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SMT Capital claims to be registered in Switzerland and headquartered in Zurich, but there is no confirmation. Besides, the owner of the site states in the Terms of Use that the Company is allowed to provide brokerage services with the permission of some authority. However, there are no copies of such permission and license documents. It is worth noting that the broker does not disclose the history and start date of the project. As for the domain, it was registered only in September 2023.

Is it safe for you to trade on this platform? We will study the terminal functionality and the company’s legal documents, after which we will conclude the legitimacy of its activities.

Trading Conditions

SMT Capital offers a proprietary terminal that you should download to your device. It provides access to several trading assets, including crypto, forex, commodities, and NFT. You can fund your accounts via bank transfers, or credit/debit cards.

You cannot open an account with SMT Capital without a promo code. The broker has implemented a closed registration system where a potential client must first provide their contacts for contacting technical support.

The user can choose an account from 5 tariff options structured by the minimum deposit amount. The number of services and benefits increases with each successive account level. Here are the details of the different account types:

  • Basic from $1,500 – Access to 5 different markets, 7-day managed account trial, Leverage 1:25.
  • Silver from $25,000 – Bonus up to 30%, 1 free monthly withdrawal, Leverage 1:25.
  • Gold from $50,000 – Bonus up to 50%, 1 free weekly withdrawal, Leverage 1:50.
  • Platinum from $150,000 – Bonus up to 75%, 1 free weekly withdrawal, Leverage 1:100.
  • VIP account – minimum deposit is not disclosed, 1 market research per month, 1 fully protected trade per month, Leverage 1:200.

SMT Capital provides crypto-staking services for holders of digital assets, promising a passive income of 5% per month. The broker does not disclose exact details such as spreads, commission rates, and withdrawal processing times to traders. You will find articles, expert analyses, guides, and tutorials on this platform. Technical support is available via online chat.


Would investing in SMT Capital offer the best returns?

It is unlikely that you will make a profit on the terminal of an anonymous broker, your cooperation will rather result in a loss of funds. The company claims to operate in Switzerland, but European regulators, for example, forbid brokers to set leverage higher than 1:30 to minimize traders’ risks.

Does SMT Capital carry out withdrawals?

According to our deep dive into the trading conditions of this platform, we see that the company can refuse to withdraw money to a client without giving any reasons. Terminal users often leave comments about the broker's ignoring of their withdrawal requests. You can also share your experience in a review.

May I be scammed on

Yes, we see signs of scamming. For example, if you download an unknown trading platform on your PC, you may get viruses along with it, which open access to your confidential information. In addition, the broker uses a cheap interface template, it may have no access to the financial market, no legal entity registration, and no license.

What's the best way to share my experience with SMT Capital?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:200
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 1500$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

