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RiveGarde reports that its management company started several years ago and is headquartered in Switzerland. However, the information about the legal address is not supported by documents. As for the domain, it was registered only on July 20, 2023, in the United States. In addition, the project has neither a legal address nor a license. However, phone numbers in 5 countries – Switzerland, UK, France, Spain, and Japan – are listed for communication.

Can this broker be trusted? How safe is the site for traders? We will check the functionality of this platform and determine the level of protection of both the client’s data and their wallet.

Trading Conditions

The broker claims that a team of experienced professionals working for many years in this company created the RiveGarde Rating platform. The client has to download it on their device to start trading on global financial markets. After registration, you will get access to stocks, cryptocurrencies, NFT, and other assets. The web broker offers traders the opportunity to trade in crypto without a wallet, providing storage of their digital assets right on the platform.

The site offers 6 types of accounts. The trading conditions of the profiles differ in terms of minimum deposit, leverage, and additional services:

  1. Starter from $250 – free account testing for 7 days with an expert, leverage 1:10, access to 5 financial markets, zero withdrawal fees, expert chart analysis
  2. Bronze from $10,000 – personalized introductory course, leverage 1:10, access to 3 financial markets, free withdrawal 1 time per month, analyst
  3. Silver from $25,000 – individual introductory course, leverage 1:20 + partially 1:50, access to 5 financial markets, free withdrawal once a week, expert analyst, expert account management.
  4. Gold from $50,000 – personalized introductory course, leverage 1:50 + access to VIP signals, access to 5 financial markets, free withdrawal once a week, expert analysts, 24/5 access to trades department via WhatsApp
  5. Platinum $100,000 – access to the analyst on WhatsApp, everage 1:25 managed by an expert, access to the trading desk on WhatsApp, withdrawal free of charge, 1 monthly market research, 1 monthly trade with full protection
  6. Black – conditions are communicated only to traders who have received an invitation

To withdraw funds, the company requires documentary proof of the client’s identity. The long list includes such documents as the Tax Registration Certificate, Birth Certificate, Immigration Authorization, and others.

RiveGarde may change the Terms of Use of the platform without prior notice to clients. In this case, the trader who did not familiarize themselves with the changes before the transaction is responsible for financial losses. 

The website interface supports 3 languages – English, French and Japanese. Online chat for instant communication with a consultant is not available without registration. You can ask a question through a special form, with your name and your email address. The RiveGarde website has an economic calendar and a section with answers to traders’ questions.


Would investing in RiveGarde offer the best returns?

It is more likely that you will lose funds rather than make a profit. This is risky CFD trading on an unknown platform, where the broker can change the working conditions without warning the clients.

Does RiveGarde carry out withdrawals?

It is unlikely that you will be able to do this. When withdrawing your deposit, you may be asked for any documents that you cannot produce. Judging by the feedback from traders, they are denied withdrawal of funds. You can share your experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on rivegarde.com?

The risk of fraud on the site is quite high. Thus, the broker claims that it adheres to strict regulatory standards, without specifying which ones. In fact, it has no license and no regulation. In addition, the FAQ section of the website talks about the company's many years of operation, and the domain was registered in 2023.

What's the best way to share my experience with RiveGarde?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if RiveGarde is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:50
Broker type: DD
Demo account: Yes
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

