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RockStoneTrust claims to be registered in Switzerland, where it is headquartered. However, the client agreement mentions another site, According to the information provided on the website, the company has a trading value of about $8 million, the brand is present in over 85 countries, and 3 million traders use the service. However, these facts are not documented, and the exact start date of the project is not presented. As for the domain, it was registered only in October 2023. It’s worth noting that the broker informs about its work under the supervision of regulatory authorities of several countries, but it does not specify the name of these jurisdictions and does not show us license numbers or scans. Meanwhile, the company offers to consider disputes with the client in the arbitration court of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Will margin trading on this site bring you profit? How safe is the project? We decided to check the legality of this company’s activity and make a conclusion about what it really is.

Trading Conditions

RockStoneTrust provides clients with an MT5 web-based trading platform that can be operated from any device. The security system includes SSL encryption, which protects all online bank card payments. The broker gives the opportunity to trade 8 types of assets, including bonds, indices, and stocks. Users can open accounts in fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, for example, in BTC, ETH, or LTC.

The administration of the site does not specify the size of leverage, swaps, spreads, or other characteristics in the tariff plans. Account types are ranked by minimum deposit, each subsequent level includes all the services of the previous one. You can choose an account at RockStoneTrust from the following offers:

  1. Bronze from $10,000 – Basic Education Level Sessions, Customized Trading Alerts, Hands-on trading sessions with an expert, Risk-free trading opportunities, Extended Leverage, Time Markets account eligibility
  2. Silver from $25,000 – options are similar to the previous level
  3. Gold from $50,000 – options are similar to the previous level
  4. Premium from $100,000 – options are similar to the previous level
  5. Platinum from $250,000 – options are similar to the previous level
  6. VIP from $500,000 – access to Telegram group
  7. VIP+ from $1,000,000 – 30-day trial version of the account

Every client can take advantage of RockStoneTrust’s personal manager services, advice on risk management strategies, and an introduction to the trading platform. The broker offers additional rewards and one-time trading credits. The terms of their withdrawal require you to make a trading volume of at least 1 lot for each dollar, otherwise, the funds will be removed from the account.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 USD/100 EUR/100 GBP, or in crypto 0.1 ETH/1.5 LTC/0.3 Dash/0.026 BTC. 

RockStoneTrust charges several fees, including withdrawal fees and no account activity. The fee depends on various factors and ranges from 0.01% to 10% of the amount or a flat rate of $10 to $25 USD/€25 EUR/25 GBP. The platform gives you 24/5 access to the foreign exchange market. You can avail multilingual online support 24/7.


Would investing in RockStoneTrust offer the best returns?

Cooperating with an unknown broker may result in losing your own money rather than earning profits. You should not invest such a high deposit, a minimum $10,000, in risky CFD trading.

Does RockStoneTrust carry out withdrawals?

You may encounter unsolvable problems when withdrawing funds from your account with this company. From analyzing the website and trader reviews, we learn that the brokerage firm is not reliable. You can also share your experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on

The risk of fraud on the site is high because the company gives conflicting information about its address and regulation. It does not have a brokerage license, and the number of 3 million traders mentioned does not match with the fresh domain and cheap interface at all. 

What's the best way to share my experience with RockStoneTrust?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 10000$
Trading platform: MetaTrader 5
Assets: Forex, CFD