15 reviews about SMT Capital

  1. Fishel Pustilnik
    February 14
    Scam, Scam, Scam
    The most disgusting thing in life is having scammers trust you. This applies to SMTcap, which, like experienced anglers, place their nets into which they lure their victims. Everything is developing according to something like this: ads (fake) flicker on computer screens, where Elon Musk assures that everyone can make money on his platform. You only need to leave your phone number and the company representatives will contact you. Indeed, in 20 minutes you will be talking to a financial advisor who has been presented to you personally. In my case, it was Emma Johnson. We must give her a due: she perfectly manipulates the mind of a person who has no idea that he is a victim of fraud and is only at the beginning of his “investment carousel”. Emma suggested that I open an account with a small initial capital of US $250.
    A week later, she called me and told me that in order to earn decent money, I need to switch to a different investment level, which starts at US$2500. Everything was fine, I mean, on paper, it was slowly “swelling”. After 5-6 weeks, Emma wrote to me that in order to make “very decent money” I had to go to the “professional league”, where investments ranged from $25,000 to $250,000. Before becoming a “pro”, I decided to withdraw at least part of my invested money. But it was harder than landing on the moon. I waited 3 weeks but got nothing.
    When I asked Emma about the non-receipt and said that I had read a lot of negative reviews on the Internet where people complain that no anesthesia helps to get their money from this company, she replied that I insulted her, and she no longer does my business. After that, I wrote 4 emails to SMTcap, but received no response. Unfortunately, due to the nervous situation, my wife was admitted to the hospital. I had to contact a lawyer who contacted companies that deal with cybercrime.
    With thousands of followers on Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn, I have the opportunity to make SMTcap better known, in the sense that when potential investors hear this name, they will scatter in different directions. But I have a small hope that the instinct for self-preservation will prevail over the greed of the fraudsters, and they will get my money back from my account. Yesterday my lawyer called and suggested that I take all necessary legal measures to hold SMTcap and Emma Johnson accountable for causing harm to my wife's health and fraudulent investment. In conclusion, I would like to say that if SMTcap does not want to solve everything in a civilized way, there will be a company that will punish fraudsters who are trying to cash in on inexperienced and naive investors.
  2. Tom Sinden
    January 23
    Total scam. You can't get your money out. They just refuse ! You'll find it impossible to speak with anyone.
    My account manager Benjamin Fischer is a blatant thief and a liar. His pathetic co-worker got really rude with me over the phone because I dared ask for my money.
    Apparently " this isn't an ATM and you can't just get your money when you want! " is what I was told. I was advised to get a loan and pay them more money ! Which I will never see again!
    One star from me purely because I fell for the scam.
  3. ffaann
    December 16
    Trading turned out to be a loss for me
    Cooperation with this broker did not bring me anything good, only a minus on my bank card and a bad mood :( the broker deleted my account almost immediately after my first deposit, and I only had a little consolation that I invested in smt capital a minimum amount of 1,500 euros, but I am still offended :(
  4. Alex Nova
    December 8
    The broker was cruel to me
    I could not even imagine that I will contact ‌scammers and I will be cheated :( they do not want to return me my own funds :( I'm very upset...
  5. grish
    November 23
    The company is fake
    I still don't understand: is it the terminal glitching or I was scammed!!!? I invested here more than three thousand pounds, and in the end I didn't earn anything, I didn't return even part of my deposit, although managers assured me before registration on the site, that technically the system works correctly, no failures and glitches can't be, but I have experienced that failures do happen. I don't advise anyone to invest capital here, especially beginners!
  6. Erick
    November 20
    I have recently started trading forex
    I analyzed all the reviews and recommendations on thematic forums to choose a broker. In the end, I opened a Basic account at SMT Capital for a test. The registration went without any problems. I earned $350 profit in 2 months and applied for withdrawal. However, I encountered a problem - instant withdrawal did not work. I waited for 3 days... The support service assured me that it was only the first time that the transaction took so long, but I got nervous... I hope this is true, and the delay was only for the first withdrawal... Guys, I'm lowering your score just for this! Deposit and withdrawal should be instant....
  7. Daftb
    November 14
    Many of my friends are already making money on NFT and crypto, and I was unlucky since I chose smt capital - I just put my money in a week into the pocket of scammers. It's good that I sent not all my savings to the account, but only the minimum amount. I went to the police and they couldn't help me. How many other deceived newcomers like me are there?! Will we be able to get our money back?
  8. Hm1ln1t
    November 12
    It is only a trading simulator
    SmartCapital quite successfully masquerades as an advanced broker, but in fact, it is not. I have to pay for my gullibility with real money. At the start I deposited 1,500 USD, since I have experience in trading, I didn't worry much. I thought that at any moment I would be able to withdraw my deposit, as it happens on regular sites. But in this case, I soon realized that the quotes came from unknown sources, and the broker decided not to let my capital out of their tenacious hands. The company has not approved any money order for me, of which I have already submitted several since I registered. How do I fight this?!!
  9. Iro Sav
    November 1
    I'm hesitant to register an account yet
    My relationship with the last broker didn't go very smoothly, so I have now decided to think very carefully before I start working with a new company that has been operating for only 3 months in the forex market. I'm still looking at smtcapital, reading comments and expert reviews, and I see that not all clients write good reviews about favorable trading conditions and stable platform. If this resource is really so profitable, as the broker writes in its presentation of services on its website, it should only acquire a package of the necessary licenses in those countries where it offers brokerage services. But so far there are no documents, and clients' capital is not properly protected, so I will wait.
  10. abaravi
    October 29
    This is a banal scam!
    When I realised that the broker doesn't work honestly, I wrote a request to the technical support to confirm the legitimate financial activity, and I started calling the numbers listed on the website, but all the consultants ignored my appeals. I was unable to withdraw my money even though I had deposited over $26,000!
  11. famousnick
    October 22
    I recommend it to inexperienced traders
    This broker is relatively new, but my cooperation with it immediately became successful. The company has not once made me doubt its reliability, and the most important thing is that it is 100% solvent. I immediately withdrew the verified amount, the money came in 2 hours. Quick withdrawal is an undoubted plus. SMT Capital is a good option for a beginner trader who doesn't yet believe in himself 👍
    1. Tom
      January 23
      You must be the only person who has got there money back!
  12. Kumpi
    October 9
    Everything was great at first
    Fast withdrawal, clear execution of orders, and competent personal manager pleased me after registration. But lately, I started having problems after I switched from Basic to Silver... Spreads started widening to a huge amount and subsequently, good trades stopped closing. I lost as much money in the last 2 weeks as I made in three months! I realized that the managers are draining large sums of money from clients and this company may go bankrupt soon. I do not recommend the terminal of this broker.
  13. oxa
    October 8
    My opinion is neutral
    Requotes happen here when executing orders. I hope that programmers will fix this flaw and it will not happen again. On the other hand, there are bonuses and a good investment programme with 5% passive income per month, but there are certain problems with the withdrawal of funds, as in every young brokerage company.
  14. Torm
    September 22
    Intrusive managers
    I don't understand what trading processes and reliable broker are discussed on the site if Smt capitall employees have already tortured me with their calls with the offer to invest money in the project! Is it normal?! reputable brokers are not engaged in the fact that they call a cold base of potential clients and offer cooperation!!! and on the terms that are favourable only to the company, and in case I lose my money all complaints will be sorted out by the same managers! and the company's employees are incompetent in investment issues I do not understand how the broker Smt capital hired such people?! and if it is so unserious about the choice of staff, which is its face, then what can it say about the performance of brokerage obligations?!! in a word, I'm sure that this is another scam!

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