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Quant Finance Limited indicates its office address in London. Judging by the technical support phone number, the operators are also located in the UK. It is worth noting that such a company exists in the British Register of legal entities. In addition, the broker notifies clients about its membership in the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF), which provides insurance for their investments.

Is this service ready to give its clients an opportunity for safe trading? We decided to study the website of this company, analyze the most significant aspects, and make a conclusion about its reliability.

Trading Conditions

Quant Finance Limited offers clients a proprietary platform and over 5,300 trading tools. You can profit from CFDs on indices, commodities, currencies, stocks, and ETFs. Services include several financial programs, from portfolio rebalancing to retirement planning and investment tax optimization.

The company presents 5 types of plans. Each subsequent level includes all the features of the previous one, so the more money in the client’s account, the better trading conditions he will have. You can choose one of the following options:

  • FOREX/CRYPTO from £100 – Daily News.
  • COMMODITIES from £5,711 – Contracts Trading, Lower commissions, Access to Webinars, Access to weekly reports from EKB.
  • STOCK from £16,594 – PAMM Account, Lower commissions, IPO Allocation, Personalized Trading Plan.
  • INDICIES from £121,144 – Personalized Trading Plan, Arbitrage, Investor Accreditation, Trading insurance, Out of Market Investments.
  • SAVINGS ACCOUNT – Monthly Interest Payouts (21-37% per annum), Online Management of Capital, Flexible Conditions, Lump Sum Insurance.

Deposits are made via Visa/MasterCard/Cryptocurrency (from £250) and SEPA (from £1), withdrawals are made within 5 banking days.

The broker claims that client funds are kept separate from bank accounts used by the company, in accordance with CySEC user protection rules. In addition, (ICF) is obligated to compensate insured clients.

The broker promises to provide traders with training. The resource’s analytics show market trends, and the company warns clients about ‌potential investments risks.


Would investing in Quant Finance Limited offer the best returns?

If you will be investing in a Savings Account and CFD trading, you should consider the possible risks. We recommend you to invest only those funds that you can lose without much regret. You will manage to earn with this company without risk in the Affiliate Program.

Does Quant Finance Limited carry out withdrawals?

Our analysis showed that you can trade on this platform and withdraw funds through different payment systems. Customers note in reviews that the owners of this website honestly return deposits and earned profits. You can leave a comment about your experience with this broker.

May I be scammed on quantfinanceltd.com?

We did not see any signs on the website that the company aims to defraud customers. It has secure methods for storing funds and personal data of users. Apart from that, the broker provides investment insurance.

What's the best way to share my experience with quantfinanceltd.com?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 128$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

