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SkillsTech claims to be registered in the UK, but there is no confirmation of this. Besides, the website lists the addresses of offices in London, UK, and Bratislava, Slovakia. According to the information provided, the broker positions itself as a major European project with more than 100 thousand clients worldwide, having received more than 30 awards in the trading industry. However, the firm does not disclose the launch date of the project. As for the domain, it was not registered until May 2023 in the United States. Besides, the company says that its financial activities are regulated and licensed. However, it does not indicate the jurisdiction of the regulator and does not show the license number and scan. Finally, the website interface supports 4 languages: English, German, Czech, and Slovak.

Is it safe to trade here? Is it worth trusting money to this company? We will take a closer look at the functionality of the platform and the broker’s legal documents, after which we will make a conclusion about the expediency of cooperation with it.

Trading Conditions

SkillsTech offers clients a proprietary platform with trading features. Financial instruments such as fiat and digital currencies, metals, commodities, stocks, and indices can be accessed. SkillsTech Webtrader is compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices. The broker promises to provide traders with tight spreads, low commissions, and fast execution.

You can choose an account from 4 variants, which differ in the amount of minimum deposit and the range of services. Each subsequent level of the tariff plan includes all the options of the previous one and is supplemented with new offers:

  • Silver from $250 – 1 lesson of private training.
  • Gold from $2,500 – 4 private lessons plus VIP support.
  • Platinum from $10,000 – 8 private training sessions, trading signals, TRXs Hedge.
  • VIP Club from $250,000 – 12 private training sessions, additional services of a personal manager.

Every trader, regardless of the chosen trading plan type, can use all trading tools, daily broker recommendations, analytics, and exclusive market updates. A welcome bonus is awarded to all new users in the amount of up to 100% of the credited deposit. You can transfer money to your account via bank transfers or cards, as well as via e-wallets – fiat and digital.

SkillsTech charges a withdrawal fee ranging from 10 to 50 USD or 10% of the withdrawal amount. The fee depends on account turnover and withdrawal method. 

The minimum withdrawal amount is $100/250, the amount depends on the transaction method. You can earn up to $200 for yourself from the referral program and give a promo code to your friend for $100. SkillsTech provides tutorials and educational materials for beginners. Market analytics is provided on the site by Forex Screener from the TradingView platform.


Would investing in SkillsTech offer the best returns?

Cooperation with this broker is a threat to your financial well-being. You are more likely to lose money trading CFDs on an unknown terminal because it is risky.

Does SkillsTech carry out withdrawals?

Most likely, this company will not fulfill its withdrawal obligations. Reviews about it on the network are very negative. If you have dealt with this platform, then describe your impressions about trading in the comments.

May I be scammed on

Several signs indicate that this broker is prone to scamming. It provides insufficient information about its services, does not have a brokerage license, and is not subject to regulatory authorities. In addition, the site has a fresh domain and a very poor design.

What's the best way to share my experience with SkillsTech?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Referral
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

