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Resolve Money LTD promises its clients to meet all their trading needs. This company is based in London and was founded in 2024. Judging by the terms of service, the firm operates in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom, but for some reason, its registration number is not specified. This company also does not have any licenses. Do you think it is safe to invest here?

Brief Review of Trading Conditions

The minimum deposit amount on Resolve Money LTD is $100. Clients can perform all transactions on the proprietary platform. They also have access to a mobile app. Users will be able to trade CFDs on currencies, energy, stocks, cryptocurrencies, indices, and commodities. Assets gave names to the types of accounts. There are also three VIP account options for investments over $500,000:

  • Comfort.
  • Deluxe.
  • Magnificence.

The broker provides the ability for algorithmic trading and using robots. There is a Savings Account, when choosing this option, a fixed income is promised. Clients get access to daily news, webinars, consultations with a financial expert, an individual plan, and arbitration. The set of services depends on the tariff.

To top up their balance, consumers can use cards or bank transfers. To register, customers will need to go through verification — upload an ID, proof of address, and sometimes documents related to their financial situation.

Reading Resolve Money LTD reviews can help traders make informed decisions about where to entrust their funds. So feel free to share your feedback.


Would investing in Resolve Money LTD offer the best returns?

It is more common to lose funds when trading CFDs on a proprietary platform.

Does Resolve Money LTD carry out withdrawals?

The company is young, so there are not enough reviews now. Please share your opinion about the company if you have worked with it.

May I be scammed on

Yes. The lack of a license and a young domain age suggest that the company may not be legitimate.

What's the best way to share my experience with

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Referral
Minimum deposit: 100$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

15 reviews about Resolve Money LTD

  1. GASXX
    April 23
    Cunning scammers
    So, my grandpa's 74 and these guys at Resolve totally ripped him off. They were telling him he could trade with a robot and make a fortune, more than just keeping his money in the bank. He did make some profit, but not as much as they promised. Then when it was time to cash out, nothing showed up in his account. Their tech support keeps saying there's a delay and it'll be there tomorrow, but it's been almost a month and nothing's happened. And they're doing this to an old man! Don't they have any shame?!
  2. Denny Strong
    April 8
    this place is great
    I'm so happy with my broker. They always help me and go the extra mile to make sure I'm happy. My requests get answered quickly and they answer all my questions.
  3. alien
    April 4
    Resolve Money LTD has some decent trading conditions, but their customer support is not very responsive. They don't explain everything clearly and it's hard to understand all the details of investing. Also, they have a good referral program, but it's not enough to make up for the lack of good customer service.
  4. neonilin
    March 29
    Overall, a decent company
    Resolve Money LTD offers decent trading conditions and responsive customer support. The broker clearly and understandably explains all the nuances of investing. Resolve also has a good referral program. I'm satisfied with their services, but I would recommend adding a demo account. It was problematic for me that the platform was unfamiliar and I didn't have the opportunity to practice trading on it.
  5. OnMode
    March 21
    You can really earn here!
    Hey, you can really make some cash here! Thanks to Resolve, I was able to grow my capital and make some money. They offered me an investment account and a trading robot, and it worked out great for me. If you want to try your luck with reliable projects, I'd recommend them.
  6. widyship
    March 20
    They even blocked my account!
    I really wish I had read the reviews of Resolve Money LTD before I started having problems with them, not after I registered! What scammers... I deposited $3,000, made a few trades and the next day I can't log in to my account! I didn't break any rules, my dollars were probably just stolen. How disappointed I was to realize that I wasn't the only one with this problem. People, please don't make the same mistakes, learn from other people's experience, not your own!
  7. btmn
    March 18
    Companies like this don't last long
    Beware, some companies don't survive long. So, do your research before you invest your hard-earned money.You know what, read reviews of Resolve Money. They are going to go down soon. Either they're going to get their reputation ruined, or they'll go bankrupt, or get blocked. That's what usually happens to scammers, right? Don't you notice that they come and go?
  8. dad
    March 14
    That last broker totally ripped me off.
    I've been trading for a while now and thought I knew better than to fall for scams. But I got caught up in Resolve's promises and deposited a lot of money with them. I don't know what I was thinking, but now I'm paying the price. All my trades have been losses and I can't even get my money back. I'm really in a tough spot and I'm hoping they get shut down before I lose everything.
  9. Greenature
    March 14
    This is an insult to traders
    It's also worth noting that the platform is not well-known and there's no way to practice trading before you start. This can be a problem for some traders, so if you're not comfortable with this, maybe you should look elsewhere. I was trying to do some trading and I went to this website and it was all so confusing. There weren't any clear descriptions of what the trading conditions were. Where was the range of percentages for investors, or the leverage, or the spread size for traders? Nothing! And when I tried to ask them questions by email or on the phone, it was like they just ignored me. Is that normal? No way!
  10. g0xff
    March 10
    Everything is great!
    I've had nothing but great experiences with Resolve Money LTD so far. Transactions are fast and smooth, and their professional support is always there to help. I hope to become a VIP client someday!
  11. Zack
    March 5
    Those crooks!
    My brother was trying to get his money out and he'd been waiting for 1.5 months and the company wasn't responding to his emails or calls. Where could he go, how could he get his money back if even the police couldn't help him? And then they even blocked his account!I really regret not reading the reviews about Resolve Money LTD before registering with them.
  12. P1F-PAF
    February 12
    This isn't a real brokerage firm. It's a total scam!
    My Resolve Money LTD review is totally negative. They're a shady operation that doesn't even give any information about who's running the show. They say they operate under UK laws, but there's no proof of that. No registration number or anything. And they don't even have a broker's license. All UK brokers need to be regulated by the FCA.
  13. 0001
    February 10
    Their reputation isn't the best already
    I'm in a traders' chat and there's been a lot of discussion about Resolve lately. It seems like they've scammed a lot of people out of money. From what I've gathered, they use cold-calling techniques and aggressively push their services. This is typical behavior for scammers. Be vigilant and don't give in if they call you and offer to help you start investing.
  14. pro
    February 8
    So, they're totally illegal and are probably going to steal your money and disappear soon.
    Seriously, I checked out the Resolve website and it was a joke. They're talking about trading robots that'll make you a fortune. Come on, people, are you seriously falling for that? If those things existed, nobody would use any other method. They also mention investments but don't go into detail. Why would I trust my money with a shady company when there are scammers starting up every day? That's crazy talk!
  15. mol1313
    February 3
    If you're new to trading, I don't recommend this broker
    Resolve Money LTD is not a good fit for beginners. I tried to learn how to trade with them, but it was a nightmare. The training materials were so confusing, and their support team didn't help at all. They didn't even answer my questions! It felt like I was all alone in the dark. Terrible experience.

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