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SeguroFX offers trading CFDs on its own platform. This broker has only been in existence since spring 2023. It is mentioned that the company operates in accordance with the laws of Mwali Island. The contact details section also states that the organization has an office in Malaysia. The firm’s activities are regulated by IFSC. Do you think it’s worth opening an account here or is it too unreliable?

Trading Conditions

To trade on SeguroFX, you will need to invest a minimum of $250. The company offers 4 types of accounts: Standard, Platinum, Premium, and VIP. Users have access to educational webinars, analytical materials, and personal manager services. Trades can be performed on their own platform, which can be accessed through the web version or by downloading the application. The platform offers CFDs on the following assets:

  • Currencies.
  • Cryptocurrencies.
  • Stocks.
  • Shares.
  • Indices.
  • Commodities.
  • Bonds.
  • ETPs.

Upon registration, users will receive a welcome bonus. SeguroFX also offers users the opportunity to participate in a referral program. Customer support is available 24/5. You can contact the staff by phone, chat on the website, or through a feedback form.


Would investing in SeguroFX offer the best returns?

Most likely, you will lose money, as CFD trading involves risks.

Does SeguroFX carry out withdrawals?

We have read negative reviews and concluded that the funds are not always withdrawn. Please, tell us if you were able to get your money back.

May I be scammed on

Yes, there is a risk of fraud since it is an offshore company that recently appeared.

What's the best way to share my experience with SeguroFX?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: IFSC
Leverage: 1:200
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Referral
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

