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Starlight Capital indicates the addresses of its offices, which are located in Romania and Saint Lucia. According to the information provided on the website, the broker has more than 34 thousand registered users worldwide. However, the company does not disclose the launch date of the project. As for the domain, it was registered in June 2022 and renewed in June 2023. In addition, the project does not have a license, and disputes with customers are governed by the laws of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. It’s worth noting that the interface supports English and Arabic. Finally, traders from the USA, Cuba, Syria, and other jurisdictions cannot trade on this platform.

How safe is this service? Will margin trading bring you profit, are the conditions of this broker favorable? We will analyze the capabilities of the terminal, understand the legal aspects, and make a conclusion about the reliability of this company.

Trading Conditions

Starlight Capital provides registered clients with an MT5 platform. You can trade in bitcoin futures, traditional currencies, stocks, and other assets. The broker promises high payouts, fast withdrawals, and lightning-fast order execution. Trading is available from any browser. For users who trade mainly from mobile devices, this terminal is adapted for Android/iOS. You can use cards, cryptocurrencies, and bank transfers to withdraw funds.

On the website, you will find 5 types of tariff plans. They differ in the size of the credit fee and the minimum deposit:

  • MICRO from $250 – leverage 1:50.
  • BASIC from $2,500 – leverage 1:100.
  • GOLD from $10,000 – leverage 1:200.
  • PLATINUM from $50,000 – leverage 1:300, Bonus, dedicated senior manager, platinum spreads, level 2 financial planning and priority withdrawal process, special venture promotions.
  • VIP, by invitation only – leverage 1:400, access to VIP events, private analyst sessions.

Starlight Capital provides all clients with more than 200 tradable assets, a market overview. If you open an account with a deposit of more than $10,000, you will get a dedicated senior manager, Bonus, best spreads, financial and priority withdrawal process of different levels, planning, and special venture capital promotions.

Withdrawal fee is 1% of the withdrawal amount, but not less than $30 and not more than $300. If you have not made any transaction from your account for 30 consecutive days, the broker will automatically write off the fee in the amount of $100. 

The minimum amount for withdrawal is £100/USD/Euro or $250 in bitcoin equivalent. On the website, you will find the TradingView platform ticker with analytics of online currency quotes on global markets. Starlight Capital provides educational materials in the form of articles to explain the basic terms of the Forex market. The 24-hour service will answer you by e-mail, and telephone support is available from 08:00 to 20:00 Monday through Thursday and from 08:00 to 16:00 GMT on Friday.


Would investing in Starlight Capital offer the best returns?

You should not expect profit and successful cooperation with this company. It is more likely that you will lose funds rather than gain them in this risky CFD trading with unfavorable trading conditions.

Does Starlight Capital carry out withdrawals?

According to the results of our analysis of the site, we can state that you will most likely not receive the payment of your earned profit as well as your deposit. This is what traders say in their reviews, confirming the unscrupulousness of the broker. You can also share your experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on

There is a high risk that the owners of the site may turn out to be scammers willing to abuse the trust of their clients. They provide brokerage services without a financial license and you will not get any legal protection.

What's the best way to share my experience with Starlight Capital?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:400
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: MetaTrader 5
Assets: Forex, CFD

