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The brokerage platform Squire’s Finance Limited claims to have been founded in the UK in 1986. However, we did not find any confirmation on the official website that the organization provided its own details. Currently, the company has clients in many countries on 5 continents. Clients can trade currency pairs and CFDs. The broker is not licensed by the FCA or any other regulator.

Trading Conditions

Clients of Squire’s Finance Limited are offered to trade in currency pairs and CFDs on various assets, including:

  • Indices
  • Commodities
  • Stocks
  • Cryptocurrency

There are 5 accounts available with different trading conditions. The minimum deposit is €250, spreads start from 0.4 pips, and the leverage can reach up to 1:1000. Trades can be executed on the company’s proprietary platform based on WebTrader.

Users are promised to receive a 45% bonus on their second deposit. Additionally, consumers have access to seminars, webinars, account manager services, and 24/5 technical support.


Would investing in Squire's Finance Limited offer the best returns?

No. Trades made on the proprietary platform are not taken to the external market, so the broker can easily wipe out the deposit.

Does Squire's Finance Limited carry out withdrawals?

We are not sure about this, as we have seen many negative reviews. We suggest you share your experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on squiresfinanceltd.com?

This domain is relatively young, so the risk of fraud is high.

What's the best way to share my experience with Squire's Finance LTD?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I understand if this broker is a fraud?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:1000
Broker type: DD
Demo account: Yes
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 268$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

