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The company claims to be a leading broker in the international market. Its website is owned by Makerun Corp. and is headquartered in the Marshall Islands. However, the license listed on the website is issued by a private company, which cannot legally regulate the relationship between the broker and its clients. As for the domain, it was registered in 2017 by an unknown person from the USA. Please note that neither Raceoption nor its agents or partners can provide any services in the US.

Trading Conditions

Raceoption has positioned its platform as an advanced and popular one, which is available on any device. Newbies have the opportunity to trade under the guidance of an experienced trader. The broker offers to copy trades and to earn even without any experience in trading. However, a demo account to test the platform is available only after making a minimum deposit of $250.

Raceoption offers 3 account types with a minimum deposit of $250, $1000, and $3,000. Each account has a limited number of features from the following:

  • Bonus +20%.
  • Master Class (Web Session)
  • Trade replication tool
  • First 3 risk-free trades
  • Personal success manager

Raceoption compensates the risk-free trades in the form of a trading bonus in case of a negative trading result of the trader. Clients can access 24-hour video chat support and are guaranteed withdrawal within 1 hour. Bonuses are credited at the rate of 20-100% of the first deposit, depending on the account that you have chosen.

When trading CFDs, bonus is used only as leverage, as an additional margin for increasing order volume, and its amount cannot be withdrawn. The maximum bonus amount is $100,000. Besides, Raceoption may void the bonus or award the client an additional bonus. 

The platform enables uninterrupted trading, even on weekends. You can trade instantly on the mobile version, which shows live charts of every CFD available on the platform.


Would investing in Raceoption offer the best returns?

There is a high risk of losing money on this platform. You should not forget that the financial intermediary is offshore, which may raise doubts about the reliability of the project.

Does Raceoption carry out withdrawals?

Some users report cases of money theft and poor service from the broker. Therefore, there is a high probability of deposit withdrawals being refused. Feel free to share your own experiences in the comments.

May I be scammed on raceoption.com?

The company is not licensed to provide brokerage services. Clients have no access to real finance. It is most likely a fraud, as the broker does not provide trading tools and its services only imitate real trading.

What's the best way to share my experience with Raceoption?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Raceoption is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Date of foundation: 2017
License: No license
Demo account: Yes
Affiliate program: Referral
Assets: Forex, Commodities, Index, Shares, Crypto
Minimum deposit: 250$
Bonus: 20%
Deposit method: Сredit cards, Wire/bank transfers, Cryptocurrencies

