about the owner of the site, its managers, the true place of registration, and the actual location of the company’s offices.

The interface supports the English version (by default), as well as Russian and Polish languages. Every registered client has access to currency market analytics and the latest news.

You can trade CFDs via the MT5 platform, as well as via Web Trader on PC or on mobile devices with Android and iOS operating systems. You should download and install the terminal on your device from the company’s website.

The company offers trading services with leverage up to 1:500 and spreads over 1 pip. The minimum trading volume is 0.01 lots, which means you can trade for one pound. 

The broker offers clients 4 types of accounts. The accounts differ in the minimum deposit amount and a set of additional services. The maximum account type offers the following services: access to webinars, arbitrage, copy trading, investor support, and insurance. You can choose a suitable one from the following options:

  • Forex + cryptocurrency from £100.
  • Commodities from £10,000.
  • Stock from £50,000.
  • Indices from £100,000.

You have an opportunity to open a savings account with a promised yield from 21% to 37%. The broker guarantees protection against requotes and slippage when making currency transactions.


Would investing in Park Financial Consulting LTD offer the best returns?

The broker's main offer is trading with huge leverage. This way of earning money significantly increases traders' risks and, as a rule, leads to a rapid loss of capital rather than its acquisition. According to the US legislation, CFD trading is prohibited.

Does Park Financial Consulting LTD carry out withdrawals?

Analyzing this service, we have determined that there is no guarantee of withdrawals for clients here. Judging by client reviews, most traders have a negative experience of cooperation with the broker, despite the promising offers of the firm. Please leave a comment if you have already traded on this platform.

May I be scammed on

Yes, the risk of scamming on this site is very high. The company tries to look officially registered, with many brokerage permits and a long period of operation. However, this information is not actually confirmed by anything. The broker promises traders insurance but does not give any guarantees of the safety of their funds. In fact, the site has no official registration, no offices, and no licenses.

What's the best way to share my experience with Park Financial Consulting LTD?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: IFSC, CySEC, FSC Mauritius
Leverage: 1:500
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Referral
Minimum deposit: 126$
Trading platform: MetaTrader 5, WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

