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The platform is managed by RGN Financial Planning LTD, which, according to the owner, is a global brand. The website indicates the address of the office, which is located in London. It is worth noting that the broker does not provide services to residents of the USA, North Korea, and some other countries.

Can you trust your capital to this company? Is it safe to trade on this terminal? We will check how the platform functions, as well as the firm’s legal documents and draw conclusions about its reliability.

Trading Conditions

RGN Financial Planning Ltd offers clients a cloud-based WebTrader platform for trading, which can be accessed from any device. Traded assets include forex, indices, cryptocurrency, and more. Traders have access to 5 types of tariff plans, which are sorted by minimum deposit size and set of services. You can choose and open an account from the following options:

  • BEGINNER from £5,000 – Leverage 1:20, Limited Access, Trading Assistance, Standard Spreads & Swap.
  • SILVER from £25,000 – Leverage 1:50, Selected Markets, Trading Investment Assistance, Medium Spreads & Swap.
  • GOLD from £75,000 – Leverage 1:100, Limited Access, Personal Financial Plan, Medium Spreads & Swap, Bonus 50%, Minimum guaranteed monthly ROI is 9%.
  • PREMIUM from £150,000 – Leverage Custom, All Markets, Portfolio Managment, Low Spreads & Swap, Bonus 75%, Minimum guaranteed monthly ROI is 12%.
  • VIP from £250,000 – Leverage Custom, All Markets, Portfolio Managment, Low Spreads & Swap, Bonus 100%, Minimum guaranteed monthly ROI is 15%.

The broker offers payment methods such as bank transfers, e-wallets, and credit cards. You can use real-time market information in your work – charts, current quotes, and news updates.

RGN Financial Planning Ltd collects personal data of individual and corporate clients. The list includes documents to prove identity, user location, water and electricity bills, copies of bank cards, bank statements, and others.

RGN Financial Planning Ltd offers educational materials, webinars, and market analysis for beginners. Round-the-clock customer support is provided by different types of communication, for example, you can ask a question to the operator through the feedback form.


Would investing in RGN Financial Planning Ltd offer the best returns?

You should not trust the company's advertisements about possible profits. You are more likely to lose your invested money on an unstable platform in risky CFD trading with an anonymous broker.

Does RGN Financial Planning Ltd carry out withdrawals?

Withdrawal of money from the account in this company is not obvious. You should read the comments on the Internet, in which users complain about account blocking and non-payment of their earnings. You can share a review of your experience.

May I be scammed on rgnfinancialplanningltd.com?

Judging by the date of the domain, the absence of a license, and information about the manager and owner of the platform, it is clear that it is risky to cooperate with the broker. Such non-transparent work is usually characteristic of fraudsters.

What's the best way to share my experience with RGN Financial Planning Ltd?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if rgnfinancialplanningltd.com is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:100
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 6090$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

