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The company’s website indicates the start date – 2020. The broker is registered with St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The activity of the Quotex company is not regulated. There are no links to the regulator and licenses on the official website. Technical support does not answer questions about the regulator and the broker’s license. The exchange terminal is made according to the broker’s own design.

Trading Conditions

An online platform, PC software, and the Quotex mobile app for Android are available to users. There are tutorial videos on Telegram and social media.

IMPORTANT: There is no phone number on the contact page. There is no subscriber feedback in the Telegram messenger.

There is no detailed description of trading conditions on the website. Customers can use over 80 assets to trade, including digital binary options.

There are three account types available for traders trading on a live deposit. The first is the basic account, with an 85% payout based on positive trades in any asset. The next level is the PRO account, with a +2% advantage on all assets to basic bets. The VIP account offers + 4% on assets.

The expiry time on Quotex is set manually, with a minimum of 1 minute. Bets start at $1. There is no full-fledged analytics or training material.

The registration procedure at Quotex requires the verification of personal data. The broker may refuse to withdraw funds from the account on the basis of incorrect data provided.


Would investing in Quotex offer the best returns?

It is more likely that you will lose money. The broker can change the trading schedules on its platform to take the client's money from the account. Quotex' unstable platform arranges technical glitches, preventing traders from trading.

Does Quotex carry out withdrawals?

Customer service is not responding to customer withdrawal requests. Quotex users write about this on the company's official Facebook page. All the reviews about the broker, which are published on independent platforms, are negative.

May I be scammed on quotex.com?

Yes, you could be cheated. The company must be licensed by the regulator as it is a brokerage. You cannot get your money back if you are cheated by Quotex. Because only the regulator decides on all disputes between the broker and the client.

What's the best way to share my experience with Quotex?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Quotex is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Date of foundation: 2020
License: No license
Demo account: Yes
Affiliate program: Referral
Assets: Forex, Commodities, Index, Crypto, Metals
Minimum deposit: 10$
Bonus: 50%
Deposit method: Сredit cards, Wire/bank transfers, Cryptocurrencies, Payment systems

