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The PhoenixTB website is owned by Lerekki Limited, which is registered in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. However, it is not licensed and uses the MSI compensation fund to settle disputes with clients, the certificate of membership in this organization was issued in February 2023. Other than that, the broker does not disclose any more information about the date of its establishment. As for the domain, it was also registered in February 2023 in the Bahamas. Finally, the project has no legal address, and its offices in the UK, Canada, and Switzerland tell us nothing about the actual location of the company running the site.

Does the broker really put the interests of its clients first? Can we trust its guarantees of safe trading? We will investigate the site and find out. In doing so, we will find out whether the company is really as reliable as it promises its users.

Trading Conditions

The PhoenixTB proprietary platform allows clients to trade CFDs on various underlying products. These are commodities, indices, currency pairs, and cryptocurrency. Before opening your first trade, you need to register and fund your account. You can top up your deposit using the following popular methods:

  • Bank transfer.
  • Visa/MasterCard.
  • Cryptocurrency wallets.
  • E-wallets Skrill, Neteller.

The minimum amount you can transfer to your account is $20. At the same time, the balance of the deposit must be at least $250.

The broker claims that clients’ funds are kept in separate segregated accounts. 24/7 monitoring of activity in the client’s account is stated as a guarantee of security. Your deposit can be blocked if money transactions arouse suspicions of the site administration.

The user can test the terminal on a demo account and use the economic calendar only after registration on the site. On the PhoenixTB platform, clients are provided with bonuses on a temporary, permanent, or one-time basis. The broker reserves the right to cancel the bonus at any time if in its opinion the client abuses his rights.

You can use Forex e-books, and videos for training, without registering an account. There is also a section of current-day news freely available on the site.


Would investing in PhoenixTB offer the best returns?

You are unlikely to make a profit in risky CFD trading on an unknown platform. The broker provides clients with little relevant information, the website content consists almost entirely of adverts, and important legal documents are missing. You see constantly pop-up messages about the denial of registration to clients from the USA, because there are strict requirements for financial organizations there.

Does PhoenixTB carry out withdrawals?

Withdrawals here can be blocked by the decision of the site owner. After that, you will not be able to protect your capital with the official regulator, and you will not even be able to find out in which jurisdiction the company is located. Users often write in reviews that it is definitely not worth trusting this broker.

May I be scammed on

The exact location of the owner's company is unknown. There are no legal documents on the site, except for a private association certificate. The domain appeared several months ago, there is no license, and without it, we may suspect the broker of unfair trading.

What's the best way to share my experience with PhoenixTB?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if PhoenixTB is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: Yes
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

