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Squire’s Finance Limited indicates that it was founded in 1986 in the United Kingdom. Currently headquartered in London, the website has an interactive map and video tour of the head office location. It is also one of the leading companies in the Forex and Fin-Tech industry that has clients on 5 continents. Note that retail investors can utilize the institutional features on the broker’s website, as users can trade currency pairs and CFDs independently on the global network.

How safe is the platform? Will margin trading on various assets bring profits? We will explore the terminal’s capabilities and make a judgment on the broker’s reliability.

Trading Conditions

You can trade currency pairs, indices, cryptocurrency, stocks, and commodities. Squire’s Finance Limited promises traders fast order execution, low spreads, absolute liquidity, and support in many languages. Users are offered 5 types of accounts with a different deposit, leverage, spread, and set of additional services to trade activities:

  1. “Test” $250 – leverage 1:200, low commissions, spreads from 0.8 pips, manager.
  2. “Beginner” $2,000 – leverage 1:300, low commissions, spreads from 0.6 pips, manager.
  3. “Standard” $50,000 – leverage 1:400, low commissions, spreads from 0.5 pips, personal manager.
  4. “Corporate” $150,000 $ – leverage 1:500, no commission, spreads from 0.4 pips, personal analyst, manager, signals.
  5. “VIP” $150,000 – leverage 1:1000, no commission trading, spreads – floating, contracts from a hedge fund.

The site has an Affiliate Program and Introducing Brokers Program which are designed for different types of affiliates such as social media experts, bloggers, and Forex educators. Representatives earn income through increasing discounts and affiliates are compensated on a CPA basis for each active trader.

Your personal account at Squire’s Finance Limited is protected by a 128-bit SSL certificate provided by GoDaddy. Although the security service encrypts all information, the broker does not exclude the fact that the client can lose more on his account than the amount of his initial investment due to his own carelessness. Therefore, it recommends choosing a password that is difficult to crack and changing the password every 3 months. 

Squire’s Finance Limited provides traders with the opportunity to learn with real experts. Free webinars and seminars are available to customers. Speakers are ready to familiarise you with new strategies in the Forex market. The site is serviced 24/7 and there is special technical support.


Would investing in Squire's Finance Limited offer the best returns?

Cooperation with the broker is possible both with investment and under the affiliate program. Remember, the greater the possible profit, the higher the risks of losing money. Therefore, you should properly assess your level of experience and investment goals before you start trading on Forex.

Does Squire's Finance Limited carry out withdrawals?

The site functions stably for both deposits and withdrawals. If you have worked with this broker, please leave a comment. This will help other investors ‌form the right impression of the organization.

May I be scammed on squiresfinanceltd.com?

We see no reason to suspect the broker of fraud, given its many years of experience in the financial market.

What's the best way to share my experience with Squire's Finance LTD?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I understand if this broker is a fraud?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:1000
Broker type: DD
Demo account: Yes
Affiliate program: Introducing Broker
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

