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Quant Finance Limited indicates the address of its office in London. However, this information does not tell us anything about the registration and regulation of the company. As for the history of the brand, its owners do not disclose any stages of development and even the start date of the project. It is worth noting that the domain was registered only in October 2023. In addition, the broker does not have a license.

Is this service ready to give its clients an opportunity for safe trading? We decided to study the website of this company, analyze the most significant aspects, and make a conclusion about its reliability.

Trading Conditions

Quant Finance Limited offers clients an unknown platform and over 5,300 trading tools. You can profit from CFDs on indices, commodities, currencies, stocks, and ETFs. Services include several financial programs from portfolio rebalancing to retirement planning, and even investment tax optimization.

The company presents 5 types of plans. Each subsequent level includes all the features of the previous one, so the more money in the client’s account, the better trading conditions he will have. You can choose one of the following options:

  • FOREX/CRYPTO from £100 – Daily News.
  • COMMODITIES from £5,711 – Contracts Trading, Lower commissions, Access to Webinars, Access to weekly reports from EKB.
  • STOCK from £16,594 – PAMM Account, Lower commissions, IPO Allocation, Personalized Trading Plan.
  • INDICIES from £121,144 – Personalized Trading Plan, Arbitrage, Investor Accreditation, Trading insurance, Out of Market Investments.
  • SAVINGS ACCOUNT – Monthly Interest Payouts (21-37% per annum), Online Management of Capital, Flexible Conditions, Lump Sum Insurance.

Deposits are made via Visa/MasterCard/Cryptocurrency (from £250) and SEPA (from £1), withdrawals are made within 5 banking days. The broker claims that client funds are kept separate from those bank accounts used by the company following CySEC’s user protection rules.

Quant Finance Limited notifies clients about its membership in the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF). This private organization is obliged to compensate insured clients up to €20,000.

The broker promises to provide traders with training. The resource’s analytics show market trends, and the company warns clients about the potential investments risks.


Would investing in Quant Finance Limited offer the best returns?

It is unlikely that you will be able to make money with this company. In the description of trading conditions, there are no specific figures for leverage, commissions, spreads, minimum withdrawal amount, and other parameters. In addition, the list of countries whose citizens cannot trade on this platform does not include the USA, where CFD trading is prohibited.

Does Quant Finance Limited carry out withdrawals?

Our analysis showed you can expect troubles on the platform when making withdrawals. Clients note in reviews that ‌website owners sometimes refund a small amount to show their honesty. You can leave a comment about your experience with this broker.

May I be scammed on quantfinanceltd.vip?

Yes, there is a high risk that the company is initially focused on scamming customers. It has no license, no proof of official registration. Instead, it has a fresh domain. In addition, poor website design indicates the broker's limited budget.

What's the best way to share my experience with quantfinanceltd.vip?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 128$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

