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Tajer365 allows trading currencies, CFDs, NFTs, and other assets, as well as provides education on financial markets. This project was founded in 2022. We do not have any information on the legal registration of the company, but we are informed that its office is located in London. We also do not know if the broker’s activities are regulated. Do you consider this platform to be reliable and trustworthy?

Trading Conditions

The information about the minimum deposit on Tajer365 is conflicting: on one page it states that you can start with $250, while on another it says that the minimum is 10,000 euros. Consumers are offered education and secure transactions, and the broker has its own trading platform with analytical information. The terminal is available in a web version on different devices. The company allows trading in currencies, NFTs, and CFDs on stocks, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. The leverage is 1:100. The company offers the following types of trading accounts:

  • Bronze.
  • Silver.
  • Gold.
  • Platinum.
  • Diamond.
  • Premium.
  • VIP.

Clients of Tajer365 can avail the services of a personal assistant and trading specialist if they invest enough funds. Additionally, you can earn extra by inviting friends through a referral link. Technical support operates 24/5.


Would investing in Tajer365 offer the best returns?

The platform specializes in CFD trading, which is always associated with significant risks, so you are more likely to lose money than to earn.

Does Tajer365 carry out withdrawals?

We have doubts about this: the broker has many "red flags". Please write a review if you have worked with it and help us draw a conclusion.

May I be scammed on tajer365.com?

Yes, the probability is quite high: the organization is young, and we do not know about its registration and license.

What's the best way to share my experience with Tajer365?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Tajer365 is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: 1:100
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Referral
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

16 reviews about Tajer365

  1. ام حمد
    November 6
    قمت بيداع 1000 الف ريال وصل ربحي ال30 الف ريال واليوم اصبحت علي حسابي فارغ وهذا نتيجه معروف تم تجاهلي وعدم التواصل معي لمدة اسبوعين بمجرد طلبي لسحب ارباحي.
    هذه شركه نصابه يجب نشر فضائحهم على جميع المواقع والحذر منهم
  2. limitless
    September 27
    Everything is great, no questions
    The level of service at tajer365 is simply outstanding. They have everything, including risk-free trades and genuinely high-quality education. And what's more, I was able to arrange an Islamic account, which was especially important to me. Overall, if you still have any doubts, just let them go and start trading here.
  3. skree
    September 20
    What kind of security are we talking about here?
    If trading with Tajer365 were truly secure, they would offer a more popular platform. instead, there is some confusion with fictional quotes and deals that are not carried out in the external market. As soon as you deposit money into such a platform, be sure that all the money ends up in the pockets of its founders.
  4. piki
    September 15
    I don't take this broker seriously
    Well, tell me, what's so special about Tajer365 that they require such a huge minimum deposit? They have no history, they even admit that they are a young company. I don't know anything about their management. It's unclear where they are registered, they don't provide any data, and their office address (which is also unclear how real it is) doesn't say anything. And how can I be sure that they will pay me my money? Probably not at all…
  5. wolfrock
    September 14
    I see too many problems here
    I noticed that even Tajer365 didn't properly plan their website. As was rightly pointed out, on some pages, they mention a minimum deposit of $250, while on others, it's €10,000... as if they expect someone to just give them such a huge amount of money. What also concerns me is the absence of a license and registration address, which are serious red flags for me.
  6. Alba
    September 11
    I can't say anything good
    Working with tajer365 was a terrible experience for me, and now I will explain why.

    Firstly, I encountered communication problems. The broker was either unavailable or responded with a significant delay to my queries. This created mistrust and made me feel like I lost their interest as soon as I deposited funds. Secondly, there was an issue with executing my investment requests. Several times, I found myself in a situation where I incurred losses due to the slow platform.

    Furthermore, I was not satisfied with the quality of the educational services and analytical information provided by the broker. Often, I received incomplete and insufficiently objective data about the instruments. I believe this also contributed to the financial losses I incurred from trading here.
  7. Arman
    September 11
    I got scammed
    Someone called me and convinced me to invest money, and then they just took it and blocked me! The only thing they are good at is manipulating people, they can't do anything else!
  8. mkmk
    August 30
    Of course, this is a scam
    I am sure that the activities of the broker Tajer365 are far from honest. I just know what real financial companies look like, and this scam has nothing to do with them. In reliable firms, everything is transparent, all registration information is prominently displayed, and there is a license on their website. When trading on such platforms, you feel protected. Also, they usually have been in business for years and have some reputation among traders. There is information about awards, events, leaders, and some statistics. But here? Here, we see an unfinished website that can be easily deleted if something happens. We definitely shouldn't think about any safety in this case.
  9. Alex Lesli
    August 12
    I couldn't withdraw the money
    I tried to submit a withdrawal request from tajer365, but I couldn't. At first, they told me that the wallet number was incorrect, even though I double-checked... Then another manager informed me that I hadn't traded enough to make a withdrawal, and I hadn't met some bonus requirements. The worst part is, I don't know how to influence them now! I can't even go to the police because they don't have a license, and I was told that the authorities are powerless in such situations. So, all I can do is warn you not to get involved with them.
  10. 23486
    July 20
    I really didn't like the training here
    Tajer365 puts a lot of emphasis on how great their training is, but I haven't seen anything special. It's just a basic theory that you can find on the internet yourself. It doesn't help beginners at all, as they struggle with a lot of the terminology. it also seems like once they receive the deposit, they lose interest in the clients, so you can't really rely on the manager's help either.
  11. Fund
    July 15
    So, how much is the minimum deposit here after all?
    There is different information everywhere. Some say that $250 is enough to start with tajer365, but on other pages, this information is denied. Will this amount be sufficient? I don't want to risk a large sum of money at the moment, but I still want to give it a try.
  12. douist
    July 7
    Don't trust them!
    If these scammers call you, BLOCK the number and hang up IMMEDIATELY! They scammed me out of 2,000 euros, and I wouldn't want anyone else to go through the same thing.
  13. frill
    June 15
    They just need demo accounts
    Overall, I liked Tajer365, but the platform was unfamiliar to me. I didn't have enough risk-free trades to learn how to trade here, so there were some small financial losses. But overall, it's not bad, especially for a beginner who lacks theoretical knowledge. They will explain everything to you here.
  14. Grant
    June 13
    And what did I spend so much time on?
    I really invested a lot of resources into learning to trade. Tajer365 managed to convince me that it was cool. But in the end, the profit didn't grow, even though I followed all the recommendations. The platform is slow and inconvenient, you simply can't earn much here. They described to me how I would get rich if I learned to trade on the stock exchange, but in the end, I just wasted my time. Most likely, I just got an unreliable broker, but overall, I am disappointed in this activity because of it. In general, it might be good for someone else, but the platform doesn't suit me.
  15. os-p0
    May 28
    Everything is excellent
    Tajer365 is an excellent platform with responsive customer support and many ways to earn money. That's what I appreciate about the broker. They provide very detailed instructions for each method of earning and explain everything.
  16. kaan
    May 7
    Just an average broker, even below average
    Oh, how Tajer365 used to brag... They claimed to be the best brokerage company and promised to help me make money... But I didn't like anything here. The platform is slow, the spreads are high, and all my trades were unprofitable because of that. The customer support doesn't react to it at all, as if it's supposed to be like this. I'm going to withdraw my money, although honestly, I'm not sure if I'll succeed.

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