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The international company is a diversified provider of financial investment services. QuickPay limited claims to be officially registered in New Zealand. WhatsApp and live chat are used to communicate with customers.

Investment Conditions

To start working on the website you need to register an account. To do so, you need to provide email and cryptocurrency wallet addresses.

There are two categories of plans for investors to choose from:

  • The first category features two cryptocurrency investment plans
  • In the second category, you will find three plans with other instruments – real estate, gold, and NFT minting

The services group on the QuickPay limited website lists lending, asset securitisation, retirement income and more. In reality, only advisory services and explanations of terms are provided there, not the company’s actual investment programs.


Would investing in QuickPay limited offer the best returns?

This strange project is definitely an HYIP. You have an increased risk of losing all your investments.

Does QuickPay ltd carry out withdrawals?

Only minimum amounts are withdrawn on the website. Read the reviews and tell us about your experience with QuickPay limited.

May I be scammed on home.quickpaylimited.com?

Those investing in the company rely only on their own risk. This fund does not have a license to raise money.

What's the best way to share my experience with QuickPay limited?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Date of foundation: 2019
Minimum deposit: 100$
Affiliate program: Referral
Deposit method: Cryptocurrencies
Legend: cryptocurrency, commodity trading, mining, gold, real estate
Investment term: short
Payment period: daily
Automatic reinvestment: Yes

