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SageFX is managed by Seager Limited, which is registered in the Marshall Islands. According to the information provided, the broker has more than 50 years of experience in the financial industry, but this is not documented. As for the domain, it was registered in February 2018 in the United States and renewed in February 2023. In addition, the project does not have a license. It is worth noting that the website interface supports English, French, and Spanish. Finally, the broker accepts clients from all over the world, except for the US and some other countries where CFD trading restrictions apply.

Is this company worth trusting? Is it safe to trade on its platform? Below, we will analyze the available information about the broker and tell you about our conclusions.

Trading Conditions

Traders can trade from any device on the TradeLocker platform. SageFX offers instruments that include traditional currency pairs and stock indices, and digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Exotic commodities such as platinum, copper, and natural gas are also included. In addition, you can trade CFDs on shares of a number of US and European companies. The broker controls different aspects of risk in daily transactions. You can use BitCoin electronic payment systems and bank Debit/Credit Cards for depositing.

The tariff plans of the broker are located under the main account. You will be able to determine the type of account after registration and deposit. You will see different symbols that are available for Forex and other assets. Here are some examples:

  • Standard ECN account (EURUSD) – major pairs have an $8 commission and an average spread
  • Pro ECN ( – PRO pairs have a commission of $8 and low spreads.
  • Variable Spread (EURUSD.var) – VAR pairs have higher spreads and no commission
  • Smaller lots (EURUSD.Mini) – commission $1 (1 lot = 1000)
  • Mini pairs for indices (ESP35.Mini) – have a commission of $7
  • Sag Indices (US30.SAG) – has a smaller contract size (10) and wider spreads, a commission of $8.

All traders can earn money by participating in the IB Affiliate Program. SageFX pays $2.50 for each lot sold through an affiliate link. The reward increases to $3.50 for more than 1000 trades per month with affiliate lots.

SageFX says on the site that it uses segregated accounts. This means that clients’ funds are kept separate from the company’s funds, and they will remain intact in the event of the broker’s bankruptcy. 

You will have access to a demo account only after registering an account. To contact tech support, there is a live chat with 24/7 operation mode. In addition, you can contact the broker with questions using feedback, after filling out special forms with your contact details. The site also has a section “Expert News”, but the most recent articles in it were published 2 years ago.


Would investing in SageFX offer the best returns?

You can't expect high returns in risky CFD trading. Besides, it is an unknown platform of a non-transparent company. Cooperation with this broker is more likely to result in a complete loss of funds rather than their acquisition. 

Does SageFX carry out withdrawals?

It is unlikely that you will be able to withdraw funds from your account. Traders complain about withdrawal problems and insufficient support from the broker. You can share your own experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on

An unregulated offshore broker is an illegal project. The company has a very bad website and no license. Therefore, the risk of fraud is very high.

What's the best way to share my experience with SageFX?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if SageFX is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:500
Broker type: DD
Demo account: Yes
Affiliate program: Introducing Broker
Minimum deposit: 10$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