16 reviews about RGN Financial Planning LTD

  1. Marcelo Peixoto
    March 12
    Criminals, they’ll steal your money, as simple as that!
  2. Jagjeet
    February 16
    These guys are scammers took $200 from me and never got any reply from these guys. Please be aware of these guys.
  3. Adil
    February 15
    RGN totally SCAM
    Hello RGN is totally SCAM. Do not invest your hard money. They will try their level best that you invest more money. Even they will say take loan from bank and give us and they will make it triple 😂
    They have not pay me back my 3411 GBP 😭
    When i request withdrawal they demand 1400 more as a broker fee and taxes.
    Once you make account and then only coversation on telegram and whatsapp. No other medium and when they will see you will not pay they will threaten you to suspend account.
    And when you will demand any document they will simply say company will give all documents when you will done payment.
    Totally fake please guyz be aware, i have lost my money. Do not become fool like me 🙏
  4. Sean McGleeson
    February 8
    RGN financial planning ltd is a fraud and scam broker. You will not be able to withdraw your funds
  5. Sean
    February 5
    This is a well organised SCAM. If you have handed money over it is gone. You are watching a demo site on the internet. Please don't loose any more money. They are all crooks
  6. Titi
    February 2
    i have started to invest with rgn for a month and super pleased even my deposit was too low it was 1600 £ now it’s 2000£ but today they offered me to take a loan from the bank and it’s so scary for me to take a huge amount and to do investment , so I don’t know if i am going to do more investment or step back from all of these, is this happened to anyone here?
  7. A.B.
    January 26
    If I could give zero stars I would. This company has scammed my mother out of thousands of pounds. It is a typical investment scam. They get you with an initial investment and further investments will then be required to resolve any technical issues. Do not trust this company.
  8. Marcelo Peixoto
    January 10
    Scam, criminals taking your money! Well organised but these people should be in jail! I lost 3430 GBP with these criminals, and they tried to get more!
  9. grav
    November 9
    I have never received a profit payment
    I was cheated by this company! Managers promised me a big profit and they told me about favorable conditions of cooperation. And what did I get in the end?! I lost my deposit of 11 thousand dollars, I was disappointed in leverage trading. I learned on social networks from other deceived traders that RGN Financial Planning Ltd does not even have access to liquidity providers. The platform just mimics the trading process and that's it! It is dangerous for you to deal with this broker, especially financially illiterate beginners like me are at risk. Our inexperience puts all the trump cards in the hands of these cheats and allows them to cheat clients unhindered. If I knew that there is no chance, because the cheats don't even take the trades to the real market, I wouldn't even try to trade here. I realized late that this is a scam, the broker will not even give you the initial deposit. The scammers will find various reasons to take away all your money. The administrators will demand endless documents from you for verification when you try to withdraw your funds. And even if you fulfill all the conditions, you will have no chance to take back your own capital!
  10. Polimt
    November 8
    It is better for you to refuse cooperation
    I do not undertake to state categorically that this broker is a scam. However, the cheap website of a "reliable British" financial company does not correspond to the signs of success that any experienced trader notices at once. The low-cost design and such serious bugs of the platform as a non-functioning top menu and fuzzy graphics signal to us that RGN Financial Planning Ltd is a rather unpretentious resource in terms of execution. Any designer immediately sees the very low level of the site. Even a layman can easily notice that these owners did not invest any money in the creation and promotion of their main web resource. Probably it was the logic that guided the organizers of the site: what is the point of investing money, if you expect to work for a very short time?
  11. brav
    November 7
    I enjoyed trading here
    This company provides professional and reliable financial planning and investment services. I was pleasantly surprised at how carefully and thoroughly each of the staff members considered my individual needs and goals. I have been trading with rgnfinancialplanningltd.com for almost a month and have made two withdrawals with no problems. My personal counselor is constantly on call! The company is young, so I only rate it a 4 so far.
  12. nertkilza
    November 5
    Fake broker
    This company has the purpose of defrauding naive investors. It engages in theft and has no rights to this reputable brand rgn financial planning ltd, which the scammers have arrogated to themselves brazenly and cover themselves with it to defraud. The scammers look for "fools" on social media and then promise them big money. I refused to cooperate with this false broker, although its representatives called me several times. I do not understand where they got my phone number, perhaps they were helped by my acquaintance, who fell into a similar scam and now he is left without money. The crooks have many sites with different similar addresses. As far as I understood from my friend, there are a lot of deceived traders who suffered from this scam.
  13. volfov
    October 30
    I don't see any real trading here
    There is only advertising on the site, and the questions from users are just a deciphering of basic terms, who asks such questions, mentally retarded people who have an extra £5,000?! Where are the real expert cases? If you are an inexperienced trader, it is better not to try trading here, I think you will regret it later.
  14. fin
    October 30
    Scammers will leave you without funds
    How can you talk about trusting this company if it doesn't have any legal documents to operate legally? Does it even exist?! If you ask Google this question, the system will give you the only broker company with this name, which has been operating in England since 2013! And that is not rgnfinancialplanningltd.com.....
  15. PlayUnderSun
    October 29
    The company turned out to be a fake
    I lost more than 15,000 euros in this fake company. And its founders are anonymous scammers. They have no office and no regulation of activities. I really regret that I made a hasty decision to cooperate with such a dubious organization.
  16. ars
    October 28
    Do not repeat my mistakes!
    The best option to save your capital from loss on this fraudulent platform is to stay away from it. These crooks have hired experienced psychologists who professionally persuade newbies to try trading here and they try to convince you to deposit large sums. I succumbed to the persuasion, deposited £8000 and my account was blocked after 2 days!!! Where do I complain?! These thieves set a huge entry threshold because they realize that their platform is about to be hit by a barrage of negative reviews, I don't think they will stop until then. And now they are trying to steal as much as they can before that "X" time.

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