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The company claims to be officially registered in the UK. It has an active office there and a contact number which you can find out after registering your account. You can also request a company registration certificate and trading documents by contacting their support department. Picas Investment allows foreign investors and investors in the United Kingdom to visit their office for personal advice.

Investment Conditions

Once you have completed registration you will need to make an initial deposit in electronic currency. This can be done through your personal office, where all deposits are made. Communication with technical support is done via online chat.

Profits may be withdrawn at any time. There is no minimum amount to withdraw from your Bitcoin and Perfect Money account.

You can invest in three plans:

  • 1-day – minimum $10, maximum $60,000, with 125% interest per annum
  • 3-day – minimum $300, maximum $80,000, with 205% p.a
  • 5-day – minimum $1,000, maximum $120,000 with 395% interest

Each investment plan pays out a profit every calendar day. The principal amount of the deposit is included in the profit. Clients can obtain tailored investment services and financial advisory services on the website. Affiliates of Picas Investment are offered a 5% instant affiliate bonus.


Would investing in Picas Investment offer the best returns?

Working with this asset management firm will cost you money. This is an HYIP project with a huge risk that you will not get your money back.

Does Picas Investment carry out withdrawals?

The site only withdraws small amounts. You're better off using more reliable ways to make money. Read the reviews about Picas Investment, so you will understand their illegal activities.

May I be scammed on picasinv.com?

The site has a fresh domain and the reviews on the Internet only appeared in 2023. Statistics from program organizers of such dangerous projects may be fictitious.

What's the best way to share my experience with Picas Investment?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Picas Investment is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Date of foundation: 2021
Minimum deposit: 10$
Affiliate program: Referral
Deposit method: Cryptocurrencies, Payment systems
Yield: 125$
Legend: cryptocurrency, trading, crypto tradings, forex trading, and real estate-related services
Investment term: short
Payment period: daily
Automatic reinvestment: No

15 reviews about Picas Investment

  1. Alexander
    June 27
    I can't find the site
    Has this Picas Investment scam already disappeared? Or does it have another name?
  2. raut
    June 11
    This kind of profit does not exist in the market
    Clearly, Picas Investment is a scheme by scammers. The basis of the company's activity is to fund your account with new clients. The main proof - it is impossible to get such high profitability with any cryptocurrency in the virtual market so quickly.
  3. Nick
    June 2
    Fake reviews from bots
    I want to draw your attention to the fact that many exactly positive reviews about Picas Investment are repeated many times on different sites. This could mean that the company has simply paid bots to fill the review platforms with praise comments.
  4. dispeher
    May 26
    This is a scam project that works on the principle of a money trap. The organizers of Picas Investment are willing to increase any small deposit from a new user once. Repeat deposits are not refundable! Large deposits are not refundable! This HYIP is easy money making with big risks that you will not get your money back. The administrators are cheating, do not take part in such fraudulent projects.
    May 23
    What a defrauded investor should do
    I know for a fact that there are many swindlers in this area. I advise you to contact the police if you have been cheated by Picas Investment and make a complaint and enclose evidence.
  6. Serp-86
    May 21
    Unstable platform
    I have constant glitches on the Picas Investment website, delays in execution, and problems with deposit withdrawals.
  7. stubsbad
    May 13
    I got scammed by this fund
    I too fell for Picas Investment's tricks, can't get 3200 USDT. How beautifully they sang to me about profits, they were polite. But they did not promise a lot of money, everything seemed to be true. Only I tried to withdraw my deposit and my account was blocked at once. I was asked to add 500 USDT before that, supposedly so I could withdraw without any problems. My personal consultant-analyst was very polite, professional in digital finance. A little later he started harassing me to fund my account. That's how he got me to 3200 USDT. I filed a police report, which I advise you to do as well!
  8. Manis
    April 26
    The profit guarantees are unrealistic
    I am an experienced cryptocurrency trader. I do NOT recommend dealing with the fraudulent Picas Investment fund, because there is no information about the legality of this company.
  9. 09121983
    April 6
    A good company
    It is my trusted financial partner. I invest digital money with Picas Investment, which boasts a long investment history and excellent track record and brings together all the crypto asset management features.
  10. Greamma
    April 2
    I had a good manager. I deposited $6,000 and made $3,240 to it along with the referral programme. Profits on withdrawal, according to the consultant, are stuck in an offshore bank. Now they are asking me to transfer 10%. A scam, I don't believe it. Yesterday an employee of Picas Investment called and said that I should transfer 10% and I will be happy.
  11. Toxic
    March 22
    Foolish project
    I want to share my first experience of investing, unfortunately, not the most successful. Picas Investment is a fraudulent project from start to finish. Unfortunately, I fell for it because of my lack of experience. Don't you get caught! The scammers act under the guise of "analysts" and do not promise huge profits, which looks very realistic. Very cultural, polite managers. They give a lot of information, explain all operations, not just tell me where to click. Not once did they ask for a demonstration of the screen, which such characters usually do. First, they let you withdraw money from your account. They call you on the phone and tell you about the features of the cryptocurrency. They trade calmly, unhurriedly even, and the account is not constantly asked to be funded, you kind of come to this decision on your own. They only recommend depositing as far as possible. I deposited $1000, then I was given VIP status, but also unobtrusively, as if that's how it should be... Everything is well thought out. At a certain stage, when I had already deposited $5000 and it became clear to the manager that I would not deposit any more, then he created an artificial conflict. I was required to meet the conditions for paying commission, although it was not provided for on the site. My only option was to deposit more money into my cryptocurrency wallet, supposedly in order to pay for the missing commission. Obviously, I didn't pay any more money. As a result, the Picas Investment staff made me look guilty. Moreover, they said that they would not work with me any more and I would not get any money. Everything became clear to me there. I will work with law enforcement agencies until the situation is resolved. I will take the organizers of this scam to court for fraud. I will also appeal to the domain registrar to close the company's website. Don't fall for their promises, good luck!
  12. rome
    February 19
    There are fools waiting here
    Their legend goes like this. "The asset management firm Picas Investment is based in a UK jurisdiction”. It's actually a HYIP that operates under a Ponzi scheme. They count on naive people who are new to investing.
  13. syscall
    February 18
    Not a bad fund
    I made almost $1000 in a week! I had to pay extra for the withdrawal services of the analyst but it was worth it! I recommend it to everyone.
  14. Traffic
    February 15
    Don't listen to bad advice
    Some investors naively believe that they can make money in an HYIP. And then they go from one HYIP to another, and in each one, they get cheated by cunning administrators. Some investors come up with entire theories on how to earn in HYIPs. At the same time, they provide referral links to the same HYIPs in order to direct you there. There is no special theory in the Ponzi scheme Picas Investment's business is built on. Those who invite others to HYIPs are earning the least and those who set them up are earning the most and those who put their own money into them are not earning at all. You are better off using other ways to make money.
  15. Yuki
    January 27
    Fraudulent service
    Picas Investment accepts fixed-rate investments from clients. After which you are not paid deposits and interest. Every investor is tried to cheat at least 2 times. First employees will tell you that you have to pay additional taxes, then commission. And after the additional payments from you will not be received, your account will be blocked.

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