25 reviews about Squire’s Finance Limited

  1. Justin
    January 30
    cheap scammers
    They are scammers, the company does not exist where they claimed it is " I went there". I wonder how I can get my money back
  2. Justin
    January 30
    exactly what happened with me, they are. I went to their company's physical address in London, it turns out that it doesn't exist. Another company exists there called squares finance and it is an insurance company that has nothing to do with investing. They copied that company's address and number.
  3. Flora
    January 12
    They convinced me into taking a loan and I invested with them but they convinced me into afterwards I couldn't withdraw because of the excuses they kept giving.
    They demand me to deposit more than 5999 before I get approval. This us a scam 😒 be aware.
  4. Геннадий
    December 10
    Мошенники из Москвы
    Телефоны эмулированые симплексные под Лондон. На сайте в архиве торговых операций время московское. Депозиты только в криптовалюте в частные кошельки. Основные причины блокировки счета и отказа вывода: нужно заплатить подоходный налог с суммы текущего баланса (в криптовалюте в частный кошелек); нужно застаховать выводимые средства (тоже в криптовалюте); самовольное перечисление на торговый счет кредита с последующим требованием вернуть. Осторожно! Компания-клон!
  5. skott
    December 7
    Sounds good, but it's probably too good to be true
    The offer of a 45% bonus for everyone without exception on Squire's Finance Limited's homepage made me laugh. Is the company serious? If Squire's Finance Limited really did that, they would have gone bankrupt a long time ago. The only thing this "generous gift" can be is a loan that you, as a user, will have to pay back. And you won't be able to withdraw your money until you have paid it back.
    1. Kristina N
      December 8
      Scammer be Aware.
      I started with capital of 28000 euros and equity has grown to 45000 in 3 months.
      And my attempt to withdraw 3500 has been met with resistance by finance squire's.
      They keep giving me all sorts of excuse why I cannot withdrawal draw.
      I have been told to pay wallet insurance of 2999 euros before withdrawal.
  6. Люба
    December 4
    Мошейники меня обманули деньги свои я так и не получила
  7. inferno
    December 3
    I'm having trouble withdrawing my funds
    The trading conditions at Squire's Finance Limited didn't sit well with me, so I decided to withdraw my funds. I've been waiting for days, and my funds have yet to arrive. I'm worried that they won't come at all. I don't know how to hold the broker accountable as they are not licensed, and going to the police seems pointless. Besides, I funded my account with cryptocurrency, so the transaction can't be traced in any way.
  8. Ingaas gebess
    November 28
    not woeking home pgae
    Squire’s Finance Limited i was trading there for a month with small amounts on forex but suddenly they disappeared after i said no to invest more money no more calls no more answers on whatsapp and homepgae not working so i believe they are scammers
  9. bvldo
    November 28
    That's awful!
    My sister started trading with Squire's Finance Limited. They convinced her to invest $5,000, which is not a lot of money for her. These scammers must have a silver tongue. Anyway, she invested the money and it immediately started disappearing. According to her, the terminal was slow, asset prices were changing instantly, and the analyst's advice was not really helpful. She tried to withdraw the remaining money, but couldn't. So, Squire's Finance Limited scammers left my dear one with nothing.
  10. Lena
    November 27
    all'inizio in tutti i modi cercano di acchiapparti, e di chiamano in tutte le ore. poi ti promettono il mondo. si comincia da poco -100 €. Ho messo un pò, ma sono riusciti a convincermi - in questo sono bravissimi. Il trading funziona bene e vedi guadagni e la somma cresce. Poi successe varie problemi - prima ho fatto un errore e vai con mettere i soldi per coprirlo, poi sono stata abbandonata nel chiudere il conto - evvai con altro errore ( ovviamente tutto si svolge durante ore di lavoro - in ufficio caos - è facile fare errore) Altri migliaia di euro per coprire errore. Finalmente prelievo - sembra che stiamo sulla diritta di finish, e NO - una strana tariffa da mettere per sbloccare i soldi ( bloccati perché cerano degli errori) Qui arrivano dei sospetti seri sulla società, ma anche qui riescono a convincerti di mettere altri soldi. Poi ti dicono di aspettare il bonifico, che misteriosamente non arriva e non ti risponde più nessuno. Tutti scomparsi!!!
    Morale della favola - mi hanno spelato come una cipolla, sono piena di debiti e per fortuna non seguito il consiglio del broker di mollare il lavoro.
  11. Hein55
    November 27
    Run away.
    Squire's Finance Limited is an unlicensed fly-by-night company without a real registration. Run away before you lose all your money to them.
  12. koka
    November 18
    I have a question
    Can you tell me why Squire's Finance Limited has their own trading platform instead of using the popular MetaTrader platform? I used to trade on the MetaTrader platform with other brokers and found it convenient. However, when I came across Squire's Finance Limited and liked their trading conditions, I registered with them. However, I didn't like their trading terminal as the functionality is unfamiliar and the platform is very slow. I am wondering why Squire's Finance Limited doesn't offer accounts on a standard platform like MetaTrader.
  13. DeusOK
    November 10
    Oh, those scammers!
    Seriously?! Founded in 1986? Please don't make me laugh. The domain was actually founded in 2023 and the first reviews appeared during that period, too. The company simply placed the details of an existing organization on their website, which has nothing to do with these new scammers, Squire's Finance Limited. Anyone could have done that, lol. The truth is, this broker just appeared recently and will quickly disappear. It's just a typical one-day company. Please don't fall for them, I urge you.
  14. foox
    November 4
    They are so pushy!
    I can't get rid of these scammers. I'm tired of constant calls from Squire's Finance Limited. I already told them that I didn't have any money, and then they offered me to take out a loan. After that, I immediately understood that they wanted to scam me. I tried to block their number, but they call me from different ones.
  15. Alex
    November 3
    No problem at all
    I personally have no issues with Squire's Finance Limited. After all, it is a company registered in the UK, which makes it trustworthy unlike those offshore companies. I have withdrawn my money twice with no problems. Plus, you can make a good profit if you listen to analysts. So, let's not badmouth a good company here.
    1. Flora
      January 12
      You must be one of the scammers that work for them! They have ripped me off 108000 and they won't let me withdrawal a coin! They are a true description of scam.
  16. Manon Sohel
    October 26
    UK address provided by Squire's Finance Limited is fake, and the company had been blacklisted by regulatory authorities.
    UK address provided by Squire's Finance Limited was indeed fake, and the company had been blacklisted by regulatory authorities. My growing unease about the situation led me to explore avenues for recovering my funds and seeking justice for the deception I had encountered.
  17. car2007
    October 15
    Money is stuck with these scammers
    Squire's Finance Limited has been ignoring my withdrawal request for over 10 days. I don't know what the problem is: I passed verification, so I didn't break any rules. And I was so happy that I made some money. Don't trust these fraudsters.
  18. SY-SY
    October 11
    No help from customer support
    I created an account on Squire's Finance Limited because I was told that they have quality training and responsive customer support. As a beginner, this was interesting to me. Unfortunately, the tech service disappointed me right away. I had a lot of questions about the platform. I saw that everything was working slowly, and it was important for me to understand what to do. I wrote to the employees in the chat, but they didn't respond. I'm afraid there's no point in trying to withdraw money from here…
  19. katrin7
    September 18
    Unlock my account!
    Hey you scammers! Why did you block my profile right after I deposited? I hope the founders of Squire's Finance Limited will soon be in jail.
  20. mrglum
    September 13
    My personal manager is hindering more than helping
    Hey there. Let me tell you about my experience working with Squire's Finance Limited. Unfortunately, it was quite disappointing. I was lured in by the promise of having a personal manager and thought I'd try my hand at trading. I'm a beginner when it comes to trading, so I didn't want to risk anything without any help. I deposited $3000 and started following my manager's advice. But for some reason, I kept losing money.
    Eventually, I realized that the advice I was getting was harmful and decided to withdraw my funds. However, my withdrawal request hasn't been fulfilled yet. I don't know whether I should continue waiting or just accept that I might not get my money back. I'm really worried about it.
  21. top
    September 12
    I wouldn't trade here
    Squire's Finance Limited does not execute trades on the external market, that's clear. Otherwise, they would be given access to the popular MetaTrader instead of their own proprietary platform. The instruments available here are also so-so, with only CFDs. It’s a high risk of loss. Moreover, they are not regulated by the FCA. I see only cons and not a single pro here, but of course, you can decide for yourself.
  22. Urban
    September 9
    The classic scam scheme
    Squire's Finance Limited used the classic scam scheme which is becoming popular among fraudsters nowadays. They took the details of a legitimately registered and experienced company and posted them on their website, pretending to be their own. They did this to gain trust. These fraudsters and other brokers like them have no legitimate registration and no licenses, which means there are no guarantees.

    They only find new clients through annoying cold calls, where they use databases of phone numbers to call people constantly. Such companies don't last too long, and Squire's Finance Limited is no exception.
  23. my review
    September 7
    The customer service is just awesome!
    I'm happy to share how responsive customer support is at Squire's Finance Limited. They politely and quickly responded to all my questions and helped me with trading. My deposit has really grown in a month and a half, and I'm new to trading. I am happy, keep it up!

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