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Solis Markets is powered by Eklavya Asset Management LTD PTY, based in Johannesburg, the capital of South Africa. The broker claims that it has provided asset management services in the financial market since 2014, but the domain was registered in March 2022 in the United States. In addition, the project has a license issued by FSCA, an offshore regulator. Meanwhile, the website interface supports only English. However, the consultants respond to clients in 8 languages.

Meanwhile, registration in an offshore zone, such as South Africa, is not always the best choice for a broker for several key reasons:

  • Offshore jurisdictions usually have less stringent requirements for financial activities and the regulation of financial companies. Brokers registered in such areas are subject to less oversight and control compared to brokers registered with regulators in more stringent jurisdictions.
  • Offshore zones often do not provide deposit insurance for clients. This means that in the event of a broker’s bankruptcy or financial difficulties, clients may risk losing their funds.
  • Offshore brokers may be less transparent in their operations. They may not disclose enough information about their trading conditions, fees, and rules, making it difficult for traders to make informed decisions.
  • In case of conflicts with an offshore broker, seeking legal protection and recourse can be challenging and slow.
  • The unregulated environment of offshore zones can be conducive to fraudulent activities, where scammers create financial schemes and projects with the aim of deceiving clients.

Can this company be trusted? Will traders get a high and fast income on the platform as the broker promises? After researching the technical and legal aspects of the company’s work, we will tell you our conclusions.

Trading Conditions

Solis Markets offers clients to trade ETFs, Forex, and various assets. Users can also earn from the referral program. On the platform, you can open a savings account with an interest rate of up to 1.5% per month if you have a balance above $25,000. There are 4 types of accounts available for traders, which differ in the size of the minimum deposit:

  1. Beginner, from $2,500, is designed for beginning traders
  2. Plus, from $5,000 – for traders with little trading experience, you will get tighter spreads and more trading instruments.
  3. Premium from $10,000 – for experienced traders who will get premium trading tools, exclusive market analysis, and faster execution times.
  4. Exclusive from $50,000 – this is a top-level account for professional traders, to whom the broker offers customized spreads, the most advanced trading tools, and exclusive market research.

Solis Markets also provides traders with the option of increased leverage. While leverage can amplify profits when the market moves in the desired direction, it also significantly magnifies losses. This is where the risk lies. Novice traders, in particular, may not fully grasp the potential downside of leverage. If the market moves against them, their losses can be substantial and even exceed their initial investment, resulting in a margin call.

More reputable financial regulators often have stricter rules in place to protect traders. They typically set maximum leverage limits to prevent excessive risk-taking. For instance, European regulators, like ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority), have imposed caps on leverage for retail traders to safeguard them from potential financial harm. These caps vary depending on the type of asset, but they generally prevent extremely high leverage, like the 500:1 or 1000:1 ratios that some brokers might offer.

Solis Markets provides a special manager service to all clients. Spreads, minimum/maximum order size, leverage, commission, and other indicators vary depending on the type of account and asset class.

The Broker provides detailed information about trading conditions after client registration. The account currency can be changed later on.

The broker provides flexibility in the deposit and withdrawal of funds via all popular payment systems and bank cards. You can contact technical support via an online form. Registered traders are provided with a demo account and personalized training.


Would investing in Solis Markets offer the best returns?

It's crucial to understand that no broker can guarantee high profits or investment success. The financial markets are inherently unpredictable, and all trading involves risk.

Does Solis Markets carry out withdrawals?

We lack information regarding how the broker handles fund withdrawals, so we cannot comment on the broker's reliability in this aspect.

May I be scammed on

The site is based on a cheap template, it has a fresh domain, although the broker claims to have been operating for almost 10 years. It gives the license number of a company, however, before funding an account with this broker, it's advisable to conduct your own thorough investigation.

What's the best way to share my experience with Solis Markets?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Solis Markets is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.

