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Swiss Win gives the date of creation of the site as 2021. As for the domain, it was not registered until January 2023 in the United States. However, the site reports that the company is registered in the jurisdiction of St Vincent and the Grenadines, although there are no supporting documents for this. In addition, the project does not have a license. Finally, the ways of contacting the project managers are hidden, only an e-mail address is posted.

Is it possible to trust money with this broker? How safe and profitable is it possible to trade on the platform? We will investigate the site from the point of view of reliability and tell you whether it is worth opening an account here and transferring your finances to it for trading.

Trading Conditions

Swiss Win positions itself as a powerful trading platform with the best investment opportunities. However, the broker does not inform us about the functionality and advantages of the terminal software. In addition, the full list of liquid instruments is hidden for clients’ familiarization. In open access, the platform offers only currency pairs and CFDs on commodities.

For registering a personal account, you need to specify your current personal and contact details. Then deposit funds to the balance of the trading account and start trading. There are 6 types of trading accounts available to traders:

  1. Basic – deposit in the range of 500-9,999 EUR, account manager support for 2 weeks, trading signals 2 times a week
  2. Silver – investments 10,000-99,999 EUR. Account conditions: account manager services once a week, daily trading signals and alerts, market overviews, and advanced charts.
  3. Gold – deposit from 100,000 EUR. The account assumes 3 signals per day, unlimited account manager consultations, 30% insurance level
  4. Platinum – capital in the range of 250,000-499,999 EUR. The account allows you to use the services of an account manager and trading signals and assumes a 60% level of insurance, exclusive updates, and automatic trading.
  5. Diamond – deposit 500,000-1,000,000 EUR, in addition to Platinum traders, can enjoy 80% insurance level, group trading, and exclusive updates.
  6. Millionaire Club – entry threshold from 1,000,000 EUR. The account includes unlimited signals, 100% insurance level, and the support of a group of analysts.

You can deposit funds into the account via credit/debit card and bank transfer. There are no withdrawal limits. Withdrawal of funds by bank transfer can take up to 10 working days.

The broker says that there are no extra charges on the site, but the commission for withdrawals is present. Its size is kept a secret. Withdrawal of funds is possible at the client’s request, the money is received after 10 working days.

On the web resource of Swiss Win in the section “Trading,” there are training materials on the basic Forex terms. Technical support works with clients only via e-mail. Operators will answer your questions on weekdays from Monday to Friday, during working hours from 08:00 to 17:00 GMT.


Would investing in Swiss Win offer the best returns?

It is very risky to cooperate with this project, the chances of earning on CFD trading are zero. The broker does not provide details of trading conditions, deals are executed on an unknown platform with unclear functionality hidden from potential clients.

Does Swiss Win carry out withdrawals?

Many negative reviews about the broker speak about the high probability of losing funds on this platform. We invite you to share your experience, as well as to note the pros and cons that you have discovered in the process of trading.

May I be scammed on

It is not clear who acts as a regulator of the broker and controls its activities. The site does not indicate a license that gives it the right to provide financial services legally. The risk of fraud is high, so you should not trust this company.

What's the best way to share my experience with Swiss Win?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Swiss Win is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 550$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