14 reviews about Starlight Capital

  1. Dlovar
    October 8
    Everyone in the company tries to help a newcomer
    I started working actively from the very first day, as soon as my deposit transfer was successful. In two months I managed to double the invested amount of 725 pounds. However, it took me almost a week to withdraw the money. Every day I went to my personal cabinet and checked the status of the application, and only on the sixth day, Starlight Capital withdrew the money to me. Despite this unpleasant moment, I will still continue trading on this terminal, as there are much more pros than cons. It is useless to look for an ideal one, every company has its own problems.
  2. skif
    September 25
    The platform is not one of the best
    Not all features and requirements here are reasonable: wide spreads, rather questionable leverage for Europe, and also - whatever amount you withdraw, pay the broker another 30 euros. And I don't feel safe for my deposit - they don't have a license. The only thing that makes me happy is that when I have minor problems, the technical support promptly and culturally helps me. I think it will be interesting for new traders to gain experience here.
  3. Dennis
    September 24
    I only have disappointment
    I made a profit of 3% for three months of work. Stop-losses work at their own discretion, there is a lottery - it will work/not work, and commissions are huge, which is quite unbelievable when working with a real reliable broker. I do not recommend this company to anyone, and I will leave as soon as I withdraw the rest of my deposit.
  4. tibmax
    September 17
    This is an ordinary forex scammer
    There is no license for the activity. Why didn't anyone tell me this when I opened a brokerage account here and deposited money?! And I, a fool, instead of investing 250 dollars, I invested as much as 2,500 dollars, so that I could go straight into battle and earn a profit. Yeah, but I didn't even think about the fact that this “starlight capital” could turn out to be an ordinary forex swindler. And so it turned out to be. The essence of the fraud was very simple. You deposit money on your balance, but it is impossible to withdraw it.
  5. Rule
    September 9
    My funds were simply stolen
    For me about 400$ is not a lot of money, I have had cases in my trading when I lost dozens of times more, but still, why should I just forget about them!!!? I had my account blocked for no reason, but my money - it was just stolen here!!!.
  6. LadyRose
    September 8
    I deposited money without checking the service
    Now I have a balance of 600 dollars, 400 I drained myself, and in total, I transferred to the deposit of $1,000, from where I can not withdraw the remaining amount. This is such a fraudulent scheme, which I just could not initially think about properly :( I recommend you to check the brokerage companies you plan to work with before you transfer funds on deposit. Starlight Capita turned out to have a very short operating period, there is no license, and the registration is offshore where there is no legal protection for the trader.
  7. Alexandr
    September 1
    I can praise the company
    I recommend Starlight Capital for your start in trading. It has competent employees who understand not only the market, but also how to work with newbies like me 😃
  8. moneychanger
    August 3
    SCAM site
    Scammers quite successfully masquerade as a brokerage service, but in fact it is not. It is just a trading simulator, which I have to pay for with real money. At the start I deposited 650 euros, I had a little experience in trading, and I was not particularly worried. And at any moment you can leave the site (if we talk about legal brokers). But in this case, when I realized that it is unknown where the quotes of Starlight capital come from, these thieves had already decided to appropriate my personal capital. They have not approved a single order for me since my registration! And how do I fight it?!!!
  9. IGO
    July 26
    It seems to be a fake broker
    There is no demo account here - after that I immediately changed my mind about depositing. I registered a profile, studied the personal cabinet. I didn't see any positive software. The personal cabinet is very simple and primitive, I did not find any additional services there. I don't understand how to start trading with $250 without a demo account. I would have deposited 5-10 dollars to try trading, but there are no cent accounts. In the end, I decided not to take the risk. Normal brokers don't do this kind of thing, so it's likely, or even it's certain, that starlight capital is some fake broker.
  10. kollin
    July 18
    In a nutshell, it's a "total disappointment"
    I saw a lot of attractive trading conditions for me, but in reality, there is nothing good about starlight capital. First of all, stop-losses don't work here, you seem to insure yourself with them from a big drain, but they just don't work, although stop-loss should stop the deal at the right time, it's just not there on the platform :( Secondly, the broker opens deals without my consent, for example, in the evening I have all deals closed, and in the morning I wake up and see that 1-2 deals are already announced. Thirdly, I tried many times to solve problems in technical support, but consultants can't do anything, they try in every possible way to justify their firm and prove my incompetence.
  11. Kerry
    July 8
    Reliable firm
    I chose this site for several reasons and factors that were crucial to me. However, after 3 weeks of trading, I was already able to withdraw the first earnings, not so big, only 117$, but successfully, the money came quickly to my card. Now I do not regret that I chose Starlight Capital. At first, I noticed that the company has a rather dubious reputation on the network: someone praises it, and someone on the contrary, says that they are scammers. I decided to try it with a minimum deposit of $250. Well, after I earned 100 dollars, I decided to withdraw them, but this is just for the sake of checking. And yes, everything turned out to be true, I specified my details and in a day the money came to my card. Now I again replenished my deposit here, but already for the amount of 3,000$, I decided to choose a tariff with leverage up to 1:100 and spreads floating from 0.5 points. I was also attracted by the large selection of cryptocurrencies, I work with digital pairs, and trading is very profitable. I recommend this broker to everyone, I can earn money and you will be able to do the same :)
  12. bb-business
    July 1
    The terminal is very inconvenient
    I deposited 250$ to try trading. I will tell you frankly - to earn here is unrealistic: spreads are huge and commissions of $30, even with a withdrawal of 100 dollars, with each transaction I went into the minus. Once only a deal came out in the plus for a week and that's it!!! I did not even have time to face the withdrawal of funds, because in the end my account very quickly became close to zero.
  13. maranta
    June 28
    You can't get your money back
    If you registered here and deposited money, then believe me, you will not get your money back. The manager told me so convincingly that it is necessary to deposit a large amount of money for a good profit that I believed him and deposited 3,300$. And what did I get in the end, what do you think?!!! I worked on starlight capital for a couple of days and that's it, my account was blocked:( And no one even wrote to me about the reason, I checked my e-mail - there were no messages. I started to write to tech support. However, for 2 months no one answered me. Scammers decided to take the easy way out with me and just block, that's how they work here!
  14. arbak
    June 13
    Dishonest broker
    You should not believe the advertisements of this company, as it is just another fraudulent scheme where traders are simply cheated. At starlightcapital they cheat each client differently: they persuade them to make a deposit, then block the account, or simply close the withdrawal. I personally earned 355 euros here at the beginning, and then I started to gradually go into a minus. Trading conditions do not correspond to the stated initially, they are actually completely different. The platform is unstable, contacts are also fake, and no one answers the phone. That's basically all you need to know about this service.

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