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RedStone-Pros offers trading CFDs on various assets. Judging by the age of the domain, this company was founded in 2023. The firm has three offices in Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Australia. However, it is unknown where exactly the company is registered: there are no documents indicating this available from the company. We also could not find a license to provide brokerage services. What is your opinion, should we trade here or better choose another broker?

Trading Conditions

Trading takes place on a proprietary web platform that can be adapted for mobile phones. It is possible to trade CFDs on the following assets: currencies, cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, and commodities. There are over 500 different instruments available in total. The company also offers trading using ETF packages, in which case a fixed return is guaranteed.

The minimum deposit is $250, and a free demo account can be created to test the functionality. RedStone-Pros offers the following trading accounts:

  • Standard.
  • Pro.
  • Gold.
  • VIP.

Depending on the level, clients can receive support from an account manager or analyst. The leverage can be up to 1:500, and spreads start at 0 points. VIP clients have access to a personal business plan.


Would investing in RedStone-Pros offer the best returns?

Trading CFDs is highly risky, so we would not rely on high profits.

Does RedStone-Pros carry out withdrawals?

The reviews about the company vary greatly, and not everyone managed to withdraw money. Please share what your experience was like.

May I be scammed on

Yes, you can, as the domain is new, and the broker doesn't even have a registration.

What's the best way to share my experience with RedStone-Pros?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if RedStone-Pros is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: 1:500
Broker type: DD
Demo account: Yes
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

16 reviews about RedStone-Pros

  1. Cristian.P
    September 26
    Just another big SCAM.
    I also used their so-called platform. I reached a profit of 636 million. When I wanted to withdraw the money, the amount was changed to 600 thousand, but to withdraw it I had to pay the so-called fees in a Bitcoin wallet. I certainly didn't pay.
  2. Nute Gunray
    September 25
    I made a Withdawl everything works
    Very helpful nice People and Professional.I think u need to try it all.Thanks
  3. rvskol35
    September 5
    Lol, just another group of scammers
    I looked at their trading conditions and realized that there's no need to even check their documents :) no reputable regulator would grant a license to a broker with a leverage of 1:500. That's a very high value and poses huge risks for clients. Such conditions are typical only for fly-by-night companies.
  4. Ivooo6565626
    September 4
    Just so you know, they are refusing to take responsibility
    At the bottom of the Redstone-Pros website, it states that if there are any losses, the broker will not compensate for them because it's not their fault… However, they definitely have a share of responsibility here, at the very least because their platform is very weak. Basically, if you lose money here, you can say goodbye to it for good. There is no way to get it back and it's impossible…
  5. Jane
    September 3
    My money got stuck there.
    I can't withdraw my earnings from here! If anyone managed to do it, please share how you achieved it. How long did you wait?
  6. sped007
    August 31
    I really like everything
    I started trading on RedStone Pros from a demo account. By the way, they were very helpful and even increased the trial amount in my account upon request. Then I decided to open a real account and I have no regrets. The conditions are still convenient. I recommend considering this broker if you are a beginner in trading.
  7. iiika
    August 26
    It will be difficult for a beginner here, just a heads up
    I was offered to trade on I said that I had never done trading before, but they reassured me and said they would teach me everything. However, in practice, it's not the case. The educational materials are not very clear for a newbie. I tried asking questions to both the support team and my personal manager, but they responded reluctantly. From this, I concluded that they were not really interested in teaching you how to work on the exchange. They are only interested in getting your money and disappearing with it.
  8. Aleey
    August 22
    I don't understand all the negativity
    Yes, Red Stone Pro is a relatively young broker, but that doesn't make it bad. The platform is user-friendly, the verification process is quick, and the customer support is responsive. I've even tried withdrawing money once and had no issues. I see potential here.
  9. zh0lty
    August 19
    Well, the earnings here are not that high, to be honest
    My experience with them has been nothing but negative. I initially tried the classic trading option, and I was assigned a personal manager whom I hoped would assist me. However, due to the slow trading platform, things didn't go as planned, and my deposit only decreased.

    So, I decided to go for the ETF package. They guaranteed a fixed income, but it never materialized. Only later did they tell me that all the promises of fixed profits were nonsense because it's impossible to accurately predict asset price growth... Overall, I would advise against trading here. That's all I can say to you.
  10. altoon
    August 16
    They are clearly using illegal manipulations
    I got suspicious when the manager offered their platform. I just registered and compared asset prices with market averages, and realized that my concerns were justified. They are completely different. This means that the quotes depend not on the market but on how the developers draw them. Obviously, they will set prices that are beneficial to them, not the traders :) With such tricks, they shouldn't expect a good reputation.
  11. Billy-Joel
    August 15
    The service is just awful.
    It's a nightmare, never work with Redstone pro please! They only need you until you deposit your money. After that, they simply ignore your existence. If you have any issues with the platform or verification, don't even hope that they will resolve your problem. Most likely, they will just ignore you. I haven't been able to reach them by phone, and their email responses have been very brief. I requested a withdrawal, but nothing is coming to my card. And I don't even have much hope that it will. Calling them is pointless, I've already realized that.
  12. Nomasir
    August 14
    The amateurs are working here
    I tried to talk to the employees, ask them about the trading conditions, platform features, and other important things for me. And during the conversation, I unexpectedly realized that I know more about trading than they do. In other words, these scammers didn't even bother to understand the topic before creating a scam project. They haven't even learned how to deceive properly, everything becomes obvious right away…
  13. Clyde
    August 11
    I have my doubts about their honesty
    I made a minimum deposit on and have been trading a little bit, but their employees have been calling me several times in the last day, asking me to deposit more money. Hey, it's MY capital and only I have control over it. Yes, you have the right to inform me about profitable deals, but you can't force me to make them if I don't have the financial means. They even tried to persuade me to take a loan.
  14. saimon
    August 10
    It's not worth it
    I did withdraw the money, but with a huge commission... and the support team couldn't even explain why they deducted such a large amount from me... It's clearly not worth the time I spent trying to understand trading.
  15. vilkas
    August 10
    It's too obvious to me that they're lying
    Well, Redstonepro is definitely making up stories. They claim to have three offices, yeah, right. But strangely enough, there are no photos of these offices or names of employees working there. There's no statistics or history either. It's all because it's a fresh scam, they haven't even had time to come up with a proper backstory and they're already deceiving customers.
  16. Paul.D
    August 5
    They’ve just appeared but are already imposing themselves
    So, recently I got a call from some scammers at Well, I immediately knew they were some kind of fraudsters because in legitimate companies people don't talk like that. Out of curiosity, I decided to check out their website and found out that it was created just a month ago. They haven't even managed to register anywhere. And there's no guarantee they will, considering the number of complaints that will soon be enough to have them blocked.

    People, ALWAYS check three things: the broker's duration of operation, registration, and license. If there are issues with any of these, then it's definitely not a place to trade.

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