22 reviews (+2 fake) about RiveGarde

  1. Shedrach J. Sylvio
    January 30
    Satisfactory trading experience
    I enjoy the pricing and trade execution with this broker. They do not manipulate prices. Every other thing is fine, just the occasional crash in connection with the servers, probably from my end but nothing serious.
  2. Thiago
    January 28
    They provide all the currency pairs I trade
    Rivegarde provides all currency pairs which I'm interested in. The spreads are very competitive. Overall I find them very good and absolutely recommendable. I would have appreciated if they would send daily and monthly reports about the performed trades, but that is a nice to have and not a must
    Fake comment
  3. Nathan Adam
    January 22
    They’ve been transparent and reliable
    In general, Its been great working with the platform. There were no bugs. The platform did not slow down and the work went quite quickly. Also, the process of setting up an account was quite easy. I enjoyed trading here and I’ll definitely recommend
    Fake comment
  4. Jeremy Steven
    January 22
    Quite pleased with Rivegarde broker
    I'm quite pleased with Rivegarde broker, only problem is the trendlines that overlaps on other indexes (synthetic) •withdrawals take a bit too long to reflect, sometimes after 2/3 hours . Overall a great broker
  5. lexasten
    August 23
    I will not trade here
    I am from Germany, Bremen, and speak English fluently. But I am still not satisfied that the text is not automatically translated into German, even in the browser:(
  6. Sitec
    August 20
    My cooperation with this broker turned out to be extremely unsuccessful
    When closing trades there were jumps and trades were closed only in minus. I lost my entire deposit of 12 thousand dollars with RiveGarde. I do not recommend anyone to contact them if you do not want to be bankrupt.
  7. unnat
    August 20
    Traders, why do you like it here???
    I can't imagine how you can register an account on such a dubious site... After all, the Internet is full of trusted brokers who provide all the licenses and other information about themselves.
  8. Shavo
    August 17
    Very versatile platform
    I mean that in addition to forex there are training courses, its own software, advisors, and analytics:)) So every trader can have profitability if he does not risk money recklessly, but thinks over the strategy and follows analytics.
  9. William Smith
    August 15
    Unstable trading
    Their app is average, and not very user-friendly. If there are any errors, the support ignores the appeal for a long time.
  10. rian
    August 13
    This is a fake broker that does not return the deposit
    I have to make sure to enter a Promo Code to register. And if I don't have it? I can't understand the logic of scammers yet, to be honest... And the fact that they are scammers is clear as day. In addition, I met a trader on a social network, who still fell for the bait of this company. So, he deposited more than 600 dollars on Rivegarde, and the scammers did not even think of withdrawing funds, because they created their fake terminal to collect money from ordinary people, not for trading. Therefore, I think that it is better to avoid such scammers, because it is easy to lose money because of them.
  11. Sant
    August 13
    Don't believe the scammers, this is a fake platform
    I am an experienced trader and checked the site before depositing money. Look, it's simple. RiveGarde offers contracts for price difference, i.e. fake instruments, as there are no spots or any futures here. At the same time, the broker offers high minimum deposits. The first deposit bar of $250 is an average, and popular companies that have been working for a long time have already lowered this bar to $10 or less. So $250 at the start of an unknown platform is now very strange, and where is the customer focus! At the same time the gap between the first and second type of accounts is almost $10000. And the very fact that there is such a division of tariff plans is also all the signs that we are facing a classic fake platform. You can forget about real trading and real liquidity. According to all the signs, RiveGarde is an illegal company, which does not fulfill and does not comply with the requirements of regulators. The risks of trading here are huge, and they are not in the trading itself, but in the behavior of this broker. It can easily change the rules and prevent you from withdrawing funds, it can block the account, and it can also manipulate the chart. Here, however, it is not in the direct sense of manipulation, but rather, it would be correct to call it "drawing". That is, the company can indicate on the terminal absolutely any price on any asset, and after that you have a huge shadow of this price on the monitor in the terminal. Thus, this scam will drain you and other traders, because managers perfectly see all your positions, where the platform has a stop loss, and where market makers are. And yes, forget about what this scam RiveGarde says, "we have innovative programs" and other nonsense. Bullshit. This is the most common platform to deceive traders. If it were not, there would not be a huge gap between the tariffs, liquidity providers would be named, there would be a license. But there is none of that, as you can see.