14 reviews about RockStoneTrust

  1. Nonya
    March 7
    Complete scam
    I had my money in and was making trades. I was actually up a decent amount, almost double my original investment of $250 and when I went to log in again the website was inaccessible, my managers email was not legit. Yeah a huge scam. I got taken. Do not invest
  2. jeff windover
    February 28
    scammer alert from Sweden are crooks so avoid them at all cost as they are scamming people with their AI accounts , they tried conning me into depositing 10,000 cad but failed because I outsmarted them, it made them angry and they thought by gaslighting me they would get the upper hand but failed miserably, these people should be ashamed of themselves as they have zero class or integrity
  3. jeff windover
    February 8
    This site is a scam dont waste your time or believe reviews claiming they are great or advertising claiming they are associated with elon musk as its deepfake production, they will steal from you
  4. Richard Griffin
    February 7
    Investor I guess
    I have never invested before so I thought I'd try it. I've been doing ok with what seems like profit but when it came time to withdraw some the broker told me the only way is through a crypto wallet. There has to be another way. All the investigation I've done tells me not to get one and definitely not to give my wallet ID number out witch the broker wants. Red flag?? Has anyone made a withdraw I would love to hear about it
    November 7
    I do not want to take risks
    I got a call from the broker's employees, and they offered their services, I can't say that this is a very intrusive organization, but the conversation was pleasant, I agreed and deposited money into the account, and then I changed my mind and decided to return the money, I got everything, yes I has been persuading in rockstonetrust not to withdraw the entire deposit, but the money was returned to me. Maybe I should have tried trading, but I don't like risks very much, and then it's up to you.
  6. SAM0
    November 7
    Don't trust anyone, it's a SCAM!!!
    I noticed the scam and immediately withdrew my money. My manager said that I was wrong, it takes time to figure out, you need to wait, maybe bugs and just problems on the server. I'm not going to believe this nonsense, because in the beginning rockstonetrust employees promised me normal conditions and no problems. If there are problems at the company with fulfillment of direct obligations, then I will not tolerate and wait for anything!!! Now the competition among brokers is huge, any company will gladly take a normal investor, and even offer a bonus on top - so it happened to me, with a new partner I got 10% extra for a large deposit.
  7. Vit2
    November 4
    The company obviously made up its popularity
    I read the presentation of the brokerage company RockStoneTrust, and immediately noticed that the number of clients over 3 million is obviously made up for advertising. If the company really did its job so well, there would be thousands of reviews about its activities on the Internet. But you will not find anything like that even close. I have been trading for several years and always do not refuse to try to work on new trading platforms. But in this case, everything points to the fact that we are dealing with ordinary scammers. I am not going to give my money to fraudsters and do not advise anyone to try to work with the company, it makes up for its popularity.
  8. t-100
    November 2
    My positive opinion
    I registered on the site and managed to trade a little, but enough to draw conclusions about the work of the terminal. The brokerage company RockStoneTrust has the following main advantages: availability of margin trading with good leverage, there is analytical information and preliminary forecasts on the asset from well-known international banks and competitors. To the advantages I can attribute prompt technical support, which can respond in any format convenient for you. On the downside: there is no pamm-trading, a company with such a large initial deposit, in my opinion, should have such an option. I give 4 points, because I did not see any critical minuses, the company is decent.
  9. Salazar
    November 1
    I believed the advertisements in vain
    I contacted Rockstonetrust recently, and honestly, I can say that I did it in vain, I just believed in their aggressive advertising :( managers called me 5 times a day and offered to open an account, they promised me help and good profits. I thought: why don't I give it a try?! At first, I was trading calmly and the broker did not interfere in the process, my orders were executed on time, and did not hang. Well, or it was just my luck. I considered the terminal to be reliable and felt myself to be an experienced trader, so I switched from the "Bronze" account to the "Gold" account, deposited more than $50,000 - and then something incredible started happening on the platform. Stop-loss does not work, orders are closed either much earlier - or on the contrary, with a big delay. Requotes and slippages became a common thing. I tried to get a plus at the expense of experience - I changed something somewhere, searched for information, in general - and applied everything I could by theory. However, the theory does not work if the broker sets the terminal settings as it wants. I drained all the money from my deposit literally in three weeks. In the end, I can say one thing - do not believe in such a scam like Rockstonetrust, which promises you a lot of help in earning, but actually steals all your money... I do not recommend anyone to cooperate with this false broker!
  10. Danny Miller
    October 24
    On the site I found advantages and many disadvantages
    I found it difficult to register on the site, I had some problems with this moment. The personal cabinet is quite inconvenient and ill-conceived ☹️ The site periodically hangs, which annoys me a lot 😬 However, there are pluses here too. I will note a wide enough choice of different assets 👍and the ability to open several orders at the same time 🙂
  11. cumar
    October 23
    I do not recommend this platform
    I don't understand how stop loss can work like this?! I put on one value of loss, and the setting triggers on the value, which is twice as much as ordered! I have all the data in my hands, and I wrote to support, and they tell me that it is just a slippage in the market and it is a normal situation. What the hell slippage? Why do you give a stop-loss?? This is a certain guarantee, but it turns out that rockstonetrust can do whatever they want, and then write off my losses of 2 thousand euros in 2 days on slippages... This is a stupid excuse for deliberate deception! The site is 100% designed by scammers to rob customers, and the managers know all this and persuade you to dump your money here!!!
  12. otb
    October 22
    I am satisfied with the result
    I started working with the broker quite recently and invested $10,000 initially. The personal manager promised me to help me make 70 percent of profit and teach me how to trade, but I did not really believe in such a thing, in the end, expectations justified themselves, and I invested another $15,000 and already earned and withdrew even more than invested, I am very satisfied with everything :) and I wish all newcomers the same results in RockStoneTrust, and recommend this broker.
  13. san
    October 15
    I do NOT advise you to invest money, you will lose it here
    I was left with terrible impressions from my cooperation with the broker. The website is designed in a modern minimalistic style, new traders are trained, there are a lot of assets. This all draws your attention to the platform. However, behind the interesting offers there is deception of users and aggressive imposition of services by managers. I talked to a consultant and found manipulation and pressure: first he asked me about my income, about my place of work, and then he persuaded me, pressured me and insisted on investing in this company. I succumbed to all these tricks and deposited €12,000, and then they started to drain almost instantly. I started having problems with withdrawing the remaining funds and I am losing my last hope of getting my capital back.
  14. lidiya
    October 8
    The company is in the business of fraud!
    I am ashamed that I was so stupid to believe in Rockstonetrust. The scammers are cheating with the charts!!! Just open the real market and monitor, especially when the broker is draining your deposit and everything is actually fine. These thieves drained me so £800 in one trading session!!

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