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Precision Trade does not disclose its registered office but informs about its branches in London, Zurich, and Singapore. Meanwhile, the company indicates ‌in the client agreement that it operates by the regulatory legislation of Estonia. As for the project’s history, its owners indicate the founding date as 2010. However, the domain was registered in September 2023.

Is it safe for you to cooperate with this forex broker? We will check the documents and functionality of the platform to conclude about the safety of trading on it.

Trading Conditions

Precision Trade offers clients a platform to trade on 5 markets. The terminal has various cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and others. You can use your mobile phone or desktop PC. Trading is accompanied by daily market updates and trading signals.

Precision Trade has developed 3 types of plans, which differ in the size of the minimum deposit and the number of training programs. You can choose a trading plan from the following options:

  • Standard from $250 – Account setup.
  • Super from $5,000 – WM Webtrader trading platform.
  • Ultra from $10,000 – Training and live classes.

The company issues bonuses to clients, which you can withdraw after completing a minimum trading volume of 25 times the amount of the bonus and deposit. Precision Trade processes withdrawal requests within 5 business days after receiving them. The minimum withdrawal amount is 100-250.00 USD/EUR/GBP depending on the payment system you choose.

Precision Trade disclaims any liability for trader’s losses that exceed the amount of commission fees withheld by the company during the last month. The commission fee for 1 withdrawal transaction is 10% of the withdrawal amount, but not less than $50.

Expert tips and financial analyses are available on the website. The interface supports 7 languages, including Spanish, German, and Arabic. Precision Trade’s help center provides 24/5 support to clients, including via a callback form to consultants.


Would investing in Precision Trade offer the best returns?

You are unlikely to make any money on this platform. The anonymous broker does not disclose the basic trading conditions, and therefore cooperation with this company will turn out to be a loss of money for you.

Does Precision Trade carry out withdrawals?

We saw in the client agreement that the administration can "immediately delete the user's account" at its discretion. The company's clients write in reviews about refusals to withdraw their funds. If you have had experience with this broker, you can share your impressions in the comments.

May I be scammed on

You can become a victim of fraud on this site. The company operates without registration and license, and the resource owners mislead visitors about the age of the project, as it has a fresh domain‌ name. 

What's the best way to share my experience with

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: Yes
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