17 reviews about Squire’s Finance Limited

  1. yuner
    August 2
    Why do I trade here
    I have tried many different options over the eight years I have been trading on the financial markets, but I have settled on Squire's Finance Limited, it is easy to work here and there are all opportunities for profit.
  2. sergio195
    July 19
    The company is at a high level in this respect. It was a little difficult to understand the terminal, because I am still a beginner in trading, and sometimes I lost my deposit due to inexperience.
  3. dystym2
    July 18
    The best trading conditions are with this broker
    I am very satisfied with my work with this company. Probably, first of all, successful trading here is due to the excellent conditions that "squire finance ltd" provides to its clients. Here there is always an opportunity to consult with an analyst, and this is especially important for beginners in the world of trading.
  4. F4v0rit
    June 16
    Excellent conditions for the client
    The first month of trading on this platform has come to an end and I have accumulated a few observations that I want to share with you, because every user should know what kind of broker this is. Money can be easily transferred to Squires Finance Limited deposit and I have also quietly withdrawn, and not once. But the most important thing is that the conditions allow you to earn really good money on any asset. Even with an initial deposit of 250€ with currency pairs you can get a profit of several tens of percent, and also, when using leverage I was able to earn even more - here it is up to 1:200. I now have the second type of account - "Beginner", for the reason that the next one already comes from a deposit of 50,000€, so I am still on this one. But here everything is good in general, spreads from 0.6 points, leverage is a little bit bigger, and from assets: currency pairs and indices, which I use in conjunction and get a good profit. I withdrew about $380 to my own card. The money went once in a long time, maybe 5 days somewhere, but this is an isolated case. I have already worked for a month, and I am fully confirmed in the reliability of the company, so I decided to leave my review.
  5. Saule Zhan
    June 12
    I trust this broker completely
    In my opinion, such a long period of work and registration in the English jurisdiction are a guarantee even more than a license from some offshore regulator. In 1986 there was no internet or smartphones yet :) and the company was already working and providing financial services honestly.
  6. milaoo7
    May 22
    You have to go into all the details on your own
    I did not really like the training on this platform, but otherwise - it is completely fine. The broker has a functional and simple terminal. I started quickly on this platform and even earned $400 in a week. I have not withdrawn any money, I need it for trading.
  7. Jericry
    May 2
    Excellent UK broker
    I have been trading here constantly lately. I am completely satisfied with my cooperation with the company. In particular, their trading is excellent, I earn mostly $200-300, although sometimes I lose money:( I have a "Beginner" account with a minimum deposit of $2,000. I have no complaints about the broker.
  8. Jovanny69
    May 1
    I changed my attitude to the Forex market
    I lost a lot of time with one fraud broker and thought that I would give up trading forever. I didn't want to take any risks, but my friend changed my mind and advised me to try cooperation with Squire's Finance Limited. He registered here recently, but he has already managed to earn good money. I have already made sure that the company is good and can be trusted. I withdrew my first profit of 112 dollars quietly, without a long wait :).
  9. Orchidectomy
    April 29
    I got a great start
    I made $612 in the first month:) I hope that I will continue to earn successfully here, and more and more traders will come to the company for its further development.
  10. akGELO
    April 21
    No problem at all
    I personally have no issues with them. After all, it is a company registered in the UK, which makes it trustworthy unlike those offshore companies. I have withdrawn my money twice with no problems. Plus, you can make a good profit if you listen to analysts. So, let's not badmouth a good company here.
  11. taysl7
    April 15
    Simple registration process
    What I really liked about working with this broker is how easy it is to register here. The company does not create any unnecessary conditions for its potential clients with the provision of documents. And the trading platform here turned out to be quite decent. That is why I continue to trade here.
  12. FunkiToy
    March 21
    The customer service is just awesome!
    I'm happy to share how responsive customer support is at Squire's Finance Limited. They politely and quickly responded to all my questions and helped me with trading. My deposit has really grown in a month and a half, and I'm new to trading. I am happy, keep it up!
  13. Sajmonsib
    March 6
    I successfully learnt trading here
    I have only a positive opinion of Squires Finance Limited! The main thing is that they give beginners the opportunity to learn. And this is one of the main factors why I chose this broker.
  14. Crusardy
    March 3
    Profit payments are fast
    This broker organisation never delays withdrawals and tries to honestly execute all agreements. So that you do not have conflicts in the process of trading, I advise you to carefully study the conditions on the platform Squire's Finance Limited and then there will be fewer questions. I'm satisfied with everything, the broker is smart.
  15. qnarikna
    February 22
    You are the best!
    Without training, I would hardly have been able to start trading successfully on the currency market. And at Squire's Finance Limited, I listened to a lot of lectures before I started real trading. But when I started it, things literally went uphill immediately. This is why I am grateful to the company, as well as to the professionals and analysts who work there.
  16. Tim
    February 7
    Even on the simplest type of account, the conditions are quite loyal, which also plays in favor of this broker. Well, the trading process in Squire's Finance Limited takes place here without any special excesses. I can say that if you are looking for a reliable trading platform with good conditions for a trader, you can try this one.
  17. Harry
    January 27
    My main specialization when trading on this platform is futures on commodities and metals. The trading platform allows me to do it successfully. In working with the company I would like to note the excellent terminal and the absence of hangs during trading. And this is the most important thing for many traders.

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