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The owner of the website claims that the service has been operating since 2021. There is no official information about the headquarters and registration location. The domain was created in 2011 by MarkMonitor, USA. The place of arbitration is Singapore. However, no scanned copies of legal documents and licenses confirming the legitimacy of operating in the financial markets are available from Pexpay.

Investment Conditions

Pexpay is a platform for converting, buying, selling, and exchanging cryptocurrencies between individuals. The organization advertises simplicity, convenience, and complete security to its customers.

Sign up for Pexpay by phone number or email, as well as through a Binance account. In the first two cases, additional verification is required, which according to reviews can take up to 7-10 days. Pexpay offers clients to make deposits from their external wallets or by bank transfer. BTC, BNB, USDT, and other crypto assets are available. Several types of fees are provided:

  • For spot trades – 0.1%
  • For withdrawals – from 0.01% depending on the method
  • For futures trading – 0.02% maker and 0.04% taker
  • Clients can withdraw their profits without any fees at Binance

You can trade at any time using the Pexpay app for iOS and Android. If the exchange is banned in your country, the administration of the platform will block your transactions.

Pexpay reserves the right to change the client agreement at any time without any notification. Access to your account and services may be blocked without any liability of the exchange.

You can use one of the highest referral rates on the market 41% to earn money. And another $650 in credit. Managers of the company communicate in 20 languages and are available 24 hours a day to answer user queries. The exchange publishes information about promotions and innovations on its Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram pages.


Would investing in Pexpay offer the best returns?

It is very dangerous to agree to cooperate with this organisation. It has no registration documents and no authorisation to provide financial services.

Does Pexpay carry out withdrawals?

The client agreement on the website states that the exchange can block your account at any time. Read Pexpay's customer comments and tell us about your experience with this partner in a testimonial.

May I be scammed on

The platform is not very popular with customers. Experienced crypto players leave negative reviews. Be careful, the company is suspected of fraud by many users.

What's the best way to share my experience with Pexpay?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Pexpay is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Date of foundation: 2021
Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Affiliate program: Referral
Leverage: Not indicated
Deposit method: Сredit cards, Wire/bank transfers, Cryptocurrencies, Payment systems