12 reviews about Precision Trade

  1. Bomber
    February 1
    I regret registering
    Two things bother me. The first is that the broker turned out to be unreliable and prone to fraud, I had a hard time getting this company to return my funds to me. The second one is that I am now worried about my personal data that I provided when confirming my identity. It seems to me that the site owners may use this information for their own purposes.
  2. FMI
    January 31
    I found a good platform for crypto trading
    I've known this broker for several months, but at the registration stage, I couldn't even imagine that our cooperation would be so long. I realized only here how profits can be made through crypto trading. This company teaches you how to understand digital money and helps you to unlock your trading potential in a very qualitative way. I'm constantly earning on and the resource suits me in general. Yes, you won't make a big profit here and you won't become a millionaire if you trade with a deposit of £250, but it's an ideal option for additional enrichment. I like the fact that there are promotions with bonuses, which motivate traders to cooperate with this site. I have no problems with the withdrawal of money.
  3. nick
    January 20
    The platform does not make me happy
    I've been trading with this broker for a few months, but I never found any outstanding innovations in the trading environment or service. Support responds quickly to issues that arise, but sometimes there are still delays in getting a response. Commissions on are the highest on the cryptocurrency market. Zero asset spreads are not available here like other companies, Forex trading conditions are also not the best among UK forex brokers. The functionality of the web platform is limited in the mobile version, I liked the desktop terminal more. Due to the presence of huge withdrawal fees, this trading platform is hardly suitable for both experienced traders and beginners.
  4. Evgenup
    January 12
    IT'S A SCAM!!!
    Swindlers pretend to be a broker very successfully, having invented a legend about work since 2010 and offices in financial world capitals. But this lie does not cancel the fact that the fake company is owned by egregious scammers who are ready to promise you any conditions to steal some amount of money from you. The manager of precision trade persuaded me to transfer $10,000 to my account, but I had only half of that amount. And it was good that I transferred only 5,000 because all the money that ended up in my account went to the scammers. I was unpleasant to be in such a situation, and the most offensive is that the lawyers were powerless, I appealed to various specialists, but no one could help me. This scam has no company registration, you can not find the fraudsters and punish them...
  5. Kradus
    December 17
    Promises do not correspond to reality
    The company promises certain conditions on the site, but in reality, the trading terminal is set to other parameters. I did not find "narrow spreads" and commissions here are much higher than at competitors, and the terminal is not as stable as the organizers of the service try to present it. Because of this, I have gone into total losses, for the last week I lost almost €900!
  6. Shadolw
    October 29
    Many disadvantages
    The platform seemed interesting at first glance, but over time I uncovered a bunch of minuses. Registration is simple and clear. The interface is user-friendly and multilingual. However, incompetent technical support and the long withdrawal of funds disappointed me. In addition, the tools needed for the job are very few. I left this broker, and since this terminal did not excite me, I found a more suitable site. This site is not the worst, but it is not my favourite. I recommend the owners of the service to work on improving the performance of tech support and withdrawal of funds.
  7. Bella
    October 23
    I have big doubts
    My colleague has been urging me to join the Precision trade mind it myself, as the brokerage resource looks respectable and reliable. The conditions are relatively favourable, and financial investments do not require much from a trader 👍 But all this is crossed out by the lack of a package of authorisation documents. Unfortunately, this intermediary has not yet been issued all the necessary licenses 🤔 this fact depresses me, because as soon as I decided to open an account, I found out this unfortunate unpleasantness. Now I don't know what to do!
  8. Adam Shakh
    October 18
    It's impossible to trade here
    I started looking for a suitable option for trading and on the Internet I came across precision trade. I read all the information on this site, the terms and conditions suited me very well and I decided to try trading with this broker. Although the minimum deposit seemed high to me - the amount of $250 is too much for the first deposit on an unknown platform. However, the manager was cool, he promised me that the average speed of order execution would be about 40 ms. In fact, there are no such features on this terminal, everything was not as it seemed to me at first. The platform lagged very badly during trading sessions so that I could not earn anything. The support counselors were very polite at first while the manager persuaded me to transfer more money, and then as soon as I stopped depositing, ‌I was immediately ignored by everyone. I was never able to withdraw my remaining deposit of $463. If you want to open an account here, it is better to forget about this idea, you won't get anything: neither earn money, nor withdraw money, nor communicate with the support service in case of problems. If you trade small amounts of money and earn something, you will be charged commission fees for all your profits. But you won't be able to trade, experienced traders have nothing to do here, these crooks won't let you work in peace.
  9. vinn
    October 17
    Unpleasant signals
    The support used to respond almost instantly to my request, but now I waited for an answer for five days - and received a formal reply. The withdrawal of the profits broker delayed for a fortnight - and none of the staff did not explain anything to me, now I am waiting for the withdrawal of funds again for the tenth day. There are no special problems in the work so far, but there are small delays in the execution of orders.
  10. flash
    October 11
    Another fake broker, a scam!
    This "broker" supposedly has offices in all European countries, including London, and of course there is no address where I could contact to get acquainted with the company. A precision trade representative called me and invited me to co-operation, but when I asked him to name the nearest metro station, this manager could not name it, and of course, he drives a car, the most expensive one :) with a private driver and does not remember the address! Why does he make calls to unknown traders, if he is so rich?! Doesn't he have enough profit on crypto trading?!! In fact, this company has no license from the British regulator and it concludes a contract with a client only after the client deposits a trading account. Moreover, the deposit can be funded ( as the manager told me) from a cryptocurrency wallet :) Is cryptocurrency legal in the UK and is there a law about this currency? No. So this type of payment is not legal! I give 1 point to this company as it has all the signs of a scam!
  11. Milaniada
    October 9
    Money is not withdrawn
    The broker blocked my account almost immediately after I applied for a withdrawal. The support service does not respond to my requests. I don't know what to do next - it looks like I won't be able to withdraw my profits and $12,000 deposit.
  12. Andrew
    September 23
    The service is fake - it's a scam
    As long as my trades were unprofitable or brought small income, I had a good relationship with the experts. But as soon as I got a bit more comfortable and started trading more successfully, I was immediately informed by the broker of suspected fraud :( and the admins recalculated all my profitable trades to zero. I lost over £3k here. This is how precision trade works with customers :(

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