13 reviews about Quant Finance Limited

  1. Tiki
    February 14
    I make money from referrals
    I am not a trader but a marketer, however I understand forex quite well, and have minimal trading skills. Why am I giving this intermediary such a high score? Yes, because Quant Finance Limited has the best affiliate program. I have earnings without risk, but solely from attracting clients, and from each of their accounts. I can always see my earnings in my personal cabinet thanks to detailed reports and clear payments. The most important thing is that I can withdraw money not once a month, like other companies, but even every day. This is very convenient for building a client network. At the moment I already have more than 300 referrals. I recommend quantfinanceltd.com to those who want to earn not on forex, but on advertising about it.
  2. baggis
    February 8
    Direct withdrawal to cryptocurrency wallet
    My trading work is mostly related to the cryptocurrency market, and for the most part I prefer to withdraw my profits to a cryptocurrency wallet. Therefore, I'm very happy that this platform supports the possibility of such a withdrawal directly, and I don't need to lose my money on additional conversions.
  3. DrRaM13
    January 25
    Very favorable conditions for cryptocurrency trading
    Among the main advantages of this brokerage company, I would like to mention cryptocurrency trading. I can call the possibilities of a trader at quantfinanceltd.com in this part of the market limitless. Quotes always strictly correspond to the real market, exotic cryptocurrency pairs are available. The terminal never slows down. In general, for a person who is already actively involved in cryptocurrency trading, or for beginners who just want to try it, there are all the possibilities here. I've already told a few friends about how well I'm earning here, and they are slowly getting involved in the world of cryptocurrency trading as well. It is possible that I will try additional earnings from the affiliate program.
  4. loveinvest
    January 12
    Reliable resource
    The company has not let me down so far in terms of reliability, I have withdrawn almost all my profit several times, and the managers have never started to discourage me or come up with any reasons not to withdraw funds, and I know from my own experience that some companies do this, and I was never able to withdraw my deposit (or what was left of it) from the last company. I was worried that also at quantfinanceltd.com my manager would discourage me from withdrawing profits because that's where my problems started in the past, but Quant Finance Limited never react negatively to my requests at all, if I want to withdraw any amount - there is no idle talk, no technical problems 👍 Probably, for me it is the adequacy and speed of withdrawal that are the quality indicator of this company. Yes, and the company must be located in London.
  5. best
    January 11
    I'm satisfied with this broker
    I especially like the fact that their managers are friendly to newbies. If you are not familiar with trading, they are ready to explain everything to you and show you different strategies and everything else you need for successful earning - the main thing is that you have to be willing to learn :) Regarding the work of the servers, I have only positive impressions. The wonderful platform pleases me with the absence of periodic server restarts at night and failures in communication. Trading takes place on the software Quant Finance Limited, but the number of instruments is quite enough, and the functionality is excellent. I was able to start earning a stable profit pretty quickly, so I have no reason to complain about anything :) I'm sure that those who have a strong desire to work will come to success on this platform very quickly.
  6. Iord
    January 8
    Large selection of instruments
    Hi everyone, I have been trading on this platform for 4 months now and I am very happy with the way trading is done here, there are more than 5 thousand options of instruments! I would also like to note the fact that the company Quant Finance Limited cares about all its clients, and provides opportunities to open accounts of different types, depending on the experience and financial capabilities of the trader. Although I am satisfied with a standard account, where there is nothing extra, I get all the necessary analytics and it helps me in trading. Although I'm sure experienced traders probably choose more advanced account types.
  7. tram
    January 2
    All functions work well
    I do not observe any serious technical problems during trading and opening or closing orders, orders are processed quickly.
  8. Enduring
    December 30
    Perfect trading platform for professionals
    In my opinion, it has the largest selection of assets among all the platforms I have worked with. Registration is simple and fast, and does not tire the client by filling out a mass of fields. Withdrawal of funds is made in a few hours, not days: managers absolutely do not interfere with the withdrawal of money, as is often the case. If you have a desire, you can significantly adjust your financial situation. I came to the amount of income of at least 2,500 dollars a month very quickly.
  9. Porr
    December 19
    High security
    I traded before with another big broker, but I left that platform as I was not happy with the result, I lost a lot of money there, I even think that broker contributed to the drain of my funds. I am trading with Quant Finance Limited for the second month, I was able to critically reevaluate my approach to choosing a partner for trading, and now I feel more comfortable working with them. My opinion so far is that I can trade safely on this platform. I earn small amounts, on average 20-30 euros per day, but without any problems and dangerous moments. Of course, it's too early for me to draw conclusions, but if I continue to trade with a cold head, this broker is quite suitable for me, even with the careful use of leverage above 1:100.
  10. Arcane
    December 18
    Quality support
    I asked questions about registering my account. The answer came quickly. The operators explained the whole process to me point by point with screenshots, everything quickly became clear to me. Thank you for the service!
  11. privatbtc
    December 16
    I'm satisfied with everything
    I started to get interested in investments not so long ago, but I already have the first successes. I want to share about my trading in this company, with which I have been working for a little more than 5 months. The first thing I liked was that there was an opportunity to try with a small amount of money, so I did. Initially, I worked on forex and made a profit of 5-7% monthly, but in terms of money it was not so much, because the capital is small, only 300 euros, I was happy with the work, traded strictly with risk limits and used the help of an analyst, although I was not very worried about my money. When I felt that I had learned the terminal well and wanted to earn more, I considered other options. I increased my deposit to 25K and moved into the stock market, I bought and sold stocks based on their relevance. To date, my income is about 10-12% monthly, it's about 3K euros a month and it is a very good financial support for me now, because I consistently withdraw half of the profit, the rest I leave on the deposit. I had one problem only when it came to the first withdrawal, I had to wait 5 days because there was a long check and then on the weekend the bank did not credit the transactions, I had to suffer the wait. The second withdrawal and all the following ones I received in 1-2 days, so I won't complain, although I didn't understand why Quant Finance administrators confirmed the verification for so long. When I read reviews, I never saw any complaints about verification, and I was waiting 2 days for confirmation. Now I'm fine, I haven't noticed any more problems with the company, I appreciate the platform for its honesty because real quotes and execution are at the highest level here.
  12. get_it
    November 30
    Best service
    I have tried many brokerage companies, but I liked this one the most. It has: a decent website and the trading platform itself, variability of strategy, a large number of trading tools. The company shows maximum attention to all the details. I will continue to trade only here.
  13. mrSana
    November 28
    I trade within a limited volume
    I opened an account at the minimum level and deposited 500 dollars. Unfortunately, I cannot trade many instruments on my deposit. I initially didn't know this, that for example, to trade stocks I need to deposit almost 20k with this company, I thought I could buy some on my budget amount. Overall, Quant Finance Limited works well and otherwise I have no complaints

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