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SafetradePortal claims to be registered in the UK and has over 3.8 million active users trading on its platform, but there is no confirmation. As for the license and the start date of the project, this information is not available on the broker’s official website. Meanwhile, its domain was created only in February 2024. Can you trust your capital to this company? We will analyze the web resource and express our opinion on its reliability and security.

Trading Conditions

SafetradePortal provides users with a platform for trading forex, stocks, indices, commodities and cryptocurrencies. The company offers the following services to its clients:

  • Seven traditional accounts with a minimum deposit of $10,000-$500,000 and a leverage of 1:10.
  • An Islamic account with a minimum deposit of $10,000, leverage with zero interest rate.
  • Portfolio progress reports, discounts from 10% to 95% on exchange, market signals.

SafetradePortal offers meetings with analysts and certified accountants.

The company requires payment of management fees, swap fees, and liquidity provider fees when the client withdraws more than 20% of the profit or closes the account. However, the broker does not specify the amount of fees. 

An additional service of the firm is presented in the form of a Personal Training Program.


Would investing in SafetradePortal offer the best returns?

You should not trust the promises of unknown site owners, because you are more likely to lose your funds. CFD trading with leverage from 1:30 is prohibited in the UK as too risky for traders.

Does SafetradePortal carry out withdrawals?

We analyzed the “Withdrawal Policy” and found no guarantees of the procedure. In addition, the broker may request any additional documents from the client and refuse to execute the request. Negative user reviews indicate difficulties with withdrawing funds. You can leave your comments about working with this company.

May I be scammed on

The risk of fraud is high, as the managers and owners of the project remain anonymous. This is typical only for scammers who do not have documentary evidence of registration of a legal entity and a license for financial activities.

What's the best way to share my experience with

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:200
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 10000$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

6 reviews about SafetradePortal

  1. hut
    April 1
    These scammers managed to get me to sign up. They promised me beautiful prospects! To begin with, the crooks allowed me to earn $3,000, after my deposit of $10,000 was topped up. The experts from safetradeportal inspired me that I would get incredible success in profitable trading on the GBP/JPY pair. Of course, I chose this pair. I lost all the funds in just two weeks. Then these brazen crooks offered me to make another deposit to my account, so that "I'm already one step away from making a huge profit." Guys, stay away from this platform, it's a SCAM!!
  2. UEFA
    March 19
    This project is a scam
    I invested €13k more than a month ago and did not withdraw any amount until recently. I requested a withdrawal on March 11th and received an email from SAFETRADEPORTAL confirming that the money would be withdrawn within 48 hours. After 3 days, I contacted the technical support operators again, and they said that the customer service manager was trying to contact me to confirm the withdrawal. I spoke to the account manager 6 days after submitting my initial request and confirmed my withdrawal order. According to him, the amount will be refunded the next day, but it didn't happen :( I'm convinced that these are crooks and they are not going to give me the money
  3. pov
    March 17
    I am satisfied with the service
    I have been testing various trading strategies on different forex platforms for a long time. Therefore, I opened an account with SafetradePortal, and I have already earned a profit, which I have withdrawn a couple of times and without problems. The waiting time for a transaction to be credited to my bank card is several hours, the support operator is always in touch and immediately responds in their personal account when they have working hours, there has never been such a thing that I have not been answered, and even they answered quickly by email. However, I noticed strange moments: after entering the money, scammers called me, which means that representatives of the company in the UK do not work in good faith and give someone phones from the database of numbers, or maybe it was just a coincidence. I want to note that there are always excellent order executions on this platform, and what some clients write about bad executions is a pure lie! I trade often (in a short time), I recently had a period of unstable communication, as the company had technical problems and the connection was lost with the terminal (this might have been due to political events), but the programmers quickly fixed it. I am writing an unpaid review, I wrote everything honestly, as it is about I do not know how the company behaves when withdrawing large amounts of hundreds of thousands of dollars, but in terms of withdrawing $5-10k and executing orders, their technical services work perfectly. On the contrary, it seems to me, as a real user, that negative reviews about the poor performance of this broker are being bought.
  4. Docalfar
    March 14
    I do not recommend this scam company to anyone!
    Guys, don't believe these crooks, I invested money with the hope of making money, but it's impossible here. The manager constantly helped me drain the money, and when I decided to withdraw the balance, he disappeared - he did not pick up the phone and blocked whatsapp. I've been waiting for my money for two weeks now! And this is even though I have a standard account, without any special conditions. I receive a standard response about "technical problems" to all my complaints to the support service. Is this possible in an honest company?!! I had $23,000 in my account and 16,000 left, but I'm already losing hope of getting it back! This company is not in the UK registry, as I have now learned from a lawyer, SafetradePortal is just a scam!!
  5. Jul
    March 8
    I was worried in vain, everything is fine here
    I am new to trading, and I have opened an account on recently. I was nervous when I was going through verification, worried that withdrawing money would be a problem. However, the employees of this company know their business, they are friendly and polite. It is in their interests for the investor's portfolio to be profitable, since managers have their earnings from this. I have already tried withdrawing funds 1 time to understand how it happens in general :) My personal analyst is always in touch and ready to give comprehensive answers to all my questions. So far, I have not encountered any problems, although now my balance is in a small minus. This happened because I wanted to trade not only with the manager, but also on my own, in order to get into all the details faster. In general, I am satisfied with my cooperation with the project and I can safely recommend it to other beginners. I hope that soon I will start making a decent profit with a minimum of my worries.
  6. teman
    February 29
    The broker IS VERY, VERY, VERY BAD!!!
    I do not advise you to get involved with this terrible broker! The project is unreliable! The company is not going to return the funds to me, and this is a disgusting service with high spreads and commissions, which makes it impossible to trade on smaller time frames. On there is no information on the market depth, the broker does not allow me to realize my full strategic potential, and money withdrawal is possible on this platform only with a certain client balance. I lost over $25,000 due to these unfavorable trading conditions and terrible terminal software. Safetradeportal support is not responding!! I summarize: trade better with brokers with access to trading exchanges (these are usually large banks) who have adequate commissions and money-back guarantees.

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