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SafetyTrades offers users the opportunity to try their hand at asset trading. This project appeared recently: its official website was founded at the end of 2023. Customers are guaranteed transparent work with low spreads on the best platforms. However, the company is not registered anywhere and does not provide an office address. We also have no data on who regulates the broker. Do you think it’s worth investing money here or should you look for another company?

What Are the Key Elements of Trading Conditions?

Forex broker SafetyTrades allows trading with a minimum deposit of 5000. Several trading accounts are offered — from basic to VIP. The maximum leverage available is 1:200. Trades can be made on the MT4 Margin Webtrader platform. Users can trade CFDs and cryptocurrencies. They also have access to the following types of assets:

  • Derivatives.
  • ETFs.
  • Stocks.
  • Funds.
  • Bonds.
  • Options.
  • Futures.
  • Structure products.

In addition to individual instruments, the broker offers users balanced packages, which allow for portfolio diversification. 

To register, documents confirming residency and identity will be required. Users can contact customer support via email or phone.


Would investing in SafetyTrades offer the best returns?

Trading CFDs and cryptocurrency offered by this broker is risky and more likely to result in losses.

Does SafetyTrades carry out withdrawals?

So far, we have no evidence that customers are receiving their funds. Please share your experience.

May I be scammed on

Yes, the risk of deception is very high. The company is not regulated, operates without a license, and has not been in existence for long.

What's the best way to share my experience with

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: 1:200
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 5000$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

14 reviews about SafetyTrades

  1. Serg Bruno
    April 16
    This is a real fraud!!!
    Safetytrades can only call and offer to invest money! They can't help beginners in trading! The support team stays silent when I have any questions! This means only one thing, they are not interested in the success of their clients! They lure people in by deception, take all the money, and disappear! Is this kind of behavior acceptable?
  2. Vio
    April 15
    A good experience
    Overall, I feel comfortable with safetytrades. They have a good selection of assets, and a user-friendly platform interface, and overall it's pretty comfortable here. However, I really missed having a demo account, I could have earned more if I had the opportunity to practice with real money. If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't have any complaints at all.
  3. Lioncourt
    April 13
    No customer support
    From my experience, Safetytrades will only talk to you when they need something from you. When you have problems, they immediately act like the problems don't exist. They don't respond to emails, and you can't reach them by phone no matter what time of day it is. And they promised to help with everything and teach you everything... but it turns out they just needed money. A terrible experience.
  4. piupiu
    April 12
    Trading is horribly inconvenient
    The trading platform SafetyTrades is just a nightmare!!! I constantly have to wait for several minutes for a deal to be completed. And of course, because of this, my profits are not as expected! They mention MT4 in the name of their awkward terminal for some reason, well, as someone who has traded on real MT4, I can say that this confusion has nothing to do with it! Everything there is fast, unlike here... I decided to experiment for some reason, and now I regret it.
  5. Bome
    March 29
    I looked at the conditions and I really don't want to register
    A lot of things here have raised red flags for me. Firstly, the site appeared just a few months ago, you can easily check it. Secondly, their minimum deposit... well, who in their right mind would set a deposit amount of $5000 without any reputation? Thirdly, I noticed the high leverage. 1:200 is quite a big risk, and I'm not surprised that they don't have a license, because no reputable regulator would accept such conditions.
    Also, I haven't seen anything about educational materials or analytics. I don't understand how newcomers are supposed to adapt to the platform? And from what I've read in reviews, the customer support here is not great either. In general, it seems more like a scam than a broker.
  6. Lajla
    March 28
    I'm left with nothing!!!
    People, help me!!! SafetyTrades refuses to withdraw my money, saying that I need to work off some bonus that I never agreed to! Supposedly, I need to make a pretty large profit and only then we can discuss withdrawing funds... Are these requirements even legal?
  7. ancientnation
    March 27
    I liked trading here
    I didn't have any problems with the SafetyTrades platform, on the contrary, everything is much more convenient than in the terminals I traded on before. Thanks to this, my profit here was high. My opinion of this project is definitely positive, I have never earned so much anywhere else. I wish the team success.
    March 22
    Don't believe them, just don't
    Trust me, SafetyTrades has nothing to do with safety! They don't provide any confirmation that your money will be securely stored with them. I personally expect a broker to provide a license and some real trading statistics of their clients, but they don't have any of that! They don't even disclose who is managing the project, or where the office is located! And can we even talk about the security of funds here at all???
  9. pela
    March 16
    I like everything here
    Guys, I've been trading on different platforms for a long time and I haven't seen such a variety of assets anywhere else! I'm completely satisfied with everything here, the earnings are high, and I can confidently say that I didn't waste my time. Please don't pay attention to negative reviews, they're probably from competitors.
  10. Ali
    March 3
    I'm disappointed in trading on the stock exchange
    Believe me, these safetytrades aren't interested in you. They will do everything possible to not pay you anything. Firstly, they insist that you should invest as much as possible, supposedly to earn more. But that's not true. Earnings depend on how successful the deals are, and you will have problems with that because the platform works very slowly :(
    They also don't withdraw money immediately. I had to fight for a long time to get them to withdraw something, I wrote to tech support many times. In the end, I did get some money, but it turns out they have huge fees, so I didn't get everything and was barely at a profit. Was it worth spending so much time, money, and nerves on trading? I highly doubt it.
  11. zukeh
    February 28
    Safetytrades obviously don't represent anything! It's a scam, and I'll tell you more, this is not their first project, I saw a broker with a website designed exactly the same way! No information about management, office location, or regulation! Just explain, what are you counting on??? Do you really think people will choose you over a reliable broker whose activities are clear and transparent? You don't give any guarantees, you refuse responsibility. Where is the guarantee that your company won't close tomorrow? There is none, it has nowhere to come from…
  12. Cosimmyss
    February 25
    My parents got scammed here…
    Hey everyone. I want to express my outrage regarding SafetyTrades. My parents decided to entrust their savings to this company, hoping for reliable money management. However, in the end, they were deceived and lost all their invested funds.
    The broker promised them high returns and safe trading, but in reality, everything turned out to be the opposite. The results of their work were far from what was promised, and the losses were catastrophic.
    We are very disappointed in this company and hope to do something to get our money back. I hope that my review will help other people avoid a similar situation and be more cautious.
  13. nonack
    February 24
    It's obvious to me.
    If a broker is not licensed, has just started working recently, and generally doesn't disclose much about the people behind them - they are definitely scammers. Even if they sometimes pay out money, the chances of that are very small. Personally, I don't think the risk in trading here is justified in any way.
  14. slata
    February 12
    Can you believe some suckers actually trust them?
    These scammers don't even disclose their address or name, and yet they ask for a minimum deposit of $5000? Is anyone really willing to give such a large sum to someone unknown? Also, I was wary when they offered some asset packages with guaranteed profits. You do realize that the market is unstable and no specific percentage of returns can be promised, right? Trust me, no honest company would give such guarantees.

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