10 reviews about Park Financial Consulting LTD

  1. Mirosław Wróbel
    March 11
    To jest oszustwo. Broker Hans Gunter czy jak mu tam nie wiem? Gościu z ukraińskim akcentem , nie wiem w ci ja się wpakowałem ? Wpłaciłem 960 GBP i teraz po miesiącu chciałem wypłacić cześć pieniędzy które rzekomo zarobiłem. To mi powiedział że muszę dopłacić 1000 GBP na zabezpieczenie skrytki depozytowej.... Nie mają żadnej licencji. Sprawdziłem dokładnie wszędzie że licencja 453/12 nie istnieje. Ludzie nie dajcie sobie wmówić że zarobią dla was pieniądze, to są złodzieje i oszuści z Ukrainy
  2. kuzant
    November 26
    I am satisfied with crypto trading
    I chose a broker for a long time and approached the issue thoroughly. A conversation with a colleague became a decisive argument for me, he has been trading with Park Financial Consulting LTD for some time and highly recommended its services. The convenient and fast replenishment of my crypto account won me over. I don't really like to give my bank details when it comes to such kind of income as trading. Not everything is clear to me: today I can buy shares of some foreign companies, and tomorrow I can't do it anymore... Again, banks may have questions about my large sums of money if they are of unknown origin. In general, crypto saves me, everything is conveniently organized on this platform with digital assets, I have already tried to withdraw profits to my cold crypto wallet - the withdrawal is fast and without unnecessary documentary confirmations. Otherwise, all the functionality here is exactly the same as that of other brokers, I have no problems with trading, the availability of the terminal 24/7.
  3. dve
    November 17
    I will never partner with this company again
    Initially I liked this broker and before registering I started to study information about this firm. All the desire I had fallen off at once. Working with park financial consulting ltd is associated with a high risk of losing your money for several reasons. Broker began to function only this year, which means that it has no reputation. Already there are negative reviews from traders who were simply cheated during their short work of this company in the network. There are, of course, praise odes, but they do not carry any specific information, which raises doubts about their plausibility. I also have doubts about the legal information provided on the site. The license is not clear at all.
  4. Strey
    November 16
    Cooperating with this financial company is harmful for your wallet
    After I deposited 100 pounds and opened an account, I quickly found out all the information about this broker, and I realized that all these attractive conditions described on the website is a scam. In fact, there are huge commissions, inadequate leverage and large spreads on the platform. The tech support doesn't work and withdrawal process is a huge problem. The broker will charge you a huge commission and you won't get any money at all. I do not recommend traders to cooperate with this company. Park financial consulting ltd is a standard B-book scheme. In addition, they do not have a license, so defrauded investors will not be able to protect their rights. There are positive reviews online about this firm, but it seems to me this broker buys them. There are other reliable brokers with licensed activities, so you need to choose a broker wisely.
  5. CaseIn
    November 9
    I was cheated
    I am an experienced trader, but I fell for this fake broker. I really liked the insurance offers described on But in fact, it turned out that everything is wrong here. It is unrealistic for a trader to earn and withdraw money from this platform. I was offered a personal manager, who under different tricks lured me out of 500 euros twice, but I had no profit, I was always at a loss. The deal is not closed immediately, and when it is closed, it is too late. In the end, I was disappointed in this platform and left this broker. Otherwise, my losses would have increased. This is such an "Honest" company!!!
  6. 011188
    November 7
    I personally checked everything myself. There is an address in the UK, and there is a company with this name there, but it has nothing to do with this fake broker. The website is registered only on October 1, 2023. However, from the information on it, it appears that the company has been around for more than 4 years. If the organization had simply moved to another domain, it would be possible to find information about it on the Internet, but it is nowhere to be found. Hence, the creators of the website are scammers looking for their victims.
  7. alexpro
    October 31
    Broker for a healthy person
    Park Financial Consulting Limited has become a real find for me among tons of other similar offers, it is a very convenient web terminal that is available from any device in its full functionality, and there are adequate managers who do not try to impose additional services or switching to a higher tariff plan. I immediately outlined to the consultant my financial possibilities and we started to work, he advised several interesting trading strategies, gave good analytical information, and helped me to start earning normally at last, and not to lose, as with previous brokerage companies, which only drained deposits, pretending to be business angels. And here I have already made a real profit for a month and managed to withdraw £1,000, this makes me very happy, I have found the right broker.
  8. Vadi
    October 21
    It's a scam and an all-too obvious one at that
    It's probably even a good thing that this fake company is so bad at going online that it's failing on all fronts. I knew right away that it was a scam and I have no doubts about its criminal nature. A clear scam in the forex market, the fraudsters try to flirt with audiences of several countries, they drew the logos of 6 regulators on the site, and in the end, did not show any of the licenses. They tried to steal another firm's information, ended up confused, and indicated contradictory data from different brokers everywhere, and this lie played even worse for them, showing the incompetence and carelessness of the scam organizers. In short, this release is so bad that even immediately shows that it is a scam. The scammers bit themselves 😂
  9. ky
    October 18
    My experience was absolutely horrible
    I lost about 3 thousand dollars here in two weeks! My deposit was drained into the pocket of scammers :( From the moment I decided to end cooperation with this fraudulent resource, a real nightmare began for me. Managers began to threaten me and even claimed that they would use my personal data to punish me :( I decided to share my experience with other traders to warn them against such problems.
  10. venus24
    October 5
    My money was stolen
    I decided to try my hand at trading and chose Park financial as my broker. Initially, everything seemed tempting: low minimum deposit and promises of big profits from managers. However, I soon realized that I was a victim of deception. As soon as I realized that Park financial was a fraudulent company, I decided to return my small funds, 220 pounds. But my attempts to withdraw the money proved futile. My experience with this broker was a disappointment.

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