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Smart Ix Shares does not provide any information about the owners of the website, their place of registration, or their office address. In addition, the broker does not provide legal data, such as in which country its financial activities are regulated, as well as the date of the company’s foundation. As for the domain, it was only registered in August 2023. Finally, the site’s bilingual interface is presented in English and German. Despite this, US citizens and residents of other countries that have tax liabilities in the US are not allowed to use the broker’s services.

How safe is it to trade on this platform? Will cooperation with such a secretive broker bring profit? We will study the possibilities of the service and make a conclusion about the reliability and safety of trading on the terminal of this company.

Trading Conditions

Smart Ix Shares is a brokerage organization that claims to be a reliable company that offers a secure trading environment where every client can trade globally like a professional. It points out ‌its competitive advantages as a mobile-friendly platform, fast trade execution speed, large market coverage, and stability. The project’s trading environment is designed to be simple but powerful.

However, the Smart Ix Shares website does not offer any tariff plans and does not specify the technical parameters of the terminal. The main aspects we found in the description are:

  • You will be able to trade more than 65 selected currency pairs, such as USD/EUR, GBP/AUD on FX markets.
  • The platform presents such instruments as cryptocurrency, shares of the world’s largest companies, indices, precious metals, commodities.
  • The broker can offer clients to participate in promotions with bonus rewards.

You must indicate during registration that you meet the Smart Ix Shares recommendations for clients with margin spot accounts. Finally, you must consent to the transfer of your personal data outside the EU. The broker does not advise trading to users whose ages range from 18 to 65 years old. As well as those who have an annual income of less than $25,000, no 6-month trading or investment experience.

You must be aware of the trading rules before you decide to accept the bonuses. Keep in mind that you need to trade a minimum volume of at least ¼ of the bonus amount in order to withdraw the bonus funds.

Smart Ix Shares also does not recommend that you use pension funds for trading. All of the above reasons will not prevent you from opening an account here. The broker suggests that for any disputes or complaints, to contact technical support via online chat, your claim will be processed within 48 hours. However, we did not find online chat in the website’s functionality.


Would investing in Smart Ix Shares offer the best returns?

Cooperation with a broker carries a very high risk of capital loss rather than profit. In CFD trading, there are unclear trading conditions and unknown software, which can bring you significant losses.

Does Smart Ix Shares carry out withdrawals?

Your withdrawals may be limited or blocked permanently. Users in their reviews claim that the broker has not met their expectations in terms of reliability. Share your experience in the comments if you have worked on this terminal.

May I be scammed on

The risk of fraud is high on an anonymous broker that has no license, and an absolutely fresh domain. Pay attention to the fact that there is no useful information on the site, not even the phone number and address of the company, and all the content is only unsubstantiated advertising.

What's the best way to share my experience with Smart Ix Shares?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Smart Ix Shares is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: 1:400
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