15 reviews about Swiss Win

  1. sleek
    August 9
    The quality of work and decency of the broker is under huge question. On the Swiss Win platform, there are constant problems with the work of the terminal and the execution of orders. Communication interruptions are the norm for them. I lost about 800 euros on this platform. I have never managed to withdraw the rest of my deposit. The principle of the broker's work is built in such a way that if there are the slightest mistakes during the withdrawal process, the money will never be withdrawn. My verification was not confirmed because of inadequate photo quality.
  2. PokemoN
    July 22
    They're scammers
    I first deposited €500, I had to open a trading account, then I lost half of it on currency pairs trading and the manager persistently offered me to deposit €10,000. I refused, and now they won't let me withdraw money from Swiss Win, tech support doesn't answer.
  3. Mercury
    July 14
    The trading platform is good
    I have been trading with this broker for several months. In principle, I can't say anything bad. My requests were fulfilled accurately, with the withdrawal of funds the problem was only the first time - when I had to confirm my identity. The only thing that I did not like very much was the constant calls from managers who offered to replenish the deposit, but it is like that everywhere in Forex.
  4. Admin
    July 10
    I liked the trading
    There are problems with the service. Swiss Win has a hard time finding a manager who speaks German, and I can only speak English with an online translator. I registered with them for half a day, it is very difficult to understand the site and personal account. When I got to the trading platform, everything became intuitive to me and I started working in the style I am used to.
  5. alex
    June 27
    I was scammed here
    I lost $1884. The technical support does not answer me:(
  6. Enchanter
    June 19
    They will steal your money here!!!
    And the thieves are not trifling, as the entry threshold at Swiss Win starts from 500 EUR. The terminal hangs all the time, when market fluctuations start, it switches off at once, and there is no feedback. The essence of fraudsters' deception is not to give you an opportunity to earn money, and they will misappropriate the trader's money. Orders do not close or open themselves after closing. I have had such situations that even in forced mode the order does not close. There is no reaction from the support, you can wait a week for a reply. I have never been able to withdraw the remaining 215 EUR. These thieves simply do not confirm the request.
  7. Mary
    June 2
    Very aggressive managers
    I had a negative experience with fraudulent brokers before and I started to communicate with Swiss Win broker with caution. At first the company makes a good impression, the managers persuaded me to invest 500 euros, and after a week I earned 116 euros on trades. I was immediately offered to withdraw the profit, I easily withdrew the entire deposit with the help of an analyst. Then they started persuading me to invest 100 thousand, or 10 thousand, the manager promised me a huge profit, but, thank God, I got suspicious, and I didn't give them anything else. After that, applications for opening loans from different banks started coming to my phone number, and I had to change my phone number in the banks where I had accounts. And now it's all over. My new phone number is not known to Swiss Win.....
  8. Alen
    June 1
    I address the faithful
    Dear Muslims and other religious people!!! Do not believe these people under any circumstances, they are scammers!!!! May Allah punish them for their sins!!!!!
  9. DENNY
    May 28
    They are scammers, don't believe what they say
    It's all a scam, don't believe the broker in any case. All advertisements are built on what an honest company it is and how forex helps ordinary people to become rich, they give various examples of traders who got rich. Do not give in to persuasion, I lost almost 3 thousand euros in Swiss Win and they tried to persuade me to transfer more money. But I've wised up now.
  10. vov
    April 24
    The company is a scam!
    I invested more than €10,000 and got paid less than €1,000!!!!
  11. Bag
    April 15
    My request to withdraw my deposit has not been processed for a month already
    Already at the stage of acquaintance with the broker, it becomes clear that it is a dubious company. First of all, I did not like the fact that for an offshore broker, to start trading, you need at least 500 euros. From the disadvantages of the broker, particularly vivid examples are overpriced spreads, high commission when withdrawing to a bank card, the quality of quotes, as well as problems with withdrawal. I ordered the deposit withdrawal a month ago and so far without results. I do not plan to continue cooperation.
  12. nigma
    April 10
    I deposited the minimum and then made another $130 on trades, but I couldn't withdraw my profit. Then I started to write to Swiss Win support to withdraw all the money, and immediately I was blocked on the terminal, and managers disappeared from communication.
  13. Volan De
    March 15
    I am new to forex and don't understand the whole procedure
    I have watched all the video lessons. I had a reasonable question for Swiss Win: what trader will go further than a beginner if in order to become even minimally successful, you need to have a deposit of €10,000, which is not affordable for everyone. In the end, I decided to withdraw the remaining $150 from the deposited $600, but it turned out to be a problem. Withdrawal is not processed for some reason.
  14. Gafu
    March 5
    Terribly rude manager
    After I refused to transfer another $1000 and then asked to close my account and return my money, the manager started to be rude, he threatened to sue me for deception! Then he asked me if I had sex a long time ago because I was very nervous. Just a horrible person!!!! Help me get my money back!!!!
  15. kit3311
    March 4
    A fake broker, embezzling the money of its clients
    This is the usual fiction created to consistently deceive the client. Do not expect to see a single real transaction on Swiss Win's platform. The same applies to the analytical charts displayed on the platform. Simply put, they have nothing to do with real quotes or markets.... I fell for this trick and lost about $5,000. And only then I saw how all these functions are set up to make people go bankrupt here.

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