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The CF Global Trading claims to be registered in the UK and has its head office in London. Despite this, telephone numbers for contact are only listed in three other countries. It is worth noting that the company indicates regulators from 5 jurisdictions that guarantee “safe, efficient trading for every client”. However, there are no documents confirming the licenses on the site, as well as more than 30 broker awards, brand registration in the UK, and no date of the project’s foundation. Finally, the domain was registered in January 2024.

Is this platform reliable? Our review will help you make your conclusion about the broker.

Trading Conditions

The CF Global Trading invites clients to trade CFDs on various assets including oil and gas. You can use the functional web terminal from anywhere in the world without any costs. The company promises to execute fiat and digital currencies at accurate market prices, without fluctuations or requotes.

The CF Global Trading has developed 3 tariff plans that differ in terms of deposit size range, technical parameters, and services. You can choose an account from the following options:

  1. Standard from $1,000 to $10,000 – Premium Signals for 1 month, Spread Markup 2 pips, Leverage 1:100.
  2. Silver from $10,000 to $50,000 – Premium Signals for 3 months, Spread Markup 1.5 points, Leverage 1:150.
  3. Gold from $50,000 to $100,000 – Lifetime Premium Signals, Spread Markup 1 point, Leverage 1:200.

A trading analyst will help each client understand the terms and conditions of CFDs. The CF Global Trading assures that you will be able to earn more effectively on stock price fluctuations without necessarily becoming a qualified investor. Besides, you will receive loyal conditions and numerous bonuses from the first minutes of co-operation with the company.

The CF Global Trading claims that it plans to become a reliable partner for traders. However, the website, except for the main page, has only a couple of sections and lacks any Terms, Regulations, and other legal documents. 

The broker discloses the number of client accounts, which are already allegedly more than 37 thousand. Every trader can take advantage of the multilingual support that works 24/5. The CF Global Trading offers free educational resources and market analytics with the TradingView platform.


Would investing in The CF Global Trading offer the best returns?

Cooperation with an anonymous company can lead you to serious losses rather than increase your money. CFD trading with high leverage, which financial commissions limit to 1:30, increases the risks.

Does The CF Global Trading carry out withdrawals?

Our analysis did not reveal any conditions and rules for withdrawal of funds. There is very little information and reviews about this company on the Internet, so potential clients can easily lose access to their invested funds. If you already have experience with this broker, please share it in the comments.

May I be scammed on

The company pretends to be a licensed trading platform with regulation in different countries. Meanwhile, it does not have any supporting documents and copies of certificates on its official website. The owners of the firm exaggerate the number of customers in the tens of thousands - judging by the fresh domain, the site has been operating for only a few weeks.

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How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
Leverage: 1:200
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 1000$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

7 reviews about The CF Global Trading

  1. authorityyy
    February 16
    Unexpected surprises
    I closed trades with a profit of 3,110$ in plus for three weeks of work, I guess I was lucky. The initial balance was $1,000. I tried to withdraw the profit, but the broker refused to withdraw it. It turns out that I was given a bonus, which, by the way, I worked out, but according to the terms of this bonus, the balance of my account together with the bonus after working out, can not exceed more than three times the initial amount. As a result, the amount that should be in my account is more than allowed in The CF Global Trading, so I was not allowed to withdraw the funds. When asked what I should do, the manager told me that the excess money can be spent on making trades. That is, literally, you have to drain them, otherwise you can't withdraw anything.
  2. Ginao
    February 14
    Unclear additional checks of personal data
    I have been working in the forex market for a few years now. Of course, I'm not a super-professional yet, but I managed to earn something on currency trading, especially since this broker’s tools are quite good, I like the size of the spread, and the speed of execution of orders :) Everything works like clockwork. I don't use the advice of analysts, and I prefer to trade on my own, so if I have losses somewhere, it is only due to my own fault. I have made 2 withdrawals in the last month and all transactions went well. Yesterday I couldn't make a withdrawal, the security service of the cf global trading demanded additional documents from me, including an income declaration. I did not understand this requirement, it even caused me anxiety. Now I am thinking about changing the broker - I'm not ready for such a step as providing the declaration to an unknown person.
  3. InetRek
    February 14
    My short experience
    I tried trading with this broker for a while. There's very complicated verification , I somehow got through it in a few days. However, I didn't like very intrusive customer service, managers were constantly calling and luring me with trading bonus and opportunity to earn money. I decided to open an account because of these calls, but in fact, the trading bonus on the cf global trading is small, only 15%, and once you get it, you will have to work hard, otherwise you won't even withdraw your initial deposit. By the way, there's a withdrawal commission, but the processing of the application is fast, the money is withdrawn even on weekends, and this is a plus for the broker. I noticed requotes, and I traded a lot in the red, as a result I lost 670 euros in 2 weeks. The support does not provide any help. In general, I can not recommend this broker, I won't call it reliable.
  4. MADEvil
    February 13
    I was able to make money here
    I request a withdrawal (a small amount) every time I get acquainted with a new broker, after 2-3 weeks, to test an unfamiliar service. In this case the whole amount came in 2-3 business days without any commissions, it's OK. I started trading on and saw that quotes and spreads here are not bad, better than on many similar platforms. There are delays in order execution, but they are insignificant. The minimum deposit of 1,000 dollars is quite acceptable for me. The support works slowly, operators consider requests for several hours, there is an online chat on the site, but there is a blatant ignoring of requests. Verification of a personal account takes a long time, but I was able to earn a profit of about 130 dollars ‌a month.
  5. Tony Bond
    February 8
    Bad service
    I was looking for a broker to access CFD trading, and I settled on this company. I can only say that after analyzing all the conditions, I concluded that trading here is very risky, the broker works little and it is without a license, I think it's a scam
  6. Daik
    February 8
    I don't recommend this platform
    I wanted to work with this broker and decided to check the trading conditions for clients, I was shown a very unfavorable price 🙁 I doubt who would agree to it. The broker in addition to large fees, also still charges a commission for "empty" bonuses, which you will never see...
  7. fidomo
    January 24
    Very high risks of being out of money
    I studied this site when I was looking for a new broker for myself. According to the scanty information about the company, I realized that it is not worth contacting it for sure. You have to accept the terms of the user agreement when registering on any forex resource, but there is not even a link to the Terms of terminal use here. This means that the broker will block any trading account without refunding the user whenever it wants. And the client will have to search for regulators for a long time afterwards to withdraw or use their own investments and prove that they did not familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions. By the way, “The CF Global Trading" does not have a single license, I have checked carefully all the registers of the financial commissions of different countries from Belize to Australia mentioned on the site. I don't want to take any risks at all.

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