19 reviews about QuickPay limited

  1. wasmy
    June 13
    You should think about where you are investing
    You need to know what you are dealing with. QuickPay Limited are scammers who will scam you.
  2. dpoint
    June 6
    What I don't like
    QuickPay limited needs to get a license to operate as a trustee of investments. Yes, that is exactly what they are doing. And their service has no legal validity whatsoever. Inexperienced investors won't be told the truth on their website and they won't ask.
  3. mihe
    May 23
    It's a great company so far
    Thanks, New Zealand for this opportunity and legal profits in QuickPay limited
  4. veron
    May 22
    Good project, but I did not invest as I think it is too late
    A great option for investing, but I'm late to it, alas. Just the thing is that the launch of this QuickPay limited took place, as I understand, about in late 2022, half a year has already passed since then, and given that the pay here from 5% a day, I do not think that the project will last for some time yet. I don't think it will last long. Although, I could be wrong because I don't have enough experience in investing in such sites. I have not often invested in such HYIPs, I earned some, I lost some, but I almost always got in later than I needed, i.e. I was in last places. I don't think the music will be playing for much longer, though who knows? ‌If you can invite other people, you might be able to make a profit. I decided to skip it, although I like the conditions and the way the project is done.
  5. White
    May 15
    The company is about to disappear
    It's not a bad way to collect cryptocurrencies on its USDT TRC-20 wallets. We should also look at Bitcoin wallets, but I think there are fewer. The scam is less than half a year old. Quickpay limited is not very famous, but ‌turnover is growing. Apparently, they will be shutting this site down soon.
  6. strag
    May 7
    Forget about this scam, please!
    Hello fellow investors. You don't need to waste your time on QuickPay limited! It's a creation of anonymous criminals who cheat to make money. Although you can't call it earning money. It is called theft. And what they are doing is criminal and fraudulent activity.
  7. lEight
    May 6
    You are being scammed
    When QuickPay limited says to invest here and you will earn interest, they are lying to you. You are being scammed to take your money. Don't believe these crooks.
  8. Builder
    April 25
    No fair play
    There is no experienced team. It's all a legend invented by crooks. It's HYIP to attract gullible people. Don't be them, don't be victims of scammers. Don't invest in QuickPay limited, no matter what. Don't listen to anyone, whatever you are promised there.
  9. streiker
    March 30
    There is only one way to make money here
    I would not recommend you to invest here. Unless you are willing to multiply your investment by referrals alone.
  10. Kika
    March 28
    Scammers, scammers, scammers...
    It's a shameless parody of a normal investment company... Moreover, QuickPay limited is also a kind of cult... once one gets there, it starts inviting other people to invest there as well... Apparently, fools aren't paid until they invite more people... It's good that I have the brain of a normal person, not a reptile, so I politely told that guy no, and when he did not understand it for the 5th time, I told him that he would lose the money himself ... fools who invest here, do not understand that they are giving money to criminals
  11. ITC
    March 27
    Think whether it is worth investing here
    Well if you haven't realized that QuickPay limited is a dirty financial scam, then let me explain it to you. The first sign - the terms and conditions on the site promise a "High Percentage" of profits that investors are guaranteed. Any such guarantee, if it is not a bank, is a guarantee that you are facing a financial scam. Guaranteeing a fixed rate of return is kind of forbidden even legally. So even looking at this point, QuickPay can definitely be called an HYIP. The second attribute is the huge percentage of return. It pays from 5% per day, that's over 1800% per annum! While the average market rate in dollars is, well, around 10% per annum, and that's without compound interest. Do you realise that this is an absurd rate of return? No business makes such profits constantly and steadily. The same bitcoin does not grow like that; or rather, it grows, but every 4-5 years. But in QuickPay limited you are guaranteed such a yield - it is worth thinking about. The third sign - no license. An HYIP differs from a real fund in that it has no license. No regulator in his right mind would give a license to financial swindlers. How do you imagine it? It is complete nonsense. The fourth criterion - can they provide at least one proof of the activities these scammers are talking about? If they are trading, where are the trading records? I could go on and on about the signs of a scam in QuickPay, but I think you have it all figured out.
  12. Avn2013
    March 23
    Don't believe those who lure you into this dump
    Only two categories of criminals and illegals make money in pseudo-investment projects like QuickPay limited. I mean the creators of this scam and their partners who invite people to this scam using their referral link. And passive investors will only lose if they invest in cryptocurrency here.
  13. ushli-guk
    March 17
    Five days without withdrawal
    For some reason, withdrawal does not work. I knew I was investing late, that I wasn't even running into the last carriage, but just onto the platform when the train left. That's a shame. Just by the rules on the site, they say: "Your request will be processed instantly" and I have had a withdrawal request for 5 days already. Good thing that the total amount is not so much invested in QuickPay limited, only 300 dollars. For me, this amount is not very big, but I don't want to lose it either. I only succeeded in earning 50 dollars once, I was able to withdraw it, but I could not withdraw 50 dollars else.
  14. Krisoner
    March 13
    Reporting is not available
    By the way, you can't find the main QuickPay limited wallet and see what's going on there. How stable are the deposits and withdrawals of crypto are going? Their ticker on the website where the project pays interest every 5 minutes is just a fake.
  15. Kdv-alla
    March 9
    Do you want to lose your money? Welcome, transfer your crypto to QuickPay limited!
  16. UserCoin
    February 24
    I get paid, no fraud
    I tried to work with QuickPay limited for small deposits, everything is fine, they pay me interest and let me withdraw. I can attach scans of Tron's blockchain transactions as proof if you need it.
  17. Armin98
    January 31
    The start of the fraud
    You can see that this is an HYIP that has not yet reached its final stage. QuickPay limited is not as well known as its counterparts yet. It is possible that it is just gaining altitude.
  18. Smile
    January 31
    There is a risk
    On the one hand, a very profitable investment offer. At QuickPay limited, it is possible to earn extra money through an affiliate programme. Because of the project is excellent, it is really not difficult to invite people here. But on the other hand, there are huge risks in QuickPay. I am not a particular thrill-seeker, and such risks make me very uncomfortable. But all the same, I plan to deposit some money, maybe I'll get a boost to my income. Then I will reinvest it and capitalize the account. If the company develops further.
  19. SlowDL
    January 28
    You don't want your money?
    Have you really thought about it, and do you want to say goodbye to your investments once and for all? Send them to QuickPay limited!

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