19 reviews about SeguroFX

  1. Riza Kalci
    February 5
    Segurofx platform is blowing money due to conscious sprit increase!
    Segurofx platform is blowing money due to conscious sprit increase! My active positions in EURUSD were suddenly blown up to 1.13834 at 09.57, under the excuse of spirit difference, and very serious damage was done! However, as I showed in the images, the exchange rate displayed on TradingView and Investing at the same time was around 1.0880! When we talk to the customer representative, no enlightening information is given on the subject and they use dismissive expressions! Recently, my withdrawal request was postponed by saying that the exchange is not available at the moment! They are absolutely unreliable and I am complaining and demanding an investigation!
  2. axl
    October 5
    Some people still believe in them…
    SeguroFX straight up tells you that you probably won't see your money... the risks there are huge... and not because trading is very difficult, but because there are scammers working there... their main goal is to just take everything you transfer to them... they might send you a small amount for appearance, but that's where their kindness ends.
  3. 9136
    September 26
    Regular financial pyramid
    I would just like to share with you that when it comes to trading, SeguroFX doesn't provide me with much information. However, they constantly ask me when I will bring my acquaintances here and remind me about their referral program. It seems to me that this is the only way to earn here, but I don't want to embarrass myself in front of my friends. I don't need this broker.
  4. pikous
    September 17
    Trading with them has become a problem for me
    I traded on SeguroFX, but for some reason, I had higher expectations from them. Firstly, their service would sometimes stop working without any explanation, and I thought I had lost money. And secondly, everything seems to work slowly here, and because of this, I often miss out on profitable trades. So, I'm trading, but my money is decreasing. Well, why should I spend time on this then?
  5. Donald
    September 13
    I didn't like anything at all!
    The worst forex broker I have ever worked with! The trades are executed slowly, the education is weak, and the analytics often lie too! Registering here was the worst decision I made in the past six months!
  6. hack
    August 28
    Unfortunately, they have all the prospects to shut down
    Right now, I feel like the same thing will happen to SeguroFX as happens to all classic financial pyramids. The company will go bankrupt and simply cease to exist. They will run out of funds to pay bonuses because people will stop trusting them, and new users will stop appearing on their platform. At least, I really hope for this and believe that as few people as possible will trust such deceivers.
  7. CrashWay
    August 17
    How can I register here?
    Can you tell me if registration is currently open on SeguroFX? When I click on the "register" button, it takes me to the "create account" page. What's the matter? Is it not possible to join the platform without a referral link or are there any other issues?
  8. dj_erm
    August 9
    Not the best place for trading
    Technical errors while trading on Segurofx are more of a rule than an exception. And if you think they will help you resolve them, you are mistaken. Customer support doesn't care about you, they only want your money. And the regulation here is not all good either, an IFSC license in most cases will not help you protect your right to get your money back if you get scammed. And the likelihood of being scammed is high, they admit that you will most likely lose your funds.
  9. roux
    August 7
    I'm disappointed
    When trading with segurofx, I encountered many surprises, and not all of them were pleasant. At first, the employees of this company seemed very kind and responsive. That's what made me choose them when registering: I thought they would always be so friendly and polite to me.
    But reality turned out to be different. As soon as I deposited money and went through verification, they started communicating with me in a very grumpy and distant manner. My personal manager never mentioned why his trades were not profitable. And the worst part was when they told me that I couldn't withdraw my earnings because I hadn't traded enough and hadn't fulfilled the bonus requirements... I doubt that I will be able to fulfill those requirements, and I'm not sure if I even want to continue with this.
  10. muvi
    July 25
    Something is not right here…
    Their website keeps getting blocked and then reappearing. Offshore registration, complete anonymity - all of this makes me suspicious. I will look for a more reliable company.
  11. Nikos
    July 22
    This is definitely a scam.
    So what if SeguroFX supposedly has a license? IFSC itself has a bad reputation, many companies regulated by it have ended up poorly. I can see that they offer leverage of 1:200, which suggests their honesty is questionable. What kind of reputable regulator would grant a license to a company with such conditions? These are offshore scammers who will deceive people and disappear!!! Don't trust them!!!
  12. Grey
    June 26
    All asset prices are made up
    I showed SeguroFX to my friends who have been trading for a long time and professionally. They noticed the quotes of popular currency pairs and noticed that they saw different prices on the exchange today. In general, we compared and saw that the values are completely different, which means that these scammers simply manipulate traders. Although they claim to execute trades on the external market, in fact, this is not true. Do not work with these manipulators.
  13. Dina Nov
    June 12
    They cheated me and my entire family! The money is not refunded here, stay away from this place!
  14. orle
    June 11
    I started trading here on my own, invited my friends, and in the end, we all ended up without any money! Because they refused to withdraw it for us! And I had such a good impression of them in the beginning... Well, how am I supposed to communicate with my friends after this? I don't understand.
  15. yj
    June 8
    A promising company
    They recently started growing, but I already recommend Segurofx to my friends. They are not bad for beginners. It would be great if they could create a demo account for newcomers to practice, but overall I have a good opinion of them.
  16. blk
    May 8
    For now, everything is going well, but we'll see what happens next
    So far, my trading on SeguroFX hasn't caused me any difficulties. I can say that they are good for a company that has only recently started existing — I was expecting worse. I was only able to withdraw money once and the amount was small, so I can't be sure if I'll be able to get a larger sum. I'll continue working to make a final conclusion.
  17. vano vanoc
    May 5
    Great company, I don't understand the complaints
    Personally, I really like Segurofx, it's the best forex broker. I trade myself and invite friends because there are opportunities to earn money. The education and analysis are all very good. So I simply don't understand the critics of this place.
  18. RBdead
    April 30
    The customer support is terrible
    SeguroFX only responds to my emails once a day at best. They completely ignore the chat. And I can't even call them because they don't provide their phone number. Although they don't hesitate to call me, even at night, they always use different numbers, and it's impossible to reach them on those.
  19. Drone
    April 9
    It's worth attention
    There are many diverse assets here, which, by the way, can be traded on the SeguroFX platform. They have developed very good software, everything is convenient and easy to understand even for beginners. In general, there are no problems here, everything is clear and explained in detail. You can definitely have a decent additional income here.

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