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The company’s website indicates the start date – February 2017. The broker is registered in the Republic Of Costa Rica. The activities of the Pocket Option company are not regulated. There are no references to licenses on its official website. Technical support ignores questions about the regulator and the broker’s license.

Trading Conditions

The online platform, PC software, mobile app for smartphones, and Telegram bot are available to users.

The support service responds to customer queries only after the deposit has been made.

There is no detailed description of the trading conditions on the Pocket Option website. The platform provides video training for newbies. Clients can use over 100 assets for trading, including binary options. The site uses an OTC platform on weekends, where over-the-counter trades are conducted. Company offers auto-tracking services for other traders, trading tournaments, and a bonus system in the form of an online game.

The registration procedure provides for compulsory verification of personal data. The broker may refuse to withdraw funds from the account on the basis of incorrectly provided data.


Would investing in Pocket Option offer the best returns?

The investor is likely to lose their money. The broker has an unknown platform, unclear trading conditions, and short expiry time on binary options.

Does company carry out withdrawals?

The feedback about the company is negative. Customers talk about how their accounts were blocked as soon as they made the minimum deposit, i.e. as little as $5. Share your own experiences in the comments if you have traded with Pocket Option.

May I be scammed on pocketoption.com?

The risk of fraud is high. This site is blocked in many jurisdictions. Due to a lack of license, Pocket Option is banned in EU countries and the USA. When cooperation turns out to be a loss of funds, the client will not be able to benefit from the regulator's protection.

What's the best way to share my experience with Pocket Option?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if it is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Date of foundation: 2017
License: No license
Demo account: Yes
Affiliate program: Referral
Assets: Forex, Commodities, Index, Shares, Crypto
Minimum deposit: 5$
Bonus: 49%
Deposit method: Сredit cards, Wire/bank transfers, Cryptocurrencies, Payment systems

12 reviews about Pocket Option

  1. Fouad EZZAMOURI
    December 25
    Scam alerts ⚠️
    Scam platform to trade or deposit your money with, anyway you will lose your money. After deposit successfully, I v made little profits, but when I asked for withdrawal. They blocked the window for other requests. Be careful..
  2. Mike
    December 4
    A great company... while you're losing..
    Unfortunately fallen into the pocket option trap. I traded with them for almost 2 years. No problems or issues, support was always good. However I was depositing regularly, and rarely withdrawing...

    Fast forward to now, I started using their 'Copy Trader' feature. Their OWN in build system. I turned 600 dollars into over 13000 in a very short period of time. WOW THIS IS AMAZING FREE MONEY!... However I wake up one day, all my copies are gone, I can no longer copy anyone... I try to type in general chat... I'm banned from chat til 2028?? Basically I found an avenue that worked and made money for me, so they banned it.

