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The broker named RannForex started its operations in 2013, founded by trader Dmitry Rannev. The firm offers users collaboration on a low-cost and A-Book model. Currently, over 3000 trading accounts are registered with the company.

According to the information on the website, the company is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. However, its office is located in London. Besides this, the company does not have a brokerage license. Do you think it is safe to trade on a platform with such conditions?

Trading Conditions

Users can trade currency pairs, CFDs, IPOs, and cryptocurrencies. A brokerage or PAMM account can be opened and spreads and swaps depend on the asset. You can count approximate spreads, swaps, and commissions using a trader’s calculator. Leverage can reach 1:500 and the deposit can be any amount. The maximum leverage for each asset is indicated in the margin requirements table. Trading can be done on the MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 platform.

RannForex has a partner program with a 10% commission payout. The attrition rate does not depend on turnover or other factors. Analytical materials and data on past quotes are available. Statistics for the previous day are regularly published on the Telegram channel.

PAMM accounts cannot participate in the partner program.


Would investing in RannForex offer the best returns?

We have doubts about this. CFD and cryptocurrency trading are very risky.

Does RannForex carry out withdrawals?

There are both positive and negative reviews about this broker. Please write in the comments if you were able to withdraw your money.

May I be scammed on rannforex.com?

An unlicensed offshore broker is always a risk of fraud.

What's the best way to share my experience with RannForex?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if RannForex is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Referral
Minimum deposit: 1$
Trading platform: MetaTrader 5, MetaTrader 4
Assets: Forex, CFD

15 reviews about RannForex

  1. Ronald
    July 1
    I've been with this broker for three years and no problems
    So far, I haven't had any issues with RannForex when it comes to withdrawing my funds, even though I've been working with them for quite some time now. I can tell that they support professional traders here. The founder of this firm is actually quite well-known, and I read about him even before I signed up. They explain very well how the company operates and on what principles it's based. I am satisfied.
  2. missisIS
    June 20
    Many people have lost money here
    Yeah, when it comes to really reliable tools, only currency pairs are probably a safe bet here. Trading cryptocurrencies and CFDs by nature can't be risk-free, so it's not worth trusting RannForex and their claims of zero risk.
  3. DoKo
    June 11
    Looks like I lost all my money
    So much for risk-free trading. I traded in cryptocurrency and ended up with almost nothing. It doesn't even make sense to withdraw what's left due to the high fees. RannForex was a big disappointment.
  4. Jonny
    May 30
    Be prepared to lose all your money.
    These offshore companies like RannForex will sooner or later drain your deposit. There's no license or registration here, so I wouldn't recommend investing here. And if you did invest, be prepared to never see your money again. This is coming from me as an experienced trader.
  5. Dezion
    May 25
    I had a negative experience with RannForex customer support.
    They never seem to hurry to respond! As a beginner in trading, there's a lot I don't understand. But the company doesn't even offer any training that could help me learn how to trade... Their behavior is more typical of scammers than a serious client-oriented broker.
  6. Solomon
    May 16
    I did receive my money, but not immediately
    It was quite unpleasant to wait for over a week to receive my money from RannForex. On top of that, I received less than I expected, with most of it being swallowed up by commission fees. The tech service didn't even comment on the situation and never promised any compensation for such a long withdrawal process. It's better to find another broker with more favorable terms. Considering that this company is offshore, I should be grateful that they even sent me the money. I could have ended up with nothing at all. In short, this company doesn't live up to their claim of being a reliable broker.
  7. demon
    May 14
    And where are the licenses?
    RannForex claims to have an office in London, but where is their FCA license? How can I be sure that I am protected by the law when working with this broker?
  8. Krosh
    April 14
    I have no complaints about my broker, RannForex
    They have a huge selection of trading instruments, and you can chat with the traders and discuss any questions. All deals are executed on the external market, and most importantly, there are no problems with withdrawals. Everything is clear and timely. I don't understand the complaints that I see here. I guess I've just been lucky.
  9. Denny
    March 24
    The managers are skilled at deception.
    My collaboration with RannForex started when their employees called me and told me about trading. They tried to gain my trust by asking questions about my financial situation. I thought it was a good way to solve my financial problems, but I was wrong. They quickly lost all my money. When I asked customer support about where my money went, they became very impolite. In general, it's better not to get involved in trading without special knowledge because there is a risk of encountering fraud.
  10. Strong
    March 23
    There are so many technical issues.
    I really didn't like trading with RannForex. The verification process took forever. Their customer support is very slow to respond to messages, and sometimes they don't respond at all. Trades are executed very slowly, and technical problems happen regularly. When the terminal freezes, asset prices become less favorable. Despite the fact that orders are supposed to be sent to an external market, the losses can be huge. It takes a while to withdraw the money, even though the company isn't particularly popular. And this company calls itself a reliable project with favorable conditions? Yeah, right.
  11. zaywra
    March 22
    These are some really bad trading conditions.
    Wow... I'm really disappointed with these trading conditions... With such huge spreads, it's impossible to earn anything. And to top it off, there's still a commission to pay. Other platforms have much better conditions. For those who managed to earn with RannForex, how did you do it? Can you share your experience?
  12. kat0208
    March 3
    The employees are extremely pushy
    I read that RannForex support hasn't been responding to long-time users. However, it should be mentioned that their staff members won't hesitate to call you as soon as you sign up but haven't yet deposited funds. They will call you in the middle of the night and pressure you to deposit as much as possible, ignoring any arguments about not having enough money at the moment. It makes me wonder if RannForex's conditions are really that good if they have to resort to such tactics to find clients. Personally, I'm quite skeptical…
  13. Toczar
    February 26
    I wasn't able to withdraw my money.
    I deposited a significant amount with RannForex, about $5000. I started trading different assets, but the balance on my account only kept decreasing. There were many reasons for this, like the huge spreads, the sluggish terminal, and the trading signals that turned out to be useless. I didn't like the conditions, so I decided to withdraw my money as soon as possible, especially since I had already lost so much and only had about $2000 left. But the managers told me that they could only process a withdrawal if there was $3000 or more in the account. I don't understand why RannForex have such a condition, especially since they created the conditions that led to such a small amount in my account.
  14. Vivien
    February 20
    I find it even funny
    RannForex talks about no risks, but there are several reasons why the risks are huge:
    1) Trading CFD and cryptocurrencies. These are VERY risky instruments. People usually lose money when trading them.
    2) Offshore registration. St. Vincent and the Grenadines? Seriously? Do you know how many scammers are registered there?
    3) No license. I think this doesn't even need a comment...

    No wonder that with these introductions, RannForex doesn't have many clients. Only 3000 people have registered in 10 years... well, that's not impressive.
  15. Romu
    February 8
    Yeah, I've noticed that the fees are high too.
    RannForex claims to have the lowest fees, but in reality, they are huge. When you withdraw, most of your money will simply be lost. And the fees listed on the website don't even include the percentage that the payment system will charge you. By the way, I've noticed that when you deposit and withdraw through a cryptocurrency wallet, the fees are lower. It seems like the broker is encouraging everyone to fund their accounts through crypto. Well, it's clear why it's beneficial for them: in case of fraud, a transaction made through crypto cannot be traced.

    In short, I'm afraid to work with RannForex and I wouldn't recommend it to you either…

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