16 reviews about Quant Finance Limited

  1. Pawel Dzikowicz
    May 4
    I invested only 100 quid and shortly after decided to quit. I never saw my money back. Stay away from them
  2. Ola
    April 6
    Quant finance limited 😠 😡
    The worst company be aware they lies scams!!! Stay away from them if don't whant to lose money!!!!!
  3. Pawel Dzikowicz
    March 19
    Scamers. After 3 days I decided to quit and never saw my money back.
  4. B
    February 9
    Another scamming company! Please do not get involved with them
    1. Somebody
      February 12
      really pissed
      Scam, Scam, Scam !!!!! They ‘force me’ to install spying program (as I found out later) and seen them going trough my phone when granted access. I immediately uninstall app and want to close account. I was told then I have to pay 500 euro for insurance they paid for me. Them consultant verbally abuse me. I probably lost 100 £ I invest in first place – hopefully only that but be aware – scammers big time.
  5. ОЗ
    February 4
    I have doubts about the reliability of the site
    I have already withdrawn profits from quantfinanceltd.com, this issue is all right. I have not had any serious problems with the broker. However, I'm concerned about some doubtful points: there are a small number of reviews on the network, a high deposit to start, no specific trading conditions. Also, the company does not have a license, which implies illegal activity and potential client problems in protecting their rights.
  6. morpheus
    February 2
    I have an anxiety
    I contacted this intermediary about a month ago, and representatives of this company persuaded me to invest $6,500, they promised to create better conditions for me. But then it turned out that my conditions are not different at all from those who invested a smaller amount. However, this is not so important, my main problem is that this broker does not want to return my money, and this causes me serious concern. Why can't I manage my own money!? This is unfair! I think the managers of this company should be held responsible for this behaviour.
  7. Penetrator
    January 31
    I will trade here
    I registered an account as usual, nothing new, the procedure is exactly the same as everywhere else. I've traded a bit on different platforms before, but I can't make up my mind yet and I'm looking for the best option. I can say that Quant Finance Limited offers a good set of trading tools, I have worked on gold trading and made a profit. I haven't communicated with the support team yet, so I have nothing to evaluate in this respect, but I will certainly check this feature in the future. I made a withdrawal once, the broker was slow to withdraw 500 pounds and delayed the transaction for almost a week, but in the end, the whole amount I requested was withdrawn. I plan to trade here for another month for now and then I will decide whether to leave or stay.
  8. pamitr
    January 31
    I lost 20 thousand dollars on Quant Finance Limited, it was all my savings... I am desperate and furious at the same time. I advise you in no way to work with this scam, look at my experience and bypass these thieves. They work very brazenly - I funded my account and after about a day, or maybe a little more, my money was neatly drained, there was only 300 dollars left on the deposit, probably so I could trade a little.
  9. NoNameX
    January 27
    Nervous earning
    I registered here to understand what trading is. I learnt a little on the minimum account, got some consultations, then replenished the balance up to $500 and started to open larger deals. But I decided not to take any risks and worked with a manager first. I started trading metals at once, mainly silver. My profit for 2 weeks was $200. I got happy and started working on my own. I switched to forex, started trading EUR/USD and my luck ran out, I lost $80. I went back to silver and I managed to get my money back, even more - $130. I decided not to trade further and put all the money for withdrawal, it came to my card in 5 days. I decided not to trade yet, I will take a break for a month, but I will tell you that a trader should have strong nerves.
  10. Mitrandir
    January 22
    The company won't give you your money
    Deceivers work on this platform, who pretend that Quant Finance Limited is a reliable broker. Scammers don't withdraw money from the account, no matter how hard you try. The support doesn't respond to emails :( I made a minimum deposit of 120 euros and half of the amount was drained, I managed to put to withdraw 58 euros, the rest, but I can't get them.
  11. Mih
    January 20
    Cheaters!!! SCAM!
    I lost a deposit of 250 euros with the help of a consultant in 10 minutes, without even having time to delve into the terminal options. So I don't recommend putting money into the account of broker Quant Finance Limited.
  12. alesxs
    January 20
    My withdrawal requests are not being fulfilled
    I encountered various problems during my two months with Quant Finance Limited. One of the main ones was the withdrawal problem❗ At times I managed to get back only a modest $150, while at other times the broker simply ignored my withdrawal requests. My account was blocked when it accumulated over $5,000, I was discouraged when I discovered this fact, which happened without any notification or justification. I want to warn other traders against co-operating with such an unreliable company that can deprive you of your savings. Be vigilant and do not let your hard-earned money fall into the hands of indifferent scammers!
  13. Amon
    January 13
    How do I get my own money back?
    I gave more than 1,000 euros for taxes, but the administrators are asking for more, I have to pay more fees I don't understand. I have ordered to withdraw my 50,000 euros from my savings account, I want to take it and forget this company forever
  14. DGN
    January 13
    Unclear fees
    Sometimes there are problems with the terminal, unclear commissions are charged for each trade, and I have had money written off for unknown reasons - sometimes 10 pounds, sometimes 20 pounds for overnight trading. So I think you may be better off not getting involved with this company. I wish I could have invested a significant amount of money with quantfinanceltd.com instead of looking for more reliable options.
  15. best
    January 11
    I'm satisfied with this broker
    I especially like the fact that their managers are friendly to newbies. If you are not familiar with trading, they are ready to explain everything to you and show you different strategies and everything else you need for successful earning - the main thing is that you have to be willing to learn :) Regarding the work of the servers, I have only positive impressions. The wonderful platform pleases me with the absence of periodic server restarts at night and failures in communication. Trading takes place on the software Quant Finance Limited, but the number of instruments is quite enough, and the functionality is excellent. I was able to start earning a stable profit pretty quickly, so I have no reason to complain about anything :) I'm sure that those who have a strong desire to work will come to success on this platform very quickly.

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