15 reviews about Quotex

  1. Faizan Khan
    February 7
    Quotex Broker is the best platform
    Quotex Broker is binary option trading platform it has very great experience in trading I'm using this platform recently but I'm very satisfied from Quotex Broker with their fast deposit,withdrawal and customer support too kind and friendly
  2. Sergio
    June 9
    Highly not recommended
    Hi guys! Do you want to trade with Quotex? I strongly advise you not to, there are reasons for that:
    1. They have no support until you have deposited money.
    2. 100% difference in charts between TradingView real-time data.
    3. They take money quickly and are not in a hurry to give you what you have earned.
  3. Menynfra
    June 7
    They are just thieves!
    Spread the word about Quotex so other people don't lose their money!
  4. Sananc
    June 7
    Trade scam
    This platform is another complete scam. And don't get excited about your withdrawals in small amounts - all for the time being. Honestly, I'd rather put my money in the bank. This is the kitchen of Quotex binary options where you get plucked like chickens. With large amounts invested, certainly, from $500-$1000, the broker will discount your winnings. But if you've invested $100 and raised $2,000 or more, like mine, the experience won't pay you anything. It's all the same, screenshots and pics are blocked everywhere, they say you're the scammer, etc. The conclusion is not in the trade because there isn't one. The charts that are presented to you their brokers draw them themselves. It's like a casino here, even worse. In the casino, at least the amounts are different, but here you put $100 - win $190, put $1,000 - win $1,900. And this is not the analysis of the exchange, and the analysis of cheaters and their drawn charts, signals to their managers. Don't bother with this Quotex platform at all, and don't watch videos on youtube with artists who are doing well. They are affiliate programs, and they make money on it. Everyone in tech support has the same answer: you don't know how to trade. And how can you trade on drawn charts with constant program crashes? Yes, they are not constant. But ergo broker has constant domain changes everywhere. It's there now and 5 minutes later they've already changed their address and you've fallen out of trading. In short it is a scammer and we are stupid sheep, working people who feed the crooks. Good luck everyone, think about it.
  5. Cesarab
    June 2
    This broker is a trap for the gullible
    I feel like I have fallen into a trap and there is no way out. Just today I signed up, but I end up feeling very sad and regretful. Why? Contrary to what was said on the broker's website that they have customer care and a great support team, only the opposite is true. They didn't answer my anxious questions. They don't help correct an error in my personal information, thus preventing me from withdrawing deposits. When you decide to make a deposit, Quotex does not require any personal information from you. And when you want to withdraw your money, it turns out your location does not suit the broker. So, it's a trap. There is no way out. So sad.
  6. Lanas
    May 31
    The broker is a scammer
    When traders write that Quotex is a good app, I strongly disagree. You trade very easily until you want to withdraw more than $200. And the withdrawal from this broker is going to be hell...
  7. Krucial
    May 31
    I Am Satisfied with Broker
    Quotex is a great platform for traders. As you grow as a webtrader, your account grows with you. There is a free demo account where you can practice your strategies before entering the real market. You can take advantage of deposit bonuses, and cancellation of losing trades. The best 24/7 customer support team. They are always ready to solve problems. I would recommend this platform to all traders who don't know how to trade cryptocurrency yet. Two thumbs up! You will not be disappointed.
  8. Elion
    May 23
    Common Scammers
    They do not steal your money. You are just a gullible webtrader who has not checked out Quotex's regulator and therefore will lose what you have earned.
  9. Viillarbo
    April 25
    Swindlers need to be punished
    Hi. This broker takes your capital and then blocks you and does not pay. This is how it is increasing its own capital because it is cheating us, investors. Please cooperate with the police authorities to block his account until this money scam is resolved. I attach screenshots, there are many more, but only 10 documents are given to put. I'm from Spain, there are several victims. You will also inform the Spanish authorities if you have been scammed by these scammers. I urge you to block your account and freeze your assets until you get your money back. ‌All investors unite with me and then you will not lose with Quotex. Thank you.
  10. Drinks
    April 25
    They're crooks
    qxbroker.com - Thieves! More than a month ago transferred a trial deposit of $100 to this broker, but still no money. A million duty excuses from the support that the problem is anything but them. They say that I made the transfer without commission (I provided screenshots of transactions in Quotex - all commissions are included), and that I sent the money to the wrong address (I provided screenshots - all addresses are correct). I also provided a third-party resource report of the transaction via blockchain - the transaction was successful). After that, they found the transaction ID, amazing! But there is no money, and the problem is in the payment service (contacted them, provided transaction hash, and all screenshots of transfers and wallets - they officially confirmed by letter that the money was credited). Finally Quotex support said to me: "Sorry, we cannot help with finding the payments via this method" and closed the question as solved.
  11. Hyarisit
    April 24
    You will be cheated here
    It couldn't be more obvious that all the trades in Quotex are rigged. I don't know, maybe some kid in St.Vincent and the Grenadines on the other side of the screen is countering your bidding. Seems to me like it was like a game of pong or something. Or maybe there's something written in the code, the terms of your constant binary options prowling. But it's not some kind of coincidence. Traders, please find another platform.
  12. Fric
    April 20
    They're crooks
    The broker took my deposit and it shows up as a failed transaction. But the money for binary options trading was taken from my crypto wallet. There is no customer service. Used to love Quotex but they are rolling downhill. ‌They no longer respond to me now like they used to when I was depositing money. They steal cryptocurrency from their customers. Disgusting, they stole my deposit and did not reply.
  13. Alezabe
    April 14
    The best platform
    It is the best app for trading. The Quotex provides bonus codes on social networks. We can do profitable trading 5sec, from your account, on weekends in the over-the-counter market. There are a lot of good instruments for trading, a variety of currency pairs.
  14. Javialt
    April 8
    Beware of this broker
    This company is run by a bunch of scammers. I opened two positions today on the JNJ symbol. I checked the official NYSE price for this symbol and it was $3 more! And I will tell you something else. The Quotex broker is registered in St.Vincent and the Grenadines because that is a financial paradise for these thieves! They are scammers.
  15. Martin
    April 8
    I was cheated
    I am from Kenya and I have not been able to withdraw my hard-earned money from my Quotex account. I have been trying to withdraw $56.7 for a very long time and the broker refuses to give it back to me. It offers me a minimum withdrawal amount of $100. But the company has written on its website that the minimum withdrawal amount is $10. PLEASE REFUND IT!!!

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