15 reviews about SageFX

  1. MAO
    September 21
    I believe that they are scammers
    They don't let me withdraw money, or the broker drains my deposit under, I have such a suspicion. Managers constantly persuade me to increase the amount of my account, where I have about 320 euros now. Here they forcibly close my trades without waiting for the terms set by me...
  2. rizo28
    August 10
    The broker does not care about reputation
    I registered and traded here in small amounts of 20-30 dollars. But managers impose account replenishment on me, and try to persuade me to take credit funds from the company under very dangerous and bad conditions, and within the strict limits of working off these funds, in fact, they encourage me to get into large debts. The manager "helps" to trade with very high risks, if you do not want to take credit money, and become their "slave", then your profit and your deposit in SageFX will begin to drain very skillfully and quickly!
  3. Iskander
    July 24
    Imposition of services
    I have been urged for a month now to add money to my account so that I can get involved in trading as much as possible. I already think it's better to unsubscribe from this dump. Because I am fed up with the advice of employees, it is impossible to trade under their constant pressure.
  4. Shallwi
    July 17
    Managers are inadequate!!!
    Never invest in this company! Your money will go into the pocket of the owner of the site. The managers are inadequate !!! They call me 100 times a day to get more money out of me !!! There are no pluses here, I lost more than 3 thousand euros in a month ! !!! There is only swindling your money !!!
  5. Tony_09
    July 8
    After dealing with bad support I find it hard to trust the broker
    Everything seems to be good at sagefx: spreads are minimal and speed is normal, but the staff won't lift a finger. I asked them to email me a payment order with the company details where I can transfer money to my account by bank transfer. They do not answer me clearly and understandably. I have to form a payment order myself in my personal cabinet! And then I have to go to the bank with my laptop and show the document to the cashier?!! Or do I have to connect a printer and print? These operators of the broker at least made a step towards me :( Two weeks after I registered, but nobody called me with explanations, and after all, my trade is your profit!
  6. ichland
    July 5
    Terrible terminal
    My orders are not executed. I am not allowed to withdraw funds normally, and there are constant slippages.
  7. COM
    June 12
    Popular with crypto traders platform
    This is a well-known broker, it has been working on the crypto market for a long time, it's definitely not a scam. SageFX gives good offers, a choice of assets, and flexible spreads. I consistently earn profits on Ethereum, not less than $50 per trading session, and withdraw money without problems, everything is ok:)
  8. bistra
    June 5
    Money is not being withdrawn
    I opened a profile with the desire to earn, but it turned out the opposite, managers are very persistent, constantly asking to supplement the deposit, so my deposit amount was already close to $1000, at first everything was fine, and then when the deposit amount began to grow, the manager gave me wrong signals, and the entire deposit was drained in seconds, so decide for yourself :(
  9. crab
    May 28
    I feel very comfortable trading here
    The trading platform at SageFX is very convenient, orders work properly, there are no suspicious movements. I can track transactions very easily both on the website in the "personal account" section and in the trading program itself.
  10. Intro
    May 26
    I can't say anything bad about this platform
    I know how to trade forex, I work exclusively with minimum lot and always with stop loss. So far I don't see anything criminal in the Sagefx terminal, everything that happens here is exactly the same in other brokers. Of course, all traders have complaints about the speed of withdrawal, but this is the case with almost all companies on whose sites I have traded. Here money is usually withdrawn within a week, and it annoys all clients.
  11. Kole
    May 23
    Complete and utter deception
    I would like to warn those users who still need to fully sort out this broker. All it does is to lure you out of your money under various pretexts and also under various pretexts does not let you withdraw neither your own nor earned money. I traded quite successfully, and for 1.5 months my deposit reached almost 18 thousand dollars. But it doesn't mean anything. I failed to withdraw even 100$. At some point, SageFX administrators will tell you that you did something wrong and block your account. They don't open trades and to unblock your account you have to deposit an additional very large amount of money
  12. sellrub
    May 21
    My money disappeared inexplicably
    Recently I decided to check what kind of broker it is, I opened my personal cabinet and transferred 300 dollars on deposit using cryptocurrency to the bitcoin wallet specified on the site and.... nothing happened... the money has not arrived on my account... today is the 5th day and still no money. Tech support in Sage FX works disgustingly, in the beginning, they answered me, and now some robot just writes that we will answer you by e-mail, as soon as we have the answer, "you must wait", and still no money on the account. I do not recommend SageFX to anyone to use for trading.
  13. Arrow
    May 1
    The fact that it's a scam - it's clear from the first glance
    But I still decided to deposit 20 USD for testing. The first time my trading went well, I did not withdraw, as the commission will "eat" all the income, the second time I added more deposit and with a profit ordered a withdrawal of 100USD. I was transferred to the cryptocurrency wallet in the form of bitcoins with a long verification. The third time my money to the account simply did not reach the wallet. The money was debited from the account, but it did not arrive in the wallet. The support rudely answered me that "sort it out yourself", allegedly we don't have your money, it is hanging somewhere and in general, you have violated the withdrawal instructions. What did I violate, what point?! They could not explain it to me in "sagefx", but the broker refused to refund my money. Of course, I did not expect to withdraw anything from them, as I immediately realized that the company was most likely fraudulent. But still, I was surprised that it is possible to cheat people so brazenly!
    Okay, this amount is insignificant for me, but it is a pity for traders with little experience and little money. And how can one transfer large sums to such a company? It's a crazy risk :( A couple of hundreds you can still risk to transfer, so that it would not be a pity to lose, but this is the maximum. I also advise you to transfer here as much money as you would not be sorry to give to the scammers as a reward for their "work".
  14. Nickfury
    April 19
    I easily managed to fund my account for 75 euros, I earned another 36 on crypto in two days, and ordered a withdrawal of 100 euros in bitcoins to my crypto wallet, but no money for almost 2 weeks. Then I realized that the company with offshore registration works only in one direction - for deposit. SCAM
  15. Honest
    March 10
    I do not doubt the honest work of the company
    I used to think that all brokers were a scam until I started to make money on Sagefx. You can deposit even a couple hundred dollars and start trading, then you will see for yourself how profitable and easy it is.

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