  12. xtremeq
    August 11
    Reputation at zero
    What the broker declares on its website does not fit in my head: many years of successful work! How in many years can you have almost no mention of the company on the Internet? It's a mystery to me.
  13. Cinema
    August 10
    Fraudsters with many years of experience in deception
    And with the period of work, everything is simple. Can a company that has been on the market for many years have a domain opened yesterday? No, of course not. If you type "rivegarde forex broker" into the Google search bar, only one site comes up and that's it!!!! I am in France and I have zero reviews online about this broker!
  14. UnLiMiTeD
    August 8
    Do not jump to conclusions
    I started trading crypto here and was unable to withdraw the profit of 120 dollars at the first application. But my issue was solved by the administration as soon as I passed the account verification, after that the broker started to withdraw my money very quickly, I'm doing great, I was worried for nothing. I have a positive opinion about the broker RiveGarde, I can recommend the site to my friends.
  15. lv01953
    August 8
    I couldn't make money from scammers
    I lost almost 400$, it's certainly not 400,000, but I'm still very offended for believing the assholes :(
  16. ws21
    August 5
    Very low reliability of the service
    Here there is a high probability of losing your money. I did not even try to trade on Rive Garde, and I do not advise anyone!
  17. mike
    August 3
    If you are a reasonable person, don't trade here
    You should think, is it worth risking your money trading on a fake brokerage platform? What attracted you to this Rivegarde? Did a company without a license convince you that it is safe with fake information?
  18. vip
    August 3
    I have decided that this is a SCAM!!!
    I will definitely not test this cheesy platform with real funds, especially not from $250! I could understand the lack of a demo account if the broker would have a minimum analog of a demo account, some account for 10 cents, but ‌it is not here!!!!
  19. paulo
    July 31
    Typical persuasions of clients to donate money to swindlers
    The very first broker's scheme is the popular entreaties to replenish the account through their "expert" manager. Since 99% of clients who will believe in this scam will not be able to afford a deposit above $10,000, the company has prepared a service "Free 7-day trial for an expertly managed account" for them. Apparently, 7 days are enough for the scammers to introduce the trader-victim into total deposit reduction, or to drain 100% of the client's account. This scheme is very popular when a trader-victim trusts a personal account manager (analyst, expert, personal trader, etc., the names can be different), and this account manager does everything in such a way that the client loses money. On RiveGarde such a scheme of deception is explained by the fact that this is a fake site, but not a real forex-broker, which displays transactions on the exchange, so it is profitable for scammers to quickly withdraw all the money from the trader, so they earn money for the next deception. So, I did not see anything new or surprising. Well, those traders who are richer and can afford expensive tariffs are deceived by fake "leverage on expertly managed account" and so on. Or they will just be blocked. The result is always the same - lost money, zero deposits, impossibility to withdraw funds.
  20. Sadam
    July 31
    Very vague promises of profits
    I didn't like the lack of information about the company on the website.
  21. okorney
    July 29
    Do not dare to deal with this scammer!
    Save your nerves and overall health. I deposited 1550 dollars, and bought bitcoin, after I wanted to withdraw from RiveGarde, and for a week my funds are with these scoundrels! I was asked for card statements, photos, and selfies, but there is no use! Support answers once a day! DO NOT CONTACT!!!!!
  22. doc
    July 27
    And why do I need all these risks?
    I'm not going to download any dubious platforms to my PC. You won't get rid of that RiveGarde until you reinstall your computer.....
  23. zeouth
    July 25
    Bad prospects for a trader
    The company is absolutely not trustworthy from the very first steps. It has just started and already lies at every step - where is its history and photos of employees who have been working here for many years?
  24. nedgar
    July 24
    Constant cheating
    I have been comparing my trading here with other brokers for 2 weeks now. For example, on August 26, 2023, I opened a trade on RiveGarde in XRP/TetherUS at a price of 0.5153, then my trade closed automatically at a loss of 0.5312, and according to the charts of other brokers, the price did not rise above 0.5278. And so constantly! Draw conclusions, dear sirs!

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