18 reviews about PhoenixTB

  1. Avocado
    October 21
    Absolut dubiose Firma
    Geld eingezahlt, konnte nicht abheben. Abzocke! Selbe Firma wie gelöschte Plattform http:// appexfinance .com.
  2. Empresa de ladrões
    August 22
    Essa é a tática usada pela,no início te transferem pequenas quantias e quando ganham sua confiança,te faz depositar valores altos com promessas de lucros e quando você percebe que caiu no golpe.
  3. mlvz
    August 8
    I like trading here
    I have been dealing with this company for several months - so far I have no complaints. Trading is profitable.
    1. gilardiap
      August 31 Scam
      Essa empresa de ladrões me roubaram mais de 31000€
      Para cada critica,alguém pago pela deixa um comentário positivo.Centenas de milhares de pessoas foram vítimas dessa empresa fraudulenta ,lavagem de dinheiro e pirâmide
  4. Layonel
    July 31
    I can't withdraw money for over a month
    The company just ignores my emails and cancels all withdrawal requests. I don't think phoenixtb can be trusted! I do not advise you to trade here!
    1. A phoenixtb retirou seu site do Google porque estão havendo centenas de milhares de denúncias SCAM
      August 15
      Investi na e estão me pedindo 11,000€ para retirar meus fundos de investimento l.
      Milhares de pessoas estão sendo lesadas,furtadas,roubadas e enganadas por essa empresa fraudulenta
  5. mark h
    July 23
    Long time waiting for payment
    I went through all the procedures that the broker required from me, and there is no money.
  6. TuuTiki
    July 6
    Do not contact these scammers if you do not want to lose money!
    On the 28th of June, I funded my account with a card to save open orders, but the money $300 still hasn't arrived! It just disappeared! The deposit has gone to zero! My appeals are answered probably by a robot, which every time promises me to sort out the situation! These are just scam artists! Never open an account with PhoenixTB if you want to save your money!
  7. Aliex
    July 1
    I don't like the terms and conditions
    I'm not conservative in trading, and alas, many brokers this approach or prohibit, clearly "prevent" to earn. In “PhoenixTB” I can't earn in new ways either, although nobody forbids it, but I can't open trades in less than 15 minutes. It's my problem if I lose money, and I don't like this policy of the company.
  8. Peso
    June 27
    When I see this broker in the network, I just want to weep
    These scammers did not even stop the fact that I am a mother of many children. They still continued to persuade me to continue risky trading, and in the end, I gave them almost 3 thousand dollars. And when I realized that I couldn't dream of any earnings, I started calling PhoenixTB, writing letters and literally begging them to return at least a part of my deposit, as I had nothing to feed my children. Do you think they took the slightest bit of pity? Of course not! They just blocked my number and all subsequent numbers I called from.
  9. fon
    June 14
    This platform is designed to swindle money from newbies!
    Scammers, the real ones! They also cover themselves with human values! Written off my deposit $345 and did not even thank me for my generosity. Why should they? They got their money! If I still had something, PhoenixTB managers would definitely talk to me more! So many people are interested in investments, and trading, but unfortunately, Forex is full of scammers who make money on it! I wish everyone to be vigilant, so as not to fall into the hands of such "services".
  10. SoccerStyle
    June 11
    I can't say anything definite yet
    I have been trading here for only 1 month, in my opinion - the broker is not bad. If you have your own developed tactics of trading, there are all conditions for it. Withdrawal is not tight, but they do not withdraw it instantly. I sent a request for a withdrawal of 620 dollars, withdrew the same day, and then I again sent a request for 170 dollars, and the money to me on the crypto purse withdrew 3 days. And what it is connected with, I could not understand. It's good that phoenixtb withdraws funds, but it's bad that it's unstable.
  11. Paulo
    May 28
    I do not receive my funds
    I made a deposit and came out in the plus, but the broker does not give me the money, my application in manual mode constantly hung on the account, but after a week it was simply canceled. I can not withdraw more than 20k dollars.
  12. Nao
    May 23
    Managers will be polite as long as you top up your balance
    I was offered (this is valid for a very short time!) a personalised bonus of 100% on my money. The manager promised that it will be worked out quickly (our robots will work it out!), and you will then take this profit for yourself! And we will take only a small percentage of the commission from your profit! What an interesting tempting offer from PhoenixTB! How not to agree (especially when my income has fallen and I really need the money!). And indeed, I deposited 1200$ and at first there were trades, and all "plus", and the bonus is already worked out, everything goes well until I did not send a request for withdrawal! And that's it! Came minus deals (it's all the robot!). Polite managers stopped contacting me:(((
  13. lllura
    May 19
    It is definitely impossible to call the broker reliable....
    I can't understand where their headquarters is located and if there is any official document at all, except for some incomprehensible certificate. It seems to me that there is no company at all, and fraudsters sit in some rented flat and deceive people. I do not recommend anyone to deposit anything on phoenixtb! Even if they promise you unthinkable profits.
  14. i3ntz
    May 15
    I have been trading crypto for a little over a month, everything is ok
    The documents for reporting to the tax office are sent to my email on request, just need to request them.
  15. Intro
    May 12
    I foolishly got involved here
    The broker looked relatively normal, but I also deposited my money. I had a deposit of $8,000 in total, which they won't let me withdraw now. In fact, there is even a $1334 plus in the account, but they won't let me withdraw anything. I think that I see just a figure, and my money in the account is not and was not, the swindlers from PhoenixTB immediately put them in their pockets, and now just under various pretexts tell me that I can not withdraw because of my mistakes. There is something wrong with my contract, or with verification, or they have technical works, or this withdrawal method is temporarily not working, and it can not be changed. What will be the next reason? Evil wizard destroyed their servers, and therefore I can not withdraw money?
  16. simshivi
    May 12
    Definitely scammers!
    Clowns, called me every day and asked me to deposit the minimum amount to start trading 250$. They promise me to make 50-70% from 250$ for months. And Phoenixtb has no licenses, no regulation, there are a lot of negative things about this company on the Internet!!!!

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