All reviews about Solis Markets have been removed at the company’s request.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: other
Leverage: 1:1000
Broker type: DD
Demo account: Yes
Affiliate program: Referral
Minimum deposit: 2500$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

15 reviews about Solis Markets

  1. L D
    March 27
    Please if I can safe one person don't do it 95000 in account when I want to with draw not now. And suddenly glinch in market lost every thing thy want give me money bu first I have to deposit again 36000 big scam please don't do it.
  2. Ricardo Africa
    March 15
    I invest money in this scam and when i told Daniel i cant invest anymore i wantedto withdrew my money .Daniel cannot be found .phone calls and emais ignored SCAMMERSS
  3. Hans de Waal
    March 4
    These guys are scammers. They will try and take you for as much as you want to invest. My wife deposited about R2500 just to test the water and see how the platform works. I intervened and had a look at what they do and their rates etc just seemed a bit off as well as the initial deposit amount of $5000 seemed too high for what you get. The so called fund manager hounded us to invest in the starter pack of USD 5000 and when I said that this is too much he immediately capitulated and said we can deposit USD 1000. After I informed him that we will not be investing any money the passcode for the account no longer worked, emails remained unanswered and phones are not answered. The money invested thus far is gone! BIG TIME SCAM I HOPE ALL THE PEOPLE WORKING THERE BURNS IN HELL ONE DAY.
  4. Piet
    February 2
    Made an investment with Solis Markets and was guided into the system by their staff. Things went very well and I decided to invest some pf the profit I made 🤣🤣🤣
    As soon as I opened the share I wanted to invest in a purchase of 60% of my Balace appeared as a purchase before I even made a purchase
    I immediate ly sold this share as it was running up a loss at the rate of lightning☹️☹️☹️ - 60% of my investment GONE
    IDIOT that I am I went through the attempted purchase process again without purchasing and BANG another 50% of my balance gone😭😭😭
    Tried to contact Solis to no avail
  5. Willem de Villiers
    January 8
    Yip I think we all been scammed. Its a bit late to cry now. I just lost R 5000-00 and is still waiting for Jessica's call. Be warned Scam
  6. Regina Van Rooyen
    January 4
    Iam so disappointed in myself today 4/01/24 contacted them and yes I saw the advert of them under the name of Mark Shuttleworth
    So with the transfer of the deposit money the lady name Tanya had a big struggle to get it write
    So when iam thinking now I would have canceled the complete transaction
    So I set a time for the financial manager to call after 16h00 and so a lady with name Jessica called just pass two and I could not take the call and I ask for tomorrow in the morning and this woman was very arrogant and said then I have to wait till Monday,so it was right there that I smell a rat
  7. Hester Agrella
    January 4
    Support and service very bad. Battled for days to get answers and support after they received my money..then to get a refund...after the withdraw senior managers phone constantly..but yet don't take action on staff PLEASE DONT DEPOSIT MONEY
    1. Support
      January 11
      Support Manager
      Dear Hester,

      We are very sorry to hear that you've had a bad experience, we take this case with full responsibility for the delay on the refund. please note that your funds were sent to you after internal checks, that we must take before releasing clients funds.
  8. Smell a Rat!
    December 21
    Vanessa you think it's Bogus? I and my daughter skeptical about Solis Markets?
  9. Vanessa
    December 16
    This has been the worse experience ever. Jessica and Harry ???????? Sure they will change there names. Only time they were nice was when they wanted money. Do yourself a favor try and cash in you will see.
  10. CW Erasmus
    December 11
    Got my deposit back
    Got my money back after trying to use their app but could not. My "financial advisor" dissapeared.
    1. Basil
      December 13
      I invest money on solismarkets, got a call from Adam, a marketing manager. Wanted to connect through Zoom , did not succeed, then today i reserved a call from David, he is Adam's manager, said my investment is to small, should deposit 20000 more
      Now I'm skeptical about this platform
  11. Fanie Wiese
    November 24
    I was getting along quite well, building up a balance of R58,000. Then all of a sudden my Success manager just disappear !!! Could not get hold of him for a month now. I also noticed that my balance on my accnt had disappear. So I am convince that Solismarkets IS A SCAM !!!!!
  12. Cornelius Erasmus
    November 21
    It is impossible to enter the correct data for a withdrawal. Something is always wrong. The amount to withdraw is not right etc.
  13. Isaac Jansen
    November 13
    I deposited funds on 06/11/2023 and to date I am waiting for a accounts manager to call me to set-up my account

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