    Next problem, im still sat with a balance, now over 15k. They will not let me withdraw. I got 2 small withdrawals out, now I just have one 'processing' for days and days. I have no doubt whatsoever that I will get my account either blocked, wipes, closed, banned etc, just like everyone else who finally profits here.
  3. Mew
    May 28
    Only withdraw small amounts of money
    My personal experience with it: I previously heard that the broker blocks people for nothing. So I decided to videotape all my trading sessions with the whole desktop captured. As soon as I started withdrawing $1,000 a week, the Pocket Option immediately limited the expiry time (removed the ability to make 1-minute trades). I then continued to trade, opening for 2-15 minutes. And after delivery of funds for withdrawal they blocked my account with 6.000$ on deposit for the invented reason. And no proof of any violations was accepted, complete ignorance, everywhere they blocked me. Two of my acquaintances were also blocked with money in their accounts as soon as they started withdrawing from 1.000$. Only bloggers get large withdrawals here, and all other customers, only withdraw small amounts of money. I do not advise anyone to mess with this dump. Almost all bloggers have left this broker, obviously, because of the constant blocking of their referrals. And yes, company has a new system of blocking accounts - not a stupid account ban, but an internal one: they block the ability to withdraw funds, block general chat and take away the ability to write to support. And a cheeky ignore in emails.
  4. Jenanay
    May 22
    Unfriendly tech support
    I have encountered the unprofessionalism of Pocket Option employees. I have to say this is the first time I have had such a bad customer service experience. The support specialist is unwilling to explain anything. He is very unfriendly to the customer and doesn't ask any questions. Constantly insists on doing things against my will, without explaining why the customer benefits in this way, without apologizing, offering alternatives, or showing he is trying to solve the problem. I really expect them to be more customer friendly and willing to help.
  5. Tinya
    May 16
    Stay away from these thieves
    Be careful with this broker and stay away. Pocket Option is a very dangerous company. Like many others, they have stolen my money and I can promise you that they will also steal your deposits. You will be treated very kindly if you make a deposit. Immediately, literally, the next minute someone calls you and they are very kind and helpful. Different people have spoken to me and they have been friendly. They explained to me which currency pairs are profitable today. But when you ask for your money back, they disappear instantly. When I complained to my bank, they came back to me again and said: "We don't know the legal options, find them yourself to get your money". After that, I saw in reviews how this company was recommended. Actually, such lucky traders are worth looking for, because they were able to get their money back from this bunch of thieves in some miraculous way.
  6. Orleans
    April 24
    There is no good money to be made
    Good platform, liked everything until the withdrawal blockage came... I had been trading for a long time, everything was fine, - I withdrew, traded, everything was great! But now I cannot contact support anymore and cannot withdraw funds at all... They said there was some suspicious activity on my account and I lost the money.
  7. Setoyelad
    April 12
    Not allowed to withdraw money
    As soon as it goes over 500 quid you won't get anything out, you'll get dumped and your account will be blocked.
  8. Viceng
    April 6
    This is a fraud
    They will not let you withdraw the money once it goes over 500 bucks, you get dumped and your account gets blocked, they keep referring to some magic points, another scam to take the money.
  9. Feanaul
    March 30
    Trade scam
    Fraudulent, scam company, and I do not recommend Pocket Option to anyone, ever! When you lose you find support and the site is available. Support closes for no apparent reason when you start winning and you can't start activation requests to collect your money. They know that depositing with an e-wallet makes it difficult for them to cheat. That's why they ask the customer to activate a bank card. There is a problem with being cheated through this bank method, so you can't withdraw your money.
  10. Kroll
    March 24
    Binary options - all a scam
    Never work with team, at this broker, the quotes do not coincide with the real ones, tested many times! ‌Never work on Swap Free accounts at all in life - this is pulling and fooling from the broker's side! Pocket Option will in any case lead you, as a webtrader, into losses, endless depositing and replenishing your account again, losing money accordingly. It is a never-ending drain on your family budget and your pocket. You will never get any profit from this broker, it's a one-way game! Do not register there and do not do verification, no spreads, it is all a waste of time and your money!
  11. Niso
    March 18
    Unreliable trade
    On this platform, the broker withdraws small amounts, after that the withdrawal or account is blocked.
  12. Bone
    March 13
    The terms of cooperation are good
    I started trading on Pocket Option relatively recently, but I have already made a good profit. I think it's very convenient that they have so many different instruments for comfortable trading. For me, for example, cryptocurrencies are the easiest to work with. It is quite possible that it will become my main one. What can I say? Company does not spin the quotes that much compared to others. I withdrew 50 from 10 dollars. I got my money both on my card and on Web Money. The support is quick to respond. But there is one problem! They have blocked the chat. And I asked questions 4 times in a row: for what exactly, for exactly what violation? The answer was one - you have violated. And that's it. That is, left without a clear answer. I'm sorry I can't understand my mistake. However, it is possible to make money there. It's easy to trade, and there are lots of bonuses with gifts.

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