21 reviews about Raceoption

  1. vintzent
    July 11
    At first, it was a pleasure to trade with this firm
    After about a month of my trading on the platform the endless problems started. The trading terminal started to shut down, so I had to constantly refresh the page :( Quotes and colors on the charts were displaying incorrectly, and trades in raceoption took a very long time to open. Naturally, all this led to my constant losses and loss of deposit...
  2. Amiga
    July 10
    You won't be able to get at least part of the deposit
    I won't use the service until there is more information... On the official website of this company, there is practically no useful material on the legal protection of the trader, availability with a license, and nothing at all about regulation. And this is logical because Race Option is engaged in brazen extortion of money from gullible users. This office will not give you a chance to at least get your deposit back, with 100% probability you will lose all the money you have invested.
  3. Steiner
    July 7
    It's just a scam
    It's not even a broker! The company has no license and no regulator!? ‌That's impossible for regular brokers, and they even have some dubious license from who knows who. I have no doubt that the company cannot be legally regulated. So the conclusion is obvious - it's a scam.
  4. syyyy
    July 2
    You're going to love it
    Of course, you will make a profit as soon as you start working on the platform, especially when they give you a 20-100% deposit bonus!!! This is a very cool marketing move by Raceoption, who are really interested in expanding their customer base, meaning they can automatically make good money on commissions too. That's why Raceoption is generously sharing with its customers!
  5. pipboy2k
    June 24
    Try with the minimum amount
    We need to deposit $250, which is a lot. You should not forget about the risks, you should set yourself an amount that you would not be afraid to lose if something happens, because there are always risks, even if the Raceoption broker is really as good as it tells ‌itself...
  6. Vagon
    June 15
    The broker lies
    The managers here just draw prices and definitely have access to customers' trades :(
  7. Andretolk
    June 7
    Annoying scammers
    Their partners and managers are very persistent. They made me sign up and then they called me for a month to bring them money... Of course, they think I'm that stupid :))
  8. 4zonder
    May 28
    I lost my entire budget
    My hopes of making money with this broker have ended badly. The manager just promises to fulfil the arrangements and then it turns out to be all a blatant lie. I entrusted a lot of money to this company, and in fact, because of RaceOption, I lost all my money, not even for existence left. Better not to invest a dime out of your own pocket here at all, because you could lose a large sum and you won't notice when it happens.
  9. elsaol
    May 17
    Payouts are fast
    If somebody had told me about such companies, I would have quit my distasteful and tedious job right then and there, because my salary is very low. Just recently I was told about Raceoption in details, when I asked my acquaintance to explain to me what binary options are and how they differ from Forex market. In fact, it turned out that the tool was a godsend, and profits from a single trade could go up to 90%! I registered and took some training courses. Now I have a decent income.
  10. mariarty81
    May 10
    The broker is not dealing with technical problems
    There are problems on the website with the technical side. Been seeing instability for a long time, and not just from my computer. I've changed computer, and changed provider - still, the same problems, how to fix it - probably only change broker :(
  11. Brandon
    May 7
    A lot of unnecessary offers
    Trade compensation, bonuses, personal manager - all these are invented just to get people into this scam. And in fact, the broker is just a scammer taking your money and not giving it back!!!
  12. Samuel
    April 24
    I had my first bad experience here
    All my profit was eaten up by commissions and other costs of the broker. And at the end when you also withdraw - you are in for a huge surprise. I got my negative experience with raceoption.
    April 18
    This is a scam!
    The promised high yields don't really guarantee you any profit!!! I have made several trades with yields up to 88%, but got nothing...
  14. Azartpartner
    April 17
    I don't recommend it to anyone
    If I had had the opportunity to refuse to cooperate with this office at the time and chose another option - I would have done so. However, I didn't think about it at the time of signing up to this platform, which led to negative results. Not only did I lose my personal savings, but I also got into debt, as the employees of this office were constantly calling and demanding new investments.
  15. OxiTi
    April 16
    You will lose money
    The site only focuses on how to get new clients?! ‌That's it ... they don't think about how to let their existing customers make a profit ... They ignore their customers after opening an account ... I have already opened an account and my experience with raceoption is the worst experience as I have already lost 1400 USD due to a technical problem with their platform... I would like to advise everyone not to go to this site if they want to save their money ...
  16. Kim W.
    April 6
    Not suitable for beginners!
    Why make the minimum deposit so exorbitant!!! I, for example, can't afford to throw $250 into the project. What if it's a fraudulent organization? I still understand if it takes 50 dollars, and they are not so scary to lose.
  17. denmay
    April 5
    I have lost a large sum of money
    I had never been cheated before, so it was a real shock for me to hear about the broker's deception! The company robbed me of all my funds and stole my entire deposit into their pockets. I don't recommend anyone to get in touch with this service, bypass it!
  18. Bonnie Morgan
    March 5
    Make an adequate analysis
    Of course, the best thing for you would be if you took some training courses first, that way you would protect yourself from doing stupid things, from not knowing the finer points, like slippage, black swans, etc.
  19. Mikail
    February 25
    I would not advise anyone to use the services of this platform. Most likely you in the near future will be robbed, like me
  20. serglit1970
    February 4
    Not complaining yet
    No complaints about the broker so far, the company fulfills the agreements 100%. First of all, financial agents took care of comfortable trading. And unlike many other intermediaries, this one knows how to motivate - good bonuses are given when you make a deposit. Secondly, I like the quality of support in this brokerage organization. RaceOption's support team is always ready to help and provide sensible advice.
  21. Dream Master
    January 23
    This is a fraudulent office in front of us
    The broker has no license and is based offshore. I checked these facts too late. I personally encountered a scam from Race Option when I invested $500, however, I got almost nothing back. I did get paid once, but the rest of the funds simply got burned.

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