19 reviews about SkillsTech

  1. Karin
    November 13
    Společnost je celkem v pořádku, takovou službu jsem opravdu nečekal. po měsíci práce s umělou inteligencí jsem začal pracovat s analytikem, příjem je celkem dobrý, začal jsem s minimální částkou, po které jsem se zdvojnásobil a můžu říct, že mám každý měsíc vyšší zisk než v oficiální práci. S danou firmou jsem spokojen
  2. Mary
    November 3
    Prídete o všetko ledva som zo Skillstech dostala naspäť pár drobných. Nevyplácajú a žiadna firma nie je ktorá za vás bude robiť obchod to mi povedal profík len žiaľ neskoro
  3. Žužu
    October 19
    PODVOD !!!
    Podvod!!! Nikdy viac je to rozšírené v celej Európe.Nikdy som niečo také neskúšala a ani nebudem kým si nezarobil normálne nemám .Pekné svinstvo k nám prišlo.
  4. Sergiko
    October 4
    Don't believe a word the scammers say
    At first managers told me different stories of fantastic enrichment and persuaded me to start working with them, and all the time to replenish the deposit, until I increased the amount up to 3.5 thousand euros, and as soon as I no longer had the opportunity to increase the deposit, so my assistants stopped responding to my appeals and after a few days blocked my account. I tried to get the administration to unblock it, but alas...apparently everything is initially conceived in such a way as to swindle money from clients...
  5. makt
    September 25
    I am fruitlessly trying to withdraw money from my account.
    I never had problems with withdrawal before, but the broker took a long time to withdraw, up to 7 working days (Saturday and Sunday - weekends), but still, the withdrawal was stable. But now there is some uncertainty... The amount I am trying to withdraw is small, only 280$. But I think that probably for this company the sum means more than for me ...
  6. vov
    September 24
    I resent trade practices
    I get the impression that someone is purposely making the deal goes south. In recent days, when I watch the chart in the SkillsTech terminal, everything seems to go predictably, I create a trade and then there are strange ups and downs in the price, or, for example, the chart moves along your band, slightly protruding, up and down, and at the end of time it always goes in the opposite direction to you. Or the chart moves up for a long time, I bet on the rise, and the chart abruptly runs down. What is happening?!!
  7. alex konners
    September 23
    The broker went to the side of scammers ...
    I can not return the earned profit. Moreover, the most interesting thing is that this is the money I earned not by trading, but it is my commissions for my referrals, which I brought to SkillsTech, I taught them to trade and which now bring profit to the company, and I get my commissions (not very large amounts, but still it is mine under the terms of the Program). And now my referrals can't withdraw their money that they earned by trading in this company! Managers offer to withdraw in cryptocurrency, which I personally do not need and I do not have a crypto wallet. And what can I do with this cryptocurrency, which, personally, I consider a "bubble", which can simply merge (and it will be)...
  8. margo
    September 13
    They are crooks
    I believed in a good bonus and a big profit on trading, but it turns out that the company is fraudulent, and my 320 dollars were drained in a week and it is useless to wait for a refund from the scammers.
  9. nsov
    August 29
    Trading stopped generating income
    I opened an account with, but then my trading started making only losses... I don't understand what happened to the terminal, maybe the broker started to adjust the program like that! I withdrew all the money from my account, and there was a small delay. Such bad service is not usually typical for this broker. I have no sin to complain, as this broker has always been the best of several dozens of companies in the forex market, with which I cooperated.
  10. raptor
    August 17
    I was taught how to trade
    I was new to trading when I came to this broker, but skillstech helped me with everything, for which I say a huge thank you to all the staff! It's only been 4 months and I'm already trading on a Platinum account and I have no problems. I recommend it!
  11. spirit
    August 14
    There are many opportunities for trading
    I am trading on my strategy, which was finalized to me by the manager of this broker. Everything is going well :) for almost half a year now I have been earning a little bit at a time, between 100 and 200 pounds a week. Of course, I periodically have to play with timeframes and additional indicators, but the one who does not develop usually loses!!!!! So the main thing in SkillsTech trading is constant testing of something new - updating my strategy and my own skills.
    1. Skillstech SCAM !!!
      November 4
      Skillstech SCAM !!!
      Sa spamätaj oni ti pomôžu ale do hrobu .
  12. Judy Vase
    August 14
    They blocked my profile
    I made a request to withdraw all my funds, more than $16,000. Now I have no access to my personal account. The broker asked for a copy of the documents. Tech support wrote back that the application is under consideration. My phone calls are no longer answered.
  13. SHANT
    July 25
    I am waiting for the deposit withdrawal and losing patience
    I opened an account and deposited €2,000 then opened only 1 trade. The profit is only €10. I didn't like the execution. I applied for a withdrawal. That was 6 weeks ago. At that point my misery began, SkillsTech had not withdrawn the money until now. Every Friday the company sends me an e-mail asking me to send them: 1 week - selfies with my passport; 2 week - selfies with the bank card from which I deposited; 3 week - a bank statement with a stamp, with a transaction to the forex broker's account; 4 week - selfies with my ID; 5 week - selfies with the card, but so that the hand was visible in the frame! Tomorrow is another Friday. I am waiting to see what the broker will come up with and how it will mock me this time :( No forex company has ever delayed the deposit disbursement so much, even one that works under the B-book scheme and canceled the profit.
  14. Savo J
    July 19
    Miracles on the terminal!!!
    And to be more precise - this is a regular service of scammers!!! I left here a large sum, more than 18,000$, and I no longer play such games and you do not advise if you want to save your money. But if you also have a lot of them, and just want a surge of adrenaline in the blood - welcome to "skillstech"!!!!
  15. vladi
    July 14
    I doubt profitable trading
    I asked for clarification of many questions about the client's conditions, but judging by how poorly the technical support works, I think that this platform has no future ☹️ Now I do not even know whether to start trading here or not?!!
  16. Merovingen
    June 29
    I was scammed by an affiliate program
    The method used on skillstech is scamming customers with advertising. I was told in support that I could make money on the platform even without trading. I honestly posted the broker's marketing materials on my social network accounts, hoping to get a good reward from the partner. However, as it turned out later, I had to verify my account to withdraw my earnings, and this could not be done without funding my account. I had to fulfill the conditions and deposit $250 in order to withdraw the $660 I earned from the ads, but I did not succeed... My account was blocked and thus, the scammers achieved two goals at once - they stole my money and provided themselves with free advertising on the network...
  17. garry
    June 25
    My experience is sad!
    I had an account in skillstech, I traded for a month, but I noticed that when a deal was on the plus side, the profit was constantly falling, I had to contact the administration, but I did not get any help.
  18. rena
    June 9
    Unreliable platform
    Immediately I couldn't realize it was scammers because they act carefully. I deposited $400, traded, made small profits, and withdrew them normally if I didn't do it often. Then, when I had already increased the amount on deposit to $2,500 and when I started ordering frequent withdrawals, I started having problems. When I wanted to withdraw my honestly earned money in one large sum, I was immediately blocked and the technical support refers me to their Regulations, which argue the blocking. And the Regulations are incorrectly written, that is, in fact, everything is possible at the discretion of the broker!

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