12 reviews about Smart Ix Shares

  1. Anke
    December 2
    Ich habe zwar nur 250,00Euro eingezahlt und sie auch verloren 20 000,00Euro sollten mir ausgezahlt werden aber nur wenn ich diesr geld vorher auf ein konto für einen tag einzahlen würde. Was für ein Schwachsinn. Alles betrüger und der Anwalt dem ich das alles gegeben habe zur Prüfung wart nur vor dieser Betrüger Firma.
  2. Vorsicht Achtung Betrug
    October 31
    Vorsicht Achtung Betrug
    sieht am Anfang gut aus vor allem wenn die Werte extrem unrealistisch steigen, ist aber nur ein Fake !!! musst dann noch mehr bezahlen, damit sie ausbezahlen, was für ein Schwachsinn, ihr bekommt keinen Cent zurück !!! Vorsicht mit folgenden Kooperationspartner:**[email protected]
    Jane Fo**er
    financial advisor
    Anruf aus Malta
    Anruf aus Österreich +43 676 40267**
    Anruf aus London
  3. nlpro
    September 30
    The best agent in my experience so far
    I have met a variety of brokers, but only in smart ix shares you can withdraw cryptocurrency to any direction and the money comes within an hour or two :) I recommend it to everyone.
  4. Sevak
    September 27
    I rate the service highly
    I don't know how our cooperation will go further, but now smart ix shares works perfectly and I will explain why I like it here. I know very little about Forex - I know how to trade a little, I tried demo versions sometimes, but I didn't know how to choose a real broker. Once I registered with a brokerage company (I will not disclose its name, but to help you understand its reputation, I will say that this firm is in the top 10 on all expert sites), the website of the company had a lot of information. There were indicated the types of accounts, how much to invest, and about the spread, and about leverage. But when I started trading there, it turned out that they have serious restrictions on instruments and only market execution on my type of account. But in smart ix shares everything is so simple 😀 I wanted to know all the information about the accounts - I made a request by e-mail and immediately received everything! This broker does not hide its regulations and does not increase commissions on withdrawal amounts. I chose a convenient tariff with a minimum deposit of only 250 dollars 🙂 Truly, everything is known in comparison. Maybe, if I had not had a sad experience with that company, I would not have even looked at smart ix shares. You just don't realize how convenient it is to trade here, even without experience, when you are told everything honestly on the first request!
  5. Diller
    September 27
    Terminal often hangs
    Today I can not log in at all - the server hangs, and there are open trades. It often happens that the charts are not updated, after some time I notice that the price has not changed on the chart, although on the exchange has long gone. To find out the real price you need a reboot. In general, this is a bad platform, not set up properly. I do not recommend anyone to get in touch with Smart.
  6. Falconer
    September 24
    Deliberately drain the deposit!
    Scammers! Arrogant scammers! My broker promised me risk-free trading at If you follow the advice of our "expert" and your account goes into a minus - we will give you your money back. So I deposited about 4 thousand dollars. They imposed a "cool specialist" on me, who dictated to me what deal to make. I have experience in trading and I was against those deals that were imposed on me. But the "specialist" assured me that he knew the system and how to work with it on a short-term period. And he kept giving me some convincing arguments, which I believed and opened up positions. The next day everything naturally went down slowly. In the afternoon the "specialist" contacted me and said: "Hi! Why didn't you double your position in the evening in the opposite direction? I doubled and now I'm in the plus side! Double it quickly! And I'll get back to you tomorrow." (The point is, he has to contact me every day). I was in a panic, so I obeyed the "specialist" and doubled. Then the market situation changes again and I'm already at a bigger disadvantage. The specialist doesn't call. I am terrified, I call and write to the support service. They all say: wait for a call from the "specialist". And then the support doesn't pick up the phone at all. I close the position and make a request to withdraw the remaining funds. The next day a "specialist" calls me and says he was busy. Busy!!! Pay attention!!! I.e. he has no obligations to me. I write to support "give me my money back" because of the advice of your incompetent specialist I lost money! After long proceedings I was answered: we will give you back the amount you lost on condition that you deposit another 300 dollars on the account! No, I am not laughing! Then Smart Ix Shares called me for a long time and imposed another "specialist". Scammers who are just looking for fools like me are not a reliable company as they position themselves!
  7. Paul Staker
    September 16
    Scammers, thieves, unworthy of attention!!!
    I put this company on my blacklist! This is the place where thieves should be in every self-respecting trader! They stole $350 from me. I funded my trading account and they let me trade here for three days. They just drained all my money little by little at the first opportunity. So there was nothing to withdraw, that's all in essence.
  8. Turbo Pascal
    September 14
    I'm just being scammed
    Three months already can not withdraw 130 dollars from It's ridiculous, in my opinion. Every day I hear: "we will help you", but no one is going to help me, and is actually unlikely to transfer my money to my card.
  9. Ivory
    September 13
    Total deception
    Psychologists working in this company are not bad, they will draw you a promising picture of trading very reliably, but in fact - it is a complete scam. Do not believe, the terminal functions only replenishment of the account, you will not wait for the withdrawal of funds. I was convinced of this when I was drained £3,520 in three weeks.
  10. banickser
    September 10
    Managers here can persuade perfectly
    I asked for advice in, Smart Ix Shares, and the managers got into me like bulldogs. However, they never once said that it is impossible to withdraw money from here. I invested 22,350 EUR gradually, by persuasion and beautiful stories about earnings, but when the time came to withdraw the money, that's when the most interesting thing started. You have to pay 2,235 EUR (10%) of the withdrawal. Then they demanded copies of documents, which I provided 3 times. Each time the broker promises me 100% withdrawal. And that's not all. It is necessary to transfer 4470 EUR to the memorial order and after that 100% withdrawal will be made. Every time 100% guarantee, but no withdrawal. Scammers are real. You can't trust them. And it is probably impossible to get the money back.
  11. loidxxx
    September 3
    I have doubts about the reliability of the broker
    I have heard more than once that you can make good money on Forex, but I have never been involved in trading myself. Many people write that you need to find a reliable and honest site, then you can not worry about anything. So I paid attention to this company. But the main disadvantage of this platform is that for some reason Smart Ix broker has not obtained the permission of the British regulator. And without such documents, no one can guarantee anything to traders. In addition, the company also does not have a place of registration, so I should think twice about trading here. How can I trust my savings to a company with such an incomprehensible reputation?
  12. Forest
    August 30
    This company does not think about marketing
    There is no useful information on this site, not even account types are specified. I think that a broker, who seriously expects to win the interest of clients, should do something about that. Contests, special conditions, discounts on commissions, etc. These are my general thoughts, I did not come up with each idea specifically, but the essence is clear :) And smart ix shares doesn't even have profiles on Telegram or social networks. Strange attitude towards customers.

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