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Rigel Capital Partners Limited, which owns the website, claims to have an office in London. Meanwhile, the company does not provide documents of British origin or a license from the UK Financial Conduct Authority. As for ‌history, the broker does not even provide the date of the project’s foundation, and the domain was registered only in January 2024.

Can you trust your investments with this company? We want to make sure that it works legally, for which we will check the quality of the service and study customer reviews about it.

Trading Conditions

Rigel Capital Partners Limited offers a cloud-based authoring platform that integrates with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera browsers. The platform allows trading with more than 5,300 instruments, including CFDs on currencies, stocks, ETF indices, and commodities from all over the world. The broker offers the client to conduct trading for him or on his behalf. Users’ funds are protected with advanced technology and crypto trading tools.

The company has developed 5 types of trading plans, which are structured by the size of the minimum deposit. You may choose one of the following rates:

  • BEGINNER from £5,000 – Standard spreads and swaps, Limited access to assets, 1:20 leverage, Trading assistance.
  • SILVER from £25,000 – Mid spreads and swaps, Selected asset markets, Leverage 1:50, Investment trading assistance.
  • GOLD from £75,000 – Mid spreads and swaps, Selected asset markets, Leverage 1:100, 50% Bonus, Personal Finance Plan, Leverage 1:100, Minimum Guaranteed Monthly ROI 9%.
  • PREMIUM from £150,000 – Low Spread & Swap, All Asset Markets, Bonus 75%, Portfolio Management, Leverage Custom, Minimum guaranteed monthly ROI (Return on investment) 12%.
  • VIP from £250,000 – Low Spread & Swap, All Asset Markets, Bonus 75%, Portfolio Management, Leverage Custom, Minimum guaranteed monthly ROI (Return on investment) 15%.

The broker notifies clients that their funds are kept separately in bank accounts and are not used for the company. Thus, Rigel Capital Partners Limited provides deposit protection under CySEC regulations. In addition, the Company is a member of the Investors’ Fund (ICF) of Cyprus, which guarantees compensation of up to €20,000 to each insured client of the broker. The project provides payment methods via SEPA, Bitcoin, Visa/Mastercard.

Rigel Capital Partners Limited warns that it may refuse to pay for any transactions at the discretion of the platform administration. In this case, the broker is not responsible for any losses of clients.

The company does not disclose the amount of commissions, fees, and other important trading conditions in its tariffs. You will have to contact your manager to find out the details. Rigel Capital Partners Limited affiliate program provides “generous” remuneration, but its terms and conditions are not published on the website. In addition, the broker promises to provide clients with access to webinars, free educational resources, and personalized training.


Would investing in Rigel Capital Partners Limited offer the best returns?

Cooperation is more likely to result in bankruptcy for the client than in capital appreciation. It is worth noting that reliable liquidity providers do not work with companies without regulatory documents. Besides, the broker offers risky CFD trading with a leverage size prohibited in European countries

Does Rigel Capital Partners Limited carry out withdrawals?

Our analysis has shown that a client can become a victim of a process related to the withdrawal of money, which is not regulated by the broker's rules. We do not exclude managers' manipulation of quotes on the terminal. The client risks losing all his funds if his capital is transferred to the company's management or if his account is suddenly blocked.

May I be scammed on rigelcapitalpartnersltd.com?

We've detected signs of fraud on this website, which has a poor design and a fresh domain. In addition, the lack of full evidence of the legality and reliability of this project, which would be expressed in the presence of the appropriate license, certificate of registration, and several other documents indicate a high risk for the trader to lose money.

What's the best way to share my experience with rigelcapitalpartnersltd.com?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:100
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Referral
Minimum deposit: 6300$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

5 reviews about Rigel Capital Partners Limited

  1. Kane Lutorr
    February 14
    Fraudsters disguised as honest guys
    I was hooked by this fake broker. After making a deposit, I did not find any technical support or answers to my questions.. Beware!
  2. Antony Fort
    February 13
    Do not even think of contacting this SCAM
    I want to share with you, my dear friends, my experience with this disgusting brokerage company. I think that no one would call rigelcapitalpartnersltd.com convenient. You will have no problems registering, you will do all the registration quickly, as well as transferring funds to deposit (there is no commission). But this is a wrapper, you can disregard these services. After all, your biggest problem will be to make money on this manipulated platform. And if you succeed, the villains won't let you withdraw funds, just for no reason, they won't even respond to your requests for technical support. The minimum deposit here is high, but I believed in the ideal trading conditions, which the manager told me about after I requested clarification. Well, what other broker can offer you commission-free trading and return on investment up to 15 percent! So I thought it was worth taking a risk and deposited £6,000, of course, it was my own fault, I did something stupid. In two weeks I drained more than half, and administrators did not let me withdraw the remaining almost 2.3 thousand. Keep in mind that this crocodile does not release its prey - your money managers can steal immediately or during withdrawal. The outcome of the work is one, the funds will not reach you. I do not want to write about the advantages or other minuses of the broker, all this is meaningless if you give your money to crooks.
  3. izzi
    February 6
    There are shortcomings in technical support
    I plan to continue trading with this broker. It suits me in that it allows me to earn on crypto and withdraw profits via bitcoin. On the recommendation of my manager, I installed the remote access software - it's a cool platform, especially for beginners! In a month I managed to increase my capital by almost 20%, and my trading is going well. It was difficult for me to understand the functionality of the terminal, at first it seemed unfamiliar to me. However, now I am already up to speed. I see no reason to refuse cooperation with Rigel Capital. The company has shown itself well during its work, and its potential is good. Only one moment makes me nervous - I still can't get the support team to answer my questions promptly. I have already called and written - always the same story, it takes several hours to get a consultation.
  4. Cryptonis
    February 2
    This is a common fake broker
    The company has nothing to do with the forex market. It just tries to pose as a broker but is not really that. I am an experienced trader and of course, I checked the registration. I found out that the brand belongs to another company that has been in the market for a long time, and the broker rigel Capital Partners is not and never has been at this address in London. The administrators just took the address of the business center and put it on their resource. The sizes of spreads and swaps the fake broker does not specify, but leverage promises from 1:100. This fake broker only confirmed the fact of fraud. In Great Britain, where this pseudo broker is located, it's forbidden to set leverage higher than 1:30. However, the crooks apparently did not know about it or they counted on inexperienced traders. You won't be able to register due to the lack of a promo code. You can get it from the broker's representatives, who will persuade you to invest several thousand pounds in this scam. And then the crooks will say goodbye to you, and won't return you anything. If you have already received an offer from the broker, then just block this project. Because you won't be able to earn anything here in any case.
  5. Natan
    January 31
    Reliable company
    When I registered on the Rigel Capital Partners platform, I doubted whether it was worth it. The reason was banal - the broker did not provide a license. I was worried whether the company would withdraw funds or not, but after a month of cooperation, I can clearly say that the payments are in order. You can not worry, I withdrew the profit of 670 pounds without any problems.

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