21 reviews about Pexpay

  1. Data
    July 5
    Scammers and cheeky monkeys!!!
    Don't fall for this scam. This scam should be blacklisted in all review sites, but it's not.
  2. Bredly
    June 24
    To all who read
    Run away from this site, don't fall for the ads, and don't be fools. You will be lured like sheep to Pexpay and cut all your wool.
  3. pop222
    June 20
    Strange company...
    They told me you could deposit 100-200 dollars in your personal account. Now they write to me that the minimum deposit for my personal account is not enough. They want me to work with an amount of 5000 dollars and more. It seems they want to make a profit on this condition. But it doesn't work like that. Either you are targeting the wealthy, or you are interested in the average investor. And the methods of attracting the attention of a potential client are different in both cases.
  4. kqlek
    May 31
    A very cool P2P exchange
    A reliable platform, it is a subsidiary of Binance. It's possible to authorise through their account. That's where I heard about them when I couldn't withdraw to P2P through my profile. Binance transfers me to Pexpay and offers to do the transaction there as there are restrictions on Binance. Since Binance doesn't allow you to work properly, you can use it as an analogue.
  5. Zirael
    May 20
    Deception and scam
    I had all my money stolen. With every request for a withdrawal, the Pexpay manager says they need more money. They ended up taking everything from me and blocking me. I wish these thieves would burn in hell!
  6. Antonio
    May 8
    It's easier to forget about them
    If you've already been taken in by their "bait", DO NOT INVEST any more money. Don't give remote access to your computer. And change your passwords.
  7. Sarion
    May 8
    This site is a complete SCAM
    Do you want to lose money? Then Pexpay is for you! They only take money from us and put us into debt. When it comes to withdrawal, they will find a thousand reasons not to do it. I had about 35k in my account and didn't see a cent of it. So they are sneaky cheats!
  8. Loran
    May 7
    Cheating on quotes
    Have you heard of a brand like Pexpay? If you ever hear of it, you'd better not get involved. It was fine at first, but by the fifth day of trading, I discovered that they were definitely cheating with quotes. Their cryptocurrency prices were very different from other platforms. Then their representative started offering me some new products. He promised me fabulous wealth. I did not fall for this manipulation. And after a couple of days, they started to ask me to compensate for some losses on the exchange. No, they're crooks... I think it's better to stay away from them. Now I'm trying to withdraw all funds.
  9. Mirranta
    May 7
    A fake company
    This site was created by the Binance exchange to circumvent bans on cryptocurrency trading in various countries. How can you believe those who cheat the regulatory authorities themselves? This is an exchange that doesn't even enter the real market and is willing to block clients without explanation.
  10. Deniz
    April 26
    Deception algorithm
    The site has opened a hunt for naive newcomers. In Pexpay, after registration, you are advised to listen to the trading signals given by the account manager. Inexperienced traders find it incredibly lucrative. What they don't know is that scammers aren't financially responsible for the consequences. A "trustworthy" consultant will do whatever is necessary to drain your to empty your wallet as quickly as possible. Then you'll have to go through real misery trying to get through to the conscience of the helpdesk, seeking support in the form of Singapore regulators. It's all a waste of time, you won't succeed. The only hope is to get a chargeback but remember that the time limit for
    but remember that chargebacks have a limited time frame and the procedure is quite lengthy. Don't miss this opportunity to get your personal investment back from Pexpay.
  11. luki
    April 24
    Terrible company
    Shutting down scammers like Pexpay should be done by the competent authorities and prohibit them from defrauding ordinary people. Bastards
  12. Kova
    April 23
    You can't get the money out
    Don't believe this scam. Fake Pexpay platform with the appearance of trading.
  13. Lary
    April 23
    Mid-level service
    I've been working with the spot, no particular problems so far. The support is adequate, always in touch, and the functionality is average. The transfers go in and out at an average speed. It is possible to withdraw money to the card without any unreasonable delays. I'm not very happy about commissions and the possibility of account blocking. That's why I don't dare to use a big amount for transactions.
  14. josejcardozos
    April 19
    No one to protect you
    The regulators in Singapore do not even have any levers to fight against Pexpay. I already applied for help but I was denied. Because in fact, the company is bogus and only operates online. I don't even know what to do.
  15. Zack
    April 1
    It turned out to be a regular scam website
    I found this company by chance and thought they were decent people. But PexPay turned out to be regular scammers. On the phone, I was offered a minimum investment of $150 and I paid it in. And when the payment had already gone through, they told me I needed to add up to 5 thousand more, because they could only offer me an initial account. It turns out that they tell people they need 150 and then start demanding a lot of money. And someone who doesn't have that kind of money gives their $150 to the exchange for nothing. They block him, close his account and take the money. And that's how they work.
  16. Ntv
    March 17
    This is a bad exchange
    Pexpay should have taken care to obtain approvals from local regulators. But the crooks, of course, did not. There is no such company among the licensees of the US SEC and the Singapore regulator. I have personally checked and can provide you with a screenshot of the results of the check.
  17. Ivo
    March 15
    Beware of collaboration
    This second-rate "service" is not going to work honestly and help traders to multiply capital. Pexpay was founded by unscrupulous and brazen swindlers who want to improve their wealth at someone else's expense. The pseudo broker has no license and, accordingly, there is no guarantee of making money on its platform.
  18. yasee
    March 13
    A very good exchange
    Honestly, I haven't seen a single flaw with Pexpay at all. I know it sounds strange, but the broker is really good. All the managers who work here try to create the best conditions for the client. Trading with this service is comfortable, help is always provided. I like everything.
  19. Z1K
    March 9
    Deceived me and stole all my money
    I gave away all my savings and traded quite successfully on PexPay. Although there were times with orders hanging for a couple of hours at a time. I thought it was the instability of the platform. Programmers can have programming errors. But it turned out to be the first signal. So, 3 grand was stolen from me. I was never able to withdraw the profit, although the amount I requested was no more than $500. I doubt they ever withdrew cryptocurrency to anyone.
  20. Toka
    March 1
    Scam project
    You invest in Pexpay and end up with no money. The pseudo-broker will not give you any money, it is only interested in their own interests. The scammers promised me a lot, but in fact - only extorted money. And one more interesting point. Most likely, these lazy liars simply copied internal documents from other scammers. They were in such a hurry to launch a scam project that they even forgot to change the details. In particular, the "User Agreement" refers to regulation under Singapore law. I was not lazy to check this fact. The result was as expected. The local regulator had not heard anything about the Pexpay exchange.
  21. AleX
    February 16
    I don't know what to do
    A week after I funded my account, I was offered to take a contract loan. But I was not given any documents that would tell me my rights. Now I have to save my money myself. No one will help me, I think. Pexpay is a scam.

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